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PC-SIG Diskette Library (Disk #2271)

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Information about “RAMDESK & RESEARCH”

RAMDESK is a memory-resident program for single PCs and networks.  It
maintains a programmable calculator; an address/phone directory; a
mini-scheduler; a log for entry of income, expenses, and work done; and
several mini-databases. If used on a Local Area Network, it can pass
messages among workstations. All of these features are available on a
pop-up basis.

If RAMDESK is installed without its RAM-resident alarm, it takes up
only 7K RAM. With the pop-up alarm (which has a snooze feature and the
ability to handle 20 alarms per day), it requires 45K. The scientific
calculator alone is worth a look. It combines the most popular
standard and scientific functions with 50-line "tape," on which you
may back up to any entry to make a correction. The macro facility
enables you to program a wide variety of formulas, such as interest,
depreciation, amortization, etc.

Finally, RAMDESK can work hand-in-hand with TICKLEX and BILL-POWER,
either in a network environment or on a single PC.

Designed for attorneys, RESEARCH packs the power to document and sort
through caseloads full of research material to find vital evidence.

A research, document, and evidence organizer, RESEARCH lets you enter
notes on evidence or other research, and file up to an eleven line
summary according to source, page, line number and subject. Notes can
be chained together if 11 lines are inadequate. Using up to 32,000
entries per hard disk, RESEARCH can file the data under 500 subjects or
types. Keep tabs on documents or other evidence including who sent it,
where it is located, and where and when it was found.

Scan-and-find tools are fast and accurate, and enable you to sort
through massive files for obscure bits of incriminating data. The
program uses ASCII, making it compatible with your word processor.


║         <<<<  PC-SIG Disk #2271  RAMDESK & RESEARCH  >>>>               ║
║ For instructions on how to begin program, type:  INSTALL (press ENTER)  ║
(c) Copyright 1990, PC-SIG Inc.

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #2271

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

INSTALL  BAT      1131   4-04-90  12:40p
INSTRD   BAT      3109   6-21-90   8:44a
INSTRSCH BAT        48   1-03-90   1:03p
RAMD     EXE    215829   6-25-90   4:26p
GO       BAT        40   1-01-80   6:00a
GO       TXT       419   1-01-80   3:17a
RESEARCH     <DIR>    
        7 file(s)     220576 bytes

 Directory of A:\RESEARCH

.            <DIR>    
..           <DIR>    
INSTRSCH BAT      2568   8-10-89   7:12p
RSCH     EXE    131418   6-07-90  11:08a
        4 file(s)     133986 bytes

Total files listed:
       11 file(s)     354562 bytes
                        1024 bytes free