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PC-SIG Diskette Library (Disk #1670)

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Information about “PC-BROWSE PROGRAM DISK (1671 ALSO)”

Want a straightforward wordprocessor you can use without reading a
manual?  Easy to learn and easier to use, WORDMASTER offers a full
function wordprocessor for either computer beginners or folks who do
not need something close to desktop publishing.

What's best about WORDMASTER is its menu system.  Almost any command can
be located by moving about it.  After flicking a few keys, a beginner
will suddenly be using windows without needing hours of study and
explanation.  More advanced users will find every basic command in
wordprocessing available on screen.

Macros come alive with WORDMASTER.  The excellent user guide offers a
clear explanation of this handy tool.  The simple command setups lets
users set up blocks of macros almost instantly.  Likewise, lots of
commands let the more sophisticated format a page in virtually any way.

The program includes drivers for Epson dot matrix compatibles,
lasers, Okidata 92's, and Star printers.  It offers full font commands
that work on almost every Epson compatible.

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #1670

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

ADDRESS           1497  10-11-89   1:00a
AREACODE         13041  10-11-89   1:00a
BR       EXE     61360   2-16-90   1:47p
BR       HLP     36080   2-16-90   1:16p
BRBAS    DEF       584   2-15-90   5:38p
BRBLU    DEF       618  10-11-89   1:00a
BRCYA    DEF       618  10-11-89   1:00a
BRDEF    LST       891  10-11-89   2:44p
BREF     BRS     77170  10-11-89   1:00a
BRINV    DEF       618  10-11-89   1:00a
BRMDS    DEF       188  10-11-89   1:00a
BTUT     BRS     49140  10-11-89   1:00a
CATALET            797  10-11-89   1:00a
CREDLET            791  10-11-89   1:00a
DECISION          9869  10-11-89   1:00a
GLOSSARY          7834  10-11-89   1:00a
GO       BAT        20   9-29-89   7:20p
HAMLET           22918  10-11-89   1:00a
MENU              2340  10-11-89   1:00a
MISUSED          23913   2-06-90  10:48a
PARTSRT            827   2-06-90  10:35a
PARTTEM            135  10-11-89   1:00a
PCWRHELP           439  10-11-89   1:00a
QUARTO            5614  10-11-89   1:00a
READ1    ME       1092   2-10-90   5:04p
REGISTER NOW      1689   2-10-90   4:57p
SAILBOAT         15024  10-11-89   1:00a
SUPPLIER          5570  10-11-89   1:00a
       28 file(s)     340677 bytes
                        8192 bytes free