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               Information about foreign orders:

If we don't have a distributor in your area,  you can order by credit
card (Mastercard or Visa) by calling 314-256-3130 (orders only).


Go to your local post office and get an international postal money order
(made out in U.S. funds) and mail it with your order.  We can ship anywhere
in the world,  but you need to add $2 extra postage & handling.


Many of our products can be ordered online at Compuserve -- just GO SE.


FOR FASTEST RESULTS -- Contact one of our distributors:


In the U.S.A.:
   Epic MegaGames
   10406 Holbrook Drive
   Potomac, MD 20854 U.S.A.

   Or call 1-800-972-7434 (Orders only)


In Canada:
   Distant Markets
   Box 1149
   194 - 3803 Calgary Trail
   Edmonton, AB Canada T6J 5M8

   Phone: 1-800-661-7383 (We also speak French)  Fax: 1-403-435-0928

   Canadian Pricing:  (Prices include shipping and tax)
      Jill of the Jungle           $42 Canadian
      Drum Blaster                 $42
      Castle of the Winds          $35
      Original ZZT (All 4 volumes) $35
      Super ZZT  (All three games) $35
      Both Original & Super ZZT    $50


In the U.K.:

Nildram Software
82 Akeman Street
HP23 6AF

Phone/Fax: 0442 890303   BBS: 0494-431861

   Cheques should be made payable to Nildram Software,  or use your MasterCard
   (Access) or VISA.  Registered users are entitled to lifetime support and
   will be kept informed of all new releases from Epic MegaGames.

   UK Prices:
      Drum Blaster  19.95 pounds + VAT
      Jill          19.95 pounds + VAT
      Castle        17.95 pounds + VAT
      ZZT           15.00 pounds + VAT
      Super ZZT     18.00 pounds + VAT
      ZZT & SZZT    25.00 pounds + VAT


In Germany:

   Ettlingerstr. 5
   7500 Karlsuhe 1

   Phone: 0721-22295  Fax: 0721-21314  Compuserve: 100022,274

   German pricing:

      Jill of the Jungle     DM 59,
      Drum Blaster           DM 59,
      Castle of the Winds    DM 49,


In Australia:

   PO Box 496
   Newtown NSW 2042

   Phone (02) 519-4233  Fax (02) 516-4236

   Australian pricing: (Includes shipping)

      Jill of the Jungle    $49 (Australian)
      Drum Blaster          $49
      Castle of the Winds   $49

   Payment can be made by Cheque, Money Order, Bankcard, Mastercard, or Visa.



║            <<<<  PC-SIG Disk #3265 CASTLE OF THE WINDS   >>>>           ║
║                        Disk 2 of 2 (also #3264)                         ║
║  To print installation instructions, type: COPY INSTALL.DOC PRN (Enter) ║
║                                                                         ║
║  To print the order form, type:  COPY ORDER.DOC PRN  (press Enter)      ║
║                                                                         ║
║  To unzip the files to your hard disk, insert disk 1 (#3264) and        ║
║  type:  PKUNZIP CASTLE [hard drive:\subdirectory]  (press Enter)        ║
║                                                                         ║
║  Then insert disk 2 (#3265) and copy all the files to the hard disk     ║
║  by typing:  COPY *.* [hard drive:\subdirectory]  (press Enter)         ║
║                                                                         ║
║  To start the game, switch to the hard drive and the subdirectory,      ║
║  then type:  WIN CASTLE  (press Enter)                                  ║
║                                                                         ║
║                                                                         ║
║                                        (c) Copyright 1993, PC-SIG Inc.  ║


Castle of the Winds uses CommDlg.DLL, the Windows Common Dialogs DLL.
If you are running Win 3.1, you already have a copy and can delete
the one that comes with Castle.  If you are running 3.0, you may
already have a copy in your Windows System directory if you've
installed another application that uses this DLL.  If you don't have
the file, or if the version shipped with Castle is more recent, you
should copy this file to your System directory.

Once this is done you can then use the File-Run command in the
Program Manager to launch Castle (if you placed it somewhere on 
your path), or you can setup up an icon that points to where you 
copied the program.

Have Fun!


             -- Thanks for ordering from Epic MegaGames --

Use Write to print this file then mail it to:

                            Epic MegaGames
                            10406 Holbrook Drive
                            Potomac, MD 20854

          or call our toll-free ordering line at 1-800-972-7434 
                  (this number is for orders only!)

========================== Please Rush Me: ==============================

[ ]  Castle of the Winds -- Fantasy role-playing for Microsoft
     Windows 3.0 or later (Two immense game worlds) ($25)..... __$25.00__

[ ]  Jill of the Jungle (3 worlds of 256-color action!)....... __________
     Requires at least an 80286 and CGA/EGA/VGA. ($30)

[ ]  Drum Blaster: Play room-shaking sound effects and music
     on your PC (Sound Blaster required!) ($30) .............. __________

[ ]  ZZT (The Original): Four game worlds ($24)............... __________
[ ]  Super ZZT: Proving Grounds, Forest, Zoo ($24)............ __________
     [Note: ZZT is a tremendously fun game with so-so graphics]

               Shipping & Handling (Foreign add $2 extra)..... __$2.00___

                       Maryland residents MUST add 5% tax..... __________

                                                Total enclosed __________

IMPORTANT! Circle disk size:  5.25   AND   High Density
                               3.5         Low Density

CPU: 8088  286  386  486    Graphics:  CGA  EGA  VGA  Mono

Is this your first order from Epic MegaGames?   YES   NO

          Name: _______________________________________________

       Address: _______________________________________________

  City, ST Zip: ___________________________________ Phone: _________________

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As an Epic MegaGames customer, you get a 30-day complete satisfaction gurantee,
fast shipping,  and up-to-date news of all our new releases.  Thanks!


To All Sysops,

    Here is Castle of the Winds:  Epic MegaGames brings you the first fantasy
role-playing adventure game for Windows 3.0.  Isn't it about time that a
Windows game came along that's more than Tic-Tac-Toe or Blackjack?

     Epic MegaGames is looking for a few great BBS's to become official Epic
MegaGames release points.  How would you like to have the popular Epic file
area on your board?  This is a great way to attract users to your system!

     If you are interested, please get in touch.  Be the first in your
area to get in on this opportunity and have your file area in place when
the big Epic rush starts -- with the release of Jill of the Jungle,
KiloBlaster, and Drum Traker.  (These are HOT products!)

PLEASE WRITE TO:         OR CALL The Runway BBS       Compuserve:
Epic MegaGames           (Join conference # 33)       70451,633
ATTN: Release Points     215-623-6203 (2400 Baud)          
10406 Holbrook Drive     215-623-6103 (38.4K HST)     Internet:
Potomac, MD 20854        215-622-7563 (38.4K V.32)    70451.633.compuserve.com

   Thank you for working with Epic MegaGames.

                                        Tim Sweeney


                            For Shareware Vendors


                            CASTLE OF THE WINDS
                     For Microsoft Windows 3.0 or later

              By Rick Saada  *  Published by Epic MegaGames

 The challenge of Fantasy Role-Playing meets the quality of Microsoft Windows

   Epic MegaGames brings you Castle of the Winds,  a fantasy role playing game
created by Rick Saada.  Your quest begins with A Question of Vengeance, as you
try to discover the secret of your mysterious past, and why is has proven so
deadly to those you love.  It then continues with Lifthransir's Bane, as you
attempt to vanquish the dark forces of evil which plague the land and are
after your life!

   Set in the world of Norse mythology, this game has plenty of surprises.
Nearly a hundred unique monsters oppose your quest, and there are hundreds
of enchanted objects to aid you.  Castle of the Winds presents a new style of
adventure game. While the anchor points of the story remain the same, most of
the adventure is created anew every time you play, so the game can be enjoyed 
again and again.

   Fans of fantasy and adventure games will love this one.  With over three
years in development,  this game beats commercial Windows games hands down,
and extensive online help gets you off to a great start on your journey.

     * Windows 3.0 or later
     * Hard disk
     * At least 1 meg RAM.

     * $25+$2 p&h includes registration,  hint sheet,  and Castle of the
       Winds part II, Lifthransir's Bane.

This game is 100% fully-featured and functional,  as are all shareware
releases from Epic MegaGames.


For more information contact:
     Tim Sweeney
     Epic MegaGames
     10406 Holbrook Drive
     Potomac, MD 20854
     70451,633 (Compuserve)

Attention vendors!  Please write or send us a catalog, and we'll put you on
our mailing list.  Get the latest Epic releases (including our line of VGA
games) directly from the source!

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #3265

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

CASTLE1  HLP     99488   5-28-92  12:31a
COMMDLG  DLL     89248   4-09-92   1:03a
INSTALL  DOC       693   5-27-92  11:49p
ORDER    DOC      2069   5-27-92   8:31p
VENDOR   DOC      2189   5-27-92   8:30p
SYSOP    DOC      1243   6-05-92   6:23p
FOREIGN  DOC      3016   6-01-92  10:50a
FILE_ID  DIZ       262   6-05-92   6:30p
PRINTME  BAT       274  10-19-91   9:59p
CATALOG  EXE     20080   6-01-92  10:55a
GO       BAT        38   1-31-91  12:58a
GO       TXT      1540  11-30-92   5:16a
       12 file(s)     220140 bytes
                       94208 bytes free