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Disk No: 2879                                                           
Disk Title: Orion Odyssey  2 of 2 (#2878 also)                          
PC-SIG Version: S1                                                      
Program Title: Orion Odyssey                                            
Author Version: 2.0                                                     
Author Registration: $10.00                                             
Special Requirements: 512K RAM, EGA/VGA, and a hard drive.              
ORION ODYSSEY is a graphical arcade adventure style game which involves 
a space flier (Wally, as he has become to be known) who flies around    
using a jetpack strapped to his back and tries to accumulate as many    
points as possible while destroying alien beings, finding and using     
artifacts, and monitoring his life status, fuel consumption, ammo, etc. 
The Ankh has been stolen by the overlord Bytor.  For it is said that    
whosoever controls the powers of the Ankh controls the universe.  Bytor 
has assigned his supreme wizards to the task of unlocking its magical   
powers.  Your job is to find the Ankh before Bytor and his supreme      
wizards discover its powers.                                            
The fate of the universe lies in your hands....                         
1030D East Duane Avenue                                                 
Sunnyvale  Ca. 94086                                                    
(408) 730-9291                                                          
(c) Copyright 1989 PC-SIG, Inc.                                         


║              <<<<  PC-SIG Disk #2879  ORION ODYSSEY  >>>>               ║
║                        Disk 2 of 2 (also #2878)                         ║
║  Copy the files on both diskettes (#2878, #2879) to a subdirectory on   ║
║  your hard drive:                                                       ║
║                        C:          (press Enter)                        ║
║                        C:CD \      (press Enter)                        ║
║                        MD ORION    (press Enter)                        ║
║                        CD ORION    (press Enter)                        ║
║                        COPY A:*.*  (press Enter)                        ║
║                                                                         ║
║  To unzip SAIPHIMG.ZIP (from the hard drive), type:                     ║
║                                        PKUNZIP SAIPHIMG  (press Enter)  ║
║                                                                         ║
║  To unzip SAIPH, type:  PKUNZIP SAIPH  (press Enter)                    ║
║                                                                         ║
║  To print the documentation, type:  COPY ORION.DOC PRN  (press Enter)   ║
║                                                                         ║
║  To start the game, type:  ORION  (press Enter)                         ║
║                                                                         ║
║                                           Copyright 1991, PC-SIG, Inc.  ║


                              The Orion Odyssey
                                   Ver. 3.0
                          The Search for the Magic Ankh
                               Billy Dalrymple
                               104 Miss Georgia Ct.
                               Cary NC  27511
                        Copyright (c) 1991 by Billy Dalrymple
            Portions Copyright (c) Genus Microprogramming, Inc. 1988-1990
                                All Rights Reserved
            I.   Shareware:
            Orion Odyssey is distributed under the shareware
            marketing concept.  Because Orion Odyssey is shareware you can
            freely copy and share the shareware diskette with its programs
            and manual.       
            Since the entire Orion Odyssey adventure contains over 3.5 Meg
            of high resolution top quality graphics,  it would be costly 
            to you, the user, just to obtain the software in order to
            try it out.  While most shareware disk distribution houses do
            offer exceptional services at reasonable rates, the cost of
            distribution of a game the size of the complete Orion Odyssey
            adventure can be expensive. ie: The entire adventure takes a
            minimum of four disks to distribute as shareware (Unarchived),
            which could mean that you would pay $9.00 to $20.00 just to obtain
            a non-registered version of Orion Odyssey through shareware
            distributors.  Thats more than the registration cost of only 
            $10.00 ! 
            As a result, I have created a special shareware version which
            contains one of the eight worlds which are needed to complete the
            adventure.  I have included all the resources needed to survive
            (Fuel, Ammo, Gold, Oxygen, etc.) in this one world.  Therefore, the
            shareware version is a completely functional arcade version of the 
            entire adventure.  The shareware version can be distributed 
            on one 1.2 Meg floppy and therefore the cost of obtaining a 
            shareware copy, experiencing the thrill of flying with a jetpack,
            and deciding if you want to register Orion Odyssey is drastically
            Note to Shareware distributors:  You are free to distribute this
                                             program provided disk charges
                                             do not exceed $5.00/disk.  Please
                                             send notification that you are
                                             distributing this program.
            The concept of shareware states that you are free to try the
            software to determine if it suits your needs.  If you decide
            that you like Orion Odyssey, you may obtain the adventure
            of eight worlds so you can complete the entire quest by
            registering your copy and sending only $10.00 to Billy Dalrymple
            at the above address.
            When you register your copy of Orion Odyssey, you will receive
            the complete adventure of Orion Odyssey 3.0... 8 worlds that you
            can explore during your quest for the magic ankh.
            II.  Introduction
            This revision of Orion Odyssey is a graphical arcade style
            game which involves a space flier (Wally, as he has become 
            to be known) who flies around using a jetpack strapped to his
            back and tries to accumulate as many points as possible while
            destroying alien beings, finding and using artifacts, and
            monitoring his life status, fuel consumption, ammo etc.
            When you register your copy of Orion Odyssey 3.0, you will
            receive the complete adventure of 'Wally' the space wanderer.
            In it, you can transport to different remarkable worlds in the
            Orion constellation.  Explore eight (8) worlds in a quest
            for the magic Ankh.
            The Ankh has been stolen by the overlord Bytor.  For it is said
            that who so ever controls the powers of the Ankh, controls the
            universe.  Bytor has assigned his supreme wizards to the task of
            unlocking its magical powers.  Your job is to find the Ankh before
            Bytor and his supreme wizards discover its powers.
            The fate of the universe lies in your hands....
            III.    Registration
            To register Orion Odyssey 3.0 fill out the following form and
            send it along with a check or money order for $10.00 to:
                              Billy Dalrymple
                              104 Miss Georgia Ct.
                              Cary  NC,  27511
            Name:    _____________________________      Age:______
            Address: _____________________________________________
            Obtained Orion Odyssey From:                           

            Computer Information:  8086     286      386     486
            Speed:  8Mhz  10Mhz  16Mhz  20Mhz  25Mhz  33Mhz  Other _____
            Size of Floppy:        360k     1.2M     1.44M
            Comments:  ____________________________________________


            IV. Hardware Requirements:
            Orion Odyssey requires the following minimum hardware
                     100% IBM Compatible PC
                     512 K Ram
                     EGA/VGA Color Graphics
                     Hard Disk
            Recommend minimum of 286 running @ > 10Mhz

            NOTE:  If you see the message "390000 bytes required"
                   and you get dumped back to the DOS prompt...you need
                   to free up the difference between 390000 and the
                   value printed out as the actual free memory.

                   This 390000 k requirement is the amount of memory needed
                   to be left UNUSED after after DOS is loaded, after the
                   game is loaded, and after any TSRs are loaded.  Therefore
                   you may have 640K of memory but Orion Odyssey says you
                   only have 385000 bytes,  that is because 255k is being used
                   up by DOS, the game (105k), and memory resident programs.
                   In the above example, you would need to free up 15k in
                   order to run this program.  Try removing a TSR such as
                   a RAMDISK, or device drivers, keyboard buffers, etc.
            V.  Playing the Game:
            Starting the Game:
            All the Orion Odyssey files must reside in the same DOS directory.
            Type ORION from the DOS prompt and you will see a 'loading'
            screen which indicates that the game is loading.
            After the loading gauge reaches 100%, press a key or wait for a
            second.  The main game screen will be displayed and you will be
            ready to begin the game.
            The Main Screen:
            The main screen consists of a Title window (upper,upper left),
            Three blue lights at the top of the screen which indicate how many
            Wallys you have left.  There is a main window in the middle of
            which will be Wally.  Wally will be standing in the transporter. 
            This main window is a scrolling window in which the game is played.
            to the right of the main window are the status gauges which are
            used to monitor various aspects of the game.  Above the gauges is
            the score and hit percentage readouts. Hint: Hit percentage is
            calculated into the score so you should try to keep it high.  Above
            the score is the address to which you may mail your registration
            forms to register your copy of Orion Odyssey.  If you like playing
            the game, Please Register.
            The main screen contains six gauges which give critical indication
            as to the current status of the game.  These gauges are described
                     GOLD:    Indicates how much gold you have remaining.
                              Gold is crucial for obtaining the resources
                              which are needed to play the game. (FUEL, AMMO,
                              OXYGEN) When you run low on gold you should look
                              for a treasure chest and walk into it to obtain
                              more gold.
                     AMMO:    Indicates the amount of ammo left.  When you
                              run low on ammo you need to find an ammunition
                              dump and walk into it to get more ammo.
                              Remember: you need to have plenty of gold 
                              to buy ammo with.
                     HEALTH   This indicates your current status.  If your
                              status reaches 0, your Wally is destroyed.
                              There are many things that influence your 
                              HEALTH:  - Every time you fly into something
                              too hard, your health decreases.  Everytime
                              you run into an alien (That doesn't kill you)
                              your health will drop.  Resting or flying will
                              increase your health.
                     METER    This is an altimeter,  the green indicates
                              how close you are to landing on the ground.
                              This is crucial for learning to land safety.
                              Landing is difficult without it.  Whenever
                              the meter gauge is almost completely green, you
                              are about to touch the ground.
                     OXYGEN   The worlds you will explore are all capable
                              of supporting human life (to some degree). 
                              However, some of the atmospheres may have a low
                              oxygen content.  Therefore you need to always
                              have sufficient oxygen to survive.  Should your
                              oxygen reserves become empty, your health status
                              will begin to drop rapidly and you must obtain
                              oxygen immediately.  Be sure to keep gold for the
                              purchases of oxygen.
                     FUEL     Indicates the amount of remaining fuel left.
                              When reserves get low, you need to head for the
                              nearest fuel depot (Make sure you have enough
                              gold) and buy some more fuel.  
            This can be tricky.  Inertia and gravity play a big
            role in fling with a jetpack.  Since Wally does not have any 
            landing gear other than his legs, you must take some care
            when landing and make sure that his landings are not hard,
            or else his health may be reduced.  Likewise care must be taken
            while in flight so as not to run into cliffs or scrape the sides of
            cliffs, or thrust into an overhang, etc.  NOTE: You cannot fly into
            entrances since entrances are dark and you cannot see where you are
            going.  Trying to fly into an entrance will get you killed 
            every time!
            Use the UP arrow key to control the thrusters.  This will
            ignite the jetpack and send Wally rocketing toward the stars.
            Wallys' inertia will increase proportionately to his velocity
            making it take longer to slow down after the thrusters have been
            shut off.  Likewise, when falling (Thrusters off), Wallys 
            inertia will increase with distance making it harder to 
            stop the fall.
            You should spend time learning how to fly before you venture too
            far from home base.  It will be time well spent.
            Special Items:
            There are various items which may be found which will
            assist you with dealing with the aliens.  Some of these items
            will increase your plazma energy, some will help
            improve your health, some will increase your jetpack
            fuel efficiency.  To USE these items, you must first have
            obtained them by walking into them, then you need to activate them
            by pressing the appropriate key.  Once you have activated the item,
            a flashing light will appear under the appropriate gauge on the
            screen indicating that the item is activated.  Once the item
            has been used up, the flashing light will disappear.
            Once you have obtained an item and it is in your
            inventory, it will not reappear until you have activated it.
            You may view your inventory of items by pressing the "I"
                     1) SWORD  -        Increases your Plazma Energy.
                                        once you have obtained the sword,
                                        you may activate it by pressing the
                                        "W" (Weapon) key.
                     2) SHIELD -        Increases your Health recovery rate and
                                        helps to protect you from harm.
                                        Activate by pressing the
                                        "P" (Protection) key.
                     3) GOLDEN GOOSE -  Increases your fuel efficiency.
                                        Activate by pressing the
                                        "F" (Fuel) key.
                     4) BOMB         -  Blows up all aliens in a world
                                        Activate by pressing the
                                        "B" (Bomb) key.
                     5) KEYS         -  Some entrances may be blocked by a door
                                        and may need a key the same color of
                                        the door lock before you can enter
                                        them.  If you have the appropriate key
                                        for a specific door, it will
                                        automatically open whenever you touch
            Each time a Wally gets killed, one of the blue square lights
            on the upper portion of the main screen will disappear.  After
            the third Wally has been destroyed, the game is over, you may
            choose to start a new game or return to DOS.
            The transporter is the gateway between the eight worlds of
            the Orion Constellation.  Whenever you are standing on the
            transporter, you may enter it by pressing the 'E' key.  The
            transporter screen will be displayed showing the Orion
            constellation.  A square will be around the star system of the
            world that you currently occupy. 
            The Transporter has its own help menu which may be activated
            by pressing the 'H' key while inside the transporter.
            You select the world you wish to travel to by pressing the 
            space bar.  The square will jump from world to world.  If you
            want the cursor to jump back to the world you currently
            occupy, press the 'C' key. 
            Once the square is on the world you want to teleport to, press the
            'Enter' key any the teleporter will engage and send your molecules
            hurling to another transporter on the world you selected.
            To exit the transporter, press the 'E' key.
            NOTE:  Since the shareware version cannot be distributed with
                   all the graphics,  the transport function only displays
                   a message reminding you of such.  You may however, enter
                   the transporter an see the transporter screen.  The 
                   transporter is completely functional in the registered
            HELP Screen:
            You may obtain help anytime during the game by pressing the 
            'H' key.  This will list all of the key commands and
            their functions.  The game will be paused while the help menu
            is being displayed.
            Main Menu:
            You may access the main menu by pressing the ESC key.  The game
            is paused while the main menu is being displayed.  This
            menu will let you save the current game, restore the previously
            saved game, start over, resume the game, or quit to DOS.
            Since Orion Odyssey increases in difficulty as your score 
            increases,  it is highly recommended that you save your game 
            frequently especially if you are in a high scoring game, and
            you are about to try something which may destroy your last
            Misc Functions:
            You may have a fast computer and wish to slow down the graphics
            speed of the game.  You can slow down or speed up the game by
            pressing the '-' and '+' keys.  The '-' key will reduce the 
            delay time and therefor increase the speed of the game and
            the '+' key will increase the delay time thereby slowing the
            game down.
            You may toggle music on/off by pressing the 'S' key.
            SPECIAL HINTS:
            1) Flying horizontally requires toggling the thrusters on and
               off while pressing one of the horizontal cursor keys.
            2) When being chased by a flying alien, fly away from it to get
               your inertia moving you away.  You can then turn and fire on the
               alien while you are moving away from it.
            3) To shoot at an alien below you while you are flying can be
               tricky.  Since most aliens require several plazma blasts before
               they are destroyed, you must fly toward the alien in a diagonal
               path.  ie: You must be falling and moving toward the alien, or
               or you must be rising and moving away from the alien.
            4) Keep a shield activated as much as possible.  This will greatly
               increase your chances of survival in this hostile environment.

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #2879

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

SAIPH    ZIP    125201  11-06-91   2:40a
FILE2879 TXT      2147  11-07-91   5:33p
GO       TXT      1771  11-07-91   8:19a
GO       BAT        38   1-31-91  12:58a
        4 file(s)     129157 bytes
                       29696 bytes free