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PC-SIG Diskette Library (Disk #2786)

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Disk No: 2786
Disk Title: Quiz-Maker
PC-SIG Version: S1

Program Title: Quiz-Maker
Author Version: 2.0
Author Registration: $24.50
Special Requirements: None.

QUIZ-MAKER is an educational tool and a Trivia game.  Take quizzes in
three formats -- match the question with the answer, type in an answer
to the question or choose the correct answer from the four or five
answers listed.

QUIZ-MAKER has two modules.  QUIZPLAY lets you play the quizzes.
QUIZMAKE is the Development module used to create quizzes.  Of course,
there's no challenge to solving quizzes you've created yourself, so
create them for others -- your spouse, children, friends, colleagues or
the world at large.  Give them a copy of  QUIZPLAY and the quizzes
you've created, and let them have fun meeting your challenge.

Upload quizzes to your favorite Bulletin Boards or Compuserve (the IBM
NEW WordGames Forum or the Education Forum).  Become known for your
ability to create Trivia quizzes.  (Your name will be displayed on the
files you create!)

The user-friendly nature of the menus and the online hints make this an
easy program to use.

1030D East Duane Avenue
Sunnyvale  Ca. 94086
(408) 730-9291
(c) Copyright 1991 PC-SIG, Inc.

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #2786

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

PREVIEW  EXE      7347   4-18-91   1:15p
GO       BAT       123   8-05-91  12:48a
FILE2786 TXT      1249   8-05-91  12:43a
ENGLAN1A QIZ      6386   2-13-91   7:25p
GENKNO1A MLT     54756   2-13-91   7:24p
HIST1A   TST     51896   2-13-91   7:25p
INSTRUCT QZM      9805   2-14-91   7:43a
QUIZMAKE EXE     48957   2-13-91   7:26p
QUIZPLAY EXE     33339   2-13-91   7:27p
README   QZM      1737   2-13-91   7:48p
       10 file(s)     215595 bytes
                      101376 bytes free