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Disk No: 2726
Disk Title: Programmer's Super-Maint 1 of 2
PC-SIG Version: S2.0

Program Title: Programmer's Super-Maint
Author Version: 2.0
Author Registration: $55.00
Special Requirements: Dos 3.1, hard drive, and 640K RAM recommended.

Programmer's SUPER-MAINT, for Mircosoft, Borland, Aztec, Clipper, and
Mix copiler users, is the make utility that simplified your program
building chores.  SUPER-MAINT builds your make files and response
files for you, and remembers all you command flags and even the name
of the make file, so all you need to remember is "sm <CR>."  Automatic
installation, user configurable, context sensitive help, mouse
support, online manual, and more!  Builds make, response, PC-lint
"indirect" and Clear + "list" files.

1030D East Duane Avenue
Sunnyvale  Ca. 94086
(408) 730-9291
(c) Copyright 1991 PC-SIG, Inc.


║       <<<<  PC-SIG Disk #2726  SUPER-MAINT #1 (also 2727)  >>>>         ║
║                                                                         ║
║ For instructions and information, type:  COPY README.1ST PRN (enter)    ║
║                                                                         ║
║ To install program, type:   INSTALL  (press enter)                      ║
║                                                                         ║
║                                           Copyright 1991, PC-SIG, Inc.  ║


Distribution of Programmer's SUPER-MAINT:

This file is intended for professional distributers of shareware, but
the general restrictions contained herein apply to anyone who distributes
SUPER-MAINT, be it one copy or many.

EmmaSoft retains all rights to Programmer's SUPER-MAINT(tm).  SUPER-MAINT 
is protected by United States Copyright Law.  

You may distribute SUPER-MAINT provided you comply with the following 

    1.  Professional Distributors of shareware (and other programs) MUST
        contact EmmaSoft before distributing SUPER-MAINT.  In catalogs there
        MUST be a line in the program description describing the registration
        fee, and somewhere in the catalog there must be a satisfactory 
        explanation of the shareware concept, including the facts that all
        rights to this copyrighted program are retained by the copyright
        owner, that shareware is NOT the same as public domain programs, 
        and that registration fee is required if the program is used beyond 
        the trial period.

        As of this writing we are requiring that distribution disks cost a
        user no more than $10.  When you contact us please indicate what you 
        charge for distribution.  Professional distribution is authorized by 
        letter only.  You must have authorization in hand from us BEFORE 
        distributing SUPER-MAINT.

    2.  No files may be changed.  All text and settings must be as shipped
        originally from EmmaSoft.  The original .zip file (SUPER.ZIP) must 
        be used to do this.  When unzipped it has a message confirming the
        authenticity of the files.  This both insures that they are, indeed, 
        the original files, and protects against viruses.

        If you recieved SUPER-MAINT on a distribution disk you must make
        exact copies of all files on the disk.  You may then distribute
        SUPER-MAINT on another disk (containing all the files).  You MUST NOT
        compress the files yourself.  If you recieved a compressed version
        that does not display the message, "Authentic Files Verified", 
        followed by a number and "EmmaSoft Co." it is NOT supported by
        EmmaSoft.  Contact EmmaSoft immediately for a good copy.

    3.  Some professional vendors use their own compression package.  
        EmmaSoft will authorize such distribution on a case by case
        basis.  Please indicate how you plan to distribute SUPER-MAINT.

        If you have SUPER-MAINT on the distribution disk and would like
        to distribute it in .zip format EmmaSoft will gladly provide
        you with a .zip file.  This .zip file displays an authentication
        notice (and "EmmaSoft Co.") that confirms the file came from
        the original author.  This is a protection to our (and your)
        customers against corrupted files and viruses.

Here is a brief product description:

Programmer's SUPER-MAINT(tm) Version 1                         Make Utility

Copyright (c)1990 EmmaSoft  Shareware Registration Fee $55
Author:  Dan Veaner (ASP member)

SUPER-MAINT is a program development Maker, bundled with the SUPER-MAINT 
editor, and the SUPER-MAINT Help Facility.  It has many sophisicated features 
for building programs from source code kept on many drives and directories, 
and can keep object and executable files in user specified directories.  
Other features include support for 3 Memory Models (user defined), 3 languages 
at a time plus a linker and librarian, DOS commands, "touch files", erase 
object files (to prepare for total rebuild), more.  Saves keystrokes by 
remembering what you are working on (once set you only type "SM" for each 
rebuild).  Microsoft, Borland and Mix compiler compatible.

The SUPER-MAINT Editor is a full featured program for automating the development
of make files.  If you have a Microsoft compatible mouse it works as a point
and shoot program.  In addition to SUPER-MAINT files it builds Microsoft MAKE
and NMAKE files, linker Response files, librarian Response files, PC-lint
indirect files and Clear+ List files.  Context sensative help.  On line 
manual (also prints to disk or printer).

Automatic Installation.  User defined screen colors.  Mouse support.  Help 
Facility can be used as a stand-alone program (edit help files in the SUPER 
MAKE Editor).  Two LJII compatible landscape file printers included.

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #2726

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

BBS      TXT       623   2-15-91   1:05p
INSTALL  EXE    103376   6-03-91   9:50a
README   1ST      1082   5-27-91  10:12a
README   SUP     24186   6-03-91  10:04a
REG      FRM      2797   5-27-91  10:22a
SMAK     EXE    190401   6-03-91   9:58a
SUPER    INF      2013   5-27-91  10:17a
VENDOR   DOC      4492  11-08-90   1:59p
GO       BAT        38   6-21-91   2:37a
GO       TXT       771   7-03-91   2:31a
FILE2726 TXT       872   7-22-91   2:32a
       11 file(s)     330651 bytes
                       27648 bytes free