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PC-SIG Diskette Library (Disk #1338)

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Information about “WORDPERFECT 5.0 LEARNING SYSTEM 1 OF 2”

For classroom or private use, THE ECC LEARNING SYSTEM is a state-of-the-
art disk-based tutorial for WordPerfect v5.0.  Composed of 500 screens,
it covers basic commands and provides exercises practicing those
commands in a real look and feel simulation.  A computer user can use
the tutorial as a self-paced learning tool.  A 200-page workbook comes
with registration.

You are introduced to the computer, the disk operating system, the
WordPerfect wordprocessor and learn to create and edit documents and how
to use WordPerfect commands and menus.  Starting with basic DOS commands
and conventions, the tutorial runs through WordPerfect commands which
teach in detail how to: set margins, set tabs, use tabs, use indents,
center text, interpret the document screen, select a printer, print,
edit a document by using delete, insert, move and block, use newspaper
columns, perform math calculations, spell-check, use the thesaurus, and


The installation process has been completed.  You should have a
sub-directory on the hard drive named WORDPTUT.  All of the files
for running The WordPerfect Learning System have been transferred to
the hard drive and you are ready to use the tutorial.

Change your current drive to C:

Change your current directory to c:\WORDPTUT

Type in the command Go and press <ENTER>



This will install The Learning System Tutorial on your hard drive

This will create a sub-directory called WORDPTUT and copy all the
files from the floppy diskette to the sub-directory.  

When you are ready to run The WordPerfect LEARNING SYSTEM make the
WORDPTUT sub-directory your current directory.  

The type in the command GO and press <ENTER>.

NOTE! If you are going to run The WordPerfect Learning System on a
floppy diskette system and NOT on a hard drive.....

          PRESS <CTRL> AND <BREAK>

If you are going to use the hard drive to run The WordPerfect 
Learning System, press <ANY KEY> to continue.

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #1338

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

WP2      DBD    223570   4-18-90   4:12p
LEARN    EXE     88225  12-16-87   4:07p
INTERMEM ECC      2041  11-12-88   6:04p
CHECKLIS ECC      2627  11-12-88   3:10p
BURTON   ECC      1405   9-14-88   3:46p
MATHCOL  WP       1229   5-22-88  10:12p
MATHCOL1 WP       1326   5-23-88   2:25p
PCAL              2549   8-20-88  12:06p
GOHARD   BAT       256   9-15-88  10:13a
GOSOFT   BAT        34   1-02-89   9:45p
INSTALL  TXT       650   9-16-88   8:48a
FINISHED TXT       411   9-15-88  10:14a
WORDPERF DBD     28000   4-18-90  10:12a
GO       BAT       713  11-27-90  10:28p
       14 file(s)     353036 bytes
                        1024 bytes free