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Alien Force is a simple "blast everything that moves" game for Windows 3.0.
It was inspired by fond (albeit vague) memories of an old TRS-80 game called
"Attack Force", which I found very addictive.  I've tried to capture at least
some of the essence of that game here.

To install it, copy the files AFORCE.EXE and AFORCE.HLP to a directory on your
hard disk, then use New Program Item in the Files menu of the Program Manager
to install Alien Force in one of your program group windows.

When you start the game, the playing grid will be displayed, with your ship
in the lower right corner and a row of evil dudes along the top row.  The
arrow keys move your ship.  The "S" key (or the number-pad "5" key when NUM-
LOCK is on) stops your ship, and the "R" key reverses its direction.  The
space bar fires a missile (you can fire only one at a time).

You will receive 100 points for each ship you destroy.  Each time you wipe out
all of the enemy ships, you ascend to the next level of play (and receive a
sizeable quantity of bonus points).  Don't dilly-dally -- your score decreases
as time goes by with no enemy ships hit.

At each higher level, the game becomes a little bit faster and the enemy a
little bit smarter.  A few surprises await, too.

If you spot any bugs, or wish to make any comments or suggestions, please
write to me!  You can reach me on GEnie (R.EPPS), CompuServe (72560,3353),
BIX (repps), or Prodigy (GPKT94A).  Or write to me at:

             Robert Epps
             208 Preble Drive #E
             Tustin, CA  92680-3743


Daleks by John Wu and Walter Wu

This zipped file includes the following:

	Daleks.exe	windows game
	readme.txt	this file

Daleks is a Windows 3.0 game which will
only run in standard or enhance mode.
This program was developed using Microsoft
Visual Basic, so the Visual Basic run-time
file (VBRUN100.DLL) is required.

Instructions on how to play are included
in the help menu of the program.


║          <<<<  PC-SIG Disk #3218 Windows Arcade Games II  >>>>          ║
║  To start a game, type:  WIN [name of program]  (press Enter).          ║
║                                                                         ║
║  The names of the programs on this disk are AFORCE, BANGBANG, DALEKS,   ║
║  STARBASE, MISSLE and BITMAP (the game of Hex Tetris).                  ║
║                                                                         ║
║  Each of these program can also be run using the RUN command in the     ║
║  program manager for Windows.                                           ║
║                                                                         ║
║                                                                         ║
║                                           Copyright 1992, PC-SIG, Inc.  ║


                          ++ STARBASE v1.00 ++


I wrote Starbase for my son, when he was 10 years old.  The game is
based on Missile Command, that runs on the Macintosh.  Starbase is a
simple game that younger children (3-10) will enjoy.  Even adults might 
find it relaxing, occasionally.  It teaches kids Windows concepts like 
pull down menus and dialog boxes, and it builds eye-hand coordination.  
Most importantly, though, it is fun.


Copy STARBASE.EXE and WIN87EM.EXE from the floppy disk to the Windows 
directory on your hard disk.


From the MS-DOS Excecutive, double click on STARBASE.EXE to execute 
Starbase.  When the Starbase window appears, you are ready to play.  

Along the bottom of the main window you will see a group of boxes, which 
are supposed to be buildings.  The three ellipses supported by legs are 
"laser cannons" that protect the starbase.  The score, energy level, and 
number of missiles destroyed are shown below the main window.  The 
cursor will be a "gunsight" when it is in the main Starbase window. 

Select a skill level from the "Skill" menu.  Then, select "Start" from 
the Game menu.  Hostile aliens begin attacking with "quantam disruptor" 
missiles.   The missiles with vapor trails will begin to fall from the 
sky.  Your job is to save the starbase by destroying them before they 
land and explode.  You do this by positioning your gunsight over a 
missile and pushing the mouse button to fire the nearest laser cannon.  
Do this as fast as you can to avoid being decimated by the aliens.  Good 

++Automatic Mode

Starbase will run by itself as an idle program if you select "Automatic" 
from the "Game" menu.  This is very useful to keep your computer out of 
trouble when you aren't using it.  You can play in automatic mode, but 
Starbase won't notify you when the game is over.  It just starts a new 


No support is needed, offered, or available.  Please feel free to MAIL 
me your comments or suggestions about Starbase, though.


Starbase is copyrighted "shareware" software.  Besides the many hours of 
work that went into Starbase, a lot of expensive hardware and software 
was required to develop it.  Please copy  it and distribute it to your 
friends, enemies, and anyone else who might like it.  You can try out 
Starbase for free.  If you use it more than just to try it out, you are 
obligated to pay a minimal fee, $10, for it.   Send payment to:

Waid Reynolds
12448 83rd Ave S
Seattle WA 98178

If you can't afford $10, send what you can.

If there is enough response from Starbase version 1.00 to indicate 
interest in an improved version of the game, a more challenging one will 
be forthcoming.

Waid Reynolds, 11/89

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #3218

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

AFORCE   EXE     34816  11-09-90   1:23p
AFORCE   HLP      2880  11-09-90  12:56p
AFORCE   TXT      1583  11-09-90  12:24p
BANGBANG EXE     73216  10-19-90   2:14p
BANGBANG HLP     16594  10-19-90   3:13p
DALEKS   EXE     46078   8-13-91  12:08a
DALEKS   TXT       445   8-13-91  12:15a
STARBASE EXE     28448  11-08-90  11:51p
WIN87EM  EXE     11331  11-08-90  11:51p
STARBASE TXT      2835  12-02-89   7:30p
MISSILE  EXE     86720   4-05-92   3:25p
GO       BAT        31   6-04-92   2:25a
BITMAP   EXE     19968  10-25-90   1:07p
GO       TXT      1078   1-01-80   4:41a
MISSILE  WRI      3584   4-02-92   7:48p
       15 file(s)     329607 bytes
                       25600 bytes free