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Disk No: 2679                                                           
Disk Title: A Bible Companion                                           
PC-SIG Version: S1.0                                                    
Program Title: A Bible Companion                                        
Author Version: 3.4                                                     
Author Registration: None.                                              
Special Requirements: Graphics card.                                    
A BIBLE COMPANION is just that -- a companion to assist you in your     
study of the Bible.  An interesting variety of methods help you to      
relate to the setting and context of the passages.                      
When entering the program, you receive a suggested reading for the day. 
If you own a Bible on disk, read it using BIBLE COMPANION'S File View   
option while still being able to use the utilities of the program.      
Choices of visual aids include three different maps, chronology charts, 
the Jewish calendar, a summary of the Gospel, and a dictionary for the  
King James translation's many archaic and obscure words.  Although the  
material is not exhaustive, A BIBLE COMPANION is a great way to         
understanding the Bible a little more.                                  
1030D East Duane Avenue                                                 
Sunnyvale  Ca. 94086                                                    
(408) 730-9291                                                          
(c) Copyright 1989 PC-SIG, Inc.                                         


║             <<<<  PC-SIG Disk #2670 A BIBLE COMPANION  >>>>             ║
║                                                                         ║
║   To start the program, type: BCOMP   (press Enter)                     ║
║                                                                         ║
║   To print the documentation, type: COPY README.DOC PRN   (press Enter) ║
║                                                                         ║
║                                                                         ║
║                                       (c) Copyright 1991, PC-SIG Inc.   ║


                             A BIBLE COMPANION

                                Version  3.4


         "A Bible Companion" is just that.  It is a companion to assist  you in
your study and reading of the Bible.


         An  IBM PC or 100%  compatible  computer with one disk  drive and 256K
memory  or higher is  required.  The  program works  equally well on monochrome
and color  monitors.  Some of the  selections require a  graphics adapter.  You
can still use "A  Bible  Companion"  even if your computer is not equipped with
a graphics adapter, however your available selections will be limited.


         Simply insert  "A  Bible  Companion"  disk into  your computer's drive
and  type ---->  BCOMP  then press <ENTER>.  The  program  will then load auto-
matically.  From  the  Main  Menu screen the user will  be  prompted  to make a
selection.  Selections  can be made my moving  the highlighted bar  over top of
one's choice with the cursor control keys, and then <ENTER>.


         Here we  have the "hub" of the program.  Two  Bible  readings will  be
highlighted on your screen based upon the current date. It takes on the average
20-30 minutes per day to read the  highlighted readings.   If you  use "A Bible
Companion"  on a daily basis  you will have  read by the end of one year's time
the Old Testament once, and  the New Testament  twice.  Printed bookmarkers are
available to the user if a printer is attached  to LPT1:.  To receive a pair of
bookmarkers with  this month's readings,  press  <B>  while in the reading plan
display, else any other key will return the user to the Main Menu.  If the date
is incorrect (wrong month or day),  return to the Main Menu and  select "Date -
Verify or change".


         There are two map features that are available to the user.  The  "Holy
Land - Palestine" option  allows the user  to locate many of the  topographical
features of Biblical Palestine.   The "Acts of the Apostles"  option allows the
user to  locate nearly all  of the cities  and  regions  mentioned in  the  New
Testament book  of Acts.  By typing  in the feature you wish to find, the pro-
gram will do its best to display it on the selected map.

         The charts should explain themselves.

         The  dictionary   was  designed  to  assist   the  average  reader  in
understanding  some of the many  archaic  and  obscure words  found in the King
James  translation.  You can use the  dictionary by pressing  the "Page Up" and
"Page Down" keys,  and also by  pressing any letter key.   For  example, if you
press  the <N> key, your  computer will  display the first page on which a word
that  begins with  the letter "N" can  be found.  <ESC> will take the user back
to the Main Menu.


         This option will prompt the user for a file name, and will display the
file's  contents on  the screen.  Files  must be  simple ASCII text files.  The
purpose of this option is to provide a way to read Bible text while still being
able to gain  access to some of the more useful utilities of this program, such
as the Dictionary  and Maps - both of which  can  be called up  while viewing a
file.   Most  large  shareware/public  domain  distributors  have the  Bible on
disks that can be  used with the  "File viewer" option; or the user can contact
the program author (with a SASE) for information on obtaining the complete text
of the Bible.


       We shall not assume  any direct or indirect  responsibility  for losses
incurred  from the  use of "A Bible Companion."  This  program is offered "as-
is," with no guarantees attached.


        "A Bible Companion" is copyrighted  software that  is being offered to
you free.  It is NOT public domain, NOR shareware.  You are permitted to  make
copies of this disk and pass  them on to your friends  ONLY IF all of the fol-
lowing conditions are met:

        1) No  changes or alterations  are to be made to "A Bible Companion" -
this includes all data files on this disk.

        2) No one may sell "A Bible Companion."

        3) User groups and software libraries are  permitted reimbursement for
their services (however, not to exceed $5 for 5.25" format).

        4) Shareware/PD distributors  of "Adult/X"  software are NOT permitted
to distribute "A Bible Companion."

                              Philip P. Kapusta
                                P.O. Box 5423
                          Falmouth, Va. 22403  U.S.A.

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #2679

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

BCOMP    1        7830   2-24-90  12:00p
BCOMP    10      11700   2-24-90  12:00p
BCOMP    11       1012   2-24-90  12:00p
BCOMP    12A      1558   2-24-90  12:00p
BCOMP    12B      1640   2-24-90  12:00p
BCOMP    12C      1804   2-24-90  12:00p
BCOMP    12D      1886   2-24-90  12:00p
BCOMP    12E      1886   2-24-90  12:00p
BCOMP    12F      1312   2-24-90  12:00p
BCOMP    12G      1722   2-24-90  12:00p
BCOMP    12H      1066   2-24-90  12:00p
BCOMP    12I      1804   2-24-90  12:00p
BCOMP    12J      1394   2-24-90  12:00p
BCOMP    12K      1501   2-24-90  12:00p
BCOMP    13       6908   2-24-90  12:00p
BCOMP    14       9775   2-24-90  12:00p
BCOMP    15       4093   2-24-90  12:00p
BCOMP    16        824   6-16-90  12:00p
BCOMP    17       5461   8-08-90  12:00p
BCOMP    18       2520   6-07-90  12:00p
BCOMP    19        770   2-24-90  12:00p
BCOMP    2        2551   8-08-90  12:00p
BCOMP    20        756   8-08-90  12:00p
BCOMP    21       4456   6-16-90  12:00p
BCOMP    22      16392   8-08-90  12:00p
BCOMP    23      16392   6-16-90  12:00p
BCOMP    24       6347   6-16-90  12:00p
BCOMP    3       22692   2-24-90  12:00p
BCOMP    4       22630   2-24-90  12:00p
BCOMP    5        1142   6-16-90  12:00p
BCOMP    6       25216   9-03-90  12:00p
BCOMP    7         944   6-16-90  12:00p
BCOMP    8        3196   2-24-90  12:00p
BCOMP    9        5476   2-24-90  12:00p
BCOMP    EXE    135796   9-03-90  12:00p
README   DOC      4698   8-08-90  12:00p
GO       BAT        28  10-04-90   5:21a
GO       TXT       848   7-16-91  12:35p
FILE2679 TXT      1999   7-17-91   8:31a
       39 file(s)     340025 bytes
                        3072 bytes free