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Disk No: 2506                                                           
Disk Title: BuyAHome                                                    
PC-SIG Version: S1                                                      
Program Title: BuyAHome                                                 
Author Version: 1.4                                                     
Author Registration: $29.95                                             
Special Requirements: None.                                             
Fixed rate, adjustable rate, points, closing costs -- these days you    
have to be a banker to figure out if you can afford a home.  That was   
until BUYAHOME was developed.                                           
First you enter loan information: loan amount, down payment, type of    
loan (fix rate, adjustable rate, price level adjusted, and two step     
loans are supported), closing costs, and points.  Then, enter expenses  
like insurance and property taxes.  Finally, enter in your income and   
tax information.  BUYAHOME then calculates the costs of owning the home,
projected payments, and your potential loan approval rating.  You can   
change any of the numbers and recalculate the loan information to do    
"what-if" analyses.  When you're finished, you can get a detailed       
printout of your information.                                           
BUYAHOME takes all the mystery out of buying a home and applying for a  
loan.  These are the same calculations loan officers do.  Now you can do
them at home.                                                           
1030D East Duane Avenue                                                 
Sunnyvale  Ca. 94086                                                    
(408) 730-9291                                                          
(c) Copyright 1989-1991 PC-SIG, Inc.                                         


║                    <<<<  DISK #2506 BuyAHome  >>>>                      ║
║                                                                         ║
║   To start the program, type: BUYAHOME                                  ║
║                                                                         ║
║                                                                         ║
(c) Copyright 1990-1991, PC-SIG Inc.

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #2506

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

BUYAHOME EXE    194916   6-12-90   5:55p
GO       BAT        28  10-04-90   5:21a
GO       TXT       654  10-10-90   2:32p
FILE2506 TXT      2373  10-10-90   2:33p
        4 file(s)     197971 bytes
                      121856 bytes free