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Information about “THE LAST HALF OF DARKNESS”

Do you like graphic adventure games with sharp pictures, mouse
support, save and restore game functions, and spine-shivering puzzles
to solve?  Then THE LAST HALF OF DARKNESS is for you!

When the game starts, you find yourself in front of your recently
deceased aunt's mansion.  In order to gain the title to her fortune and
estate, you must find the ingredients to a potion she was working on
before she was killed.  It won't be easy as there are many strange
denizens in the old mansion. Some will help you in your quest, while
others would just as soon finish you off!

Choose one of the listed commands with either the keyboard or mouse.
Use speaker sound or Covox's Speech Thing.  Examine everything, take
what you can, and don't forget to save your game before you do
anything dangerous which, in this game, can be a frequent thing.

What are you waiting for?  Dust those cobwebs off your trusty old map
notebook and take a journey to THE LAST HALF OF DARKNESS!


                         The Last Half of Darkness


Your aunt sure was a strange one. She was some sort of witch or something.
A good witch though, practicing only good spells and magic. In fact, she was
working on a potion just before she was killed. Now the secret will go to
the grave with her...  unless you can find the missing ingredients.

You, being her only living heir received news and came quickly to find out
she had plans for you to continue with her work. You gain title to her
estate and her fortune only if you continue with her studies in the field of

1. Load the mouse driver (if available)
2. Load SPEECHV3.EXE (if available)
3. Enter the /LASTHAF directory
4. Type INSTALL to configure setup.
5. Type LASTHALF and then press <ENTER>.

Using the Keyboard
If a mouse is not available the keyboard must be used. Use the arrow keys to
postion the cursor over objects, doors, etc. or to select commands. Pressing
the NUM LOCK key will allow the cursor to move in larger increments around the
screen. Pressing it again will discontinue this function. Use the space bar to

Selecting a Command
To select a commmand, simply move the cursor over the command of your choice
and "CLICK." For example, if you wanted to enter the house, move the cursor
to the command GO and then "CLICK." The command will hi-light to show it has
been selected. Then move to the porch or inside the exit box (indicating the
porch) and "CLICK." Your new location will be the porch. Commands are:

Examine [F1] - This command will examine an object more closely.
Go      [F2] - Used to enter through a doorway, exit, etc. 
Open    [F3] - Choose this command when an object, door, or drawer needs
               to be opened.
Close   [F4] - Use this to close objects, drawers, etc.     
Hit     [F5] - A command useful when violence is the only answer.
Take    [F6] - Certain objects are needed to complete your quest. Use
               this command to put them in your inventory.
Speak   [F7] - To communicate with other characters, objects, etc. use this
	       command. Once selected, type your sentence and press
Operate [F8] - This command will turn certain things on and off. It is also
	       used when you wish to use an object in your inventory. To
	       select an object to operate, simply position the cursor on or
               near any object inside the inventory box and then "CLICK."

Saving and Loading
To save a game for later use, select the SAVE command from the command list.
Once selected, a prompt will appear asking you for the current drive to
save. Press ENTER or RETURN if the default is correct. If not, select the
correct drive letter. If the drive is other than a harddisk, be sure to
insert a blank formatted diskette into the drive specified BEFORE entering
your save name.

The exit map (located below your inventory) is required to see all possible
exits at a given location. The exit map is a top view floorplan of your
location. All possible exits are indicated as boxes. The commands GO and
OPEN can be used within these boxes. Simply move the cursor INSIDE the box
and "CLICK." The result will be the same as if you "CLICKED" on the actual door
in the view screen.      

The Last Half of Darkness II (End to the first part)

Although this game is an ENTIRE adventure, and there is an ending to this
story (see above for objective), it is not the end of the entire story (not
described above).

To receive the end of the The Last Half of Darkness and a HINT BOOKLET to
the first part OR if you just enjoyed the game, please send $20.00 to:

SoftLab Laboratories 
2012 Gregory St.
San Diego, California 92104

The Last Half of Darkness is a registered trademark of SoftLab.

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