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Disk No: 1555                                                           
Disk Title: Revelation Tutorial 2 of 2 (also 1554)                      
PC-SIG Version: S1                                                      
Program Title: Revelation Tutorial                                      
Author Version: 1.0                                                     
Author Registration: $30.00                                             
Special Requirements: None.                                             
This is a scriptural tutorial for anyone interested in exploring the    
Book of Revelations.  The author, a minister, offers a fresh perspective
of this work to those who have studied the Bible and a measured overview
to those with little or no background in Revelations.                   
Two methods of teaching are used.  One set of exercises provides        
familiarity with, and tests for, details of the scriptural references   
covered in the 25 lessons or `projects'.  Multiple-choice, fill-the-    
blanks, and yes/no quizzes test for knowledge of such items as `How     
many...?', `Who...?' and `What...?'.  Details are referenced            
scripturally and at several points in the program, the current material 
is summarized.  At the end of the second disk, a comprehensive self-test
is provided.  The othe set of lessons explores the meanings behind the  
details.  Interpretive exercises are designed to aid insight to the     
references and symbols used throughout the book.                        
The author has used "The New International Version" of the Bible as the 
source document for the 2-disk tutorial.  Most of the lessons can be    
completed in an hour or less but some do run longer.  Provision has been
made to permit the user to leave the tutorial and reenter, at the same  
point, at a later time.                                                 
File Descriptions:                                                      
The first disk contains:                                                
REV      EXE  Initialization procedure; chains into MENU.EXE.           
MENU     EXE  Project Menu; chains into ???.TBC.                        
???      TBC  Thirteen lesson projects (REVELATION 1-10).               
GO       BAT  Displays REV.TUT.                                         
REV      DOC  Documentation for REVELATION TUTORIAL.                    
REV      TUT  Displays `get started' commands.                          
FILES         Displays this file listing.                               
The second disk contains:                                               
REV      EXE  Initialization routine; chains into MENU.EXE.             
MENU     EXE  Project Menu; chains into ???.TBC.                        
???      TBC  Twelve lesson projects (REVELATION 11-22)                 
230      TBC  Self-test covering all of Revelation.                     
FILES         Displays file listing.                                    
1030D East Duane Avenue                                                 
Sunnyvale  Ca. 94086                                                    
(408) 730-9291                                                          
(c) Copyright 1988 PC-SIG, Inc.                                         


║      <<<<  Disk #1555  REVELATION TUTORIAL disk 2 of 2  >>>>            ║
║                           also Disk #1554                               ║
║ To start REVELATION TUTORIAL, type:  REV (press enter)                  ║
║                                                                         ║
║ To print documentation go to disk #1554, type:                          ║
║                                      COPY REV.DOC PRN   (press enter)   ║

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #1555

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

110      TBC     13499   6-13-89   8:44a
120      TBC     13755   6-13-89   8:54a
130      TBC     14318   6-13-89   9:07a
140      TBC      9229   6-13-89   9:14a
150      TBC      9571   6-13-89   9:25a
160      TBC     16465   6-13-89   9:38a
170      TBC     16877   6-13-89   9:50a
180      TBC     10719   6-13-89   9:58a
190      TBC     15936   6-13-89  10:14a
200      TBC     17786   6-15-89  11:34a
210      TBC     16953   6-13-89  10:37a
220      TBC     14492   6-15-89   9:25a
230      TBC     28129   6-14-89  11:25a
FILE1555 TXT      3997  10-16-89   9:00p
FILES              292   6-15-89  11:27a
GO       BAT        38   1-01-80   1:56a
GO       TXT       696  10-18-89  11:22a
MENU     EXE     55337   5-08-89  12:20p
REV      EXE     56096   6-12-89   3:54p
       19 file(s)     314185 bytes
                       36864 bytes free