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Disk No: 3115                                                           
Disk Title: *Stellar Explorer 1 of 2 (also 3116)                        
PC-SIG Version: S1.0                                                    
Program Title: Stellar Explorer                                         
Author Version: 1.10                                                    
Author Registration: $15.00                                             
Special Requirements: 640K, EGA or VGA, and DOS 3.2 or later.           
In STELLAR EXPLORER is a science fantasy adventure game, with a twisting
plot and detailed graphical screens displaying the lay out of the area  
that is being explored.  In this adventure you are the captain of a star
ship that has just approached an alien space craft in a decaying orbit  
around a planet.  The engines have malfunctioned and you are sent over  
to help in its repairs.  As you move across the screen a portion of the 
star ship is displayed, showing the surrounding area, crew members, and 
alien creatures.  In STELLAR EXPLORER you will encounter everything that
you would expect in a science fiction mystery novel - control centers,  
air locks, cargo bays, locked and unlocked sliding doors, engine rooms, 
science labs, and other mysterious areas that can be found on levels    
that are "off-limits."  If you do not know what a certain object is you 
can point to it with the cursor to obtain a description.  Certain areas 
can not be found without having a map and a durable space suit.  Health 
and oxygen level will be your vital statistics.  Different types of     
scanners are available for detecting nearby objects and life forms - one
can never know what's hiding behind a corner.  And you will find that   
STELLAR EXPLORER has an extensive array of armour and weaponry, which   
will be needed when the situation becomes desperate.                    
This adventure of STELLAR EXPLORER is actually a mystery that needs to  
be solved, with underlying hidden plots that will unfold as you play the
game.  Throughout the game you can have interactive conversations with  
other aliens and your own crew members.  With aliens you will have to   
deal with their primitive English, or use a universal translater in     
order to communicate at all.  You can ask different questions, but watch
out!  The wrong question could put you in an embarrassing and even      
dangerous situation.  Some aliens will be friendly, others hostile, and 
others will behave friendly but secretly plot against you.  Most will be
indifferent and will regard your behaviour as quite strange.  But you   
will need to form your own judgement to determine who to trust, for what
you thought was an ordinary mundane mission will turn out to be quite a 
surprise -- who knows?  Perhaps an alien will hatch out of your stomach.
1030D East Duane Avenue                                                 
Sunnyvale  Ca. 94086                                                    
(408) 730-9291                                                          
(c) Copyright 1989 PC-SIG, Inc.                                         


General Operating Instructions for STELLAR EXPLORER v1.00

Copyright (c)1992 by Stephen J. Bigelow -- Dynamic Learning Systems
                     P.O. Box 805, Marlboro, MA 01752

   The following ASCII text file is intended to supply basic operating 
instructions to STELLAR EXPLORER for the general shareware population.  This
is, by no means, a comprehensive instruction.  To receive a complete, fully
illustrated "User's Manual and Operations Guide", as well as the very latest
edition of STELLAR EXPLORER, you must register this software.  This can be
done by sending your $15 registration fee to Dynamic Learning Systems, P.O. Box
805, Marlboro, MA 01752.  The README_1.DOC file explains registration in more

1.	Moving your character -
   You are represented by a single brown circle with a green outline.  Your 
character always remains in the center of the Overhead View Screen.  You
move your character using the number keypad on your keyboard.  The Number
Lock (or 'Num Lock') indicator must be lit for the keypad to be active.
The number position on the keypad corresponds to the direction of movement.
For example, the number 4 moves your character to the left, while the number 9 
moves your character right AND up, and so on.  Other characters are represented
by bright green circles.

2.	Talking to other characters - 
   Press the 'c' key on your keyboard.  A green box will appear over your
character.  Use the number keypad to position the green box over the 
desired character.  Press the 'c' key AGAIN to initiate speech.  You may
speak to any character as many times as you wish.  Some characters may ask
you questions, allow you to ask questions, or engage you in trade during the
course of your conversation.  Talking is often a prime source of valuable
clues and information that will help you resolve the game's senerio.

3.	Scanning - 
   Press the 's' key on your keyboard.  A red box will appear over your
character.  Use the number keypad to position the red box over the desired
item, terrain, or character.  Press the 's' key AGAIN to initiate a scan.
All items and terrain will be identified.  This is a powerful and useful
function.  Feel free to use it generously.

4.	Setting a target - 
   During instances of combat, you must specify a target before you are able to
fire a weapon.  Press the 't' key on your keyboard.  A red box will appear over
your character.  Use the number pad to position the red box over the desired
character.  Press the 't' key again.  The red box will become a small white 
box over the desired target.  If you move out of visual range of the target,
it must be reset once the target comes back into sight.  New targets may be
selected at any time.  Press the <SPACE BAR> to fire the selected weapon.

5.	Drop Item - 
   Drop Item serves two functions:
a> it allows you to drop any item in your posession.
b> it allows you to SELL any of your items to another character.

   Press the 'd' key on your keyboard.  A listing of your posessions will
be scrolled through the text box.  If you do NOT wish to drop the item shown,
press 'n' for no, otherwise, press 'y' for yes.  If you change your mind or
pass by a desired item, press 'esc'.  This cancels the mode and lets you start
   To sell an item, walk OVER the desired character, then press the 'd' key
on the keyboard.  The selling sequence will engage automatically.  Remember
that the character you try to sell to may not want the item you wish to sell.

6.	Pickup Item -
   Pickup Item serves two functions:
a> it allows you to pick up any item available in your loaction.
b> it allows you to BUY an item from another character.

   Press the 'p' key on your keyboard.  A listing of available items to
pick up will be scrolled through the text box.  If you do NOT wish to pick
up the item shown, press 'n' for no, otherwise, press 'y' for yes.  If you 
change your mind or pass by a desirable item, press the 'esc' key.  This
cancels the mode and lets you start again.
   To buy an item, walk OVER the desired character, then press the 'p' key
on the keyboard.  The buying sequence will begin automatically.  Remember
that the character you try to buy from may not wish to sell you the items
you want.

7.	Use an Item - 
   This is the most interactive control of the game.  Its effect depends on
just what object you wish to use.  To USE an item, press the 'u' key on the 
keyboard.  A listing of items in your posession will scroll through the 
text box.  If you do NOT wish to use a item displayed, press 'n' for no,
otherwise, press 'y' for yes.  If you are able to use the selected item,
it will be utilized, and a confirmation note will appear in the text box.
If you are unable to use the selected item, a warning note will appear in
the text box.
   The illustrated User's Manual for STELLAR EXPLORER contains a fully
detailed description of how to use all the items in this game.  You can obtain 
a User's Manual by registering this shareware product as outlined in the 
README_1.DOC file.

8.	VAS System - 
   The VAS (Visual Augmentation System) allows you to see an extended layout
of the terrain.  It also displays icons of important items when you use them.
The VAS may be toggled on and off by pressing the 'v' key on the keyboard.

9.	Viewing your items - 
   You can review your current posessions at any time by pressing the 'i' key 
on your keyboard.  This activates the Item List function.  You may have up to
16 items at any one time.  Items that are picked up or bought are added to
this list, and items that are dropped or sold are removed from this list.

10.	Identifying the terrain - 
   You can call up a map listing at any time by pressing the 'm' key on your
keyboard.  This presents an illustrated index of the various parts seen in
the overhead view screen.

11.	File Options -
   You can access file options at any time by pressing the 'f' key on your
keyboard.  Once the File Option screen appears, you may perform several
different activities:
   1.	Save the current game in progress and continue.
   2.	Recall the saved game and continue from there.
   3.   Save the current game, then exit to DOS.
   9.   Start a brand new game (erasing any saved game), then continue.
   Q.   Quit and return to DOS right there without saving.

Feel free to direct any questions or comments to Stephen J. Bigelow - Dynamic
Learning Systems, P.O. Box 805, Marlboro, MA 01752.


General Addendum and Correcting Notes for STELLAR EXPLORER 

Copyright (c)1992 by Stephen J. Bigelow -- Dynamic Learning Systems
                     P.O. Box 805, Marlboro, MA 01752


     *                                                                  *
     *    Thanks to my Beta-Test Sites:                                 *
     *                                                                  *
     *    Mr. David Reader     (Massachusetts)                          *
     *    Mr. David Pais       (Massachusetts)                          *
     *    Mr. Russel Brown     (Massachusetts)                          *
     *                                                                  *
     *    And my special thanks to Mr. Steven Hodell (KA1RCI)           *
     *    (Rhode Island)                                                *
     *                                                                  *


STELLAR EXPLORER:The Drosi Encounter
(c)1992 by Stephen J. Bigelow

   A mysterious alien vessel is trapped in a decaying orbit.  Your mission to
rescue the crippled spacecraft becomes a desperate race to discover their
sinister secret -- STELLAR EXPLORER is an intelligent, highly interactive
science-fiction role-playing experience combining action, mystery, and
adventure with a rich, intriguing plot that will keep you spellbound for
many hours.  Talk to alien crew members, pickup and use various items and 
equipment, review clues, buy and sell items, and so much more !  An intuitive
keyboard user interface, high-quality, full-color graphics compatible with EGA/
VGA systems.  Hard drive required.

*  If you have not yet registered this product and received a complete
manual, these notes will help you to install the game on your computer.
Please remember to register your product immediately !!

   STELLAR EXPLORER must be installed on a hard drive.  It requires 640
k of RAM, EGA or VGA graphics, and will work with IBM or 100% IBM
compatible machines using MS-DOS 3.2 or later.

   STELLAR EXPLORER comes with a complete installation system called
INSTALL.EXE which is located on the Environment Generator disk.  This
system checks your graphics hardware before installation, provides 
shareware credits and information, then performs a full installation
from your specified floppy drive to your specified hard drive.  You can
even specify the desired game directory.

   To install the adventure, be sure the Environment Generator disk
is secured in floppy drive A, then type

	A:     then <ENTER>

   If you are using floppy drive B, then type

	B:     then <ENTER>

   After your floppy drive is selected, type

	INSTALL      then <ENTER>

   The installation procedure should load and execute automatically.
Read ALL information CAREFULLY, and follow the installation prompts to
guide your way.  When installation is complete, the game should be 
ready to play !

Environment Generator UPGRADE TO V.1.10:
   The original software release for the Environment Generator (v.1.00) 
has been replaced with an updated revision (v.1.10) in January, 1992.  This 
will now be the standard release issue of STELLAR EXPLORER.  
   It was updated primarily to correct an oversite which caused very long text
delays in the Main Overhead View Box, and the Text Que Box.  This correction
also gave us the opportunity to polish several other minor points (see the
Index of Engineering Revisions below).
   Since the software has been revised so soon after initial release, all
registered units currently in the field will be upgraded immediately 
instead of waiting for the release of a new adventure database.  This disk
set should contain the v.1.10 Environment Generator.

*  If you know any non-registered players who have not been upgraded to v.1.10,
they may return their old version disks with their registration fee to receive
a new set of disks, and a complete, illustrated manual.  This will register
their software, and place them on the list for any such upgrades in the

Trademarks and Servicemarks:
IBM (R) is a registered trademark of International Business Machines 
Microsoft (R) and MS-DOS (R) are registered trademarks of Microsoft
NEC (R) and PowerMate (R), are registered trademarks of NEC Corporation.
MultiSync (R) is a registered trademark of NEC Technologies, Inc.

v.1.00 -- original release version of STELLAR EXPLORER dated 11-91.
          Developed on an NEC PowerMate SX/20 386, 20 MHz system
          with MS-DOS 3.3, and using an NEC JC-1401P3A MultiSync Monitor.

v.1.10 -- upgraded release dated 1-2-92.
       a) The Environment Generator was adjusted to correct a terribly
          long delay in the text generator routines.  This flaw surfaced
          on slower, non-NEC machines, and appeared as if the program had
          hung-up.  Adjustments appeared to correct the problem nicely.
       b) A minor correction was made to the .TIL loading routine to skip
          an unused image block.
       c) Removed unused math.h include file.
       d) Revised version header text to reflect v.1.10.
       e) Added text to indicate program is loading...intended to guide
          owners of slow machines.  Complete loading can still take up to 
	  60 sec on an IBM XT running at 4.77 MHz.
       f) Added epilog text to thank player, remind registration, and 
          provide an on-line address for Dynamic Learning Systems.



                           STELLAR EXPLORER  v1.00
                 Copyright (c) 1992 by Stephen J. Bigelow
        Dynamic Learning Systems, P.0. Box 805, Marlboro, MA 01752

     Stellar Explorer is a "Shareware" product offering a mix of science
fiction, mystery, and adventure.  Since this is a shareware product, you
probably obtained this software through a friend, a bulletin board, or through
one of the many reputible shareware distribution organizations across the
country.  As an owner of this shareware, you are expected to pay a one-time
registration fee of $15.00 dollars ($20.00 for foreign registrations) to:

          Stephen J. Bigelow -- Dynamic Learning Systems
          P.O. Box 805, Marlboro, MA 01752

     Money orders and your personal checks are gladly accepted (Please make
payment in US currency, but do NOT send cash).

     Your registration fee entitles you to use this software on a single
computer, and to make as many backup copies as you wish.  If you give a 
copy of Stellar Explorer to a friend, they are also expected to pay a 
registration fee before using the software.

     Upon receipt of your registration fee, you will receive a complete,
illustrated Stellar Explorer User's Manual, and disk(s) containing the latest 
version of the game.  You will also receive a listing and description of other
adventures in the Stellar Explorer library.  Each new adventure will be
available (complete with illustrated documentation) for only $15.00 dollars 
($20 for foreign purchases). Whenever a new adventure is purchased, registered
owners will receive the latest version of the Stellar Explorer Environment
Generator Disk absolutely FREE !!

     Registered owners will be kept informed of new benefits as they become

     For your convenience, an "invoice" for your registration fee is included
below.  You may print this entire file on your printer using the DOS print
command -- for example:

C:\print readme_1.doc    <ENTER>

     Once the file is printed, simply cut out the invoice, fill it out
completely, and return it to Stephen J. Bigelow -- Dynamic Learning Systems.

|                                                                             |
|        SHAREWARE REGISTRATION INVOICE				(00101)	      |
|									      |
|     Remit to:		Stephen J. Bigelow				      |
|        		Dynamic Learning Systems			      |
|			P.O. Box 805,					      |
|			Marlboro, MA 01752				      |
| (Please PRINT)							      |
|									      |
|     Name:_____________________________________________________________      |
|                First                   MI                Last               |
|									      |
|     Address:__________________________________________________________      |
|									      |
|	      __________________________________________________________      |
|									      |
|     Telephone (evening): (_____)-______________________ (optional)          |
|									      |
|     How did you hear about Stellar Explorer ?				      |
|     ( ) Friend    ( ) Shareware Network    ( ) Shareware Distributor	      |
|                       _________________        _____________________        |
|     ( ) Other 							      |
|         ____________________________________________________________        |
|									      |
|									      |
|     (  ) Please enter my registration as a shareware owner of 	      |
|          Stellar Explorer.  My check or money order for $15 is	      |
|          enclosed.  I understand that this software is for an IBM           |
|          or IBM-compatible computer running MS-DOS 3.2 or later.	      |
|									      |
|     Please provide diskettes in the following format:			      |
|     (  ) 5.25"  double sided - double density	 (360 k)*		      |
|     (  ) 5.25"  double sided - high density	 (1.2 M)		      |
|     (  ) 3.5"   double density    (740 k)     			      |
|     (  ) 3.5"   high density      (1.4 M)				      |
|									      |
|									      |
|     Your Signature:___________________________________ Date:___________     |
|									      |
|									      |
|     (  ) I WANT MY NAME UP IN LIGHTS !  Please send information about       |
|          submitting a new plot for a Stellar Explorer adventure.            |
|									      |
|     (  ) I am interested in becomming a Beta Test Site for new Stellar      |
|          Explorer Adventures and other Dynamic Learning Systems software.   |
|          Please send details and application information.                   |
|									      |
|     (  ) I would be interested in receiving a bi-monthly or quarterly       |
|          Stellar Explorer or science fiction magazine containing short      |
|          stories, science fiction art, news for science fiction enthusiasts,|
|          etc.  Please send information.**				      |

*  This is the default format of Stellar Explorer adventures.  If a disk 
        format is not specified, the adventure will be provided on 5.25"
	double-sided/double-density diskettes.

** Author's note:  At this time, there is no science fiction magazine currently
	available.  If there is enough interest and participation to produce
	a quality periodical, it may be offered on a test-run basis as a
	low-cost benefit to registered owners, and at a 'normal' subscription
	rate to the general public.  Your comments and feedback would be
	very much appreciated.

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README_1 DOC      5986  12-07-91   1:23p
INSTRUCT DOC      6560  11-29-91   7:05p
NOTES    DOC      6372   1-07-92   7:30p
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