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║          <<<<  PC-SIG Disk #3024  CHEMICAL FOR WINDOWS  >>>>            ║
║                                                                         ║
║ To read the installation instructions, type:  TYPE README.TXT  (Enter)  ║
║                                                                         ║
║ To print a copy of the registration form, type:                         ║
║                                   COPY REGISTER.TXT PRN  (press Enter)  ║
║                                                                         ║
║                                                                         ║
║                                         (c) Copyright 1992, PC-SIG Inc. ║


Readme file for Chemical for Windows Version 1.5
Installation of Chemical for Windows

  * Copy all disk files to a hard disk directory.

  * Use the New command in Windows to install WCHEM.EXE

  * Use the Change Icon option in the New command change
    the icon to WCHEM.ICO.


     9/9/92  Registration for CHEMICAL for Windows Version 1.50

     CHEMICAL for Windows is a Public Domain Program and should  
     not be sold for more than the distribution cost. The latest 
     version is available from the author. CHEMICAL for Windows 
     is written in Borlandc C++.

     The source code is available so users can modify the code.
     However, the source code is not public domain and should not
     be distributed.  
     This is a list of other programs that are available:

     CHEMICAL for DOS is similiar to CHEMICAL for Windows, but does
     not require a fast 386 or 486 computer. Atoms are selected
     from a Periodic Table (using the A command) and electron
     orbital information retrieved. The Atoms are then bonded
     (using the B command). The chemical is displayed as it is
     being constructed. The chemical can be viewed from different
     directions by using the up and down cursor keys and the V
     command. If desired the Hybrid and Ionize commands can be used
     to alter the orbitals before bonding. This program is written
     in Turbo PROLOG and requires a graphics monitor and 640 Kbytes 
     of RAM.
     CHEMVIEW for DOS is a companion program that shows 3-dimensional
     animation of the models generated with CHEMICAL. CHEMVIEW
     requires an EGA/VGA board and monitor. CHEMVIEW is written in
     Turbo PROLOG with the graphics routines written in Turbo C.
     CRYSTAL for DOS is companion program that places atoms on a
     lattice framework to form crystal structures. The structure is
     defined by a text file. A text editor is built into the
     program. The text file is converted to a image that is shown
     rotating in three dimensions. An EGA or VGA monitor is
     required. This program is written in Turbo PROLOG and uses
     the Turbo PROLOG Toolbox.
     BIOCHEM for DOS is a companion program that combines files made
     with CHEMICAL for DOS into larger molecules.  Chemical groups can
     be bonded together using Covalent, Ionic, Hydrogen, or Peptide
     bonds. BIOCHEM works with a CGA, EGA, or VGA monitor. This 
     program is written in Turbo PROLOG with subroutines in Turbo C.

     PLANETS computes information relating to the position,
     distance, magnitude, orbit view, skyview, etc. for the major
     planets, four minor planets, and  halley's comet on a specified
     date and time. Also, orbital data for any desired planet or
     comet can be entered and saved in a disk file. Skyview and
     orbital views can shown in  forward or backward motion. The moons
     for each planet can be displayed. This program requires a
     graphics display and 256K bytes of memory. The latest
     version is 4.1. This program is written in Turbo PASCAL version 

     5/16/92  Registration for CHEMICAL for Windows Version 1.42

     Larry Puhl
     6 Plum Court
     Sleepy Hollow, Ill. 60118


     CHEMICAL for WINDOWS                                $20    ____

     CHEMICAL for WINDOWS with Source Code               $30    ____

     CHEMICAL/CHEMVIEW/CRYSTAL/BIOCHEM with Source Code  $20    ____

     PLANETS with Source Code                            $10    ____

     Shipping outside of USA                              $5    ____
     (please send check drawn on US bank or cash)

                                                TOTAL           ____

     3 1/2 720 Kbytes disks  ___      5 1/4 360 Kbyte disks  ___

     (Future updates are half price)


     send to:   ______________________________________________





Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #3024

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

CHEMT    HLP     12701   1-07-92   7:37p
WCHEM    HLP     23174   8-27-92   6:21p
WCHEM    ICO       766   9-10-91   6:09p
PHE      AMI      2073   8-16-92   9:26a
VAL      AMI      1221   8-16-92   9:15a
SHEET2   AMI      2847   8-14-92   9:50p
README   TXT       291   9-09-92   8:40p
REGISTER TXT      3941   9-09-92   8:50p
WCHEM    EXE    256512   9-08-92   8:26p
H2       DAT       176   8-01-92  10:28p
C6H6     DAT      1892   8-01-92  10:30p
SHEET3   AMI      4079   8-14-92  10:02p
SHEET1   AMI      1630   8-14-92   9:01p
LEU      AMI      1611   8-16-92   9:09a
IIE      AMI      1614   8-16-92   9:09a
PRO      AMI      1153   8-16-92   9:12a
ALA      AMI       455   8-16-92   8:58a
TYR      AMI      2286   8-16-92   9:25a
TRP      AMI      2837   8-16-92   9:14a
GLY      AMI        80   8-15-92  10:24p
CYS      AMI       667   8-16-92   9:03a
MET      AMI      1052   8-16-92   9:11a
LYS      AMI      2016   8-16-92   9:10a
ARG      AMI      2543   8-16-92   9:00a
ASP      AMI       994   8-16-92   9:02a
GLU      AMI      1376   8-16-92   9:05a
ASN      AMI      1170   8-16-92   9:02a
GLN      AMI      1555   8-16-92  10:04a
HIS      AMI      1781   8-16-92   9:08a
SER      AMI       664   8-16-92   9:13a
THR      AMI      1272   8-16-92   9:13a
GO       BAT        38   1-31-91  12:58a
GO       TXT       926  11-04-92   9:29a
       33 file(s)     337393 bytes
                        8192 bytes free