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     PC-FasType/VGA                                           SHARWARE.DOC

                   P C - F a s T y p e / V G A    Version 1.0

                            Last updated:  July 1992

                     W H A T    I S    S H A R E W A R E ?

                       W H A T    I S    T H E    A S P ?

                               TABLE OF CONTENTS

           The Shareware Concept................................2

           The Virus Problem....................................3

           The Association of Shareware Professionals (ASP).....6

           Contacting ASP Members Via CompuServe................7

           Author Address Changes...............................7

           ASP Ombudsman Statement..............................8
     Trendtech Corporation                                      Page 2

            - Definition and Description of Shareware and the ASP -

     The Shareware Concept:

          If you are familiar with the idea behind Shareware, then you know
     that Shareware  is the  ultimate in money back guarantees.  Most money
     back guarantees work like this:  You pay for the product and then have
     some period  of time to try it out and see whether or not you like it.
     If you  don't like  it or  find that  it doesn't do what you need, you
     return it  (undamaged) and  at some  point - which might take months -
     you get  your money  back.  Some software companies won't even let you
     try their  product!   In order  to qualify  for a refund, the diskette
     envelope  must   have  an  unbroken  seal.    With  these  "licensing"
     agreements, you  only qualify for your money back if you haven't tried
     the product.  How absurd!

          Shareware is  very different.   With  Shareware you get to try it
     for a  limited time,  without spending  a penny.  If you decide not to
     continue using  it, you  throw it  away and  forget all  about it.  No
     paperwork, phone calls, or correspondence to waste your valuable time.

          Software authors  who use  the Shareware  method of  distribution
     feel that Shareware is the best way to try a product.  You are able to
     try it  on your  own system(s),  in your own special work environment,
     with no  sales people  looking over  your shoulder.    Have  you  ever
     purchased a car and realized that if you could have test driven it for
     30 days  your purchase  decision might  have  been  different?    With
     Shareware these  problems can  be avoided - you DO have a 30 day test-

          After trying  a Shareware product and deciding to continue to use
     it, then  - and  only then  - do  you pay  for it.  Not only that, but
     Shareware is  traditionally MUCH less expensive simply because you are
     paying for  the software,  not  the  advertising  and  marketing  that
     comprises the  majority of the cost of most software (a one page ad in
     PC Magazine,  one time,  can cost  upwards of  $20,000).   If the try-
     before-you-buy concept  sounds like an ideal way to make your purchase
     decisions, you're right!

          Some  companies   burden  their   products  with   annoying  copy
     protection schemes  because they  don't trust  their users.  Shareware
     developers not  only don't use copy protection, they freely distribute
     their products because they DO trust their users.

          Someone once  said that  you should  never trust  software  which
     doesn't trust you.  This makes a lot of sense - no wonder Shareware is
     becoming so popular among users and developers.

          Shareware is  a distribution  method, NOT  a  type  of  software.
     Shareware is  produced by  accomplished programmers,  just like retail
     software.   There is good and bad Shareware, just as there is good and
     bad retail  software.   The primary  difference between  Shareware and
     Trendtech Corporation                                      Page 3

            - Definition and Description of Shareware and the ASP -

     retail software  is that  with Shareware  you know if it's good or bad
     BEFORE you  pay for  it.    Registration  of  Shareware  products,  in
     addition to  being required,  is also  an incentive for programmers to
     continue to produce quality software for the Shareware market.

          There is  another significant  advantage to Shareware - it allows
     small  companies   (like  Trendtech   Corporation)  to  make  software
     available without  the hundreds  of thousands  of dollars  in expenses
     that it  takes to launch a traditional retail software product.  There
     are many  programs on  the market  today which would never have become
     available without  the Shareware  marketing method.   Please show your
     support for  Shareware by  registering those programs you actually use
     and by passing them on to others.   Thank you for your support!

     The Virus Problem:

          We've all  heard  the  horror  stories  about  computer  viruses.
     Unfortunately, we  have also  heard lots of conflicting statistics and
     opinions.   When it  comes to  the virus  problem there  is a  lot  of
     confusion among users and even developers.

          The sad  truth is that some unscrupulous publishers of anti-virus
     products  are  using  half-truths,  overdramatizations,  and  outright
     fabrication to  promote sales  of their  products.   They  delight  in
     manipulating statistics to support their marketing efforts.  While not
     illegal, these snake-oil tactics are certainly not ethical.

          To make  matters worse,  the media  has frequently  promoted  the
     misinformation promulgated  by these  unscrupulous individuals  rather
     than the  straight facts.    While  the  misinformation  may  be  more
     interesting than the actual facts, the media is not doing the computer
     industry any  favors by spreading inaccurate information.  To be fair,
     many newspapers, magazines, and news networks are beginning to realize
     which "virus experts" are reliable and which "experts" say whatever is
     in their own best interest.

          One of  the most  interesting myths  that has been promulgated by
     these snake-oil  salesmen is  that BBSs  (Bulletin Board  Systems) and
     Shareware programs  are a  major source  of virus infections.  This is
     interesting since  one of  the individuals  who makes this claim, also
     distributes  his   virus  detection   system  as   Shareware.     Some
     corporations are  now afraid  of Shareware and BBS activity because of
     this misinformation.

          In the  October 11,  1988 issue  of PC  Magazine, publisher  Bill
     Machrone's editorial  was entitled  "Shareware or Scareware?".  In his
     article, Bill Machrone points out "The truth is that all major viruses
     to date  were transmitted  by commercial [retail] packages and private
     Trendtech Corporation                                      Page 4

            - Definition and Description of Shareware and the ASP -

     mail systems."   That  sounds a little different than the claims being
     made by less knowledgeable journalists.

          Let's consider for a moment, the distribution differences between
     retail software  and Shareware  software.   Company XYZ releases a new
     version of its retail software product.  At the same time that company
     XYZ ships  tens of  thousands of  copies to  its  retail  distribution
     channels, it  also ships 30,000 updates to loyal users.  Most of those
     loyal users  will receive  the update within a few days of each other.
     This can be a big problem if the update happened to be infected with a

          "Not likely",  you say?  It has already happened!  Several times!
     There have  been seventeen  (17) major  incidents of  virus and trojan
     horse problems  in retail  software.  Some of these incidents affected
     tens of  thousands of users.  What about Shareware?  To date there has
     been one case of a shareware author shipping an infected product.  The
     virus was detected by the disk vendors and the problem was corrected
     immediately.  No users were infected.

          "But it  makes sense that programs which are passed around have a
     greater chance of virus infections, doesn't it?"  Think about it.  Who
     has the  most to  lose if  viruses were  spread by  BBSs and Shareware
     programs?  The BBS operators, Shareware disk vendors and the Shareware
     authors, of  course.   Because of  this, reputable BBS operators, disk
     vendors and  Shareware authors are very careful with the programs they

          Think about  it.   Hundreds (even thousands) of BBS operators and
     disk vendors  are carefully  examining the  programs they  receive and
     distribute.   Their business depends on it.  This means that any given
     Shareware  program   can  go  through  hundreds  (even  thousands)  of
     checkpoints where  the program is carefully examined.  If a problem is
     found the  word spreads  incredibly fast.  News travels "on the wires"
     even faster  than the  proverbial small  town gossip.   Programs  have
     disappeared almost  overnight as  a result  of this  highly  efficient
     communication network.

          If a  Shareware program  has been around for a few months, it has
     been checked  for virii  and trojan  horses many  more times  than any
     retail software  could hope  to be checked.  Retail distributors don't
     check the disks they sell.  Even if the publisher checks their masters
     for virii  (few do), that is still far less than the scrutiny to which
     Shareware programs are subjected.

          There's something  else to  consider.   Most retail  distributors
     have a  return policy.   What  do  they  do  with  packages  that  are
     returned?   They shrink-wrap them and resell them, of course.  How can
     you be  sure that you are the first person to purchase the package you
     just bought  at your friendly neighborhood computer store?  You can't.
     On the  other  hand,  most  shareware  authors  erase,  reformat,  and
     Trendtech Corporation                                      Page 5

            - Definition and Description of Shareware and the ASP -

     reduplicate the  disks that  are returned to them.  Which do you think
     is safer?

          Bill Machrone's  article in PC Magazine goes on to say "It's time
     to recognize  that there's  nothing  to  fear  in  shareware.    As  a
     distribution medium,  it saves  you money  and helps  you try  out new
     genres of software with minimum risk."

          Does this  mean that we should all start buying Shareware instead
     of retail  software?  Not at all (although few Shareware authors would
     object).  Let's face it, more data has been lost to power failures and
     spilled cups  of coffee  than all  virii,  trojan  horses,  and  worms
     combined!   An even bigger threat is plain old human error, a mistake,
     a wrong  key press, turning off the power while files are open, and so
     forth.   Accurate information  and common  sense (regular backups) are
     the best defenses against lost data.

          Sure, the  virus problem  is real.   Virii  exist.   But shunning
     Shareware is  not the  answer.   Shareware and BBSs are, quite simply,
     NOT a  major source  of virus infections.  Some corporations have even
     banned Shareware  entirely because of fear of infections.  This is not
     only unreasonable,  it is  also expensive.   Think how much they could
     save in software costs if they would only try software before they buy

          Is there  anything you can do to help protect yourself from virus
     infections?   Absolutely!   Fortunately, the  best preventive measures
     are also the least expensive!

          If you  need informative,  accurate  and  practical  information,
     please read  the treatise  on "Computer  Virus Myths"  written by  Rob
     Rosenberger and  Ross M.  Greenberg.   This treatise is available as a
     text file on many BBSs and online services.  It not only gives you the
     facts, it  also provides the best overall strategy for protecting your
     computer system.

          Don't let fear stop you from saving money on software.  Don't let
     fear prevent  you from  trying some  of the  best software  available.
     Shareware is  an important market for software.  Take advantage of it.
     You'll be glad you did!
     Trendtech Corporation                                      Page 6

            - Definition and Description of Shareware and the ASP -

     The Association of Shareware Professionals (ASP):

                    ____|__     |     MEMBER
                 --|       |o   |-------------------
                   |   ____|__  |  Association of
                   |  |       |_|  Shareware
                   |__|   o   |    Professionals
                 -----|   |   |---------------------
                      |___|___|               (R)

          In the  early days  of Shareware  there were  no real  standards.
     Independent authors  had no  efficient way to learn from each other or
     to work together to improve the overall image of Shareware.  There was
     no system  in place  to ensure  that users  were  treated  fairly  and
     professionally.   There was no way for users to find an address for an
     author  who  had  moved.    In  short,  the  Shareware  community  was
     disorganized and  each author did things the way he or she thought was
     best.   It was clear that if Shareware was ever to become a viable and
     respected marketing alternative, there had to be some standardization.
     There had to be some guidelines to best serve the users.

          In 1987 a handful of Shareware authors founded the Association of
     Shareware Professionals  (ASP).  In forming this industry association,
     these Shareware authors had several primary goals in mind, including:

       o   To inform  users about Shareware programs and about Shareware
           as a method of distributing and marketing software.

       o   To foster  a high  degree of  professionalism among Shareware
           authors  by   setting  programming,  marketing,  and  support
           standards for ASP members to follow.

       o   To encourage  broader distribution  of Shareware through user
           groups and disk dealers who agree to identify and explain the
           nature of Shareware.

       o  To assist members in marketing their software.

       o   To provide a forum through which ASP members may communicate,
           share ideas, and learn from each other.

          The newly  formed Association  of Shareware  Professionals worked
     together to draft a code of ethics for all present and future members.
     This code  of ethics  included several  requirements that  soon became
     very popular among users (customers), including:
     Trendtech Corporation                                      Page 7

            - Definition and Description of Shareware and the ASP -

       o   A member's  program (evaluation version) could not be limited
           (crippled) in any way.  In the true spirit of Try-Before-You-
           Buy, users  must be  able to  evaluate all  the features in a
           program before paying the registration fee.

       o  Members must respond to every registration.  At the very least
           they must send a receipt for the payment.

       o   Members must provide technical support for their products for
           at least 90 days from the date of registration.

          A new  system was  put in  place to  help ensure  that users were
     treated fairly  and professionally.  If a user was unable to resolve a
     problem with  a member  author then  the user  could contact  the  ASP
     Ombudsman with  their complaint.  The Ombudsman would then try to help
     resolve  the  dispute.    For  more  complete  details  regarding  the
     Ombudsman, please refer to the "ASP Ombudsman Statement" below.

          The ASP currently (July, 1991) has about 375 author members and
     almost 200 vendor members, with new members joining every week.

     Contacting ASP Members Via CompuServe:

          There is an easy and convenient way to speak directly to many ASP
     Members (both  authors and  vendors).   Visit the  Shareware forum  on
     CompuServe.   Simply type  "GO SHAREWARE"  - or  "GO SHARE" - from any
     CompuServe ! prompt.

          Here you  will be  able to  talk to  the authors of your favorite
     Shareware programs,  learn about  other programs,  ask questions, make
     suggestions, and much more.  We'd love to meet you online, please come
     visit us today!

     Author Address Changes:

     People move.  Forwarding orders expire.  What can you do?

        "I got  a copy  of a Shareware program written by an ASP Member.
        I sent  in the  registration fee and the post office returned my
        letter saying that it was undeliverable.  Now what do I do?"

          If the  author has moved then chances are very good that you have
     an old version of the program.  This is another situation that the ASP
     can help  you to  resolve.   ASP Members  are required to keep the ASP
     informed of  address changes.   If  you need  to  obtain  the  current
     address for a member, simply write to the following address:
     Trendtech Corporation                                      Page 8

            - Definition and Description of Shareware and the ASP -

               ASP Executive Director
               Association of Shareware Professionals
               545 Grover Road
               Muskegon,  MI  49442-9427

                         FAX:  616-788-2765
                         CompuServe Electronic Mail: 72050,1433

     ASP Ombudsman Statement:

          This program  is produced  by a  member  of  the  Association  of
     Shareware Professionals  (ASP).   ASP wants  to  make  sure  that  the
     Shareware principle  works for  you.   If you  are unable to resolve a
     Shareware-related problem  with an ASP member by contacting the member
     directly, ASP  may be  able to  help.   The ASP Ombudsman can help you
     resolve a  dispute or problem with an ASP member, but does not provide
     technical support for members' products.

     Please write to the ASP Ombudsman at:

               ASP Ombudsman
               Association of Shareware Professionals
               545 Grover Road
               Muskegon,  MI  49442-9427

     SHARWARE.DOC                                           PC-FasType/VGA


     PC-FasType/VGA                                           SYSOP.DOC

                 P C - F a s T y p e / V G A    Version 1.0

                           Last updated: July 1992

                 B B S   S Y S O P   I N F O R M A T I O N ?

     Copyright 1983-1992, TRENDTECH CORPORATION,  All Rights Reserved.
     Published by Trendtech Corporation, P.O. Box 3687, Wayne, NJ

     This file  provides information  for bulletin board Sysops who wish
     to distribute PC-FasType via their BBS systems.

          We explicitly  permit uploads  of  the  Shareware  version  of
     PC-FasType to BBS systems.  Uploading the registered version is not
     permitted.   If you  have any  question as  to whether  the version
     which has  been uploaded  to your  BBS  is  Shareware,  simply  run
     PC-FasType and  observe the title screen.  If the text to the right
     of the  title screen  says "Unregistered  Evaluation Copy", and the
     next screen  is the  SHAREWARE INFORMATION  screen, then  it is the
     Shareware version.  Anything else should be considered a registered
     version and discarded.

          Please note,  if your  BBS is  associated with a commercial or
     user-group Shareware library which distributes disks for a fee, you
     must obtain permission in writing from Trendtech Corporation BEFORE
     placing PC-FasType  in the  library.   See the  file VENDOR.DOC for
     distribution details.    This  restriction  does  not  affect  your
     permission to  place PC-FasType  on your BBS as long as you are not
     charging a  fee for  its distribution. (other than normal user fees
     for general use of your board).

     If you have any questions about PC-FasType please contact us by any
     of the following methods:

     CompuServe     76210,771
     Voice:         (201) 694-8622, days Eastern U.S. time
     FAX:           (201) 694-2543, 24 hrs/day, 7 days/week
     US Mail        Trendtech Corporation
                    P.O. Box 3687
                    Wayne, NJ  07470


     A valid  copy of  the Shareware  version of  PC-FasType/VGA  should
     normally contain all of the files listed in the PACKING.LST file.

     If the  PACKING.LST file  or one  or more  of the  files listed  in
     PACKING.LST are missing, please contact Trendtech Corporation (201)
     694-8622 and tell us the problem.

          The best  way to  archive PC-FasType/VGA  for your  BBS is  to
     first INSTALL  PC-FasType on your hard disk as per the installation
     instructions found  in the  readme file.   The install program will
     automatically  remove   the  INSTALL.EXE  and  ID  files  from  the
     installation.  You can then PKZIP up the entire directory and place
     the zip'd  file in  your download  library.   Please note  that the
     VFASTYPE.EXE files have been compressed with PKLITE; you might want
     to uncompress these before ZIP'ping.

          Trendtech Corporation  will be  happy to  provide you  free of
     charge, a specially prepared disk with PC-FasType/VGA.  Just ask us
     in writing  and give  us the  name  of  your  BBS  along  with  its
     telephone number.  Make sure you give us a valid mailing address to
     send the disk set to.   Please note that we DO NOT upload to BBS's;
     we will MAIL you our special BBS SYSOP disk package already PKZIP'd
     for you.



     The following archived file name should be used for PC-FasType
     distribution on BBS's:

                    FTVGA10.ZIP         (PC-FasType/VGA Ver. 1.0)

     Using PKZIP, everything will compress down to a single file of
     about 300kb.


     PC-FasType/VGA - Short Description:

        FTVGA10.ZIP PC-FasType/VGA V1.0 Typing Tutorial (ASP)

        Practice typing on MS-DOS PC's equipped with VGA monitors.

     PC-FasType/VGA - Long Description:

        FTVGA10.ZIP PC-FasType/VGA V1.0 Typing Tutorial (ASP)

        PC-FasType/VGA is an easy-to-use menu-driven interactive typing
        tutorial designed for use by computer enthusiasts who wish to
        improve their typing skills on PC's running the MS-DOS Operating
        System.  The program displays a 3D image of the keyboard and
        prompts you with keyboard animation to type the correct keys.
        Your PC must have VGA capability.

         ** PC-FasType is a trademark of Trendtech Corporation, Inc.
           Copyright 1983-1992 by Trendtech Corporation, Wayne, NJ
                             All Rights Reserved

     SYSOP.DOC                                         PC-FasType/VGA


     PC-FasType/VGA                                              VENDOR.DOC

                   P C - F a s T y p e / V G A    Version 1.0

                            Last updated:  July 1992

                D I S K   V E N D O R   I N F O R M A T I O N ?

     Copyright 1983-1992, TRENDTECH CORPORATION,  All Rights Reserved.
     Published by Trendtech Corporation, P.O. Box 3687, Wayne, NJ  07474-
     3687, U.S.A.

     This file provides information for disk vendors who wish to distribute
     PC-FasType/VGA via their disk duplication and distribution services.


     PC-FasType/VGA  - Typing Tutorial for PC's equipped with VGA Display

          The copying restrictions listed in this file apply to any
     individual, organization, user group, or business that charges ANY fee
     for the distribution of the Shareware versions of the PC-FasType
     products produced by Trendtech Corporation.  PC-FasType products and
     their associated typing exercise files, documentation, and help files
     are NOT in the public domain.  PC-FasType is registered with the U.S.
     Copyright Office and is owned by Trendtech Corporation, Inc., Wayne,
     New Jersey, U.S.A., the copyright holder.  PC-FasType is a trademark
     of Trendtech Corporation, Inc.  Distribution restriction rights are
     claimed under that copyright and are outlined below.

       - No organization may sell the Shareware versions of PC-FasType
       products without prior written permission from Trendtech
       Corporation, Inc.  To apply for such permission send a written
       request to:

                    Trendtech Corporation
                    PC-FasType Distribution
                    P.O. Box 3687
                    Wayne, New Jersey 07474-3687

          Vendor standards expected of distributors will be forwarded for
     your  examination and agreement.  These standards are summarized in
     this  file.  The vendor standards are based on those established for
     vendor associate members of the Association of Shareware

     Professionals.  ASP vendor members will always be granted permission
     to distribute PC-FasType.  If you are already a member of ASP, please
     mention it in your request for distribution.

          Vendors may only distribute the "Shareware Version" disks.  These
     disks are created specifically for disk vendors, BBS distribution,
     clubs, and resellers.  They can usually be identified by the words
     "Shareware Version" on the initial opening screen, and/or a Shareware
     message on the last screen.  Please note, these are NOT crippled
     versions of the program.  The ONLY difference between the "Shareware
     Version" disks and the fully registered version are the Shareware
     encouragement screens and messages.

     You may distribute PC-FasType products on the following terms:

     - PC-FasType products,  when listed in vendors' catalogs,
       advertisements, brochures, mailers, etc. must be named "PC-FasType"
       and not some other pseudonym like "Typing Tutor", "Touchtype",
       "Typing Teacher", or just "Fastype".  Use of any other name than
       "PC-FasType" will constitute cause for revocation of vendor's
       distribution rights.

               Suggested name:
                    PC-FasType/VGA - Typing Tutorial

     - PC-FasType/VGA in particular, when listed in vendor's catalogs,
       advertisements, brochures, mailers, etc. must include the
       requirement for VGA graphics, usually expressed as "requires VGA".

     - PC-FasType products may NOT be sold as part of some other more
       inclusive package without a license from Trendtech Corporation.

     - PC-FasType products must not be distributed with other Shareware or
       public domain programs on the same floppy disk without permission
       from Trendtech Corp.  However, PC-FasType/VGA may be included in
       shareware collections sold on CD-ROM disks.

     - Printed copies of the exercise files and User Guide may not be
       distributed in any form without a license from Trendtech

     - The PC-FasType/VGA package - including all related program files and
       documentation files - CANNOT be modified in any way and must be
       distributed as a complete package, without exception.

     - No price or other compensation may be charged for the PC-FasType/VGA
       package.  A reasonable distribution cost may be charged for the cost
       of the diskette plus shipping and handling.

     - The PC-FasType/VGA package CANNOT be sold as part of some other
       inclusive package, nor can it be included in any commercial software
       packaging offer, without a written agreement from Trendtech

       Corporation.  Under no conditions will PC-FasType products be
       "rented" or leased to others.

     - Any distribution of PC-FasType products over bulletin boards and/or
       national  telecommunication services will be limited to distributing
       a single archived file containing the contents of the entire
       distribution disk and NO charge above the standard charge for
       connect time will be allowed. See SYSOP.DOC for more information.

     - This disk replaces ALL previous CGA versions.  All vendors who
       received this update directly from the author or from an ASP team
       mailing have ninety (90) days to discontinue distributing older CGA

     - No vendor can sell registered packages to end-users without written
       permission from Trendtech Corporation.

          The SINGLE-USER Registration Fee for PC-FasType/VGA is $25.00 in
     U.S. Funds.  Shipping and Handling is an additional $3.00 for domestic
     customers, $5.00 for Canada customers, and $10.00 for overseas
     customers.  Payment may be with VISA or MASTERCARD, postal money
     order, and checks, in which the amount must be expressed in U.S.
     Funds.   Site licenses and Right-to-copy licenses are also available.
     Authorized Purchase Orders will be accepted for all licenses.  Write
     to Trendtech for General Licensing Provisions and fee schedules.


          The following are suggested product names and descriptions that
     can be used in vendor catalogs, brochures, ads, mailings, etc.

     PC-FasType/VGA - Short Description:

               PC-FasType/VGA V1.0 Typing Tutorial (ASP)

               Typing tutorial for PC's equipped with VGA monitor.  Three-D
               image of keyboard displayed on screen.

     PC-FasType/VGA - Long Description:

               PC-FasType/VGA V1.0 Typing Tutorial (ASP)

               PC-FasType/VGA is an easy-to-use menu-driven interactive
               typing tutorial designed for use by computer enthusiasts who
               wish to improve their typing skills on  PC's running the MS-
               DOS Operating System.  The program displays a 3-D image of

               the keyboard and prompts you to type the correct keys. Your
               PC must have VGA capability.


     The following is a summary of ASP vendor standards.  This summary is
     just that, a summary, and is not to be taken as a statement of the
     entire set of ASP standards.


       All vendor advertisements and brochures must state that "Shareware
     programs require separate payment to authors if found useful."  This
     statement must immediately follow the price or be tied to the price
     via an asterisk.


       Vendors will attempt to educate users on the nature of Shareware.
     The  following points must be covered in any catalog of disks:

       -  The fee paid to the vendor is a copying and distribution charge
          and does not cover the cost of the program itself.

       -  If the user finds a Shareware program to be of use, he/she is
          expected to send the registration fee to the author.

       -  Registration entitles the user to various rights and benefits
          (depending on the author).  These range from the legal right to
          continue using the software, to printed documentation and/or
          higher levels of service.


       -  Vendors will respect the copyright and all distribution
          restrictions made by individual authors, usually found in the
          file VENDOR.DOC [this file] on the disk.

       -  Vendors will provide a written notice covering the three concepts
          above with all Shareware programs shipped.  If disks are pre-
          packaged, the notice must be on a visible part of the package.

       -  Vendors will not change or delete ANY files supplied with the
          program unless authorized by the author.  Small additions
          designed to assist the user may be added if the author does not
          specifically prohibit such action.

       -  Vendors agree to stop distributing a program, including earlier
          versions, if requested by the author.

          Again, the above is a SUMMARY of the ASP vendor standards.  In
     order to distribute PC-FasType products you must agree to abide by
     these standards whether you are an ASP member or not.  If you are
     interested in becoming an ASP-approved vendor, please contact:

                  Association of Shareware Professionals
                  Vendor Certification Committee
                  545 Grover Road
                  Muskegon,  MI  49442-9427

          We strongly recommend you consider becoming an ASP approved
     vendor if you have not already done so.  The ASP vendor member program
     reduces the workload for both authors and vendors alike, and helps
     give customers confidence that reasonable standards are met in the
     distribution of Shareware products.


          To those vendors and sysop's  given permission to distribute
     PC-FasType products, Trendtech Corporation will forward a Vendor
     Master or SYSOP Master Distribution disk.  Updates will be provided to
     non-ASP vendors when registrations can be traced to that organization.
     Updates will be offered to other vendors on a case-by-case basis.

                       ____|__     |      MEMBER
                    --|       |o   |-------------------
                      |   ____|__  |  Association of
                      |  |       |_|  Shareware
                      |__|   o   |    Professionals
                    -----|   |   |---------------------
                         |___|___|                 (R)

          PC-FasType/CGA and PC-FasType/MONO are produced by Trendtech
     Corporation, a member of the Association of Shareware Professionals
     (ASP).  ASP wants to make sure the Shareware principle works for you.
     If you are unable to resolve a Shareware-related problem with an ASP
     member by contacting the member directly, ASP may be able to help.
     The ASP Ombudsman can help you resolve a dispute or problem with an
     ASP member, but does not provide technical support for members'
     products. Please write to the ASP Ombudsman at:

               ASP Ombudsman
               Association of Shareware Professionals
               545 Grover Road
               Muskegon,  MI  49442-9427

     -or-  send a CompuServe message via Electronic Mail to ASP Ombudsman

     The ASP logo is a registered trademark of the Association of Shareware

          ** PC-FasType is a trademark of Trendtech Corporation, Inc.
            Copyright 1983-1992 by Trendtech Corporation, Wayne, NJ
                              All Rights Reserved

     VENDOR.DOC                                             PC-FasType/VGA


     PC-FasType/VGA                                           WHATSNEW.DOC

                   P C - F a s T y p e / V G A    Version 1.0

                            Last updated:  July 1992

                        WHAT'S  NEW  IN  THIS  VERSION!

                       Copyright 1992 by Trendtech Corp.
                              All Rights Reserved

          This file  contains information  about product  features that are
     new or changed with this version.

     Here is a summary of modifications for this version of PC-FasType/VGA:

          Screen Keyboard - A three-dimensional view of the standard 101
     key keyboard has been developed with key pressing animation added.

          Near Future: A new user interface will be added; chances are your
     registered version will already have this new interface.

          PC-FasType/VGA Ver. 1.0
               New VGA keyboard display

          PC-FasType/CGA Ver. 4.3a and PC-FasType/MONO Ver. 1.3a
               Bug fixes; released December 1991
                 - MONO: partial blinking message at end of exercise
                 - both: Intermediate and Advanced typing files got swapped
                         when user switched modes
                 - both: settings file always created regardless of user
                 - both: statistics sometimes showed wrong data

          PC-FasType/CGA Version 4.3 and PC-FasType/MONO Version 1.3
               New features; released September 1991

          PC-FASTYPE/MONO Version 1.1 - Aug. 1990 to Aug. 1991
               First release of MONO for laptops and portables.

          PC-FASTYPE/CGA Version 4.1 - Aug. 1990 to Aug. 1991
               Released in conjunction with the MONO version.

          PC-FASTYPE Version 4.0 - Jan. 1990 to July 1990
               First C-Language version - rewritten from QuickBASIC;
               Typeset and printed User's Guide
               Registration increased from $20.00 to $25.00
          PC-FASTYPE Version 3.1 - Sept. 1987 to Dec. 1989
               New menus, additional keyboards, more features.

          FASTYPE Version 2.0 - Feb. 1985 to Aug. 1987
               First Shareware version released - Compiled BASIC
               Registered with U.S. Copyright Office

          FASTYPE Version 1.0 - Jan. 1982 to Jan. 1985  (unpublished)
               Prototype design for PC-XT keyboard typing tutor.

          ** PC-FasType is a trademark of Trendtech Corporation, Inc.
            Copyright 1983-1992 by Trendtech Corporation, Wayne, NJ
                              All Rights Reserved

     WHATSNEW.DOC                                           PC-FasType/VGA

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