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Information about “PULLED FROM THE LIBRARY”

Are you paid what your position and training should be earning you?
This program clues you in on what you are really worth in the job
market place.  Or, if you are thinking of changing jobs and moving to a
different part of the country, you can discover just how far your
dollar will stretch in your new town BEFORE you commit to the transfer.

Drawing from surveys for over 4000 job positions conducted by
the Economic Research Institute, CAN YOU LIVE ON YOUR SALARY? shows you
tables and graphs illustrating national salary averages for your job and
position based on geography, company size and industry standards.  This
is invaluable information both for the person who wonders if he or she
is being under paid, as well as for the employer who wants to attract
and keep the best people through competitive salaries.

For the company that recruits nationwide or stations personnel about the
U.S. and Canada, this program is also an objective way to help set
salaries and deal with varying costs of living.  Using figures from
3,000 communities, it asks for four pieces of information: names of the
two cities or areas, the salary in the first city, and whether it
includes bonuses or other factors.  The program then tells you how much
you'd have to earn in the second city to maintain the life style to
which you've become accustomed!

A wide variety of industries are included: agriculture, construction,
engineering, wholesale and retail trades, professional, etc., ranging
from top management to entry-level positions.  The Institute provides
quarterly updates.
File Descriptions:

ERIGA    EXE  Main program.
ERIGA    CNT  Data file.
ERIGA    DAT  Data file.
ERIGA    MSG  Data file.
ERIGA    STS  Data file.


║   This disk has been withdrawn by the author from the PC-SIG library.   ║

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