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P.O. BOX 623  
916-284-7140 or 800-272-2252

			    Version 1.02

BIBLE VIEW CLIP ART is a unique collection of high quality
Biblical Clip Art for your Church and Christian ministry. Our
family business has brought to you some of the finest Pen and
Ink  line art available today, to enhance your current ministry.
The use of these works in your Sunday School, Bulletins,
Overhead Transparencies, News Letters, Vacation Bible School,
Posters, Letter Heads, Computer Multi-Media or Slide Show
Presentations are yours to use with the purchase of  BIBLE VIEW
CLIP ART. BIBLE VIEW CLIP ART has cataloged clip art in these

MAPS:  Various high quality maps of Bible regions. Follow the
foot steps  of the Old Testament Saints, Christ and the
Apostles. Great to use  on you overhead or class notes. Show the
location of the Isle of  Patmos when you teach the book of The

EGYPT:  Shows the dress and culture of Egypt during the times of
Moses.  Meet the mummy of Ramsee. Show your class examples of
Egyptian  hieroglyphics portraying a "Cupbearer" as found in the
story of  Joseph.

THE TEMPLE & TABERNACLE:  Examine accurate examples of the
ministry of the Temple from Solomon's to Herod's. Includes
Temple articles such as The Altar of Incense and the dress of
The High Priest.

are worth a 1,000 words. What better way to show  your
congregation or class what it was like to live in Bible Times. 

APOSTLES & CHRIST: Travel with the Apostles into all the world
as they spread the Gospel.  We have also included touching
portrayals of Christ ministry. These will  add the perfect touch
to your Sunday morning bulletins, or create your  own greeting

PAGANS:  See examples from ancient history of such things as the
false gods of the Bible. Great for Old Testament studies!
Accurate  pictures of the culture and life styles of ancient
Rome during the  time of Christ and the Apostles.

ARMY: From the military of the Assyrians, Egyptians, and Rome. A
great way to illustrate "The Whole Armor of God".

Included on both BVIEW1 and BVIEW2 disks are examples from each 
of the categories that we are presently offering. Feel free to
use  these samples and to distribute a copy of this Demo Disk to
your  friends and colleagues absolutely free of charge. When you
decided to purchase all or part of the BIBLE VIEW CLIP ART
LIBRARY see the Registration Form that is included on this disk.
Simply type ORDER.BAT and the Order Form will be printed to your

BIBLE VIEW CLIP ART V. 1.0 is only found in the .PCX format.
This popular graphics format is accepted by most of the popular
Graphics and Word  Processors programs today. 
I have found that there are many programs that will allow you to
view the files on the market today. Some of these are found in
your Share Ware library under GRAPHIC TOOLS/UTILITIES. 

The files have been scanned at 300 D.P.I. The quality of the picture  
depends on your printer. If you use a 9 pin printer the quality will 
fall off dramatically. I strongly recommend a 24 pin, ink jet, or laser  
printers for the best results.

To UNZIP the files simply type BVIEW1.EXE C:\DIR
DIR is any Dircetory that you desire the .PCX file to go to.



║            <<<<  PC-SIG Disk #3105 BIBLE VIEW CLIP ART >>>>             ║
║                                                                         ║
║ To Print the installation instructions, type;  PRT-DOC  (Enter)         ║
║                                                                         ║
║ To Print the order form, type;  COPY ORDER.FRM PRN  (Enter)             ║
║                                                                         ║
║                                        (c) Copyright 1992, PC-SIG Inc.  ║

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #3105

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 Directory of A:\

BVC-INFO DOC      3503   8-17-92  11:41a
BVIEW2   EXE    351893   8-17-92  10:36a
ORDER    BAT       114   5-28-92  10:44a
PRT-DOC  BAT       174   5-28-92   1:50p
ORDER    FRM      1706   8-19-92   9:23a
GO       TXT       770  10-03-92  12:28a
GO       BAT        31   6-04-92   2:25a
        7 file(s)     358191 bytes
                           0 bytes free