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PC-SIG Diskette Library (Disk #3263)

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 Name _______________________________

 Address ____________________________

 City __________________ State ______ ZIP _________

 Circle largest density disk you can use:

	 3 1/2 inch 1.44 megabytes       3 1/2 inch 720k

	 5 1/4 inch 1.2  megabytes       5 1/4 inch 360k

 Optional, circle what type of equipment you have"

	 286     386     486     586 <-- whatever Intel calls it

	 VGA     Super VGA     1024 by 768

 Optional, received game from:  ____________________

	   Circle what type of distribution it is

     BBS     Shareware Library     CD ROM     Book

 Enclose $26 plus $3 (foreign orders $5) for shipping and handling.
 U.S. Funds Only.  Make checks payable to Carr Software.
 Your payment registers your shareware game and purchases the commercial
 series of Capture the Flag games.

 Mail to:  Carr Software
	   P.O. Box 3919
	   Merced, CA 95344-1919  (this address will always be valid)

 Orders only: (800) 487-9231     Tech Support: (209) 383-9231

 Orders are mailed First Class.  Most are shipped within 24 hours.


     Dash through verdant woodlands, jump over gushing streams, climb rail
fences and race through farm fields as you search for the opposing team's
flag in a desperate race to capture their flag before they capture yours. 
Analyze your defensive team's skills, develop their tactics, then deploy
them in natural cover to intercept and capture the opposition raiders.
      Choose between running, walking, crawling, or just a standing search
as lookout.  Enjoy the suspense and sounds (supports Adlib and Sound
Blaster) of battle.  All of this action takes place on a huge, beautifully
detailed playing field in gorgeous HIGH resolution VGA (640 by 480 in 16
colors), with synchronized sound and great animation. 
     Took 2,600+ hours to create this commercial quality, landmark game. 
Extensive play testing has resulted in comprehensive help popups that make
this new kind of strategy game remarkably quick to learn.  Can play
against the computer (strong artificial intelligence) or a friend.  
     REQUIREMENTS: 530,000 free bytes, a 286 or above, and VGA.

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #3263

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

CAPTURE  EXE    142151   8-19-92   6:19a
CAPTURE  BIN    184039   8-18-92  11:10a
README   TXT      1079   8-19-92   7:08p
ORDER    TXT      1153   8-17-92  11:32a
CAPTURE  ICO       766   8-18-92   5:53p
PREVIEW  EXE      7317   4-08-91  10:01a
GO       BAT       117  12-15-92  12:08p
        7 file(s)     336622 bytes
                       21504 bytes free