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Information about “DAYO UPDATE & CONVERSION”

DAYO UPDATE & CONVERSION is a program that was created to update and
convert earlier versions of DAYO databases and memory files.  It is
required when attempting to upgrade any existing DAYO module.


       █▄██████████▒░         █████▒░     ██▒░      ██░    ███████████▒░
       ███▒░       ██▒░      ██▒░ ██▒░    ██▒░      ██░   ██▒░       ██▒░
       ██▒░        ██▒░      █▒░   █▒░     ██▒░    ██░    ██▒░       ██▒░
       ██▒░        ██▒░     ██▒░   ██▒░    ██▒░    ██░    ██▒░       ██▒░
       ██▒░        ██▒░     ██▒░   ██▒░     ██▒░  ██░     ██▒░       ██▒░
       ██▒░        ██▒░     ██▒░   ██▒░     ██▒░  ██░     ██▒░       ██▒░
       ██▒░        ██▒░     ██▒░   ██▒░      ██▒░██░      ██▒░       ██▒░
       ██▒░        ██▒░    ███▀▀▀▀▀███▒░      ████▒░      ██▒░       ██▒░
       ██▒░        ██▒░    ██▒░     ██▒░       ██▒░       ██▒░       ██▒░
       ██▒░        ██▒░    ██▒░     ██▒░       ██▒░       ██▒░       ██▒░
       ███▒░       ██▒░    ██▒░     ██▒░       ██▒░       ██▒░       ██▒░
       █▀██████████▒░      ██▒░     ██▒░       ██▒░        ███████████▒░
	  ░░░░░░░░░░░      ░░░       ░░░        ░░░         ░░░░░░░░░░░░

	      Copyright (c) 1989, 1990,  TJS LAB, Orlando Florida

				  Version 1.3
				 12 July 1990

	┌─────┴───┐     │              (tm)
      ──│         │o    │──────────────────
	│   ┌─────┴╨──┐ │  Association of
	│   │         │─┘  Shareware
	└───│    o    │    Professionals
      ──────│    ║    │────────────────────
	    └────╨────┘    MEMBER

      TJS LAB is an approved vendor and associate member of the Association of
  Shareware Professionals (ASP). ASP wants to make sure that the shareware
  principle works for you. If you are unable to resolve a shareware-related
  problem with an ASP member by contacting the member directly, ASP may be able
  to help. The ASP Ombudsman can help you resolve a dispute or problem with an
  ASP member, but does not provide technical support for TJS LAB' products.
  Please write to the ASP Ombudsman at P.O. Box 5786, Bellevue, WA 98006 or
  send a Compuserve message via easyplex to ASP Ombudsman 70007,3536.


   1.  TJS LAB does not support users of unregistered DAYO products with the
       exception of installation questions.
   2.  Support (included with registration) remains in effect for 1 year after
       date of registration or upgrade.
   3.  Support is available through the following methods:
       - Phone/Voice Mail: (407) 291-3960/6987
       - U.S. Mail:  TJS LAB, PO Box 585366, Orlando, FL 32858-5366
       - Compuserve Easyplex:  76367,1401
   4.  Any errors ("bugs or features') in the program will be corrected and
       the 'fix' sent promptly (via modem if possible).
   DAYO BUSINESS APPLICATIONS                                       Page 1

DAYO BUSINESS APPLICATIONS   Version 1.3                       12 July 1990

      DAYO is a collection of multiuser business applications that provide a
  means of managing inventory, purchasing, invoicing, customers, vendors,
  sales and more... All DAYO products are multiuser, designed to work on a
  Microcomputer (PC) Based Local Area Network (LAN), like Novell (tm). They
  can, however, work as a 'standalone', running on a single PC.

      To date, large and complex mulituser business applications required Mini
  and Mainframe computers, but because of products like the PC based LAN/
  Network, they can now be run on microcomputers. DAYO is one of the first
  microcomputer based business applications designed to handle such a system.

      DAYO Business Applications grow with your company. The ability to
  upgrade your system is available with the addition of other DAYO products.
  Source to DAYO is also available, allowing you to make further modifications
  and enhancements. DAYO Clock was written with Qbasic (tm); all others were
  written with Clipper (tm).

      Current Modules:

    Inventory         Back Orders             Smart Reports
    Point of Sale     Accounts Receivable     Materials Requirement Planning
    Price Book        Accounts Payable        Menu
    Quotes            General Ledger          Clock
    Index             Look Up Databases       Payroll
    Passwords         End of Period/Purge     Update & Conversion
    Time & Billing

      DAYO databases are all dBASE (tm) compatible, thus providing an
  additional or alternative source of support and reporting.

      DAYO was created by TJS LAB, a Software Publishing & Computer Consulting
  Company based in Orlando Florida. Support, Outsourcing, and customizing of
  DAYO is a major function of TJS LAB.

      The Shareware versions of DAYO can be found on many Online Services like
  Compuserve, GEnie, and many SDN BBSs. Shareware versions can also be
  obtained for 2 per $5.00 or $25.00 for all (this is a handling and materials
  charge), from TJS LAB. The cost for the registered versions is only $25.00
  each module. Source code is also available (includes the registration cost),
  for all the modules.

  *  DAYO requires DOS 3.3+, 640K, a hard disk, and an IBM (tm) compatible PC.
   DAYO BUSINESS APPLICATIONS                                       Page 2



    DAYO Inventory is a Multiuser Inventory Control, Purchasing, and Vendor
 Maintenance application. Use DAYO Inventory to create and maintain an
 inventory of any product. Create and print purchase orders on a standard
 printer or a Hewlett Packard LaserJet (tm). Receive purchase orders into
 inventory, with the option of printing receivers ('key recs'), and inventory
 tags/price labels. Maintain a Vendors database complete with the vendors
 purchasing history. With the exception of the initial and ongoing data entry
 of new product and vendors, DAYO Inventory is totally menu driven. Since DAYO
 Inventory is multiuser, it is capable of operating on most of the PC based
 networks, ie Novell (tm). Other features include Reports, Labels, Lists, and
 a Graph. A simple database management module is also included to provide you
 with additional means to modify, view, and report your data. The ability to
 upgrade your system is available with the addition of supporting DAYO
 products (ie: DAYO POS, DAYO EOP, DAYO AP, and more...).


      DAYO POS (Point of Sale) is a Billing and Invoicing application for any
  size business. It is the DAYO module that permits you to invoice out your
  products while keeping an accurate record of all your 'sales'.  Features
  include:  Multiuser (ie: Novell), Registers, Quote Interface (to DAYO
  Quotes), Templates Back Orders, Data Entry Validation, Cash Drawers (Serial
  or Parallel), Databases are dBase (tm) compatible, HP Laser Special
  Invoices, Preprinted Invoices, Standard Invoices, Packing/Shipping Lists,
  Customer Ship To/Mailing Address Labels, Sales Graphs, Special Customer
  Pricing  ( Margin, Discount Off List, Fixed), Sales Tax Codes, Terms Codes,
  Invoice Type Codes, Shippers/Method of Shipment Codes, Credit Limits,
  Passwords (with DAYO Passwords), and many Reports.


      DAYO Price Book is a system of creating and maintaining specialized
  pricing for your customer/clients. Special printouts (Price Books/Catalogs)
  may be printed to a standard printer, or to a Hewlett Packard (tm) Laserjet
  or compatible. It requires the presence of DAYO Inventory and DAYO POS
  (Point of Sale) programs/databases.

      Customers are invoiced (with DAYO POS), using the price in the inventory
  database (INV.DBF), or with one of the special Price Book methods:

      Fixed          -  Fixed Price for a Unique Item + Customer (1st Priority)
      Margin         -  'Cost Plus'                              (2nd Priority)
      List Discount  -  Discount off the List/Retail Price       (3rd Priority)
   DAYO BUSINESS APPLICATIONS                                       Page 3


      DAYO Quotes creates sales order quotes based on the DAYO Inventory,
  Customer, and other DAYO databases. Quotes can be printed on a standard
  printer or a Hewlett Packard (tm) Laserjet compatible printer. The quote can
  be printed on a pre-printed form, on the Laser printer in a special laser
  format, or as a standard/default form. DAYO Quotes closely models itself
  after the DAYO POS (Point of Sale) application and is totally integrated
  with that application. Templates (kits or bundles), are supported.


      DAYO INDEX is a program designed to manage the indexing of the DAYO
  databases. DAYO applications all have multiple indexes, and because it is
  recommended that they be reindexed at least once daily, DAYO Index was
  created to simplify this process.


      DAYO PASSWORDS provide DAYO Business Application users with a system of
  database security through the use of passwords. Its use is optional, but
  recommended in areas where more than one person has access to the data.


      DAYO BACK ORDERS is the maintenance module for the processing of all
  your customers/sales backorders. DAYO BO (working with DAYO POS) determines
  and manages the filling (allocation) of your customers backorders. It does
  this through an allocation process that determines what backordered items
  are 'fillable' because of receipts into the inventory. Creates the same type
  invoices as DAYO POS.


      DAYO AR is the 'final chapter' to the processing and maintenance of all
  your Receivables. DAYO AR includes routines to handle cash receipts,
  customers, invoice types, terms, taxcodes, sales persons, and more. Many
  reports are included (ie: Ageing, Customer, Sales...). There is a routine
  to print Statements (ie: SMART, 90, 60, 30 days), and another one to create
  and print 'non' standard invoices (not applicable to DAYO POS). HP Laser
  forms are provided as an option for Statements and Invoices.


      DAYO AP is the 'final chapter' to the processing and maintenance of all
  your Payables. DAYO AP's key mission is to process/post your purchase orders,
  however, many other routines have been provided, ie: Expense Maintenance,
  1099 MISC Forms, Purchase Clearing, Vendor Maintenance, Hand/Manual Checks,
  Batch Checks, Recurring Checks, Unlimited Bank Accounts, Unlimited Check
  Printing Formats and over 21 Reports.
   DAYO BUSINESS APPLICATIONS                                       Page 4


      DAYO General Ledger provides a means to manage and report company
  finances. DAYO GL is totally integrated with the other DAYO packages.
  Features include computer generated posting, multiuser, double entry, export
  data, 20+ reports, budget management and unlimited accounts.


      DAYO Look Up is a routine for DAYO users to view data from any DAYO
  database or dBase (tm) compatible database (.DBF). No editing is allowed.
  This provides a 'safe' tool for users that do not have the need to make
  changes to the databases. Has multi-level passwords.


      DAYO EOP (End of Period Pack & Inventory) contains routines that are
  normally run at the end of a reporting period (ie: Month). DAYO EOP permits
  you to permanently remove deleted records from the Accounts Receivable (AR)
  and Accounts Payable (AP) databases, and to erase old report text files.
  There is also a routine for performing a Physical Inventory. Many reports
  are included (ie: AR Ageing, AP Summary, Inventory Movement).


      DAYO SMART REPORTS contain many reports/routines that will help you
  manage your purchasing, inventory, invoices, backorders, sales, and your
  databases. There are 22 Reports/Lists/Routines included in Smart Reports,
  ie: Single Warehouse, Inventory Zero Price, Valuation Expanded, Inventory
  Zero Retail, ReOrder (2 weeks), ReOrder (4 weeks), ReOrder (8 weeks),
  Negative Onhand, StockLevel Shortage, Vendor List, StockLevel Over, Customer
  List, Inventory ASCII Text, Inventory Item List, Late PO, Checking Account
  List, PO - Due In This Week, Check Format List, Inventory Zero Cost, and an
  Expenses List.


      DAYO MENU is a simple DOS level menu system for use with the DAYO line
  of Business Applications. It consists of a menu program and a DOS batch file
  that you can modify/edit. Many features are available as menu options, ie:
  18 screen fonts, 25, 43, or 50 lines per page, system statisics, view user
  manuals, and more.


      DAYO CLOCK is a simple Clock display and optional alarm, that can act
  as a simple job scheduler.
   DAYO BUSINESS APPLICATIONS                                       Page 5


      DAYO UPDATE is a program created to update and convert earlier versions
  of DAYO databases and memory files. * It is required when attempting to
  upgrade any DAYO module.


      DAYO MRP is a routine designed for manufacturers. DAYO MRP builds items
  (End Items) from item (Components) in the inventory database. End Items can
  later be placed into inventory for later sales. Supports multi-level Bill of
  Materials. Features include automatic inventory posting and creation of
  inventory adjustment records, databases are dBase (tm) compatible,
  multiuser, and many reports.


      DAYO Payroll provides a system for the computation of payroll for
  businesses of any size. DAYO Payroll contains many features and functions
  not normally found in any PC payroll application. Some of DAYO payroll's
  features include: Multiuser, unlimited employees, Weekly, BiWeekly, and/or
  Monthly payrolls, quarterly, year to date (YTD), and current summary
  databases, databases are dBase (tm) compatible, Automatic payroll posting &
  computation, vacation maintenance, sick pay/days maintenance, check printing,
  multiple states, standard or fixed state tax, standard or fixed federal tax,
  SDI tax, overtime & premium hourly wages, up to 8 deductions, exempt/non-
  exempt deductions, view reports on screen, printer setup & drivers, over
  25+ configurable options, and many reports.


      DAYO Time & Billing comprises a system of creating invoices for services
  and/or products. DAYO Time & Billing is contains many features and functions
  found in many of the other DAYO modules. It has support for an inventory,
  receivables, projects/jobs/cases, and customers/clients. Other features
  include: multiuser, unlimited customers/clients, unlimited
  projects/jobs/cases, project notes, customer notes, 30+ reports, onscreen
  viewing of reports, databases are dBase (tm) compatible, laser formats
  for invoices and statements, 2 styles of statements/bills, printer setup &
  drivers, cash drawers, and over 46+ configurable options.

     Clipper, a trademark of Nantucket Corporation
     dBASE III/III+/IV, a trademark of Ashton-Tate, Inc.
     Hewlett Packard LaserJet, a trademark of Hewlett Packard Company
     IBM PC-DOS/PC/XT/AT/PS2, a trademark of International Business Machines
     Qbasic, a trademark of Microsoft Corporation
     Compuserve Inc.
     GEnie, a trademark of GE Information Services
     Novell, Novell Inc.
     FUNCKy, dLESKO Associates.
   DAYO BUSINESS APPLICATIONS                                       Page 6


     For the cost of registering this Shareware Software you will receive the
  same program with some enhancements, without the logos, and be added to our
  'mailing list' for all future upgrades, improvements, and add-ons.

     SOURCE CODE can also be purchased (includes registration). All DAYO
  modules, with the exception of the Clock, are written in Clipper. To modify
  the code requires Clipper (tm) 87 or 5.0 by Nantucket, Inc. DAYO Menu
  requires a library (FUNCKy) distributed by dLESKO Associates.

     A SOURCE CODE purchase permits you to use & modify the source codes for
  your personal/business/network needs. The sale of modified executable
  versions of DAYO is also authorized with the following conditions. No
  reference to 'DAYO' or 'TJS LAB' in the executable program or documentation.
  Absolutely no right to resell any part of the source codes.

     Check or Money Order Only Please.

     Note:  The Registration Copy will be mailed to you on a 5.25 floppy

     Print Your Name and Address Clearly... (or affix card/stamp/label)

 Any Special Instructions/Comments/Suggestions?   (Include with Registration)







   DAYO BUSINESS APPLICATIONS                                       Page 7

 DAYO PRICE LIST                         Prices Effective as of 26 August 1990

 DAYOIE       DAYO Inventory Registration & Program............   25.00  _____
 DAYOINV      DAYO Inventory Source Code ......................  750.00  _____
 DAYOPE       DAYO POS Registration & Program..................   25.00  _____
 DAYOPOS      DAYO POS Source Code ............................  750.00  _____
 DAYOBE       DAYO PB Registration & Program..................    25.00  _____
 DAYOPB       DAYO PB Source Code ............................   400.00  _____
 DAYOQE       DAYO Quotes Registration & Program...............   25.00  _____
 DAYOQUO      DAYO Quotes Source Code .........................  500.00  _____
 DAYOXE       DAYO Index Registration & Program................   25.00  _____
 DAYOX        DAYO Index Source Code ........................... 100.00  _____
 DAYOIDE      DAYO Password Registration & Program.............   25.00  _____
 DAYOPAS      DAYO Password Source Code .......................  100.00  _____
 DAYOOE       DAYO Back Order Registration & Program...........   25.00  _____
 DAYOBO       DAYO Back Order Source Code .....................  600.00  _____
 DAYOAE       DAYO Accounts Receivable Registration & Program..   25.00  _____
 DAYOAR       DAYO Accounts Receivable Source Code ............  750.00  _____
 DAYOVE       DAYO Accounts Payable Registration & Program.....   25.00  _____
 DAYOAP       DAYO Accounts Payable Source Code ...............  750.00  _____
 DAYOGE       DAYO General Ledger (GL) Program & Registration..   25.00  _____
 DAYOGE       DAYO General Ledger (GL) Source Code.............  750.00  _____
 DAYOLE       DAYO Look Up Registration & Program..............   25.00  _____
 DAYOLU       DAYO Look Up Source Code ........................  100.00  _____
 DAYOEE       DAYO End of Period/Purge Registration & Program..   25.00  _____
 DAYOEOP      DAYO End of Period/Purge Source Code ............  400.00  _____
 DAYORE       DAYO Smart Reports Registration & Program........   25.00  _____
 DAYORPT      DAYO Smart Reports Source Code ..................  500.00  _____
 DAYOMENU     DAYO Menu Registration & Program.................   25.00  _____
 DAYOCLOK     DAYO Clock Registration & Program................    5.00  _____
 DAYOUPDT     Update & Conversion Program......................    5.00  _____
 SWDISK    *  Any DAYO Shareware Module/Progam ............. 2 for 5.00  _____
 SWDISKALL    All DAYO Shareware Modules/Programs .............   35.00  _____
 DAYOPACK  *  Registration for All DAYO Modules................  235.00  _____
 DAYOLIC   *  Source Code License for All Above DAYO Modules... 3025.00  _____
 ADD-ONS   - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
 DAYOWE       DAYO Materials Requirement Planning (MRP)........  25.00   _____
 DAYOMRP      DAYO (MRP) Source Code License...................  750.00  _____
 DAYOYE       DAYO Payroll Registration & Program..............  25.00   _____
 DAYOPAY      DAYO Payroll Source Code.........................  750.00  _____
 DAYOTE       DAYO Time & Billing Registration & Program........  50.00  _____
 DAYOTB       DAYO Time & Billing Source Code License.......... 1500.00  _____
 OTHER PRODUCTS  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
 KISBILL      Keep It Simple Billing & Invoicing...............  25.00   _____
	      (Includes Source License)
								 Total:  _____
    Name:  _______________________________       Mail To:

 Address:  _______________________________       TJS LAB
						 Attn: SALES
	   _______________________________       P.O. Box 585366
						 Orlando, Florida 32858
  *** Source Code Purchases include all source codes, batch, and link files
      and the registration for the modules. 


Disk No: 2396                                                           
Disk Title: DAYO Update & Conversion                                    
PC-SIG Version: S1                                                      
Program Title: DAYO Update & Conversion                                 
Author Version: 1.3                                                     
Author Registration: $5.00/Free with upgrade (or included in $399.00 Bas
Special Requirements: 640K RAM, hard disk with sufficient disk space, an
DAYO UPDATE & CONVERSION is a program that was created to update and    
convert earlier versions of DAYO databases and memory files.  It is     
required when attempting to upgrade any existing DAYO module.           
1030D East Duane Avenue                                                 
Sunnyvale  Ca. 94086                                                    
(408) 730-9291                                                          
(c) Copyright 1989 PC-SIG, Inc.                                         


║       <<<<  PC-SIG Disk #2396  DAYO UPDATE AND CONVERSION   >>>>        ║
║  To read the author's note, type:  TYPE README (press Enter)            ║
║                                                                         ║
║  To print the registration form, type:  COPY DAYO.TXT PRN (press Enter) ║
║                                                                         ║
║  This DAYO module is used to update earlier versions of DAYO programs.  ║
║  (Note that the executable file may be named DAYOUE.EXE instead of      ║
║  DAYOUPDT.EXE.)                                                         ║
║                                                                         ║
║                                                                         ║
║                                           Copyright 1990, PC-SIG, Inc.  ║

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UPDATE             107   7-14-90  10:16a
FILE2396 TXT      1555  10-16-90   4:20p
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