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*                                                              *
*                       WIN-DIARY                              *
*                                                              *
*        elektronic supported diary for Windows                *
*                                                              *

			Version    1.0

		  (c) 1992, Ebnet Software

       D - 8902 Neusaess, Gotelindstrasse 10 (Germany)


This package contains release 1.0 of the programy WIN-DIARY.
All Rights are reserved.

This software is being distributed as shareware. The release you
have is free to use and to copy. 

If you agree with the software WIN-DIARY you should become
a registered user for a charges of US $ 49.--. Please take the
register form in the file REGIST.FOR.


A lot of people have the idea to write down all the important 
experiences or sensations in any way. They decide to have a diary. 
They buy a handle or a little book and start to write.

But the joy often insn't for a long time, because there are a lot 
of ink-blots or cancel in the book. The diary don't look like so 
good than when it was new. It becomes a torture to write every day 
into the diary. There is no more fun. 

Further, there must be a safety place to hide the diary. A diary 
always should be a little secret. Nobody else should have the 
possibility to read in it. If there is a very hard-working diary 
writer there is the problem to hide a lot of books, and a large 
hiding-place is necessary. In summary there are a lot of proplems 
to have an usual diary. 

The logical consequence comes. A lot of usual diarys have to live
just a view days or weeks. When there is much effort and no more joy 
the relust is always the same. The diary is no more important.

WIN-DIARY is an electronic supported way to have a diary. All the 
problems we have seen are solved in WIN-DIARY.

Because of the password check and the encoding it is absolutely 
impossible for unauthorized person to have an acces to your diary. 
You can wirte into the diary in an easy way . When it is necessary 
you can change or delete the entries. Of course there is a 
possibility to put all the diary or a part of it to your printer.

If you don't have much time to write into the diary you can use 
the function "scale". Here you can find the ten most important 
areas in the live of an adult person. You put in notes for it and 
can do it in a few seconds.

Last but not least there is a horoscope function for you. For 
every day you get a personal horoscope within all important 
information which is necessary to have a pleasant day.

WIN-DIARY is very easy to handle. But there are much more advantages 
in an electronic supported diary. Because of the access security 
you must not have a secret place for your diary. It is very easy 
to change or delete entries in WIN-DIARY and you can be sure that your 
diary never will have inck-blots or dog's ears.

WIN-DIARY is the best way to have a personal and secret document.

Electronic user guide

In the help system of the program you can find the user guide.
Please take the menu point HELP for an access to the manual.
You need the Windows standard application WINHELP.EXE.

Installation of WIN-DIARY

System requirements

- PC 80286, 80386SX, 80386, 80486SX, 80486
- 1 MB memory
- hard disc and 1 floppy disc
- EGA-, VGA- or Hercules adapter
- optioally a printer
- MS-DOS or PC-DOS version 3.0 and higher or DR-DOS
- MS-WINDOWS version 3.x

Disc files

WINDIARY.HLP       help file for Windows-Help
HELP.TXT           this file
REGIST.FOR         register form

Copy the files into any directory on your hard disc. The help
function requires the program WINHELP.EXE of MS-WINDOWS version 3.x.
The real mode isn't supported.

Sample (copy from drive <A:> to drive/directory <C:\WINDIARY>)


Ebnet Software

D - 8902 Neusaess
Gotelindstrasse 10


Please send me the software utility WIN-DIARY for a charge
of $ 49.--.

I take the folowing payment:
   (  ) cheque payment
	(only cheque payment form abroad)

disc format:
   (  ) 5.25 inch disc 
   (  ) 3.5  inch disc  

For a registrated user you will get an information of a new
program release automatically. You can order it in an update 
service for the special price of $ 25.--.

User support is possible for registrated users exclusively.



Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #3294

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

WINDIARY EXE    122688   5-15-92   7:55a
WINDIARY HLP     41123   5-02-92   3:20p
HELP     TXT      4972   5-15-92   8:11a
REGIST   FOR       704   5-08-92  11:56p
SHOW     EXE      2040   9-12-88  10:48a
GO       BAT        34  11-13-92   9:15a
        6 file(s)     171561 bytes
                      148480 bytes free