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Information about “SCRIPTURE MEMORY”

Your computer can help with Bible memorization, taking you
step-by-step through the process of initial memorization and
review. Through an exclusive arrangement with NavPress, SCRIPTURE
MEMORY comes with 66 verses on-disk, organized under the
Navigators' Topical Memory System. You can add as many verses
as disk capacity allows.

SCRIPTURE MEMORY uses the technique of associating topic, reference and
verse to make it easy to memorize and retain what you have
learned. The program uses two files to store both the verses you are
currently memorizing and the ones you have already memorized. Each
time you use the program, you will be working on the current
review. In addition, SCRIPTURE MEMORY will choose from 5 to 40
back-review verses for you to go over. Once you have built up a
sufficient number of verses in your review file, the program will
randomly select different verses each time it is used.


Disk No: 1658                                                           
Disk Title: Scripture Memory                                            
PC-SIG Version: S2                                                      
Program Title: Scripture Memory                                         
Author Version: v2.0                                                    
Author Registration: $15.00                                             
Special Requirements: None.                                             
Your computer can help with Bible memorization, taking you              
step-by-step through the process of initial memorization and            
review.  Through an exclusive arrangement with NavPress, SCRIPTURE      
MEMORY comes with 66 verses on-disk, organized under the                
Navigators' Topical Memory System.  You can add as many verses          
as disk capacity allows.                                                
SCRIPTURE MEMORY uses the technique of associating topic, reference     
and verse to make it easy to memorize and retain what you have          
learned.  The program uses two files to store both the verses you are   
currently memorizing and the ones you have already memorized.  Each     
time you use the program, you will be working on the current            
review.  In addition, SCRIPTURE MEMORY will choose from 5 to 40         
back-review verses for you to go over.  Once you have built up a        
sufficient number of verses in your review file, the program will       
randomly select different verses each time it is used.                  
1030D East Duane Avenue                                                 
Sunnyvale  Ca. 94086                                                    
(408) 730-9291                                                          
(c) Copyright 1989, 1990 PC-SIG, Inc.                                         


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(c) Copyright 1990, PC-SIG Inc.



                   |                                      |
                   |                                      |
                   |                                      |
                   |           Scripture Memory           |
                   |               ver. 2.00              |
                   |                                      |
                   |             User's Manual            |
                   |                                      |
                   |                                      |

                        Copyright (C) 1986 MVP SOFTWARE

                                1035 Dallas SE
                            Grand Rapids, MI  49507

         All rights reserved.  No portion of this manual may be repro-
         duced, in whole or in part, in any media, including electron-
         ic data transmission, facsimile, xerography or any other form 
         of reproduction or transmittal without the written permission 
         of MVP SOFTWARE.


         MVP SOFTWARE makes no warranties with respect to its pro-
         grams, with the exception that the customer shall be entitled 
         to one (1) updated or modified version of the purchased soft-
         ware package for a fee of 50% of the price of the updated 
         version and upon return of all copies of the original pur-
         chased program.

         The foregoing warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, 
         expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, the im-
         plied warranties of fitness for a particular purpose and mer-
         chantability.  In no event will MVP SOFTWARE be liable for 
         consequential damages even if MVP SOFTWARE has been advised 
         of such damages.

         The customer shall not make available or provide any copies 
         of materials or portions thereof copyrighted by MVP SOFTWARE, 
         including but not limited to, program listings, source code 
         and object code, and program documentation, in any form, to 
         any person other than customer or MVP SOFTWARE employees, 
         without prior written consent from MVP SOFTWARE.  The custo-
         mer may, however, make backup copies of programs for custo-
         mer's own personal use only.

         If any of the provisions, or portions thereof, of this Dis-
         claimer are invalid under any applicable statute or rule of 
         law, they are to that extent deemed to be omitted.


                          SPECIAL SHAREWARE NOTICE

         This version of Scripture Memory is distributed under the
         "user supported" concept.  It is a full working version of
         the program.  However, because of copyright laws, it is
         supplied in the King James Version of the Bible only.  In
         addition, MVP Software receives no royalties from the dis-
         tribution of this software and cannot support users who do
         not register their copies.  To register your copy of the
         program with MVP Software, please send the registration price
         of $15.00.  If you register, you will receive the following:

         (1) The latest version of Scripture Memory in your choice of 
             the King James, New King James, New International, New 
             American Standard, or Revised Standard version of the 
             Bible.  The program comes in a vinyl binding with a full 
             printed documentation manual.

         (2) Full telephone support and bug fixes.

         (3) The right to purchase new versions of the program for 50%     
             off list price.

         (4) The knowledge that you have supported the development of 
             Bible-related software.  The author of Scripture Memory 
             is a Presbyterian minister, who has devoted many hours to 
             the development of the product.  He receives royalties 
             from the sale of the program.  Your registration fee 
             helps to support him in his work.

         (5) As a special incentive, if you register you will receive 
             free Bible game software, plus a demo of the fantastic 
             Bible Concordance program GodSpeed.  All told this offer
             is a $10.00 value, free with your registered copy of
             Scripture Memory.  However, you must request it at the
             time of your order.

         To register your copy of the program, send $15.00 to:

                         MVP Software
                         1035 Dallas SE
                         Grand Rapids, MI  49507

         Or order by phone with MasterCard or Visa:

                         (616) 245-8376

         Please specify which version of the program you want (IBM or 
         Sanyo 550/555), and which version of the Bible (KJV, NKJV, 
         NIV, NASB, RSV).


                               Scripture Memory

              Employing your computer to assist in Bible memorization, 
         Scripture Memory takes you step by step through the process 
         of initial memorization and review. Through an exclusive ar-
         rangement with NavPress, it comes with 66 verses on disk or-
         ganized under the Navigators' Topical Memory System (tm).  
         However, you may choose to use or not use the TMS.  You may 
         add as many verses to your Scripture Memory disk as your disk 
         capacity will allow -- the program itself places no limits on 
         how many verses you can memorize and review!  All the steps 
         necessary to run Scripture Memory will be explained in this 
         manual.  And although it is very easy to use, please read the 
         manual thoroughly so that you will get maximum benefit from 
         the program.

                        How Does Scripture Memory Work?

              Scripture Memory uses the technique of associating top-
         ic, reference and verse to make it easy to memorize and re-
         tain what you have learned.  The program uses two files -- a 
         current review file and a back review -- to store the verses 
         you are currently memorizing and the ones you have already 
         memorized.  Each time you use the program, which can easily 
         be every day, you should work on your current review.  In ad-
         dition, Scripture Memory will choose from 5 to 40 back review 
         verses (you can decide how many you want) for you to review 
         that day.  Once you have built up a sufficient number of 
         verses in your back review file, the program will select at 
         random different verses each day.  You should not need to re-
         view these verses as often, since you have already memorized 
         them, but Scripture Memory will help you remember what you 
         have learned.

              The Navigators have developed the Topical Memory System 
         to assist in Scripture memorization, and we are happy to use 
         it in Scripture Memory.  However, you can use your own system 
         if you would like.  If you are not familiar with the TMS, it 
         is a complete basic course in Scripture memory.  This entire 
         course is included with your Scripture Memory distribution 
         disk in your choice of Bible versions.  Below is a summary of 
         the TMS.

                             Topical Memory System

                                    Unit 1   

         A. Live the New Life

         Christ the Center        II Cor. 5:17    Gal. 2:20
         Obedience to Christ      Rom. 12:1       John 14:21
         The Word                 II Tim. 3:16    Josh. 1:8
         Prayer                   John 15:7       Phil. 4:6,7
         Fellowship               Matt. 18:20     Heb. 10:24,25
         Witnessing               Matt. 4:19      Rom. 1:16


         B. Proclaim Christ

         All Have Sinned          Rom. 3:23       Isa. 53:6
         Sin's Penalty            Rom. 6:23       Heb. 9:27
         Christ Paid the Penalty  Rom. 5:8        I Peter 3:18
         Salvation not by Works   Eph. 2:8,9      Titus 3:5
         Must Receive Christ      John 1:12       Rev. 3:20
         Assurance of Salvation   I John 5:13     John 5:24

                                    Unit 2   

         C. Rely on God's Resources

         His Spirit               I Cor. 3:16     I Cor. 2:12
         His Strength             Isa. 41:10      Phil. 4:13
         His Faithfulness         Lam. 3:22,23    Num. 23:19
         His Peace                Isa. 26:3       I Peter 5:7
         His Provision            Rom. 8:32       Phil. 4:19
         His Help in Temptation   Heb. 2:18       Psalm 119:9,11

         D. Be Christ's Disciple

         Put Christ First         Matt. 6:33      Luke 9:23
         Separate from the World  I John 2:15,16  Rom. 12:2
         Be Steadfast             I Cor. 15:58    Heb. 12:3
         Serve Others             Mark 10:45      II Cor. 4:5
         Give Generously          Prov. 3:9,10    II Cor. 9:6,7
         Develop World Vision     Acts 1:8        Matt. 28:19,20

                                    Unit 3   

         E. Grow in Christlikeness

         Love                     John 13:34,35   I John 3:18
         Humility                 Phil. 2:3,4     I Peter 5:5,6
         Purity                   Eph. 5:3        I Peter 2:11
         Honesty                  Lev. 19:11      Acts 24:16
         Faith                    Heb. 11:6       Rom. 4:20,21
         Good Works               Gal 6:9,10      Matt. 5:16

              If you wish to use the TMS, you must add the verses to 
         your current review file one at a time.  This is because 
         Scripture memorization works best when you attempt to memo-
         rize one verse at a time, not many at once.  You currently 
         have no verses in your current or back review files.  To add 
         the verses from the TMS, from the main menu press F1.  When 
         the program asks for the topic, simply type in the word 
         "NEXT" (without quotes).  The word "NEXT" must be in capital 
         letters or the program will not recognize the command.  
         Scripture Memory will automatically go to the proper file and 
         select the next verse (in this case the first one) and place 
         it in your current review file.

              If you wish to use the TMS, you must add 10 of the TMS 
         verses the first time you run Scripture Memory.  If you fail 
         to add at least 10 verses the program will not work properly.  
         If you add more than 10 verses some will be placed in your 
         back review file.  Your current review file must always con-


         tain 10 verses for the program to work properly.  When you 
         add more, some verses that you had added previously will 
         automatically be placed in your back review file.  For this 
         reason, it is important that you not add new verses until you 
         have thoroughly learned the ones already in your current re-
         view file.  In fact, after you have begun memorizing your 
         initial 10 verses, each time you want to add new verses it is 
         best to add only a few to your current review file and not 
         start out with 10 unfamiliar ones again.

              Remember, however, that the program will work correctly 
         even if you do not use the TMS.  But in this case keep in 
         mind that you must add 10 verses of your own choosing the 
         first time you run the program.  You also must supply a topic 
         of your own choosing for each verse you add.  Choose one 
         which will help you to remember the content of the verse.  
         How to do that will be explained below.

              Scripture Memory was written to be easy to use.  After 
         all, you want to spend your time memorizing Scripture, not 
         learning how to use computer programs!  This manual will ex-
         plain each part of the program.


              MVP SOFTWARE doesn't copy-protect its distribution pro-
         gram diskettes.  We hate to work with copy-protected software 
         as much as you do, it's expensive, and the schemes are broken 

         almost as fast as they are devised.  We do, however, realize 
         that some unscrupulous users likely will take advantage of 
         this and illegally copy our copyrighted programs.  But if you 
         want to continue to have low-cost quality software available, 
         don't give your software away.  We can only continue to main-
         tain our low prices as long as our customers recommend that 
         those interested in our programs purchase them.

                                Getting Started

              Before going any further, please make a working copy of 
         your Scripture Memory distribution disk.  To do so, first 
         make sure drive A is the logged drive.  Then place your 
         Scripture Memory distribution disk in drive A and a blank 
         formatted disk in drive B.  Type copy *.* b:, followed by 
         <RETURN>.  If you have a one drive system, place the system 
         disk in the drive.  Type DISKCOPY, followed by <RETURN>.  
         Follow the directions on your screen until the diskcopy is 
         completed.  Now put the distribution disk in a safe place, 
         and use only your new working disk.  Do not place a write 
         protect tab over the notch on the side of the disk.

              Because of the space needed for the back review file, 
         you will probably not want to put files from any other pro-
         grams on your Scripture Memory disk.  In fact, if you have 
         two disk drives, you may want to create a separate Scripture 
         Memory data disk, which will contain only your back review 
         file.  The file BACKREVW.DTA must be copied onto this disk, 


         and you must install the program so that it looks for this 
         file on a drive other than drive A.  How to do this is ex-
         plained later.  Since Scripture Memory is not copy protected, 
         it is easily transfered to a hard drive.

              To run Scripture Memory, put your working disk in drive 
         A.  Then type SCR <RETURN>.  After the intitial two screens 
         with the title and copyright information has disappeared, the 
         program will display the system date and ask you if it is 
         correct.  If it is not, enter the correct information and 
         press <RETURN>.  Then if it is the last day of the month, en-
         ter L.  Otherwise, hit any other key.  This is important if 
         you want to take advantage of one of Scripture Memory's 
         special features.  If you miss a day or more, the program 
         will ask you if you wish to take a zero for any of those 
         days.  (It will use this information when it displays your 
         progress.)  There will be days when you do not have access to 
         your computer or you do not normally review, and you may not 
         want to take a zero for those days.  But if the discipline of 
         Scripture memorization is important to you, you may wish to 
         register days missed by receiving a zero for those days, 
         which will then be figured into your monthly average.  If you 
         press (Y)es to take a zero, and if you have missed more than 
         one day, the next question will ask you to indicate for how 
         many of the days you missed do you want zeros figured in.  
         The decision is up to you.  Type in the number and then press 

              Now the main menu will be displayed.  To execute any 
         Scripture Memory function, you must press the function key 
         corresponding to your choice.  Function keys are marked "F" 
         (followed by a number).  

                               Adding New Verses

              By pressing F1 you will be able to add new verses to 
         your current review file.  Remember, if you are adding TMS 
         verses, at the prompt for the topic, simply enter NEXT.  
         Don't worry about when you will get to the end of the TMS; 
         the program will tell you that automatically.  If you are 
         adding a verse of your own choosing, you must first enter the 
         topic, then the reference, and finally the verse, pressing 
         <RETURN> after each entry.  When you enter the verse, press 
         <RETURN> only when you have finished typing the entire verse.  
         Do not press the <RETURN> key before then or add extra spaces 
         to avoid splitting your words on the screen.  Just like a 
         word processor, Scripture Memory handles all of that for you, 
         and later your verse will be correctly displayed on the 

              Keep in mind that the first time you enter verses, you 
         must enter 10 of them of them for the program to operate 
         properly, whether you are using the TMS or not.

              There are limitations on how many spaces may be used for 
         the topic (16), the reference (16), and the verse (224).  
         Scripture Memory will not permit you to go over these limits.  
         If the verse is longer than 224 characters, split it up into 
         two parts, and enter it as two verses.  If you press an in-
         correct key as you are entering the information, you may cor-


         rect it by pressing the backspace key and typing over the 
         mistake.  After you have entered the topic, reference and 
         verse and pressed <RETURN>, you will be asked to review the 
         information to make sure that it is correct.  If it is not, 
         press I, and reenter the information.  If it is correct, 
         press the space bar.  If you catch an error after this point, 
         you must correct it using a word processor.  This will be 
         covered later.

              Quotation marks will not be accepted by the program, 
         since they confuse it when it is trying to read data from 
         your data files.  Simply use an apostrophe in place of quota-
         tion marks.  Finally, it is important that you do not turn 
         off your computer during option 1.  Otherwise you could lose 
         your entire current review file.  Always return to the main 
         menu and exit the program before turning off the machine.

                                Current Review

              Here is where you review the verses you are currently 
         memorizing.  Once you have entered a new verse, that verse 
         goes into the current review file.  There will always be 10 
         verses in the current review.  They will always be the same 
         10 verses until you add a new verse with option F1.  Upon 
         pressing F2 from the main menu, you will be given a reference 
         and asked to quote the verse.  You will have the lower half 
         of the screen on which you can type out your quote.  This is 
         used as a "scratch pad" since you, not the computer, will 
         decide whether your quote is correct or not.  You should type 
         or write out your quote, since this is good practice, and if 
         you do this you will find that you learn much more quickly.  
         However, you can simply review verbally.

              Whichever method you choose, when you are ready to com-
         pare your attempt to the actual verse, press * and the verse 
         will appear.  At this time, you must decide whether you got 
         the verse correct.  This allows you to take into considera-
         tion spelling, punctuation, etc., which a program cannot.

              Following your review of the 10 verses in your current 
         review file, you will be returned to the main menu.  If for 
         any reason you wish to stop the current review before you 
         have covered your 10 verses, press # and you will be returned 
         to the main menu immediately.  If you do this, your percen-
         tage for the day (see "Performance Profile" below) will be 
         figured on the number of verses you actually have reviewed, 
         not on the full 10.  If you press # on the first verse, 
         nothing will be figured in.

                                  Back Review

              To review verses in your back review file, press F3.  
         The back review functions like the current review, with two 
         important differences:

         1. The back review consists of a new set of verses, selected 
            from among those in your back review file, each time you 
            run Scripture Memory.  If you want to review the same 
            verses more than once, do so without turning off the pro-


            gram or re-running it.  The verses in the back review 
            should be more familiar to you and will not need to be re-
            viewed as often as those in the current review.

         2. You may change the number of verses covered in the back 
            review by customizing Scripture Memory.  The number of 
            verses contained in your back review file and the fre-
            quency with which you need to review them will determine 
            how many you wish to review each time.  The default value 
            is 5.  A chart is included in the "Technical" section of 
            this manual as a guide.

                              Performance Profile

              This is one of the nicest features of Scripture Memory.  
         If memorizing Scripture is important to you, then you want to 
         know how well you're doing.  If you press F4, you will be 
         shown how well you did that day, and what your average is for 
         the month and the year, both for your current and back re-
         views.  If your computer has a color graphics adapter, an 
         easy to read bar graph will portray your progress, and the 
         exact percentages will be printed beneath the bars.  If you 
         do not, just the percentages will be displayed.  (Scripture 
         Memory automatically detects whether your computer has graph-
         ics capability.)  Pressing the space bar will return you to 
         the main menu.

              By pressing the PrtScr key you may send the graph to 
         your printer.  For this to work you must have loaded the pro-
         gram GRAPHICS.COM (from your system disk) into memory before 
         running Scripture Memory, and you must have a printer with 
         graphic printing capability.

              Memory allocated for this feature of Scripture Memory 
         allows for up to 100 runs per month, or over 3 per day.  Af-
         ter 100, the program will continue to function, but your 
         monthly average will reflect only your first 100 entries.

                       Review of Current or Back Misses

              Pressing F5 allows you to review incorrectly quoted 
         verses from your current review, and pressing F6 allows you 
         to review incorrectly quoted verses from the back review.  If 
         you wish to use either of these functions during a session, 
         you must do so before you turn off your computer, since the 
         information on which verses you have missed that session is 
         kept in machine memory only, and will be lost once you have 
         shut off the power.

              After viewing the missed verse on the screen, you have a 
         choice.  By pressing <RETURN>, you will simply advance to the 
         next missed verse.  If, however, you wish to review later but 
         will not be able to use your computer, by pressing P you can 
         tell Scripture Memory to print out the verse on your printer.  
         Make sure your printer is turned on and has paper in it be-
         fore you do attempt to print the verse.


                         Customizing Scripture Memory

              If you press F7 you may customize Scripture Memory to 
         suit your own needs.  There are four areas you can change.  
         For the first three, if you want to leave any of them un-
         changed, simply press N when asked, "DO YOU WANT TO CHANGE 
         THESE PARAMETERS? (Y/N)".

              The YEAR.  When a new year begins, you'll have to change 
         the year so that the program will display the correct year.

         Your options are drives A, B, C, D, or (L)ogged.   Unless you 
         use a hard drive, normally you will want to enter either A, 
         B, or L if your backreview file (BACKREVW.DTA) is on your 
         Scripture Memory working disk.  Each verse in the back review 
         file occupies 256 bytes or 1/4 K memory.  Therefore, 400 
         verses will take up 100K of disk space.  If you memorize a 
         lot and have limited disk space, you may choose to keep your 
         back review on a separate data disk.  This can be done by 
         copying the file BACKREVW.DTA onto another disk and then 
         changing the program to look for it on a drive other than 
         drive A.  All other files must be kept on the program disk, 
         which should usually be executed from drive A.

         The SIZE OF YOUR BACK REVIEW.  As your back review file 
         grows, you may wish to increase the number of verses you re-
         view each session.  Scripture Memory comes with 5 as the de-
         fault number in a complete review.  You may choose any number 
         between 5 and 40.  We recommend, however, that you choose a 
         number between 5 and 15.  Scripture Memory will not let you 
         review verses in your back review file unless there are at 
         least as many verses in your back review file as the size you 
         choose for your back review.

              The COLORS you wish to use for your program.  Scripture 
         Memory's default setting is light green for the current re-
         view, light red for the back review, and brilliant white for 
         everything else.  If you have a color monitor, you may wish 
         to change these to taste.  

                    Printing Your Current and Back Reviews

              By pressing F8 you can be freed from your computer.  
         Many times it is helpful to have a "hard copy" of your verses 
         for the day if you know you will have a chance to review 
         while you are not around the computer.  This option allows 
         you to print out all the verses in your current review file 
         and today's back review verses.  Again, make sure your 
         printer is ready to go before choosing this option.  Once you 
         press F8, a new menu will appear.  Press the function key 
         corresponding to your choice.  Most printers have a buffer, 
         which means that Scripture Memory will return to the main 
         menu before your printer is finished printing.  At that point 
         you are free to continue with the program.

                                  Word Search

              This is another attractive feature of Scripture Memory.  


         There are times when you will want to pull together all the 
         verses you have memorized according to certain words.  Scrip-
         ture Memory will find all these verses for you from among the 
         verses in your back review.  It can search for the word you 
         enter from among the Topics, References or in the Verses 
         themselves.  From the main menu, press F9.

              Don't worry about whether the word you enter is in upper 
         or lower case; Scripture Memory will take care of that for 
         you by converting the word into upper case.  As the search is 
         progressing, you may look at the verses one at a time as they 
         are displayed, and then decide to either (P)rint the verse, 
         go to the (N)ext verse, or (E)nd the search.  If you simply 
         want a listing of all verses containing a certain word, after 
         indicating what word you are looking for and what area is to 
         be searched, press P.  Every verse will be sent automatically  
         to your printer, and you won't have to make a decision each 

              Here's a helpful hint.  Suppose you are looking for all 
         the verses with the word "man" in them.  If you ask the com-
         puter to search for verses with "man" in them, you will also 
         be given verses with words such as "many" and "commandment".  
         To avoid this, type in a space before and after the word, 
         e.g., " man ".  Then you'll get only what you want.


                         A GUIDE FOR REVIEWING VERSES

         Less than 150 verses  . . . . . . cover every week
         150-300 . . . . . . . . . . cover every other week
         300-500 . . . . . . . . . cover once every 3 weeks
         500-1000  . . . . . . . . . . . cover once a month
         1000-2000 . . . . . . . . . cover every two months
         2000+ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  up to you

                                ERROR MESSAGES

              The most common error that occurs is that a file neces-
         sary for Scripture Memory is not on the disk in the logged 
         drive.  Also, Scripture Memory requires a full 128K RAM in 
         IBM and compatible computers.  That means that if your compu-
         ter has 128K, you cannot load any "memory resident" programs 
         when running Scripture Memory, such as print spoolers, RAM 
         disks, or anything else that requires memory.  You should 
         boot only the operating system when you want to run the pro-
         gram.  If an error occurs, usually you will have to re-start 
         the program.  Occasionally an error will occur that won't 
         stop the program from running.  In that case, follow the 
         directions on the screen.

                        SCRIPTURE MEMORY PROGRAM FILES

              The files that are included on your Scripture Memory 


         distribution disk are the following: 

              SCR.EXE -- This is the main program file.
              BV.DTA -- Data file used by Scripture Memory to deter-
                        mine which version of the Bible your TMS 
                        verses are from.

              PREVDATA -- Data file containing information on the 
                          present year, the month the program was last 
                          run, the last verse reviewed in the back re-
                          view, the drive on which your BACKREVW.DTA 
                          file is found, the number of verses you wish 
                          to cover each back review, and color code 

              CURFILE.DTA -- Current review data file.

              BACKREVW.DTA -- Back review data file.

              TMS.DTA -- Data file containing the Topical Memory Sys-
              All of these files must be on your Scripture Memory 
         working disk for the program to operate properly.  The only 
         exception is the file BACKREVW.DTA, which can be copied onto 
         a separate disk and deleted from your working disk.  See 
         "Customizing Scripture Memory", above.

              We have made Scripture Memory as "friendly" as possible 
         and taken every precaution to prevent mysterious errors.  
         However, if an "unexplained" error occurs, you will see an 
         error message consisting of two numbers, and the program will 
         terminate.   Should this happen, please note the two numbers, 
         and exactly what you were doing when the problem occured.  
         Then please call MVP Software at 616-245-8376.  We will cor-
         rect the problem, but we can do so only if we get complete 
         information on what went wrong.

                         CURRENT OR BACK REVIEW FILES

              If you discover a mistake in either your current 
         (CURFILE.DTA) or back review (BACKRVW.DTA) files, you can 
         correct it with your word processor.  You must access the 
         file with the mistake in it using the "non-document" or ASCII 
         mode or else Scripture Memory will not be able to read the 
         file once you have changed it.  Make sure that you do not 
         change the number of spaces allotted for the Topic, Reference 
         or Verse.  For example, if you delete a character from the 
         verse, add a space onto the end of that verse.

              We hope you will find Scripture Memory useful and fun.  
         Please let us know what you think of the program, and what 
         improvements you would like to see incorporated into it.

              Are others in your church interested in Scripture Memo-
         ry?  We have special group purchase plans and site licenses, 
         which allow groups to purchase the program for substantial 
         savings.  The program is available in the KJV, NKJV, RSV, 
         NIV, and NASB versions of the Bible, for IBM and Sanyo compu-
         ters.  Call MVP Software for details.


ble, for 

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #1658

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

SCR      EXE     66426   2-05-88  10:08a
PREVDATA           128   8-14-88   1:11a
CURFILE  DTA         1   8-28-86   3:00p
BACKREVW DTA         1   8-28-86   3:00p
BV       DTA       128   7-21-86  12:01a
TMS      DTA     17152   7-24-86   2:56p
SCR      DOC     35200   9-05-89  12:28a
SETCGA   COM         7   9-10-86  11:54a
SETMONO  COM         7   9-10-86  11:55a
SCRHC    BAT        39   3-24-88  12:32a
YEARCUR            128   7-18-88  11:24a
YEARBAK            128   7-18-88  11:24a
MONTHCUR           128   7-18-88  11:24a
MONTHBAK           128   7-18-88  11:24a
README            1280   7-12-90  12:13a
FILE1658 TXT      2301   8-13-90   9:18p
GO       BAT        38   1-01-80   1:37a
GO       BAK       463   1-01-80   5:48a
GO       TXT       496   1-01-80   7:09a
       19 file(s)     124179 bytes
                       29696 bytes free