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PC-SIG Diskette Library (Disk #3159)

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        Installing Above & Beyond 2.1 is Easy

Summary of Steps:

1. Run a:Install
2. Add a Program Item icon
3. Start Above & Beyond
4. Access on-line Help by pressing Alt+H or F1 from Above & Beyond


The installation process allows you to select where you would like
to put Above & Beyond files. The directory you name will be created
if it doesn't already exist, and the files will be copied from the
diskette to this target directory.

Step 1: Insert the Above & Beyond diskette into drive A:. From the
Windows Program Manager, Select Run from the File pull-down menu and


Step 2:  Create a program item icon in the program group of your
choice, eg. Windows Applications. From the Program Manager, select
File, and choose New. Select Program Item. As a description, you
might type in your name, and for the command line, state the path
and program file:


Alternatively, you can also specify a datafile name, such as:

	c:\ab\AB.exe Bill

The default extension is .PAK. When you omit the datafile name, 
the name used is TimeData.PAK. 

Step 3: Start Above & Beyond by double-clicking on the icon.

   Installing Above & Beyond for a LAN Workgroup

Install Above & Beyond on each PC as described above, but designate
in the command line a data path on the server. Designate an unique  
directory for each user's data file. For example:

c:\AB\AB.exe  j:\KIM\Kim.pak

Also refer to the Above & Beyond on-line Help for additional info
on workgroup use.

Above & Beyond Technical Support from 1Soft Corp.
	707/987-0256 voice Mon-Fri 8:00am - 4:00pm (Pacific time)
	707/987-3150 FAX (24 hours)
	CompuServe 71240,1625

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #3159

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

README   TXT      1878   1-14-93   4:22p
INSTALL  EXE     22016  11-25-92  10:29p
AB       EX_    152587   1-14-93   9:17a
AB       HL_     78673   1-15-93  12:50p
SAMPLE   NBK       549  12-16-92  10:12p
SAMPLE   PAK      3486  11-04-92   1:18p
WORKTOOL LST        72  12-16-92  10:24p
NB       EX_     35892  12-20-92  10:01a
NB       HL_     10860   1-14-93   6:03p
COMMDLG  DL_     49076  12-18-91   2:40p
ABWIN    LST       143  12-22-92   1:57p
GO       BAT       791   2-10-93  12:38a
       12 file(s)     356023 bytes
                           0 bytes free