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Information about “PC/370 CROSS ASSEMBLER 3 OF 3 (402, 859)”

PC/370 is a cross assembler that lets you compile and run IBM 370
Assembly language programs on a PC, XT or AT.

These programs are well-documented with a good demonstration program.
This is one of the most complete emulations of the VM370 assembler
around.  A generous debugging and erase facility is also included to
help you complete development cycles without the big blue box.

Features included:

~ PC/370 assembler subroutines can be called from Micro Focus COBAL/2
programs running either in extended memory-protected mode or normal MS-
DOS real mode.  Standard linkage conventions are supported.

~ PC/370 run-time emulator can be made resident to eliminate loading it
for each program or subroutine execution.  As part of making the
emulator reusable, debug supports restoring traces

~ Hardware assist is available for the CVB and CVD 370 instructions
using the math co-processor to speed up the instructions by a factor of

~ Two new supervisor calls are included: SVC 36 will load into a
predefined area of memory (useful for overlays); SVC 37 defines user
SVC exits for modifying native SVC support without requiring an
emulated interrupt driven shell

~ The cross assembler supports the copy statement to include source
code files

~ The linkage editor supports option U to allow external unresolved


Disk No: 1352
Program Title: CROSS ASSEMBLER for the IBM 370 version 4.2 (Disk 3 of 3)
PC-SIG version: 3.3

PC/370 VIRTUAL MACHINE is a cross assembler that runs on the IBM-PC, AT,
or XT and lets you compile and run IBM 370 assembly language programs.
Please note that this is the second disk of a three disk set.  The other
two disks are #402 and 1352.

Usage:  For beginning through advanced S/370 assembly language

Special Requirements:  None.

How to Start:  Type GO and press (press enter).

Suggested Registration:  $45.00

File Descriptions:

CBL     <DIR> Contains CBL Micro Focus VS COBOL demo program source
              code along with demo PC/370 assembler subroutine
              source code.
UTIL    <DIR> Contains utility program ALC source code.

1030D E Duane Avenue
Sunnyvale Ca. 94086
(408) 730-9291
(c) Copyright 1987,88,89 PC-SIG, Inc.


║              <<<<  Disk #1352 CROSS ASSEMBLER 370  >>>>                 ║
║ For instructions on how to use this program, insert disk #402 & type:   ║
║                  MANUAL (press enter)                                   ║

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #1352

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

FILE1352 TXT       914   2-28-89   9:40a
GO       BAT        38  11-04-87   1:33p
GO       TXT       463   2-24-89   1:30p
CBL          <DIR>    
UTIL         <DIR>    
        5 file(s)       1415 bytes

 Directory of A:\CBL

.            <DIR>    
..           <DIR>    
CALL370  CBL      1116  11-19-87   5:31a
CALL370  IDY      3584   1-01-88   8:52a
CALL370  INT      2304   1-01-88   8:52a
CALLCIO  CBL       982  11-20-87   5:38a
CALLCIO  IDY      3584   1-01-88   8:54a
CALLCIO  INT      2304   1-01-88   8:54a
CALLSQA  CBL      1111  11-20-87  10:30a
CALLSQA  IDY      3584   1-01-88   8:53a
CALLSQA  INT      2304   1-01-88   8:53a
COBOL    DIR        32   8-29-87   2:41p
TEST370  ALC      2052  11-20-87  10:46a
TEST370  BIN       896   1-03-88  11:22a
TESTCIO  ALC      8220  11-20-87  10:48a
TESTCIO  BIN      3072   1-03-88  11:23a
TESTCOM  ALC       103  11-20-87  12:14p
TESTSQA  ALC      1799  11-20-87   8:52a
TESTSQA  BIN       640   1-03-88  11:24a
       19 file(s)      37687 bytes

 Directory of A:\UTIL

.            <DIR>    
..           <DIR>    
DEMOSEE1 KSF      2048   7-05-86   8:33a
DEMOSEE2 KSF      1280   7-13-86   7:24a
ONEBLANK ALC         3   5-03-87   8:33a
PRINTDOC ALC      6444   1-03-88   7:55a
SEE      ALC    101040   1-03-88   7:40a
T370     ALC     28499   1-03-88   8:27a
        8 file(s)     139314 bytes

Total files listed:
       32 file(s)     178416 bytes
                      126976 bytes free