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PC-SIG Diskette Library (Disk #1506)

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Information about “MAILLIST”

Easy-to-use mailing list manager for business or personal use.
Creates merge files for WordPerfect, prints labels (one or three across)
automatic duplicate checking, search by any field, soundalike search, re
store deleted records, manages up to 99 separate lists. You can change
system defaults, control screen colors, compare or combine two lists.
Five fields for user coding, Quick Find feature, pop-up notepad for each
record, and much more. Simplicity and flexibility make MAILLIST great fo
small businesses. Documentation on disk. Registration includes Clipper
source code.


Dear Shareware Vendor:

The software distributed on this disk is copyrighted material and is subject
to certain restrictions on copying and distribution.

You may copy and distribute the UNREGISTERED version of this software,
provided: (a) You do not rename, change or omit any of the files unless you
receive express permission to do so in writing from the author, (b) You
understand that you may not "sell" this software, but you may charge a
reasonable copying fee for providing copies on disk, (c) You do not "rent" or
"loan" copies of this software, (d) You do not advertise this software as
"free", "cheap" or "public domain". Vendors must comply with the standards
set by the Association of Shareware Professionals (ASP).

The following files MUST be included on all distribution copies of this


You may use "file compression" techniques in order to fit more programs on a
single disk.

This program may NOT be distributed on the same disk with other mailing list
programs or with any so-called "adult" or "X-rated" materials.

If you indicate ASP membership in your catalog, please do so for your
listing of this program.

If you are an ASP-approved vendor who received this material prior to December
31, 1990, you may distribute this software, provided you comply with the above
conditions. If you are not an ASP-approved vendor, or if you received this
material after December 31, 1990, you must obtain the author's written
permission to distribute. The author reserves the right to deny or withdraw
permission to distribute at any time, for any (or no) reason.

For further information:

Rosemary West
R.K. West Consulting
P.O. Box 8059
Mission Hills, CA 91346

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #1506

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

VENDOR   DOC      1940   3-27-90   9:26a
FORM2    LBL      1034   7-30-89   3:08p
THREE10  LBL      1034   7-30-89   3:06p
MAILLIST EXE    309841   3-22-90   4:51p
THREE12  LBL      1034   7-30-89   4:41p
MAILLIST DBF       803  12-22-89   4:04p
MAILLIST DBT       512  12-22-89   4:04p
MAILDOC  COM     33915   3-27-90   5:21p
MAILNEED DBF       118   1-25-90   6:06p
NOTES    DBF       131   1-25-90   7:14p
NOTES    DBT       512   1-25-90   7:14p
THREE17  LBL      1034   7-30-89   3:09p
FORM1    LBL      1034   7-30-89   3:06p
       13 file(s)     352942 bytes
                           0 bytes free