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Disk No: 2703                                                           
Disk Title: Pilot Log Book                                              
PC-SIG Version: S1                                                      
Program Title: Pilot Log Book                                           
Author Version: 06/90                                                   
Author Registration: $59.95                                             
Special Requirements: No special requirements.                          
The PILOT LOG BOOK eliminates the need for the traditional hard cover   
log book. The program tracks the pilot's flying experience and gives him
or her quick and easy access to any currency requirement that might be  
desired. In addition to providing total flying time, THE PILOT LOG BOOK 
will also report any currency requirement by simply giving a start and  
end date. For those who fly infrequently, this is a valuable function in
determining pilot legality.                                             
The program has printer support and even a set of columns to track      
expenses, whether rental or owner related. The program will track up to 
300 entries per year, which should be more than adequate to satisfy the 
needs of any pilot.                                                     
1030D East Duane Avenue                                                 
Sunnyvale  Ca. 94086                                                    
(408) 730-9291                                                          
(c) Copyright 1991 PC-SIG, Inc.                                         


║             <<<<  PC-SIG Disk #2703  PILOT LOG BOOK  >>>>               ║
║  To print the documentation and installation instructions, type:        ║
║                   COPY README.BK PRN  (press Enter)                     ║
║                                                                         ║
║                                        (c) Copyright 1991, PC-SIG Inc.  ║

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #2703

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

CENTURY  LGG     24000   6-15-89   9:34a
LOGBOXES EXE     31953   6-21-90   1:05p
INSTALL  BAT      1973   6-11-90  10:49a
DPIDPI   DPI        11   5-15-90   4:50p
BRUN20   EXE     69454   1-16-87  11:44a
LOG      BAT       375   6-11-90  10:42a
LOGWIDE  EXE     16129   6-20-90   5:22p
README   BK      20292   6-20-90   1:59p
LOGCHNG  EXE     12705   6-12-90   9:14a
SIZE              6400   6-16-90  12:52p
LOGTITLE LGG       190   6-16-90  12:53p
LOGMENU  EXE      4416   5-16-90   4:39p
GO       BAT        38   1-31-91  12:58a
GO       TXT       617   7-02-91   1:14p
FILE2703 TXT      1999   7-22-91  11:07p
       15 file(s)     190552 bytes
                      123904 bytes free