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Disk No: 2760
Disk Title: Thinking Man's Solitaire 2 of 2 (2759)
PC-SIG Version: S1

Program Title: Thinking Man's Solitaire
Author Version: 1.00
Author Registration: $18.00
Special Requirements: 491K RAM and EGA.

Are you familiar with the standard Solitaire game that builds a stack of
cards from Ace to King?  It's not so hard, especially if you don't have
to stick to one suit.  THINKING MAN'S SOLITAIRE presents a new twist:
the order isn't as simple as Ace, 2, 3.  In fact, you build four
different stacks, each in a different order.  Have trouble remembering
what card comes next?  Ask THINKING MAN'S SOLITAIRE to keep the order
posted on your screen.

The documentation on the disk makes it easy to get started.  Watch the
colorful deck magically shuffle three times, cut, and stack.  Deal the
cards one by one, and see each one move to the stack you designate as
your score mounts.  If you have a mouse, you may use it.  Otherwise, the
keyboard does just fine.  The hardest part of this entertaining game is

1030D East Duane Avenue
Sunnyvale  Ca. 94086
(408) 730-9291
(c) Copyright 1991 PC-SIG, Inc.


║   <<<<  PC-SIG Disk #2760 THINKING MAN'S SOLITAIRE disk 2 of 2 >>>>     ║
║                                                                         ║
║ To install the program, view or print documentation, insert disk 1      ║
║       and type: TMSTART  (press Enter)                                  ║
║                                                                         ║
║ To finish installing, insert disk 2 and type: INSTALL (press Enter)     ║
║                                                                         ║
║                                                                         ║
║                                        (c) Copyright 1991, PC-SIG Inc.  ║

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #2760

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

INSTALL  BAT       130   4-25-90   2:29p
TMSDAT1  INF    129477   4-25-90   5:42p
TMSDAT2  INF    116143   4-25-90   5:42p
FILE2760 TXT      1157   8-07-91  12:32a
GO       TXT       925   8-07-91  12:31a
GO       BAT        29   8-09-91  12:40a
        6 file(s)     247861 bytes
                       70656 bytes free