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║      <<<<  PC-SIG DISK #3008 GIANT SPACE SLUG & RINGWIELDER  >>>>       ║
║                                                                         ║
║  To Install programs, type; GO-RING (Enter)                             ║
║                                                                         ║
║                                                                         ║
║                                        (c) Copyright 1992, PC-SIG Inc.  ║


                    RINGWIELDER / GIANT SPACE SLUG vC.1

                    The ultimate role playing game that
                     mixes fantasy and science fiction!

                      Copyright 1991 Dennis Drew
                      Copyright Strictly Enforced

Documentation file.  Please read this.  Use PGUP/PGDN to move through 
the file.  When finished, press ESC to continue with the program.
To print out this file, press P and then use PGDN to move through the 
entire file.  It will be printed as you scroll.

NOTE:  Ringwielder is a non-computer role-playing game.  It is to be 
played with friends, using the enclosed set of rules.  It is 
distributed in disk form as a test, to see if there is a market for 
computer-distributed games such as this.  If it works, more games 
(already designed and ready to go) will be forthcoming. 

INSTRUCTIONS:  To copy all the game files to paper, prepare your 
printer and enter the command:  RWPRINT.

                       Copyright 1991 Dennis Drew

PLEASE FEEL FREE TO COPY this game and give it to your friends.  However, 
it may not be altered in ANY manner.  Distribution of an altered version 
consitutes breach of copyright and will be dealt with according to Federal 
and Civil law.  Other than that... enjoy yourself!  

                        VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION!

                     HOW YOU CAN BECOME A RINGWIELDER!

    RINGWIELDER is being distributed under a unique principle.  It is the 
very first ever TRY-THEN-BUY (tm) book.  What does this mean to you? 
    RINGWIELDER is the role-playing game of fantasy and science fiction.  
We had the choice to either spend thousands of dollars in trying to promote 
it in a field already glutted with games (many of them bad ones), or to try 
for a new promotion idea.
    For years, computer enthusiasts have used the principle of SHAREWARE, 
which means trying a computer program and THEN buying it if you like it.  
We decided to promote RINGWIELDER on the same level.
    This text file contains the entire RINGWIELDER rules manual and part of 
the THEORY section.  Please FEEL FREE TO COPY this set of rules.  Give it 
to your friends.  Have a blast.

    If you like RINGWIELDER, we ask that you register. (Consider the 
YEARS of toil, the back-breaking hours over the typewriter, the sweat 
and blood we've put into these rules, the days we went without 
food...sob...).  This registration permits us to continue functioning, 
and allows us to create additional games (of which we now have four 
and the line is growing).  If we receive decent registrations we will 
very likely produce our three other games via TRY-THEN-BUY as well! 

    REGISTRATION brings you phone support, and the collector's edition 
game which includes these rules, the GAME THEORY section and our 
solitaire scenario FOR MASOCHISTS ONLY in a numbered, signed edition.  
You will also receive the latest computer disk! 
    All registration levels bring you game update information.

    If you don't think its worth registering, then we ask that you 
don't play it and that you please pass it on to someone else.  In 
short:  if you like it and use it, you are required to register.  
That's what TRY-THEN-BUY means.  This is the ONLY income we have from 
the work this game entailed (and it took quite a bit... over ten years 
to be exact). 

                            THE RINGWIELDER CLUB
    When you register, you gain extra support.  This entitles you to 
call us directly if you have questions regarding RINGWIELDER.  There 
will be no further charges... once you register, YOU'RE A MEMBER!  
Realize though, that we will not re-hash things covered in the THEORY 
section; if it's covered in the THEORY section, we'll encourage 
expanded membership instead.  

    COLLECTOR'S EDITION.  Here's further info: 

                          THE COLLECTOR'S EDITION
    We have a signed and numbered edition of RINGWIELDER available.  
In addition to these rules, it also contains artwork all the way 
through and the FULL RINGWIELDER THEORY SECTION, which includes the 
    * Sample game
    * Full-length sample scenario
    * The Fine Art of Being a Universe Pt 1 & 2
    * The Monsters of Ringwielder
    * Starting Your Own Ringwielder Club
    * Questions and Answers
    * Game Alterations -- Additional Methods to Make Your Games Fiendish
    * FOR MASOCHISTS ONLY -- A full-length solitaire scenario that you can
         play with friends... or by yourself!
    * and more!

    The GAME THEORY section will help you understand more fully how 
RINGWIELDER works and offers methods you can incorporate into your games to 
make them more interesting.  

Is shareware a good way to distribute role-playing games?  Your 
registration will let us know and will tell us whether or not to pursue 
shareware for releases of other of our game titles!

       SEND TO:  DREW SOFTWARE   PO BOX 101   JOPLIN, MO  64802
                       VISA/MASTERCARD ACCEPTED

                   Yes, I want to be a RINGWIELDER!

NAME: _____________________________________________ DATE: _________________

ADDRESS: _______________________________________________

CITY: _________________________ STATE: ______  ZIP: _______

PHONE: (________)___________-________________    SEX:  M  F

____  Please send me the COLLECTORS VERSION.  Enclosed is $35.

____  I don't want the collector's version, but I enjoy playing the
      game.  Enclosed is a $10 donation for official registration. 
      I ask that you add my name to your notification list for future

I acquired this program from: ___________________________________________

(If you like, you can include on a separate sheet a description of your 
current favorite character you're using... just for our reference.)

On a scale of 1-10 I rate RINGWIELDER a:  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9  10

                Please enclosed your check and mail to:

    DREW SOFTWARE   PO Box 101   Joplin MO  64802    (417)781-4248

                       MASTERCARD/VISA ACCEPTED

Payment by international money order or check drawn on a U.S. bank.  
Due to difficulty in processing, no checks drawn on a foreign bank, 
please.  Orders outside U.S. please add $5 shipping for collectors 
                        (please print clearly)

NAME: __________________________________________________________

ADDRESS: _______________________________________________________

CITY: ______________________ STATE: _______ ZIP: _______________

PHONE: (_____)_______-_______  PURCHASE DATE: _____/_____/______

I acquired this program from:___________________________________

              On a scale of 1-10, I rate this program a: 

                    1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9   10

I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the licensing agreement. I 
request to have my name added to your mailing list for future updates 
and information.  

___________________________________________ ___________________
signed                                      date

               Enclose your check for $10 and mail to:
              Dennis Drew  PO Box 101   Joplin, MO  64802
                       VISA/MASTERCARD accepted.

Payment by international money order or check drawn on a U.S. bank.  
Due to difficulty in processing, no checks drawn on a foreign bank, 

    Our programs are very easy to use.  You do not need an instruction 
manual to operate them.  However, the manual allows you to gain 
greater benefit from this program.  To get the manual, you must 
REGISTER with us.  We depend on your registration fee to continue 
operation.  Registration brings you: 
    1. Instruction manual.
    2. Call-in telephone support.
    3. Places you on our mailing list for notification of future 
    4. Usually brings you a more advanced version of the program.

    We will support you if you register; absolutely no support will be 
given to non-registered users.  

    In registering for our programs, the user agrees to abide by all 
articles and restrictions of this license. It is the responsibility of 
the purchaser to note the items of this license, and decide upon 
agreeability of its terms prior to the registration of the program.  

    This program is licensed, not sold. As such, the user/ 
purchaser has the right to use the program on a day-to-day basis, 
but recognizes the ownership of the program and all materials as 
belonging to Dennis Drew.

    This program is USER SUPPORTED.  You are encouraged to copy 
the SHAREWARE diskette and give it to your friends and acquaintences.  
You may use this program freely and distribute it as you wish.  
However, the following restrictions do apply: 
    1. You may not charge a fee for this program, other than for 
the cost of duplication.  
    2. You may not alter the program or supporting items in any 
manner, may not add to or remove items from the disk.  
    3. You may not copy or reproduce in any way the instruction manual 
that is available for this program. The instruction manual is provided 
to REGISTERED USERS ONLY.  Copying of this manual in any form is 
strictly forbidden.  If several copies of the manual are required, 
then a discount is provided on request.  
    4. Shareware companies must obtain a distribution license from the 

     It is the responsibility of the purchaser to decide upon 
usability and application of this program to his/her particular 
needs. Every effort has been made to insure the accuracy and 
reliability of this program. However, since the success of this 
program relies a great deal upon individual use and dedication to 
the use thereof, and the fact that this program is user copiable 
(thus limiting our control over what the end-user receives), 
We will not be held responsible for any results obtained from the 
direct or indirect use of this program nor does this program 
comply to the laws of merchantability of any state.  

     If the user/purchaser breaks any article of this agreement, 
all items pertaining to the program shall be returned to the 
publisher. This will not exclude any additional punitive damages 
incurred according to national and civil laws.  

     We are eager to support our customers. Technical 
assistance is available to REGISTERED USERS ONLY by calling 
(417)781-4248 Monday through Friday during the hours of 9am to 
     If your diskette is damaged in any way, return it to us along 
with $10.00 to cover cost of replacement. We will rush you a new 
     It is recognized that the purchaser is already bound by the terms 
of the LICENSING AGREEMENT enclosed with this package. This 
registration form serves two purposes: 
     1. To emphasize agreement with the terms of the license.
     2. To allow us to provide you with timely updates and information.  

                    Thank you for registering!

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #3008

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

GO-RING  COM      3257   9-02-92  11:28a
UNARC    COM     12242   4-27-87
RINGWLDR ARC    217877  10-06-92   2:19p
GO       BAT        38   4-01-92   7:38a
GO       TXT       693  10-02-92   6:27a
        5 file(s)     234107 bytes
                       86016 bytes free