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PC-SIG Diskette Library (Disk #2349)

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Information about “EASY-MANAGE 2 OF 2 (2348 ALSO)”

EASY-MANAGE is a property management program to monitor your real
estate investments.  EASY-MANAGE keeps track of all expenses by
property and category, automatically posts rent and late charges,
calculates rent balances due, and maintains tenant information in a
separate file.

The ledger system lets you add and delete rental units and properties,
with rent and tenant records.  The tenant information file contains rent
history records for each tenant, past and present.  Keep track of when a
tenant moved in and out, each one's rent payment history, and more.  The
size of the ledger is limited only by the available disk space.

EASY-MANAGE provides the type of reports you need to fully
manage rental properties; monthly profit/loss, annual profit/loss, rent
records for individual properties, late rent listings, tenant status
reports, and even a rent past due form letter.

A unique feature of EASY-MANAGE is the ability to manage the smoke
detectors installed in your properties.  You can keep track of which
units have smoke detectors and when their batteries need to be
changed. In some locations this is a mandatory responsibility of the
property manager.


Disk No: 2349                                                           
Disk Title: Easy-Manage 2 of 2 (2348 also)                              
PC-SIG Version: S1                                                      
Program Title: Easy-Manage                                              
Author Version: 2.0                                                     
Author Registration: $99.00                                             
Special Requirements: 512K RAM. A hard drive recommended.               
1030D East Duane Avenue                                                 
Sunnyvale  Ca. 94086                                                    
(408) 730-9291                                                          
(c) Copyright 1989 PC-SIG, Inc.                                         


  ║                     <<<<Disk #2349 EASY MANAGE >>>>                     ║
  ║                                                                         ║
  ║   To start the program, insert disk #1 and type: MENU (press enter)     ║
  ║                                                                         ║
  ║   To print documentation, insert disk #2 and type:                      ║
  ║                                           COPY MANUAL PRN  (press enter)║
  ║                                                                         ║
  (c) Copyright 1990, PC-SIG Inc.

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #2349

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

TENANTS  DBF      3354   2-21-89  12:05a
LEDGER   DBF     19291   3-18-89   1:20a
CTGY_FIL DBF       512   2-02-88   1:30a
PROP_FIL DBF       744   1-23-89  12:36a
RENT_FIL DBF      9454   1-23-89  12:36a
MOVEDOUT DBF     56010   1-17-89  12:33a
POSTDATE DBF       165   1-23-89  12:37a
PHONE    FRM      1990  11-07-89   1:53a
PROPS    NDX      1024   4-15-89   1:14a
LEASE    NDX      1024   4-15-89   1:14a
LEDGER   NDX     27136   4-15-89   1:15a
CTGYFIL  NDX      1024   4-15-89   1:15a
PROPFIL  NDX      1024   4-15-89   1:15a
PROPSMOK NDX      1024   4-15-89   1:15a
RENTS    FRM      1990   3-07-88   2:35a
MOVEDOUT NDX      8192   4-15-89   1:15a
LATE     FRM      1990   5-11-89  12:05p
MANUAL           31337   3-30-89   4:50a
POSTLATE DBF        84   1-23-89  12:38a
RENTFIL  NDX     11264   4-15-89   1:16a
GO       TXT       832  10-05-90   2:54a
GO       BAT        29  10-05-90   2:54a
FILE2349 TXT      1111  10-05-90  12:09p
       23 file(s)     180605 bytes
                      134144 bytes free