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PC-SIG Diskette Library (Disk #3163)

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Format 360K floppy in drive A format a: /4
Format 720K floppy in drive B format b:/n:9/t:80
Format floppy in drive A      format a:
Format/name floppy in drive A format a: /v
Format floppy in drive B      format b:
Format/name floppy in Drive B format b: /v
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README.TXT - Information on installing and using the DataShooter

Program Description:

DataShooter is a memory resident utility that pops up when you hit the
"hot key" you assign to it.  While the DataShooter is visible, you can 
use the mouse or the cursor keys to "point" to a data item.  DataShooter
will then "shoot" selected fields from the selected item into your DOS

For example, you may need to send a letter to one of your sales representatives.
You could search through a file or binder for the address and then type it
into the letter and the envelope.  With DataShooter, you simply hit the 
"hot key", select the salesperson with your mouse, and "click".  DataShooter
will type the person's name and address for you - with no typing errors!

You can use DataShooter with ANY of your DOS based programs that run in 
character mode (accounting packages, wordprocessors, spreadsheets, database
programs, etc.).  This version of DataShooter is NOT compatible with the
WINDOWS graphics based operating system but DOES work quite well with 
Quarterdeck's DESQview windowing system.

DataShooter runs under DOS 3.0 or above.  A hard disk, mouse, and expanded
memory are recommended but NOT required.


DO NOT SIMPLY COPY THE FILES TO YOUR DISK.  Place disk1 in either drive
"a" or "b" and then type:  

a:install <Enter> (for drive "a") OR
b:install <Enter> (for drive "b").

The installation program will check your hard disk(s) to make sure you have
room for DataShooter and then will guide you through the installation.  The 
default directory for DataShooter is "C:\DSHOOTER", but you can rename it if
you desire.


DataShooter has a comprehensive on-line Help system (just press F1 while
DataShooter is visible).  For a printed copy of this information, type the 
following at the DOS prompt:

print c:\dshooter\shooter.man

For a bound 118 page manual, simply register with Viking Systems!

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #3163

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

DISK_LST 1         311   7-14-92   3:00p
README   BAT        25   7-14-92   2:59p
README   TXT      2018   7-14-92   2:19p
SHOOTER  EXE    100576   7-07-92   4:20p
SHOOTER  HLT     54716   7-07-92  12:14p
SHOOTER  HLO      8668   7-07-92  12:14p
SHOOTER  HLI       440   7-07-92  12:14p
INSTALL  EXE     84574   5-23-92   2:18p
S_FILES  LST       298   5-12-92  10:00a
S_FILES  CFG       217   5-12-92  10:00a
S_AGENT  EXE      5004   5-12-92  10:00a
SPEC_CHR LST       767   5-12-92  10:00a
SPEC_CHR CFG       170   5-12-92  10:00a
SHOOTER  CFG       213   1-19-93  12:03a
SALESMEN LST      1004   5-12-92  10:00a
SALES3   CFG       784   5-12-92  10:00a
SALES2   CFG       795   5-12-92  10:00a
SALES1   CFG       776   5-12-92  10:00a
DOS_HELP TXT       425   5-12-92  10:00a
DOS_HELP CFG       219   5-12-92  10:00a
COLRSHOT CFG       214   5-12-92  10:00a
B_WSHOT  CFG       213   5-12-92  10:00a
AREACODE LST     14842   5-12-92  10:00a
AREACOD1 LST     14841   5-12-92  10:00a
AC_STATE CFG       313   5-12-92  10:00a
AC_CODE  CFG       312   5-12-92  10:00a
GO       BAT       140   1-19-93  12:29a
SHOW     EXE      2040   9-12-88  10:48a
       28 file(s)     294915 bytes
                       12288 bytes free