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Information about “RAVITZ EDITOR (RE)”

RAVITZ EDITOR is a powerful ASCII text editor bent towards the
programmer but can be utilized for any text editing needs.  RE makes
great use of one- and two-key commands and supports a mouse.  RE has
all the basic commands of other text editors like edit, save, name,
print, and quit, plus ones you're not used to, such as marking an area
where you are going to do several functions.

~ The line exclude function can be used to compress the view of a file
by hiding lines that are low in the hierarchy of function (nice for

~ The word wrap margin command is used to set the margins in the word
wrap mode.

~ Tab lets you specify what kind of tabs you want to use by choosing
either of the two preset commands or one of the user set tab commands.

~ There are flow functions that help you make the text look smooth by
moving words in a set of lines or paragraphs.

~ Three drawing modes are available to do basic single lines, double
lines, and boxes.

~ A find command that has several options to let you modify a search to
find almost anything in a text.

~ A change command complements the find command by being able to search
and replace a string of text with another string of your choosing.

~ You can put a line or group of lines in another order with the order
lines command.  Type in any existing line number less then 60000 and RE
moves the cursor to it.

~ Use one or two windows for viewing, letting you see the original and
edited text at the same time.

~ RE has a status line on the screen at all times, letting you know
where you are and what you are doing.

~ RE uses only standard memory and does not utilize any expanded or
extended memory.  Although RE does not use that extra memory, you can
edit any number of files at the same time, subject only to memory

THE RAVITZ EDITOR also comes with another program to enhance it
called THE RAVITZ EDITOR PROFILE REFERENCE.  This allows the user to
configure RE's keyboard usage, default values, macros, menus, panels,
and help text and assemble it into another complete stand-alone RAVITZ
EDITOR.  A complete Help feature is present at all times throughout the

All this and more is available from this 60K program.

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #2424

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README   BAT        85   7-10-90   1:08a
README   1        1164   7-10-90   1:08a
README   2        1181   7-10-90   1:08a
README   3        1170   7-10-90   1:08a
RE       DOC    110764   7-10-90   1:08a
REPROF   EXE     88032   7-10-90   1:08a
REPROF   DOC     83067   7-10-90   1:08a
REPROF   1       36490   7-10-90   1:08a
REPROF   2       26458   7-10-90   1:08a
REPROF   MAC      6335   7-10-90   1:08a
       10 file(s)     354746 bytes
                        1024 bytes free