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               ║          B Y   D E S I G N           ║ 
               ║ The Graphic Designer for WordPerfect ║ 
               ║                                      ║ 
               ║          Copyright 1990              ║ 
               ║        Streetwise Software           ║ 
NOTE: This is a fully functioning version of this popular and
very unique WordPerfect addon. It does not however contain all
the artwork and designs of the retail program. The complete
version contains over 4 times the graphics, designs and options
of this program as well as several extra features!

Here's what they're saying about By Design....

"A perfect designer in your PC" - PC World

"Looks and works great!" - Compute Magazine

"We're delighted with the creative freedom this imaginative
program has given us. The more we learn what it can do, the more
uses we find! Perception Research Inc.

"Amazingly easy to use ... Everything in By Design is simple and 
rapid ... Using By Design is fun!" Business Philadelphia

"Offers a host of functions!" PC Magazine

"Four stars. Can't live without it!" Home Office Computing

"By Design really does live up to its promises. You've created a 
great product. Congratulations!" European Space Agency

************* SPECIAL GIFT TO REGISTERED USERS! ***************

You can register for the full retail version for only $89.
Upon registering you will receive the full version along with an 
extra bonus clip art disk ... FREE!!! In addition, the full 
version contains all accompanying materials such as the complete 
manual, tech support and packaging. In addition, you'll be
eligible for all future updates and special offers.

Call Streetwise Software at (213) 829-7827 or use the order form
included on this disk (see file: ORDERFRM.TXT - You can use the
INFO.EXE program to view & print it).

       CALL STREETWISE SOFTWARE AT (213) 829-7827.


Welcome to By Design, a new concept in word processing that puts
the expertise of a graphic designer at your fingertips. Whether
you choose to express your personal style through the use of the
various design tools or page designs, By Design will take your
documents from ordinary to unique. Working from within
WordPerfect■, it gives all your documents the design studio
sophistication that sets them apart from the rest.

Some of the special features of By Design include :
* A selection of eleven DESIGN TOOLS that can be used to
highlight and enhance existing text.  
* Customizable PAGE DESIGNS that provide professional and
sophisticated graphic layouts for an assortment of business and
personal documents.
* On screen GRAPHIC PREVIEWS of all tools, designs and clip art.
* An UNDO feature which allows you to cycle through alternatives
until you find the design that looks right for your document.
* A separate CUSTOMIZE program that records all your personal
details and logo selections into page designs.
* SETTING GUIDELINES which assist in creation of a logical and
consistent visual image.
* A library of CLIP ART.
* HOT KEYS which provide direct access to many By Design and
WordPerfect functions. 



To use By Design you must have:
* an IBM personal computer or compatible with a minimum of 640K
RAM and hard drive with at least 1000K free
* an installed copy of WordPerfect 5.0 (dated 1989 or later) or
WordPerfect 5.1. (WP Corp. will update early versions of 5.0 for
a nominal charge).


WordPerfect should be installed on your hard disk before you
install By Design. To install By Design, follow these steps:

* Place the program disk in drive A.
* Type A: to change the current drive to A if it isn't so
already. The Dos prompt should now appear something like:  A:\>
* Type INSTALL to run the installation procedure.
* Follow screen prompts.

A supplementary program called CUSTOM collects your personal
details and enters them into the relevant page designs each time
they are used. 

* Change to your WordPerfect directory and type CUSTOM
* Select "Customize User Information" from the opening menu
* Enter details in the relevant positions (you can leave any
lines empty if required).
* The letter/logo option uses large decorative letters as logos
for certain letterheads and labels. The graphic logo option
offers a selection of graphic logos that are used in other
letterheads and labels. Pressing the space bar will toggle
between the options.


The program comes with a selection of Hot Keys. The defaults for
each key can be changed using the customize program. This may be
necessary to prevent a conflict between the program hot keys and
any macro or keyboard definitions that you've created in
WordPerfect. To customize the list of hot keys:

* Change to your WordPerfect directory and type CUSTOM
* Select "Customize Hot Keys" from the opening menu prompt
* Type the number of the hot key that you want to change. Press
the key of your choice - this must be either Alt + another key or
Ctrl + another key (eg. Alt-P). You can press the space bar to
cancel any hot key.


* Change to the WordPerfect directory
* Type BD and press Enter. This will simultaneously load By
Design and WordPerfect. 


By Design supports the WordPerfect startup options. For example,
if you wanted to start By Design and WordPerfect with the
document text.wp, you could implement the relevant WordPerfect
startup option by typing: BD TEXT.WP
See your WordPerfect manual for details on other startup options.


Once inside WordPerfect, you can call the By Design program menus
at any time by pressing ALT-D (or any other key if you changed
this in the customize procedure).


The program uses the following keys :
i. Menu Bars
Arrow keys:  Moves between options
Enter:       Selects an item and moves to a new category
Esc, F1      Cancels and/or exits
F3:          Help key

ii. Dialog Boxes
The current location is always marked by a highlight bar - it
does not change the bulleted selection unless you press Enter.
Currently selected items are marked with a bullet. 

Enter:       Selects an item (marking it with a bullet) and moves
             to the next category
Tab Key:     Moves to the next category without changing the
             currently bulleted selection
F7:          "OK" - exits and performs the action
F9:          Used to browse through graphic previews of
             selections in the scroll bar
Alt-X:       Quick exit. Returns to WordPerfect.
F3:          Help key 


i. Browse
One unique feature of the program is the ability to "Browse"
through on screen graphic representations of all tools and page
designs to assist in their selection. Simply press F9 from the
dialog box and Browse will present the options on screen starting
from the currently bulleted selection. Press any key to continue
browsing or Esc/F1 to return to the dialog box. 

This feature can be combined with the Insert Graphic tool to
provide a powerful means of PREVIEWING ANY AND ALL WORDPERFECT
COMPATIBLE GRAPHICS. Simply select the path and then browse
through the graphics - refer to the section on Insert Graphic for
further details.

NOTE: The full Browse feature operates only on the retail version
of the program. The Browse in this version is limited to the
"Titles" and "Insert Graphic" functions.

ii. Help
The program contains on-line help. Pressing F3 will display the
help box pertaining to the currently highlighted category. 

iii. Settings
Settings are sets of tool and page design guidelines that are
grouped together to give documents a consistent visual image. See
the section on Settings for further details.

iv. Undo
Implementing the Undo feature allows you to try out different
designs, experimenting with them and seeing their effect upon
your text.


i. Memory Requirements: As a general rule, if you have 640K RAM
on your computer and are not running large TSR (memory resident)
programs at the same time then you should not encounter any
memory difficulties. However, if you receive a "not enough
memory" error message or certain functions such as the page
preview are inordinately slow in their operation then you may
need to free some working memory. There are several remedies:

* Exit and remove any memory resident programs that are loaded. 
* Try saving your document, exiting WordPerfect and reloading it
again. This will sometimes alleviate the problem.
* Certain WordPerfect operations require more memory than others
eg. large graphic images. See your WordPerfect manual for
suggested ways to minimize memory demands.

ii. Variables: By Design uses the WordPerfect variables so be
careful if you are storing information in a variable. Do not keep
valuable information in a variable while using program functions.

iii. Print quality and speed: The WordPerfect print menu (Shift-
F7) allows users to nominate the print quality desired. Some
printers require a minimum amount of printer memory in order to
print large or numerous graphics at high quality. Other printers
may take a long time to complete the job. If your printer does
not succeed in completing a print job to your satisfaction, try
changing the graphics quality to medium.

iv. Colors: The By Design menus have been designed to use the
full 16 foreground colors. If you have changed WordPerfect's
setup colors, then this may alter the color and appearance of the
menus. To change them back, go to the WordPerfect colors/fonts
menu (Shift-F1, D, C) and select "6. Normal font, 16 foreground
v. Keyboard definitions: If you have changed your WordPerfect
keyboard definition you should ensure that it does not contain
any keystrokes that conflict with special keys required by the
program. It is recommended that you not alter the original
keyboard definition of WordPerfect - however if you do, keep
track of the key changes as they will also affect the operation
of By Design.


*** Please note that we can only offer full technical support to
registered users of the program. *******

This runtime version is fully functional but it only contains
around one quarter of all the designs and atrwork of the full
retail version. 

You can update to the retail version for only $89. Users
registering will receive the full version along with all
accompanying materials such as the complete manual, tech support
and packaging. In addition, they will be eligible for future
updates and special offers on related items such as clip art.
For details on registering and receiving the retail version, call
Streetwise Software at (213) 829-7827. An order form is also
included on this disk (see file: ORDER.FRM). Note that the above
number is NOT a technical support number.



1. ABOUT: Lists the version of By Design that you're using.

2. VIEW PAGE: Accesses WordPerfect's graphic page preview and is
also available as a hot key (default is Alt-V). 

3. REPEAT: Repeats the last program function used in the current
session. It's also available as a hot key (default is Alt-R). 

4. SETTINGS: A setting is a collection of matching tools and page
designs. These guidelines assist in creating a document that has
a logical and consistent design.

Loading a setting: An existing setting can be loaded by selecting
the LOAD option. All settings will then be marked in the relevant
dialog boxes with the  symbol. Loading a setting marks the
guidelines in your dialog boxes - you can choose to adhere to the
guidelines or select other options if required. 
Saving a setting: You can mark a group of selections and save
them as a new setting. This is particularly useful in cases where
you want to create a visual image that is carried over from one
document to the next. To mark a selection for a setting simply
move to it with the highlight bar and press the Shift-F1 (setup)
key. A  symbol should appear on the right of the selection. You
can change a setting by selecting another option, or erase it by
pressing Shift-F1 on it again. When finished, go to the settings
dialog box and select SAVE. You will be required to enter a
filename of eight letters or less. Press F7 (OK) when you are

Note that you can only select one item in each dialog box and
only items in scroll bars can be marked for a setting.

Previewing a setting: You can use the Browse (F9) key to preview
a setting. If Load is selected, then Browse will preview the
currently bulleted option in the scroll bar. If either Look or
Save are selected then Browse will preview the current list of
settings marked in the dialog boxes.
5. AUTOEXIT ON\OFF: The Autoexit state determines whether or not
the Undo and Preview options are offered after each By Design
menu operation. If Autoexit is off, you can elect to preview
and\or undo your selections. If Autoexit is on, the program will
return to WordPerfect directly after the completion of a

6. RESET WP DEFAULTS: Certain WordPerfect default values are
important to the operation of By Design.  Selecting this option
will restore the original values to these functions (Units of
Measure, Comments on).

7. HOT KEYS: The hot keys option will display a listing of the
current hot keys and their values. These can be changed in the
Custom program. Use caution in the selection of hot keys
however - you should ensure that their definition doesn't
conflict with previously defined macro keys or alternative
keyboard layouts selected in WordPerfect. 

8. EXIT TO WP: Exits By Design and returns to WordPerfect. This
can also be done by pressing F1 or Esc to step backwards through
the menu levels or Alt-X for quick exiting.



The By Design tools menu contains a collection of graphic design
aids that can be used to highlight and enhance existing text.
Used on their own or in conjunction with the Page designs, the
tools will animate and organize your text.

1. LEAD CHARACTERS: Lead characters are large graphic letters
that are often used by graphic designers to decorate and
introduce a section of text. The simple use of a lead character
can give a page of text the look of professional design.
Place the cursor at the start of a new paragraph. Call up the
lead character dialog box and select a font and size. The
character is inserted at the head of the paragraph and is defined
as a paragraph type graphic. Note that the abbreviation "U" means
that only uppercase letters are available, whereas "U&L" means
both upper and lowercase can be used.

If you select a size that cannot fit in the remainder of your
page, Word Perfect "bumps" it onto the following page. The way to
avoid this is either to reduce the size of your character, create
a hard page break (Ctrl-enter) to move the entire block of text
on to the next page, or use Word perfect's block protect function
(see your WP manual for details).

2. PAGE BORDERS: A page border can be used to provide an
attractive visual backdrop and framework for a body of text. 

The page border codes are inserted at the top of the desired
page. Text margins can be adjusted to regular or wide. Keep in
mind that these margins will affect all text from that point
onwards. A second option provides for the inclusion of a gray
page background for some of the page borders.

Note: Codes that are not located on the first page will "float"
up or down with text as it is added or deleted. To prevent this
you can add a hard page (Ctrl-Enter) before entering the page
border. Alternatively, you can use a block move to return them to
the top of the page - comments are used to delineate the page
border codes. Also, do not use page borders on pages with columns
unless the border is inserted before the column definition.

3. PAGE HEADERS: The general purpose of a repeating page header
is to provide structure and continuity to a document. A well
designed page header may be the single most important factor in
establishing a discernible identity for your document.

Call up the page header dialog box and enter your text. You can
elect to include or omit page numbering and whether to place page
headers on all, even or odd pages. WordPerfect allows the use of
two page headers, labelled Header A and Header B. Select the
header that you wish to use ensuring that you don't use the same
header number twice - the second header will simply cancel the

4. PAGE NUMBERING: On a primary level, page numbering enables
users to find their way easily through a document. From a design
standpoint, numbering can also be used to decorate and enliven a
page of text. 

In order to generate continuing page numbers WordPerfect's header
and footer functions have been utilized. You will be prompted for
a header or footer number after selecting a style. Some
selections such as the diamond bar use both a header and footer -
should you wish to use only one of the two, simply the delete the
one that is not required.
5. PARAGRAPH HEADINGS: By Design's paragraph heading tool
provides a selection of styles that enhance and animate the text
of a heading. Place the cursor on a blank line at the top of your

6. PARAGRAPH BREAKS: Paragraph breaks are graphic elements that
can be used to organize and separate paragraphs of text. They are
often utilized in books and magazines. In addition to adding
visual interest to a page, they focus the reader's attention on
the structure of it's content. 

Place the cursor on a blank line between paragraphs (it should
follow directly after an Enter [HRt] key) and select the
paragraph break of your choice. 

7. ITEM NUMBERING: The item numbering tool uses large decorative
numbers and letters to number items in a list. Text is wrapped
around the graphic. Place the cursor at the start of a new
paragraph - the item numbering tool must be used after an Enter
[HRt] key. 

8. DROP MARKERS: Drop markers are collections of symbols that can
be used to highlight items, as legal symbols (eg. reg'd), as
icons (eg. hand) etc.
In addition to providing a large selection of graphic symbols,
the drop marker tool is a valuable short cut to a number of
special text symbols. These are marked within the scroll bar with
a (t). For example, the symbol "Cross 1" is entered in your
document as a character type graphic whereas the symbol
"Trademark" is a special text character which is made available
through a sequence of WordPerfect keystrokes. 

A note on the WordPerfect version: Version 5.0 will only allow
the use of text characters that are supported by your printer eg.
if you have a dot matrix, you probably cannot use the hand

9. TITLES: The titles tool contains a collection of profes-
sionally designed headings that provide an attractive alternative
to plain text. Place the cursor on an empty line and select the
heading of your choice. 

10. INSERT GRAPHIC: Insert graphic is a powerful tool for the
previewing and inclusion of graphics in a document. Enter a full
path (eg. c:\wp51\graphics\*.*) and all the files in that path
will be listed in the scroll bar. Select a graphic and it will be
loaded into your document, leaving you on the Edit graphic menu
to determine the type, sizing and positioning.

The real power of the insert graphic tool however lies in it's
ability to permit the previewing of any and all WordPerfect
compatible graphics before selection. This is done by using the
Browse function in conjunction with insert graphic. Select the
path and press F9 for Browse - you will be presented with a
series of on-screen representations of all the graphics in the
path. When you have finished browsing, you may return and select
any of the graphics for inclusion in your document. Used in this
manner, the insert graphic tool becomes an invaluable asset for
the preview and selection of clip art graphics.

11. GRAPHIC FONTS: Graphic fonts can be used to create short,
eye-catching headlines. Different styles are available ranging
from the ornate DaVinci to the elegant Poster font. 

Enter your headline in the space provided. Letters are loaded as
character type graphics. Fonts can be sized according to need,
although the number of letters allowable in a heading is directly
proportional to the size selected. 

Sizes are:  Standard (0.5"), Large (0.75") and Custom.

The Page Designs menu provides a myriad of designs for general
business and personal purposes. Page Designs offer professional
and sophisticated backdrops for your document's text, whether it
be a general page layout, letterhead or office memo. 

All page designs should be placed on an empty 8 1/2" x 11" page.
This can either be the first page of your document or after a
hard page break (effected by pressing Ctrl-Enter). 

1. LETTERHEADS: A selection of different letterhead designs are
available in this category. The styles vary considerably from the
conservative to more creative. 

Most of the designs can be varied to give your letterhead more
personal character. Several selections use large graphic letters
as personal logos. The Letter\logo option applies to these
selections and is loaded with the letter nominated in the
Customize program. Other letterheads contain special logo
illustrations as part of their design. These can also be selected
from the list of graphic logos in the Custom program.
Your letterhead projects an image - select one that compliments
the character you want to create for your business. Also,
consider also the length of your name and address relative to the
space provided by a particular letterhead. 

2. LABELS: This category contains address labels and envelopes
that are designed to match the letterheads in the previous
section. Three sizes are available :
* 3.5" x 15/16" (Avery 4145)  - suitable for tractor feed dot
                                matrix printers
* 1" x 4" (Avery 5261)        - suitable for laser printers
* 4" x 9.5"                   - envelope size

You should ensure that you select the size that is appropriate
for your printer. For example, do not select the 3.5" x 15/16"
label size if you have a laser printer. This will cause
WordPerfect to report an error when trying to set up the label.

Multiple copies of labels & envelopes: Both the Avery 4145 label
size (3.5" x 15/16") and envelope (4 x 9.5") reset the page
size - your entire page then becomes one label/envelope. If you
require multiple copies, change the Number of Copies option in
the Print menu (Shift-F7, N). The Avery 5261 (1 x 4") labels
however are full sheets designed for laser printers. Each page
contains twenty labels. You will be prompted for the number of
labels required if you select this size.

3. RESUMES: A resume may be one of the most important documents
that you'll ever produce with your word processor yet most people
pay little or no regard to the visual impact it creates upon the
reader. This section of the program contains a selection of
professionally designed resume formats. They are loaded with the
personal details entered in the Custom program. 

4. PAGE LAYOUTS: The page layouts category contains a list of
general page designs which are suitable for a variety of purposes
such as reports, papers or articles. The designs place graphics
in your document and structure the text to create specific
effects. Consider the content and circumstance of your text when
selecting a page layout. For example, the "Side by Side"
selection divides the page into two sections enabling one to be
used as a commentary on the second. Other selections such as
"Clip on" can be used as an attractive opening page to your
Page customize options include lead characters and some
selections offer a "motif" option. Motifs are graphic element
which appears at the beginning of a document and repeat on
subsequent pages. This is done both to enhance the document's
design and to maintain a degree of visual continuity and
character. If you select the "Motif on" option then you will be
prompted for a Header or Footer number (A or B) in which to
create the motif definition. Ensure that you select a header or
footer number that has not already been used.

5. TITLE PAGES: The Title Pages category of the program contains
a list of graphically designed title pages offering a variety of
attractive and professional approaches to the initial
presentation of a document.

6. NEWSLETTERS: Word processors are a convenient vehicle for the
production of simple newsletters. Two newsletter formats are
provided in this category. They vary from other page designs in
their adherence to convention for newspaper layout ie. the page
is divided into columns, leading pages have "banner" and details
sections, and space is set aside for quotes and\or graphics.

7. TABLE OF CONTENTS: A well designed table of contents gives
your document a professional edge and can assist in it's
organization and readability.

8. MISCELLANEOUS: This category consists of an assortment of
common business documents ranging from a bold Fax cover sheet to
elegant Memo pages.



This provides a collection of functions that are frequently used
in the design of a document. Most of these functions also have
hot key assignments. 



This section deals with some common problems and their probable
causes. You should also read the "Some Technical Considerations"
section of the manual.

By Design should only be operated during regular text editing. Do
not use it inside of macros, headers or footers, style
definitions, merges etc. Also, do not operate a mouse while
inside the By Design menus. 

* You receive the message "By Design cannot function while WP 
is printing" even though you aren't printing.
WordPerfect creates a print file on disk every time it prints. If

the print job does not complete for any reason then this file 
remains on your disk. This is the file that By Design is finding 
and therefore it assumes that you are printing. You need to
delete  this file manually. It will be in the active document
directory (press F5 inside of WordPerfect if you need to check
the name of this directory) and will be called WP}WP{*. where *
represents any number. For example WP}WP{12. would be a failed
print job. Note that it has a number and no extension. Use the
Dos delete command to erase the file.

* By Design doesn't load WordPerfect: You may not have sufficient
memory available to load By Design and WordPerfect. Remove any 
memory resident programs. See the "Technical considerations" 
section of the manual for further suggestions.

Also, you will need expanded memory if you are using the program
in conjunction with WordPerfect's Shell program. The addition of
the Shell program boosts memory requirements.

* Irregular characters appear in the menus: You may have changed
the WordPerfect display setup. Change the display setup,
preferably to the normal font option.

* Certain keys are not acting as they should within the menus: If
you have chosen an alternative keyboard layout in WordPerfect
this may confuse the functions of certain keys. It is recommended
that you use the original WP keyboard or at least note down the
new key functions caused by a change of keyboard definition.

* Errors on installation: Most errors that occur on installation 
are because users or distributors have changed or deleted files 
on the disk. 

* Using By Design with Font programs.
By Design is perfectly compatible with all the font programs on 
the market. If the font program has an executable file (eg. 
Facelift uses FLWP) that runs WP, you can generally run By Design

and your font program at the same time if you have enough Ram 
(560 -580K min. depending on the program). Most of the font 
programs have a setup or install procedure that enables the user 
to nominate the file that is executed - the default is WP.EXE. 
This needs to be changed to BD.EXE. For example:

Facelift - run FLSETUP and change the general settings
Glyphix - run install and change filename using the Toolbox.
MoreFonts - run MF and change the filename in the Install menu.
Fonts on Fly - has config text file that lists the filename.
Powerpak - when running the program use following command line
           wpp -p bd.exe

If you do not have enough memory, then you can still create the 
entire document using By Design, including the selection of ANY 
of your fonts, then save the file and exit. Then simply run your 
font program, retrieve the file and print.

*** A note about BBS versions ***

BBS users should consult the README.BD file for details on the
number of required files. Please check the the file that was
downloaded contains both PKUNZIP and README.BD. Many copies of
the program that are found on BBS systems have been uploaded by
BBS users. Please let your BBS know if you have downloaded a bad
copy of the program and instruct them to obtain a valid version
from Streetwise.

If you obtained the disk from a shareware distributor and all the

files are present, check how many files were added by the 
distributor. The install routine requires that at least 4K be
left free on the install disk. Installation will return a runtime
error if the disk is too full. 

If you are still getting a runtime error on installation, then
try using the alternative installation routine. Refer to the
README.BD file for further details.


          ║          B Y   D E S I G N            ║
          ║ The Desktop Publisher for WordPerfect ║
          ║                                       ║
          ║ copyright 1991,  Streetwise Software  ║

Unleash the true potential of WordPerfect by putting the power 
of a design studio at your fingertips. By Design is the simplest 
and most effective desktop publishing system you'll ever use ... 
and it works directly from within WordPerfect!! Even a novice can
now create professional, polished documents in moments. Press a 
hot key at any time while working on your WordPerfect document to
bring up the By Design menus. 

**** Here's what they're saying about By Design:

"A perfect designer in your PC" - PC World

"Looks and works great!" - Compute Magazine

"We're delighted with the creative freedom this imaginative
program has given us. The more we learn what it can do, the more
uses we find! Perception Research Inc.

"Amazingly easy to use ... Everything in By Design is simple and 
rapid ... Using By Design is fun!" Business Philadelphia

"Offers a host of functions!" PC Magazine

"Four stars. Can't live without it!" Home Office Computing

"By Design really does live up to its promises. You've created a 
great product. Congratulations!" European Space Agency

** By Design includes: **

1. DESIGN TOOLS: Design Tools can be used to highlight, enhance
and personalize text. Examples include large graphic "lead
characters", page borders, graphic fonts, paragraph breaks and
headers, and more.

2. PAGE DESIGNS: Over 65 Page Designs combine professional
artwork and sophisticated page layouts - all you have to do is
add your own text. A myriad of options also enable you to easily
customize and personalize the designs. Page Designs include
newsletters, title pages, letterheads & matching address labels,
resumes, general page layouts, memos, fax cover sheets etc.

3. CLIP ART: By Design also includes a library of clip art,
titles and symbols.

4. SPECIAL FEATURES: A range of special features are included. 
i. The "Browse" function allows you to literally sample all tools
and designs on screen before selection. 
ii. A Graphic Preview function can be used to view on screen rep-
resentations of any and all WP compatible graphics on your disk. 
iii. Version 2 enables users to size and place graphics directly
from their Page Preview screen!
iv. And Undo, Repeat and On Line Help functions are never more
than a keystroke away.

Note: The full retail version of the program contains over 4
times the artwork and designs of the shareware version!

Special offer! Update from the runtime version to either the full
Dos or Windows version for only $89 - and as a special gift to 
registered users we'll throw in an extra clip art disk - FREE !!!
Order by phone from Streetwise Software at (213) 829-7827 or use 
the order form included on this disk.


                   BY DESIGN ORDER FORM
Update to the retail version of By Design, the desktop publisher
for WordPerfect that has been acclaimed by reviewers nationwide.

NEW!! By Design Version 2.0 and By Design for Windows are now 
available. Both versions contain 4 times the graphics and options 
of the shareware version and several special features.
The update price is only $89 ... PLUS as a special gift to users 
who register we're throwing in AN EXTRA CLIP ART DISK - FREE !! 
All registered users will also be eligible for future updates and
exclusive offers. 
*** Mail order to :  STREETWISE SOFTWARE
                     1227 18th St. Suite B                  
                     SANTA MONICA, CA 90404
*** Order by phone:  Tel: (213) 829 7827
*** Order by fax:    Fax: (213) 828 8258
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Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #2847

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

BD       EXE     63152  12-15-91   7:29p
README   BD       2345  12-20-91  11:55a
INFO     BDS       757   3-26-91   6:02a
INSTALL  EXE     28894  12-15-91   6:07p
CUSTOM   EXE     23184   7-31-90   9:51a
INFO     EXE     11088  12-23-90   7:43p
PKUNZIP  EXE     23528   3-15-90   1:10a
BDMANUAL TXT     31209  12-20-91  11:36a
BYDESIGN TXT      3255  12-20-91  11:25a
ORDERFRM TXT      2293  11-08-91  12:38p
OTHER    TXT       366   9-21-91  12:23p
BDART    ZIP     14125   9-21-91  12:27p
BDELEM1  ZIP     50047  11-08-91  12:54p
BDELEM2  ZIP     62562  12-24-90   3:28p
BDMACRO  ZIP     27673  12-21-90   6:57p
BYDESIGN ZIP      7580  12-24-90   5:36p
       16 file(s)     352058 bytes
                        2048 bytes free