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Disk No: 2725                                                           
Disk Title: Robomaze II                                                 
PC-SIG Version: S1                                                      
Program Title: Robomaze II                                              
Author Version: 1.10                                                    
Author Registration: $15.00/$30.00                                      
Special Requirements: Graphics card. Joystick compatible.               
ROBOMAZE II - THE LOBBY is the first in a series of three unique action 
arcade games, each one building on the other.  You are a Freedom Fighter
who must regain control of the Tower and the Dome to free your country  
from an oppressive dictator.                                            
To accomplish this, you will be commanding the prototype Stalker robot. 
The Stalker is capable of moving left and right, as well as jumping.  At
the beginning of the game, you have only the limited firepower of a     
gun.  As you acquire money and explore more levels, more powerful       
weapons become available.                                               
ROBOMAZE II - THE LOBBY has 40 levels filled with 15 different types of 
robots whose job it is to protect the Tower.  During your assault, you  
will encounter keys that open doors and chests, land mines and spikes   
that will hamper your progress, and moving platforms that can squash the
stalker like an empty can.  Along the way, you will find hearts that    
give you health, ammunition for your weapons, and even special attacks  
that do anything from making the enemy robots shoot each other to making
you invisible for a short time.                                         
ROBOMAZE II accepts keyboard and joystick input.  However, some commands
must be entered from the keyboard, while others can be executed using a 
joystick.  The game can be played on a CGA system but the 640X200 16    
color-resolution graphics really shine on EGA or VGA monitors.          
1030D East Duane Avenue                                                 
Sunnyvale  Ca. 94086                                                    
(408) 730-9291                                                          
(c) Copyright 1989 PC-SIG, Inc.                                         


                            MVP Software presents

                                 Robomaze II
                            volume 1 -- The Lobby

                         Copyright 1991 MVP Software

This program is distributed under the "shareware" concept, in which you can
try this software before you buy it.  If you like the game, please register it
by sending $15 to the address below.  If after an evaluation period you choose
not to register, please give this software to a friend who might enjoy it.

The Robomaze II trilogy consists of three unique volumes, each one building on 
the other.  The Lobby is the first in the series.  The Tower is volume 2, and
The Penthouse is volume 3.  You may register The Lobby (the first volume) only
for $15, or for $30 order all three.  If you order all three games, you will
receive all of the following:

     * The latest version of The Lobby, without the shareware notices.
     * A printed program manual.

     * Secret game-winning hints and tricks from the Mad Scientist that allow 
       you to get past those difficult rooms.

     * A secret password that activates a "power" mode.  This gives you double 
       the firepower, more money, and more hearts.

     * Volumes two and three of Robomaze II.  In these new games you complete
       your conquest of the Tower.  You encounter new robots, face new
       challenges, and see new graphics.  With over 60 new graphics screens,
       volumes two and three will delight and amaze you!  These games are
       available only to registered users. 

     * A free bonus game disk containing five classic video games.

Neither MVP Software nor the author of Robomaze II receives any compensation
from the purchase of the original diskette.  There is over two years of work
in these programs.  Please support our efforts to bring quality entertainment
to users at reasonable prices by registering your copy today.  Use the order
form in this documentation manual.

Please copy and distribute the shareware version of volume 1 (The Lobby) of 
Robomaze II only.  Neither of volumes 2 or 3 may be copied, given away or sold
by anyone other than MVP Software or an authorized reseller.
                             Contest Announcement

MVP Software is pleased to announce this special contest in conjunction with 
the release of Robomaze II.  Everyone wins in this contest!  The prize levels
are as follows:

The contest winner will receive a (1) Grand Prize of $100, (2) a free 
registered copy of Robomaze III: The Final Journey when it is released by the 
company, (3) coupons that can be redeemed for 10 free disks of shareware from 
Public Brand Software, a leading shareware distributor, and (4) if he/she is 
a programmer, a free professional evaluation of your program(s).  If the 
program is accepted, a publication contract will be offered with the company.

Fifty first place prizes of (1) a free copy of Robomaze III: The Dome, and 
(2) five coupons redeemable for shareware disks from Public Brand will also
be awarded.

All second prize winners will receive a free copy of Robomaze III: The Dome
from MVP Software once the company releases the game and a coupon redeemable
for one free disk of shareware from Public Brand.

In addition, the shareware distributor from whom the Grand Prize winner 
originally purchased the disk will receive $50.

Contest Rules

1. The contest is open to anyone living in the Unites States who is 21 years 
   of age or over.

2. The winner will be the first person who completes all 100 levels of 
   Robomaze II (all three volumes), and from whom MVP Software receives proper
   verification.  The company will not be responsible for lost or delayed mail
   or for disks damaged in the mail.  Purchase of the commercial version of
   Robomaze II ($30) is required to complete the contest.

3. In case of ties, the $100 and free shareware disks will be divided among
   the winners.  Each winner, however, will receive the free software and
   program evaluation.

4. First place winners will be the next fifty persons from whom the company 
   receives proper verification.  In case of ties, the winners will be 
   selected by random drawing from those tied for the prize.

5. Second place winners will be everyone who does not win either the grand 
   pize or a first prize, and who completes the contest requirements.

6. The distributor prize will be awarded to the shareware distributor from 
   whom the winner purchased his/her original diskette.  Computer Bulletin 
   Board systems operators, computer clubs, and members of distributors' 
   immediate families are ineligible.  In addition, shareware distributors and 
   members of their immediate families are not eligible to receive either the 
   Grand Prize or a First Prize.  If the Grand Prize winner did not purchase 
   his/her original disk from a distributor, but received it in any other way, 
   no distributor prize will be awarded.

7. This contest is void where prohibited by law.  Taxes on prizes are the sole
   responsibility of the winner.
                                  Order Form

YES!  I can't wait to continue the adventure!  Here is my order for 
Robomaze II.  I understand that I will receive all three Robomaze II games,
complete printed documentation, hints and tips on how to win the game, a 
secret password enabling me to activate the "power" mode, and a free bonus 
game disk containing five classic video games.

I am enclosing a $30 check, money order or credit card information (Michigan
residents add $1.20 sales tax).  Please send my order immediately.

(Canadian orders please add $1.00 shipping.  Other foreign countries add $3.00 
shipping.  Please remit in US funds.)

Name ________________________________________

Address _____________________________________

City ______________________________  State _______  Zip __________

Computer make and model __________________________________________

disk size (circle one)       5-1/4"        3-1/2"

Master Card/Visa information (for credit card orders only)

Card number _______________________________________________

Expiration Date ___________________________________________

Send order to:  MVP Software
                1035 Dallas SE
                Grand Rapids, MI 49507

or call:        (616) 245-8376     24 hour order line.
Getting Started

Robomaze II accepts keyboard and joystick input.  However, some commands must 
be entered from the keyboard, while others can be executed using a joystick.

To accomplish your objective in the game you will be commanding the prototype 
Stalker robot.  The Stalker is capable of moving left and right, as well as 
jumping.  The gun that he carries can be fired at enemy robots.  These are the 
keyboard commands that control the Stalker's movements and other actions, and 
the commands that call other game functions.

left arrow     Move left                          1    Shield  ($250)
right arrow    Move right                         2    Super Jump  ($350)
down arrow     Stop moving                        3    Down Attack  ($750)
up arrow       Jump                               4    Freeze  ($2,000)
space bar      Fire weapon                        5    Mayhem  ($1,500)
  J            Joystick control                   6    Power Up  ($500)
  K            Keyboard control                   7    Phase  ($3,000)
  Q            End game                           8    Repel  ($4,000)
  S            (Y/N) sound on/off                 9    Defoliant  ($5,000)
 ESC           Terminate program                  0    Zap  ($10,000)
 F1            Help (quick ref.)                                      
 F2            Display game status
 F3            Load a saved game             -    Slow down game           
 F4            Save game                     +    Speed up game

You can change the speed of the game at any time.  When you do, an S followed 
by a number will appear for an instant at the bottom right of the screen.  
This tells you what speed you just selected.  There are nine speed settings, 1 
being the fastest and 9 the slowest.

Choosing the Save game option allows you to continue the game at another time.  
However, you will not necessarily continue from the room that the Stalker cur-
rently occupies, but from the last continue point.  Continue points begin with 
room 5, then room 11, and from that point are spaced five rooms apart.  The 
Stalker will have only five hearts when the game resumes, no matter how many 
he had when you saved the game.  One saved game may be stored at a time.  
Saving a new one will overwrite the old file.

Joystick Control

Robomaze II accepts input from the keyboard and joystick.  The Stalker robot 
can be moved by moving the joystick in the corresponding direction.  For 
joystick use, press the first button to make the Stalker jump.  Press the 
second button to fire.  All other commands must be entered from the keyboard.

Conflict Background

You are a freedom fighter -- a member of the Resistance -- fighting against 
your country's tyrannical dictator.  Your tiny country is dominated by two 
massive structures, the Tower and the Dome.  Although the dictator's robots 
control both structures, the Resistance is now poised to begin its assault and 
free your country from its evil ruler and his henchman the Mad Scientist.

For months the Resistance has been tunneling from its secret headquarters 
towards the Tower.  The tunnel is now complete, and you have been chosen to 
liberate the Tower.  In Robomaze, your first adventure, you fought through the 
Maze of Death in the basement of the Tower using the Mk. 39 Fighter robot.

Once on the first floor of the Tower, you have acquired the Stalker robot to 
continue your mission.  The Stalker has many capabilities, about which you 
will learn below.

Many enemy robots will attempt to prevent you from taking the Tower, which is 
divided into five levels of 20 rooms each.  A unique "Boss" robot occupies the 
last room in each level.  These special robots are especially difficult to 
defeat.  The Mad Scientist also has other nasty surprises in store for you, 
but the Resistance is counting on your success.  It is rumored that the Mad 
Scientist himself occupies the last of the 100 rooms in the Tower.

In volume 1 (The Lobby) you attempt to take the first 40 rooms of the Tower.  
To complete your mission you must register to receive volumes 2 and 3.  In 
these new games you will encounter new fearsome robots, and in volume 3, the 
Mad Scientist himself.  No member of the Resistance has ever seen the Mad 
Scientist.  We hope you will be the first.

Tower Terrain

The Tower has been designed as a defensive stronghold, with many pitfalls and 
traps for enemies of the evil dictator.  The intelligence arm of the Resis-
tance has learned that some of its rooms contain false walls or floors, so 
that if you fall or push through these, you will plunge to your death on the 
sidewalk below.  In some rooms you will find invisible keys and land mines.  
Other special features are as follows.

* Doors and Chests. Your success will require you to acquire keys to open 
  doors and chests that you discover along the way.  Both white and red doors 
  will disappear before you if you are carrying the proper key.  Chests 
  disappear upon being unlocked as well, but they leave behind a valuable 
  treasure.  Once a key opens a door or a chest, however, it disappears.

* Land Mines and Spikes.  These are dangerous objects and must be avoided.  
  Land mines come in various colors and may be hidden on objects of the same 
  color.  They can be deactivated either by shooting them or by using a Repel 
  attack.  Falling on a spike is always fatal unless you are using a Repel 

* Plants and Water Coolers.  These objects are normally for decorative 
  purposes only and are not dangerous.  However, sometimes they can be used to 
  your advantage.  When anyone runs into them, they disintegrate.

* Moving Platforms.  Platforms are a critical means of transportation in the 
  Tower.  But be careful when you are around them, because if you aren't using 
  a Phase attack the platforms are capable of grinding you into dust.

* Teleporters.  Another means of transportation, these paired devices 
  instantly deliver you to the other teleporter in the room.

* Enemy Teleporters.  These devices are used by the Mad Scientist to drop his 
  reserve robots into the room you occupy.

Special Attacks

Resistance intelligence gathering has discovered that the Mad Scientist has 
placed magic powers called Special Attacks in the Tower.  Originally designed 
for forces loyal to the evil dictator, these attacks can be purchased if you 
have enough money.  While you may not purchase more than one attack at a time, 
they will help you overcome obstacles and defeat enemy robots.  Once pur-
chased, however, they last for only a short time.  To purchase an attack press 
the number associated with it.

1 Shield ($250)  Repels half of enemy damage directed towards you so that your 
  life force is diminished more slowly.

2 Super Jump ($350)  Allows you to jump 50% higher than usual.

3 Down Attack ($750)  Causes heavy damage to any robot that you jump on.

4 Freeze ($2,000)  Causes all robots and enemy shots to freeze in place, as 
  well as enemy teleporters temporarily to shut down.  But even when frozen 
  enemy robots and shots can still cause damage.

5 Mayhem ($1,500)  Causes all shots fired to be yours.  This means that you 
  cannot be shot and enemy robots will shoot each other.

6 Power Up ($500)  Makes your shots twice as powerful as normal.

7 Phase ($3,000)  Allows you to move through robots and shots without being 

8 Repel ($4,000)  Causes enemy shots to bounce off you and become your shots.  
  It also allows you to walk on land mines without tripping them and cross 
  over spikes without being impaled.

9 Defoliant ($5,000)  This unique attack causes all plants destroyed while the 
  attack is operating to turn into hearts and all water coolers destroyed to 
  turn into dollar signs.

0 Zap ($10,000)  Causes horrendous damage to all robots on the screen and 
  disables enemy teleporters for a protracted amount of time.


Before the Mad Scientist replaced the Tower's human employees with robots, 
these employees had stored treasures in the building.  Gathering these 
treasures will help you succeed in your mission.  Treasures include (1) money 
bags and dollar signs, which give you money needed to buy special attacks.  
(2) Hearts, to increase your health reading on the left bar readout on the 
bottom of the screen, or to give you $1,000 if you are already at full health.  
(3) Health vials, to bring you to full health, or give you $10,000 if you are 
already at full health.  (4) Keys, for unlocking doors and treasure chests.  
(5) Ammo boxes, for filling your ammo, or turning your semi-automatic rifle 
into a machine gun.  (6) Shotgun, Rocket, and Laser, for giving you different 
types of firepower.


The Stalker is capable of firing several different types of weapons.  These 
include a semi-automatic rifle, machine gun, shotgun, rocket launcher, and 
laser blaster.  These weapons have varying degrees of firepower and range.  
All but the semi-automatic rifle have limited ammo.

Enemy Robots

Although Resistance intelligence is sketchy here, we do know that fifteen dif-
ferent enemy robots control the rooms of the Tower.  Some of these are poorly 
armed with only a knife, while others are armed with weapons that exceed even 
the Stalker's in firepower.  Some enemies are poorly armored, while others are 
heavily armored.

We have determined that in the last room in each level there is a particularly 
fearsome enemy robot.  These are in addition to the other robots you will en-
counter.  We believe the Mad Scientist himself occupies the final room of
volume 3 of Robomaze II.  No doubt he will be especially difficult to defeat.

           MVP Software is a member of the Association of Shareware
           Professionals (ASP).  ASP wants to make sure that the
           shareware principle works for you. If you are unable to
           resolve a shareware-related problem with an ASP member
           by contacting the member directly, ASP may be able to
           help. The ASP Ombudsman can help you resolve a dispute
           or problem with an ASP member, but does not provide
           technical support for members' products. Please write to
           the ASP Ombudsman at 545 Grover Road, Muskegon, MI 49442-
           9427 or send a Compuserve message via CompuServe Mail to
           ASP Ombudsman 70007,3536"


Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #2725

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

TOWER1   EXE     24012   6-12-91   2:49a
RM2      COM     22331   6-18-91   6:49a
TWRCOVER BIN     16399   4-18-91   9:11p
TOWER    BIN     16399   4-28-91   8:56a
WAITSCR_ BIN      1698   4-28-91   9:12a
CTOWERA_ BIN      8376   6-02-91   8:52p
CTOWERB_ BIN      7917   4-26-91  12:09p
CTOWERC_ BIN      9155   4-26-91  12:10p
CTOWERD_ BIN      8675   4-26-91  12:12p
TCOVERA_ BIN      4823   4-28-91  11:32p
TCOVERB_ BIN      4848   4-28-91  11:22p
TCOVERC_ BIN      3837   4-26-91  12:15p
TCOVERD_ BIN      4066   4-26-91  12:16p
WETWARE  BIN     16399   5-17-91   4:55a
WETWARE_ BIN      7626   5-20-91   9:07a
LEVEL1   DAT     10401   5-20-91   8:44a
LEVEL2   DAT     10401   3-06-89  12:46p
TEMPER   DAT      1561   4-20-91   8:52a
THAW     DAT        26   4-01-91  11:28a
FREEZER  DAT        24   5-20-91   9:23a
CONRULES DAT      1402   5-23-91   2:39a
ROBSTORY DAT      2080   5-23-91   2:25a
MOVEFISH DAT       334   5-16-91  10:58p
ROBINSTR DAT     10239   4-30-91  10:09a
ROBORDER DAT       839   4-20-91   8:25a
HISCORES DAT       256   6-10-91  12:36a
RB2      SCR      3712   5-02-91   1:05a
RB2END   SCR      3712   3-12-91   1:32a
ORDER    FOR      1974   5-31-91   2:58a
SNDBYTES SND      8512   4-29-91   9:37a
MANUAL   DOC     17479   5-23-91  12:03a
README             209   7-21-91   8:30p
GO       BAT        41   7-03-91   8:42a
FILE2725 TXT      2887   7-23-91  12:15p
       34 file(s)     232650 bytes
                       70656 bytes free