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Disk No: 2880                                                           
Disk Title: Quatris II                                                  
PC-SIG Version: S1.0                                                    
Program Title: QUATRIS II                                               
Author Version: 1.0D                                                    
Author Registration: $16.00 + $4.75 shipping                            
Special Requirements: 640k RAM and EGA/VGA card.                        
The ultimate brain game? You be the judge. This tetris-like game is very
easy to operate and play while at the same time exercising your brain to
visualize and measure objects and space. If you know Tetris, QUATRIS II 
shouldn't be any problem for you.                                       
This game has 3 complete levels and 40 extended shapes to play with.    
QUATRIS II supports 16 color, high resolution EGA/VGA graphics mode     
using 3D graphical-user-interface, and now works under QEMM. It will    
automatically save your game, allow you to redefine your keys, track    
both your score and the number of lines left, and is provided with a    
grid to help you more accurately drop the blocks. A unique feature that 
can improve your score by giving you another chance is the ability to   
enlist bombs that will either wipe out a line, wipe out particular      
pieces, or wipe out everything on the screen, provided you have enough  
"energy." Challenge of the playing field changes from level to level    
with the fluxuation of the two-dimensional "well" where the blocks fall.
The shareware version of QUATRIS II has only 3 levels of play, yet many 
people find (and we tend to agree) that even in this form it provides   
you with more fun and addiction than Tetris or any of the other         
tetris-like programs.                                                   
1030D East Duane Avenue                                                 
Sunnyvale  Ca. 94086                                                    
(408) 730-9291                                                          
(c) Copyright 1989 PC-SIG, Inc.                                         


  ║                <<<<  PC-SIG Disk #2880  QUATRIS II  >>>>                ║
  ║  To view all documentation files, type: READDOC  (press Enter)          ║
  ║                                                                         ║
  ║  To start the program, type: QUATRIS2  (press Enter)                    ║
  ║                                                                         ║
  ║  To print the documentation files, type: COPY *.DOC PRN  (press Enter)  ║
  ║                                                                         ║
  ║                                           Copyright 1991, PC-SIG, Inc.  ║



"...To date, the best tetris-like game I've ever played. ... 
 You, sir, have a God-given talent.  Bravo!"  
(Gerhad, Willian - Denver, CO)

"...And now my sister is raving over it, saying that out of all
the games we have, this is the only one she likes playing. 
Please RUSH this order to me so I can surprise her with the full
and latest version of Quatris before Christmas..."
(Geoffrey Louie - San Mateo, CA)

"I love your imagination - the little creature is a scream. 
Great little game.  Besides, I collect Tetris-type games. .... 
You're only 16?  You'll be a leading author by the time you're
20!"  ( Hellen Goshulak - Toronto Ont. <CANADA> )

"Best Tetris clone?  NO - better than the original!"
( Ralf Jannkey - Bonn, <GERMANY> )

"I would like to receive your fantastic QUATRIS [PRO] as soon as
( KAZUHIRO, INOVE - Machida City, TOKYO <JAPAN>! )

"My wife is actually starting to show signs of brain cell activity.
Please rush me the other levels.  Outstanding video.  Good job!"
( Briggs, Jeffrey Alan - US EMBASSY PARIS, <FRANCE> )

"This is the 1st game my WIFE likes to play... I have tried to
get her to play with the computer for years... your demo version
has her hooked..."   (Leland and Pat Gilsen - Salem, Oregon)

"My daughter (14) hardly ever wants to use the computer - but she
loves Quatris [Pro].  You did an excellent job - the color is easy
on your eyes and beautiful, too.  The game is very well done! 
Keep up the good work.  Hope you send info on other programs you
have developed..."  (Connie Stanifer - Whiteland, IN)

"Dear Eugene--What an absolutely, marvelous program.  I loved it,
really loved it.  Congratulations on an outstanding job.  I was
especially impressed by your thanks to God--Really beautiful--
stay happy;  and keep writing those fabulous programs!!"
(Edward P. Rosenstein - Lodi, NJ)

"First of all, I would like to congratulate you on the fine job
you did with Quatris; it is the first satisfying version of 
Tetris I have gotten for my PC.  I have approximately eight
different versions of Tetris, and yours is the only one I keep
coming back to... I enjoy the variety of game play and the 
terrific graphics..."  (Terry Henning - MADISON, WI)

"Dear Sixteen Year Old Kid, ... I'm a school teacher and think 
your program is terrific for my kids...  The adding up the total
number count [QUATRIS PRO MATH VERSION] is difficult enough 
I can partner the kids for cooperative learning--a nice feature 
for me.  So, don't let anyone intimidate you over your age; this
is a great game.  I only buy good stuff.  Price is not the object, 
quality is."   (Pat Thiel - HAYWARD, CA)

"Great Game... Very Addicting... I hope you got extra credit in
school for this."  (Walter Lopchuck - Lomita, CA)

(Anthony W. Stanton - Pittsburg, CA)

".... I am hooked!  .... I just talked to my son and he would
like a copy of Quatris also, so I am enclosing $30.  Please send
me two copies so that I may give him one..."
(Shirley J. Randolph - Mesa, AZ)

"My only comment would be that my nine year old loves to have the
sound `ON' which drives her father crazy."
(Della M Wiederrick - Saco, MT)

"We're Tetris fans.  Your game is better!  We already love the PD
[Openware] version.  Please RUSH the real thing!"
(Ron Selden - Sugar Land, TX)

"One of the BEST games I've seen!! ...
P.S.  One small problem!  The first time I played; I had to force
myself to turn the computer off after THREE hours.  WOW, what a 

"... P.S.  I intend to use your game to help with rehabilitation 
of brain injured patients.  So please know that your game will be
having some real social value... "
(Ray Niccols - Baton Rouge, LA)

"Were the patients brain-injured BEFORE they got hooked on this
wonderful game??!!  I have Tetris (Nintendo) but enjoy Quatris
[Pro] v.2.0 MORE!  (This is also the first shareware [Openware] 
I've liked or used enough to register!)"  
(Roberta Wetzel - Santee, CA)

"Great game!!  Can the sound be turned off [1st version didn't
include sound toggle], it's rather loud when playing at work on 
a break! " (Erin O'Shaughnessy - San Luis Obispo, CA)

These were just some of the actual comments by Quatris customers, 
other comments such as, "Excellent graphics, sound effects!", 
"Best Tetris-type game!" were very often heard from all over the
world including USA, Canada, Germany, France, The Netherlands, 
Japan, Italy, England, Turkey, Australia, and even one from 
South Africa.

 **  QUATRIS II is NOT a SHAREWARE, PD, or a free program!  **

This Openware (ATP-Association of Teenage Programmers) version of 
QUATRIS II (v1.0D) may be freely distributed.  For distributors, 
if you need additional information, please leave us a message in 
our BBS: (818)701-7465 or write to Eugene Kim, 4157 W 5th St., 
STE 222, LA, CA 90020, USA.  Thank you.

    ---------- END OF FILE: QCOMMENT.DOC ------------

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Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #2880

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ATP      QIM      6204  10-02-91   8:08p
BLOCKS   QIM      1945   9-08-91  11:11p
CIT2     QIM      5438   9-30-91  10:14p
PROGINFO INF       499  10-03-91   8:12p
Q-ORDER  DOC     11546  10-20-91   7:01p
QC2BT    QIM     11368   9-19-91   9:33p
QC2ST    QIM      8789   9-30-91  10:33p
QCOMMENT DOC      5352  10-20-91   7:05p
QMANUAL  DOC     11835  10-05-91   5:02a
QUATRIS2 EXE    162064  10-06-91   8:52p
READDOC  EXE     74368  10-05-91   5:06a
ROBOT    QIM      9682   9-24-91   8:21p
SCORES   DAT      3484  10-04-91   7:15p
SECRET   DOC     11962  10-03-91   7:15p
UINFO    DAT         6  10-22-91   7:12p
UPC      DAT      1483  10-05-91   5:05a
UPC      QIM     21414   9-11-91  12:02a
GO       BAT        28   9-23-91   8:55a
FILE2880 TXT      2665  11-07-91  12:05p
GO       TXT       869  11-06-91  11:21p
       20 file(s)     351001 bytes
                           0 bytes free