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PREGNANT can help a woman with unstable menstrual cycles track the
times when she is most likely, and least likely, to become pregnant.

PREGNANT takes into account age, height, weight, the dates of each
menstrual cycle and body temperature for each day of the past two
months.  It then displays on the screen the average length and stability
of the menstrual cycle and the period of ovulation.  Using this data,
the program can predict with a high degree of accuracy when the next
menstrual and ovulation periods will begin.  Data for up to two people
can be stored and analyzed.

WEIGHT CONTROL is a collection of dieting utilities to help you
in your weight-loss program.

Assess your dieting habits through a questionnaire.  Calculate your
average weight loss over a period of time; how long it will take to
reach a certain weight based upon the amount lost each week; daily
caloric intake to maintain or lose weight; and how many calories you
have been consuming each meal of the day.  A printout may be obtained
for the calculations concerning your average weight loss and your
calorie consumption.


                           |  CALORIE CALCULATOR   |

          Anyone  who  wants to lose or maintain  weight  must  simply 
       consume less calories than their body burns. The average  woman 
       will  maintain  weight at about 2,000 calories a day.  For  the 
       average man it is about 2,500. If you eat about 500 calories  a 
       day less that it takes to maintain, you will lose about a pound 
       a week (if you burn 3,500 more than you eat in a week, you will 
       lose 1 pound).

          Counting calories is not the easiest thing for most  people. 
       After  counseling people for several years at a weight  control 
       center,  I  found that if logging of food  eaten  and  calories 
       contained was made easier, a person was usually more successful 
       in losing weight, or knowing the reason why not.

          This  program  contains  over 200 foods  and  their  calorie 
       content  per unit (each or per ounce). The first time  you  run 
       this program, I strongly suggest you print out the entire  list 
       of foods and their calorie content. Use it as a shopping  guide 
       and as an aid as a meal planner. 

           Once  you  start your diet, enter the foods that  you  have 
       eaten for a meal or for the entire day. The program will  total 
       the calorie content of the total amount of each food eaten  and 
       give you a total of each meal and a grand total for the day. If 
       you are unsure how to spell a food or how it is listed, use the 
       window "S" to search the food database for the one you want. 

          The  food database "CALCALC.DTA" is a pure ASCII  text  file 
       and can be edited or foods added with any word processor in the 
       Non-Document mode. Just add the food (up to 19 characters), the 
       calorie  content per unit, and the numeric calorie content  per 
       unit. If you do not plan to edit the list, pay no attention  to 
       this  paragraph,  otherwise, when you view the  list,  it  will 
       become  clear  to  you what to do.

          Keeping track of every calorie you eat is an absolute way to 
       lose weight. Try to keep the total daily calorie total  between 
       1200 and 1400. At this amount, you should lose between 1 and  3 
       pounds  per week, depending on your beginning weight,  activity 
       level, etc.

          If  you  wish more information about this program  or  other 
       programs on dieting that I have written, feel free to write  to 

                                 M.D. Smith
                            1000 Monte Sano Blvd.
                            Huntsville, AL 35801


                           |    CALORIES.DOC       |

                 This  is a nice program to let you calculate  and  to 
         see the effect caloric intake has on weight loss. The program 
         works  best when you have been on a diet for 6 weeks or  more 
         and  have  kept  a count of  your  daily  (therefore  weekly) 
         calorie  intake. However, you can give the program  estimated 
         values and it will calculate them. The big benefit is to  let 
         you  see how as little as 250 calories a day, more  or  less, 
         can result in 1/2 pound gain or loss per week.

                 There  is  quite a bit to learn from this  short  and 
         compact  program. If you are running it for the  first  time, 
         ask for the instructions.

                                   - 30 -


                          | DIETING PRINCIPLES .DOC  |

         This  is a text file of dieting principles and ideas.  It  is 
         narrative  and is about 6 pages long. You can view it on  the 
         screen  or print it out on your printer. There are  narrative 
         ideas and suggestions in many of the problem areas of dieting 
         like,  "eating-out"  and what to do while  cooking  and  then 
         later when cleaning up (without cleaning OUT) the kitchen.

         No  single program in this series is a "catch-all"  of  every 
         dieting idea and suggestion. DIETTEST comes close. But if you 
         will  read  and/or run every one of the 8  programs  on  this 
         disk, you will have covered the material contained in a  many 
         week  dieting  program.  Having been  a  Weight-Watchers  (R) 
         counselor and lecturer for 2 years, I should know.

                                      - 30 -


                              DIETING PRINCIPLES
                                 by M.D. Smith

         CONTROL  BINGE  EATING:  To avoid binge eating,  think  about 
         what day(s), time(s) and circumstances were present the  last 
         times binge eating occurred. There is a good chance you  were 
         in  a  negative mood, bored or both. It is likely  to  happen 
         again unless you are ready when the time comes. Set up things 
         to  do  to get you out of the house in a  similar  situation. 
         Already  have a trip to the book store, craft shop  or  visit 
         with a friend lined up and written down. Also, always have  a 
         good  supply of low-cal beverages and crunchy raw  vegetables 
         on  hand  to  eat  and divert yourself  long  enough  to  get 
         interested in something else besides eating or to get out  of 
         the house. Exercise is uplifting for the spirit and body, and 
         a  short walk will do these things for you while getting  you 
         out  of  the house and temptation at the same time.  This  is 
         what to do BEFORE a binge eating spell can start.

         If  a  binge eating spree is in progress, like ice  cream  or 
         something,  AT LEAST measure out a normal portion in  a  bowl 
         and  put the carton back in the freezer. The worst thing  you 
         can  do is eat "just one little spoonful at a  time"....until 
         it is all gone. Then make a pact with yourself to get out  of 
         the house just as soon as that bowl is empty. If you can  not 
         get out of the house...at least leave that part of the  house 
         for at least 20 minutes and put your mind on something  else. 
         Concentrate on an interesting book, a game, a phone call to a 
         friend.  Twenty minutes is a magic number, because  it  takes 
         that  long for your stomach to tell your brain that  you  are 
         full  or  have had something filling to eat. That's  why  you 
         should eat your normal portion of food at the table, and then 
         go do something else for 20 minutes before starting to  clean 
         up the leftovers....or to even consider eating something else 
         because  you don't "FEEL FULL". In 20 minutes you  might  not 
         feel "stuffed", but you won't be truly hungry either.

         Finally, during an eating binge, the mind-set seems to be one 
         of  "since  I have blown it now, I might as well let  it  all 
         hang  out  and eat everything fattening in  sight."  Calories 
         count just as much during an eating binge as any other  time. 
         Also  the popular notion that a melted ice cream  sundae  has 
         very  few  calories  because "CALORIES DON'T  COUNT  AT  ROOM 
         TEMPERATURE",  is also a false premise. Inside you know,  but 
         stop  before it is all gone or you can not eat anymore.  This 
         is  a  success of sorts...just being able to  stop  a  binge. 
         Accept  that  the  damage has been done and  you  will  start 
         eating  your normal diet at the very next meal. Don't try  to 
         fast  to  make up for the binge, that will make  things  even 
         worse for you. 

         EATING  OUT:  Then  there is the problem  of  eating  out  at 
         restaurants.  It is easier than it used to be because of  the 
         many  salad-bars  that are available, even at the  fast  food 
         places where the kids want to go. Have the salad  bar...fine, 
         but  remember a few pointers.....NO SALAD  DRESSINGS.  Either 
         take your own pre-measured diet dressing or use plain vinegar 
         and a spoonful of oil. The dressings can easily be FIVE times 
         the  calorie  content of your entire salad.  Stay  away  from 
         potato  salad, ham salad and anything prepared with mayo  and 
         other unknown calories. Limit the egg (75 calories per  ounce 
         which equals one egg) and meats for toppings and cheese which 
         all  have  100-150 calories per ounce. Have all  the  greens, 
         mushrooms,   green  peppers,  onions,   sprouts,   cucumbers, 
         tomatoes  and radishes you wish. Then you can have the  fruit 
         dishes  for  desert and count only 75 calories  per  serving. 
         (This  certainly  does not count peaches preserved  in  sugar 
         syrup) Low cal drink and you are set.

         Avoid places where you have a menu and a long wait for dinner 
         with  bread  and  butter on the table  while  you  wait  (and 
         overeat). If you must go to a place like this, put the  bread 
         and butter and things on another table and immediately  order 
         coffee or hot tea and a salad (with no dressing) to munch  on 
         while  the  dinners  are prepared. Order what  you  know  you 
         should have, and do not scan the menu for all those  tempting 
         foods and descriptions. Order first to avoid the "that sounds 
         good, me too!" pattern that will get you high calorie  foods. 
         As soon as you have eaten your normal portion of food,  spoil 
         what is left with a lot of salt or something so that you will 
         not continue to eat until the plates are removed much later.

         BEFORE AND AFTER DINNER AT HOME: If you are the one preparing 
         the dinner, swear not to taste or nibble while preparing  the 
         meal. A big wad of bubblegum to chew on is a good  diversion. 
         It  keeps the mouth busy and keeps other foods out.  Or  have 
         some carrot sticks cleaned and sliced in cold water to  munch 
         on  and  a  diet drink to avoid  taking  in  calories  before 
         dinner. When it comes time for the meal, make sure of several 
         things. Serve the plates from the kitchen, not in bowls  full 
         at  the  table where second helpings are  too  easy(ask  your 
         family  to indulge and go to the kitchen themselves  if  they 
         want  seconds). Put all your food that you have measured  out 
         and intend to eat on a slightly smaller plate (it looks  like 
         more). Cut your food into very small bites, take a bite,  put 
         your fork down on the plate,and chew the food very thoroughly 
         and  completely  swallow it before lifting your  fork  again. 
         This will slow your eating down a lot....very desirable. Food 
         tastes better when chewed thoroughly,especially carbohydrates 
         and breads. Even cut foods like apples into very small pieces 
         and eat with a fork. You will be surprised how long a  medium 
         apple takes to eat in this manner.

         Have the food look elegant and appetizing. Looks add a lot to 
         the  enjoyment of any food, especially diet foods.  Use  good 
         silver and china. 

         As  soon as the meal is over...if possible....leave the  room 
         and let someone else clean up and store the  leftovers...even 
         if  you  have  to  make a deal with  them.  If  this  is  not 
         possible,  then at least leave the area for a while to  allow 
         time  for  the "stomach full" message to get to  your  brain. 
         Then  already have your leftover containers out and ready  to 
         put  the stuff up fast. You are not a human garbage  can  and 
         starving  people over in China won't benefit whether you  eat 
         it  or  chunk it....so chunk it unless it will  be  used  for 
         another  meal.  It  is  even  good  to  get  used  to  seeing 
         "perfectly  good food" go to waste in the garbage.  You  have 
         really  conquered this feeling when you can buy some of  your 
         favorite  food, bring it home, unwrap it and chunk it in  the 
         garbage....it may be a dollar or two very well spent to prove 
         to your inner self that the world did not swallow you up  for 
         committing  such  an unpardonable sin. If it  doesn't  go  to 
         WASTE  in the garbage it will go to your WAIST. Which do  you 
         prefer? But if you just have to save it, put it in containers 
         that won't tempt you to eat it. After several days if no  one 
         else eats it, it will spoil and you can throw it away with  a 
         clean conscience.

         Then leave the kitchen and even adjacent areas. Get busy  and 
         absorbed in reading, doing something....anything to let  food 
         and  dinner get completely out of your mind. Some people  say 
         that brushing the teeth is a good signal that eating is over.

         FOOD LOG: Perhaps the single most important TOOL in  dieting, 
         if  that  is the proper term, is the Food-Log. You  must  log 
         everything  you eat that has calories in it (don't  log  diet 
         sodas  and  the  like). This requires that you  have  a  good 
         complete  calorie guide for all types of foods and  that  you 
         weigh or measure everything you eat if not pre-measured  such 
         as  1 slice of bread = 75 calories.  Yes, this is a  pain  in 
         the  neck to do at every meal and snack...but you must.  This 
         is  the  only way you are going to REALLY KNOW what  you  eat 
         each  day,  count the calories and total each  day  and  week 
         intake.  Other  programs  in this series  help  you  see  how 
         important  this is in calculations for speed of  weight  loss 
         and  how  to  maintain  once you  get  to  goal.  Any  weight 
         counselor  will  tell  you  that  the  most  successful   and 
         consistent  dieters always keep and log everything, even  the 
         binges  and BAD foods when it happens (yes even  measure  the 
         ice  cream  while you are having a binge). By  the  way,  Ice 
         Cream  has  43  calories  per ounce and  a  full  1/2  gallon 
         container  will  deliver 2,752 calories to  your  body,  over 
         double  what your daily allotment of calories  normally  will 
         be.  If you won't keep a food log, you are not serious  about 
         dieting. I have known people who didn't diet at all, but just 
         by  keeping a food log, lost 10 overweight pounds and  didn't 
         think they did anything differently. Just looking at what you 
         have  had  to  eat at the end of the day  will  add  to  your 
         feeling of having had enough....or may stop you when you just 
         can't  stand to put a candy bar on your food log list.  There 
         are  many reasons why a food log works so well, but it  can't 
         work for you unless you are dedicated to keeping it with  you 
         at all times and using it. I keep a small reduced size log in 
         my  shirt pocket at all times. It has 21 blank blocks on  it; 
         good  for  a  week's worth of meals with  space  for  calorie 
         counts of each of the foods.

         FOOD-PROOFING  YOUR HOME:  We all spend a lot of time in  our 
         homes,  and that is where a lot of the improper  eating  goes 
         on. The very first thing to do is REMOVE ALL FOOD from  every 
         single  room  and location but the kitchen.  Not  one  edible 
         thing  anywhere in the house, but the kitchen. Then, put  any 
         foods out of sight and/or easy reach that is not part of your 
         legal diet. The best thing is to have a separate cabinet with 
         the  junk  foods  that you never open. Let  whomever  it  was 
         bought  for get it for themselves. Never take food  into  any 
         other  part  or  room of the house.  Always  eat  only  while 
         sitting down at the table. This will help you from getting an 
         "automatic  case  of  the  munchies" when  you  sit  in  your 
         favorite  chair  in the den to watch TV. Also, don't  sit  in 
         that  favorite  chair if it will trigger the  urges  to  eat. 
         Maybe you shouldn't sit at all if it is a danger time and you 
         will  feel the need to snack...go for a walk, run errands  or 
         call a friend from another room in the house...while you  sip 
         on a diet soda poured over crushed ice. 

         GIVE  YOURSELF  CREDIT:   When you have lost 5 or  10  or  15 
         pounds,  give yourself credit. If a spouse fails  to  notice, 
         try  one of these handy ideas. Next time you are both at  the 
         grocery store, load up his/her arms with 15 pounds of  ground 
         beef...and say "that's how much weight I have lost."  Another 
         more permanent way is to get a large metal container, like  a 
         10  gallon paint bucket. For every pound of weight  you  have 
         lost, add a pound of sand in the bucket. Soon it will get  so 
         heavy  it will be difficult to carry. This  will  demonstrate 
         very  clearly  how much weight YOU are  not  carrying  around 
         anymore...and you can add more sand as you continue to  lose. 
         It is a very good marker of your success. You need motivation 
         to  stay on your eating plan and gradually adapt to  a  whole 
         new way of eating properly. So give yourself credit for  what 
         you  have done...for the good days you have had...don't  kick 
         yourself  for  one or two BAD days. I heard a  little  saying 
         that illustrates this:

                          "WE AIN'T WHAT WE OUGHTA BE
                           WE AIN'T WHAT WE WANNA BE
                           WE AIN'T WHAT WE'RE GONNA BE
                           BUT THANK THE LORD....
                           WE AIN'T WHAT WE WAS !"

         The only caution is not to consider yourself "CURED" when you 
         get  close to or at your goal ... and go back to eating  like 
         you were when you were fat. You'll get fat again. So look  at 
         the weeks and perhaps months that you spend losing weight  as 
         training  for a whole new way of eating and handling  problem 
         foods....plan to live this way for the rest of your life.  It 
         is  healthy  and good for you. Take your  frustrations,  your 
         anger, your anxieties, your celebrations and all the emotions 
         and if you must react to them, react in NON-FOOD ways.  Heck, 
         hit  somebody  or  scream at  somebody...that's  better  than 
         quietly  going  to  the bathroom and  devouring  2  boxes  of 
         chocolate  cookies,  6 twinkies, and an  econo-pak  of  candy 
         bars.  Then you still have the anger and feelings....AND  THE 
         GUILT  over  what  you  have  just  done  with  foods.  While 
         mentioning guilt here, if it strikes a familiar cord, by  all 
         means read and print-out a copy of "REASONS" which is another 
         program in this series.

         SOME PARTING THOUGHTS:  "Life is like a cafeteria; there  are 
         no waiters to bring success to you."  "IF IT IS TO BE; IT  IS 
         UP TO ME" You'll see this thought in another program, but the 
         point  is that YOU are in charge of your own life...so  don't 
         look to others for your success and have to depend on them to 
         diet and reach your goal. 

         Speaking of cafeterias...this really happened. It was a  busy 
         day  in the cafeteria and Marge was having a diet salad.  All 
         the  tables were filled and shortly a man asked if  he  could 
         sit at the same table to have his coffee and doughnuts. Marge 
         said  sure. Presently, he finished his coffee and one of  the 
         powdered sugar doughnuts, but had not touched the other  one. 
         Then  he got up and left. Marge looked at the other  doughnut 
         for what seemed like a long time, knowing that soon the  bus-
         boy would come by and rake it into the garbage...so  quickly, 
         like  a spider darting after a fly, she whisked the  doughnut 
         off the plate and began eating it. Marge was just about  half 
         way  finished with it .....  when the man returned  with  his 
         second cup of coffee!

         The  worst slogan for people on a diet to ever come down  the 
                               "BAKE SOMEONE HAPPY"

         OLD  CHINESE PROVERB:  "That the birds of worry and care  fly 
         above your head, this you cannot change, but that they  build 
         nests in your hair, this you can prevent."  Deal with  life's 
         problems  when they come, then forget them. If you don't,  it 
         will all go to waist.

         In dieting, we all have our good days when it is  easy...then 
         we  have  the  really rotten days when nothing  seems  to  go 
         right.  Well, everybody has those kinds of days and  we  just 
         have to get through them without letting it wreck our dieting 
         success. It might help to remember the story of this railroad 
         engineer when we think we are having a bad day....

                   A  railroad engineer got up on the  wrong 
                   side  of bed one morning. The  water  for 
                   his  shower was cold. His shoelace  broke 
                   when  he tried to tie it.  At  breakfast, 
                   his  toast was burned. His  car  wouldn't 
                   start  and he had to take a taxi  to  the 
                   yards.  He was late, so when  he  started 
                   his  train he speeded up to 90  miles  an 
                   hour. Just as he swung around a curve, he 
                   saw another train coming straight at him, 
                   on  the same track. He heaved a big  sigh 
                   and,  turning to the fireman, said,  "DID 
                   EVERYTHING GOES WRONG?"

         Some  of these "Principles of Dieting" are nothing more  than 
         common  sense,  others  are  methods  that  have  worked  for 
         thousands of people in the past and can work for you. If  you 
         have  the commitment to live by the plans and ideas  outlined 
         in these programs and text files, you WILL BE SUCCESSFUL !
         Have a safe trip!



              This  program  is simply a shopping list  of  diet  food 
         items that you might want to get when you go shopping.  There 
         are  about 180 items in the list. The program will present  a 
         "screenful"  at a time for you to select from or,  using  the 
         'M'  command for More Items, the next screenful will  appear. 
         The  program is self-prompting and if you decide you  do  not 
         want a print-out, you can ESC the program to end at any time. 
         As  you  select the items you will see  the  selected  number 
         printed  in a blank area on the screen to show you  what  you 
         have  picked from the current screen of items. These  numbers 
         will scroll off when you get the next list of items, but they 
         are  in  memory  when you print the list at the  end  of  the 
         program, of the items that you have selected. 

              If you want a couple of blank items on the printed  list 
         so  that you can write in a few items of your own,  just  hit 
         the <RETURN> key with no number selected and it will print  a 
         number  and a [___], but with no item beside it. Do  this  as 
         many times as you like.

              The program uses the file "FOOD.DTA" to read in the list
         of foods. You can add to or change the list  using  any  text
         processor in NON-DOCUMENT mode.  Just make sure that "END" is
         always the last item in the list.

                                   - 30 -


                            |     DIETTEST.DOC       |

         This  is  the most powerful program on the  entire  disk,  in 
         terms of the potential value to the dieter. The heart of  the 
         program  is a self-test of 30 items for self-evaluation.  You 
         read each item and decide if it applies to you Never,  Always 
         or somewhere in-between. 

         It  is  not  so important how you do on  the  test.  What  is 
         important  is that every single item is a strong dieting  aid 
         to  help you lose weight, change bad eating habits, and  help 
         you  stay on whatever diet you may be on. You should not  try 
         to be TOO good and consume less than 1200 calories per day... 
         and you should make sure that most of the 1200-1400  calories 
         is  food of bulk, like fresh vegetables and fruits.  Remember 
         that  a half of a cantaloupe is far more satisfying  than one 
         medium  banana....   a whole orange is better than 4  oz.  of 
         orange  juice....3  oz. of cooked chicken and two  slices  of 
         bread  is  more satisfying than than a hot-dog and  bun  (but 
         both have the same calories). 

         So  you  should certainly print out the 30 items and  make  a 
         point  to try to stick to "ALWAYS" for every one. If you  do, 
         you will be far more successful in both losing weight as well 
         as keeping it off. Also, you should enjoy the messages at the 
         end of the program. They come up in random order, so you  may 
         have to get several to see different ones (there are six).

                                   - 30 -


Disk No: 1325
Program Title:  PREGNANT version 1.9, WEIGHT CONTROL version 8.808
PC-SIG version: 2

PREGNANT can help a woman with unstable menstrual cycles to better track
the times when she is most likely and least likely to become pregnant.

PREGNANT takes into account age, height, weight, the dates of each
menstrual cycle, and the temperature for each day of the past two
months.  It then displays on the screen the average length and stability
of the menstrual cycle and the period of ovulation.  Using this data,
the program can predict with a high degree of accuracy when the next
menstrual and ovulation periods will begin.  Data for up to two people
can be stored and analyzed.

WEIGHT CONTROL is a collection of dieting utilities designed to help you
lose weight.  You can assess your dieting habits through a
questionnaire, calculate your average weight loss over a period of time,
calculate how long it will take to reach a certain weight based upon the
amount lost each week, calculate calories of food to take daily to
maintain or lose weight, and calculate how many calories you have been
consuming each meal of the day.  A printout may be obtained for the
calculations concerning your average weight loss and your calorie

Usage:  Preventing or Encouraging Pregnancy, Dieting.

Special Requirements:  CGA graphics and a printer is optional.

How to Start:  Type GO (press enter).

Suggested Registration:  $25.00 for PREGNANT, $20.00 for WEIGHT CONTROL.

File Descriptions:

PREGNANT MAN  Documentation.
PREGNANT EXE  Main program.
FILE     DAT  Data file.
MASTER   REC  Data file.
ELLIS    DTA  Sample data file.
BRUN10   EXE  Program needed to run EXE files.
BRUN10   LIB  Program needed to run EXE files.
CALCALC  EXE  Calorie Calculator program.
CALORIES EXE  Caloric effect vs. pounds lost program.
DIETSHOP EXE  Diet shopping grocery list program.
DIETTEST EXE  Dieting skills questionnaire program.
LOSS-AVG EXE  Weekly weight loss log file with printout.
WEIGHT   EXE  Calculate projected weight goals.
WT-MENU  EXE  Main Menu for all programs.
CALCALC  DOC  Documentation for CALCALC.EXE.
DIETPRIN TXT  Text on dieting principles.
FOOD     DTA  Data file of foods for DIETSHOP.EXE.
LOSS-AVG DOC  Documentation for LOSS-AVG.EXE.
M        BAT  Batch file for the menu.
MENU     BAT  Batch file for the menu.
REASONS  DOC  Documentation for REASONS.TXT.
REASONS  TXT  Text on reasons why to diet.
WEIGHT   DOC  Documentation for WEIGHT.EXE.
FILES    TXT  File descriptions.

1030D E Duane Avenue
Sunnyvale CA 94086
(408) 730-9291
(c) Copyright 1989 PC-SIG, Inc.


Description of FILES on the DIET-DISK by M.D. Smith    July, 1988

CALCALC  EXE    10337   Unique meal & food logging with Calorie Calculator
CALCALC  DTA     4224   The actual data of foods and calories for CALCALC
CALORIES EXE     6097   Learn Caloric effects and totals vs. pounds lost
DIETSHOP EXE     5489   Shopping for Diet Foods with Calorie amounts
FOOD     DTA     5632   The data file of foods and calories for DIETSHOP
DIETTEST EXE    17073   Self-test with printout to see how good you are doing
LOSS-AVG EXE     6065   Weekly weight loss logging file with printout
WEIGHT   EXE     5473   Calculate and print projected weight/date goals
WT-MENU  EXE     8177   The MAIN MENU for all the Documentation & Programs
DIETPRIN TXT    18688   Text Program on all Dieting Principles (from program)
REASONS  TXT    10240   Reasons people fail (also run from main program menu)
CALCALC  DOC     2944   [ ======= These are all the documentation =========]
CALORIES DOC     1024   [ ======= files for each of the above     =========]
DIETPRIN DOC     1152   [ ======= programs. They can be read and/or =======]
DIETSHOP DOC     1792   [ ======= printed from the main menu. Just ========]
DIETTEST DOC     1920   [ ======= select "Documentation Menu" (#9) ========]
LOSS-AVG DOC     1408   [ ======= and read or print the desired file.======]
REASONS  DOC     1280   [ ======= You can "TYPE" them to the screen =======]
WEIGHT   DOC     1280   [ ======= if you prefer. ==========================]
BRUN10   EXE    59117   Part of Run-time library for the .EXE files
BRUN10   LIB     3072   Part of Run-time library for the .EXE files
M        BAT        9   Batch file to run Menu. Just type an M and <Enter>
MENU     BAT        9   Batch file to run Menu. Just type MENU and <Enter>

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║ << Disk No 1325 PREGNANT version 1.7, WEIGHT CONTROL version 8.80706 >> ║
║   To print the documentation, type:                                     ║
║                                                                         ║
║             MANUAL (press enter)                                        ║
║                                                                         ║
║   To start the program PREGNANT, type:                                  ║
║                                                                         ║
║             PREGNANT (press enter)                                      ║
║                                                                         ║
║   To start the WEIGHT CONTROL programs, type                            ║
║                                                                         ║
║             WT-MENU (press enter)                                       ║


                         | AVERAGE WEIGHT LOSS .DOC  |

                This  is  a program designed to let  you  record  your 
         weekly  weigh-ins along with the date. When you have  entered 
         one  or more, then type in an "T" and the program will go  to 
         the  calculation mode and total and average your weight loss. 
         Then you can store the dates and amounts in a file. The  next 
         time  you want to add to the records, just load the  existing 
         file and add the current week to it. The program will do  the 
         new calculations and allow you to store both the old and  the 
         new data in the file  "LOSS.DTA". 

                You can also elect to make a hardcopy on your printer.

                Go  ahead and run the program for the first time,  but 
         there will be no file to load, so answer "N" to the  question 
         about  loading a file. Give it some dummy data to  calculate, 
         but  don't  store it in a file when that time comes.  If  you 
         make  a file by mistake, use the DOS command  "DEL  LOSS.DTA" 
         from the A> prompt, and it will erase it.

                                   - 30 -


                           |       REASONS.DOC         |

         This  is not a program to run, it is a text file to read  and 
         can  be read from the main program. When you select  it  from 
         the main program menu, you will see instructions telling  you 
         what to do to read the file.

         REASONS is a psychological message. Many dieters that fail to 
         get  to  goal  weight  or to  stay  there  can  blame  faulty 
         reasoning about getting thin. Books have been written on  the 
         subject and several are suggested in the text. 

         This  is a condensed message, but the potential for  good  to 
         help  you be successful is great. Read it  carefully  several 
         times....perhaps  print-out  a  copy to  study  later.  Don't 
         underestimate the power. It can truly free you to be yourself 
         and feel good about it. Then you can lose weight, if that  is 
         what YOU choose to do, for the right REASONS.

                                       - 30 -



          Everyone does everything for reasons.  Sometimes they are not 
          apparent.  Sometimes they are obvious .  . . to ourselves, 
          sometimes to others. 

          It has been said that everything we do from the Cradle to the 
          Grave is because we want something.   Let's assume that you 
          are on a diet right now because we want to lose weight...but 
          what are the reasons for that? 

          Try to think of several really valid reasons...beyond the 
          obvious ones. After you have thought of several....what were 
          they? Did they run something like... "Because I want to look 
          and feel better . . .I want to be happier with myself . . .My 
          husband really wants me to . . .I just want to be thin . . I 
          want to have more energy . . .I want to get into those 
          attractive slim clothes that you can buy off the rack in 
          stores . . .etc."  

          OK . . .now, let's look deep.   Lets especially examine 
          external reasons such as "my husband wants me to" which means 
          " he will love me more when I get thin," and even obvious 
          ones like .  . ."I want to look better, which says "I want 
          others to like the way I look more than they do now." OK . . 
          .now that we have a lot of reasons why people want to lose 
          weight, what will happen if you get to goal and your husband 
          doesn't love you more .  .  .or the way other people treat 
          you is not any better . . .possibly worse .  . .and none of 
          those good things you had been expecting seem to be happening 
          to you?  (You , will gain the weight back, right?) 

          So, if you are going to keep it off, or even get to goal in 
          the first place, you may have to modify your thinking and 
          your REASONS for losing weight.  Now this may happen 
          automatically to a degree as you lose weight and like 
          yourself more . . .for, as you like yourself more, it becomes 
          less important what others think of you.  Fat people often 
          build up a shell of the HAPPY FAT JOLLY PERSON, when, in 
          fact, they are sensitive, insecure, hurting people inside and 
          the more they hurt .  .  the more they eat, which makes them 
          hurt more. 

          If you bake someone a really delicious, wonderful cake and 
          give it to them, are they supposed to appreciate it?  Are 
          they supposed to thank you for it?  Are they supposed to 
          think a little more of you for it?  Are they supposed to like 
          you a little more because of it?  Are they supposed to be a 
          LITTLE kinder to you for it?  Are they supposed to do you a 
          tiny little favor when you really need it?  USUALLY, YES! 

          Then maybe you are giving for the WRONG REASONS.  When you 
          give anything, what should you expect?  Thanks?  Return 
          favors? Nothing?  Nothing at a11? 

          Let me read to you & little ZEN story.  Zen is a form of 
          Chinese religion or philosophy. From the book compiled by 
          Paul Reps, called ZEN FLESH, ZEN BONES:  "While Seisetsu was 
          the Master of Engaku in Kamakura he required larger quarters, 
          since those in which he was teaching were overcrowded.  Umezu 
          Seibei, a merchant of Edo, decided to donate five hundred 
          pieces of gold, called Ryo, toward the construction of a more 
          commodious school. This money he brought to the teacher.

                Seisetsu said:  "All right, I will take it."

          Umezu gave Siesetsu the sack of gold, but he was dissatisfied 
          with the attitude of the teacher.  One might live a whole 
          year on three Ryo, and the merchant had not been thanked for 
          five hundred. 

              "In that sack are five hundred Ryo," hinted Umezu. 

              "You told me that before," replied Seisetsu. 

              "Even if I am a wealthy merchant, five hundred Ryo is a      
               lot of money," said Umezu.
              "Do you want me to thank you for it?.. asked Siesetsu. 

              "You ought to." replied Umezu. 

              "Why should I?" inquired Seisetsu.  "The giver should be            
          The moral of this story is that the giver should give only 
          for the sake of wanting to give with no ulterior motives of 
          being thanked, rewarded, or receiving any tangible or 
          intangible receipt from the gift.  This is unselfish giving.  
          If we give in any other way, WE are often disappointed later 
          . . . because we gave for reasons other than the obvious one. 

          Losing weight is the same way; if we lose weight for a lot of 
          ulterior motives, such as unexpected results about the way 
          others will feel about us, treat us, or in some way they will 
          cause our life to change for the better, we will be, and 
          often are . . . sorely disappointed.  We should all carefully 
          examine why we are losing weight. 

          Let me quote from the book, ACTUALIZATIONS, YOU DON'T HAVE TO 
          REHEARSE TO BE YOURSELF by Stewart Emery. . . "We absolutely 
          do not know what we really want, because we have been 
          conditioned to want what everybody else except us tells us to 
          want. It started out when our mother told us what she wanted 
          us to want; our father told us what he wanted us to want; our 
          Grandmother and Grandfather did the same thing.  The Sunday-
          school teacher told us what God wanted us to want, and the 
          teacher told us what the principal wanted us to want.  
          Madison Avenue told us to want everything. 

          Society itself told us what to want.  When I was growing up, 
          it was a wife, two and a half children, two cars, and a home 
          in the suburbs.  Everyone was telling us what to want and 
          telling us that if we wanted and acquired the right things, 
          we would be happy.  Happiness was a function of wanting the 
          right things.  And when that did not make us happy, there was 
          always someone who told us that we were unhappy because we 
          wanted the wrong things and that if we would JUST want what 
          he wanted us to want, we would be happy. 

          So we end up completely disillusioned with what we thought we 
          wanted and with the people who told us to want it.  Now we 
          are feeling like a pawn in a chess game over which we have no 
          control. We absolutely look like a victim; it seems as if 
          there is no way out.  But, take heart, there is an answer." . 
          . . .  .  .You can transform.  If you make an apple become an  
          orange, that is not a transformation.  But if you make an 
          apple still look like an apple and TASTE like an orange, that 
          is a transformation.  Transformation means housing a 
          different essence in the same form. 

          To a Person who has undergone a transformation. The world is 
          exactly the same as it was before.  When you are transformed, 
          the immediate circumstances of your existence are the same.  
          What is altered is how you feel about it.  What is altered is 
          your RELATIONSHIP to the things in your life, not THE THINGS 
          in your life. 

          The absence of fear is not an option that is available to 
          most people.  The difference in people who are making it in 
          the world and those who are not is simple:  The people who 
          are making it in the world are making it AND they have fear.   
          Those who are not making it just have fear. 

          So we have to transform the RELATIONSHIP we have with fear, 
          not seek to get rid of it.  GUILT:  We must transform the way 
          we react to guilt (often an eating binge) not initially get 
          rid of the guilt (although in the long run we may get rid of 
          a lot of it.) 

          If we look at losing weight as a means to an end, which is to 
          say. if we believe that getting thin will MAKE us a happy 
          person forever and ever . . .you are in for a sad surprise.  
          First it will not MAKE You happy; it might contribute to some 
          temporary happiness.  Continuous "HAPPY EVER AFTER" is not 
          only NOT possible, it is not desirable.  Life is full of ups 
          and downs.  If we COULD eliminate the downs, there would be 
          no UPS (what could we compare it to?)  If losing weight is 
          simply something you have decided to do that you want to do 
          with your life and your body.....Good!  Do it for that 
          reason.  Let the ups and downs, the good and bad, the happy 
          and the sad, stress and calm, all be parts of a complete and 
          full life that you embrace fully .  .  . and NOW.  Don't wait 
          until . . .someday, for someday never comes.  Do what you 
          want to do.  Make decisions.  They will not all be perfect. 

          or even good.  That's the way it should be. LIVE LIFE. 

          Start living it right now . . .ALL OF IT. BE YOURSELF. And 
          when you are dead and gone . . .let it be like the song that 
          Frank Sinatra sings that says . . ."I DID IT MY WAY! ".... 
          For my own reasons and NOT for the reasons, desires, wants, 
          and wills of other people. 


                            |   GOAL WEIGHT .DOC    |

                This  program  allows you to play the  "what-if"  game 
         with  the computer and your dieting. It allows you  to  input 
         your current or starting weight. Then, you give it your  goal 
         weight, and finally, about how many pounds per week you think 
         you  will  be  able to lose. It will then  calculate  on  the 
         printer  or screen, how many weeks it will take along with  a 
         place  to record actual dates. This becomes a  projection  of 
         how  long it will take to get to goal and gives you a  target 
         weight each week to shoot for. This can be one of the  "ROAD-
         MAPS" for your success. 

               If  you have already been dieting and have an  accurate 
         weekly  weight  loss to enter, then your target  weights  and 
         dates  will be far more accurate. You can re-run the  program 
         at any time during your diet to get new "on-target" values to 
         help you reach your projected goals.

                                       - 30 -

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DIETTEST DOC      1920   7-05-88   5:39p
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