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Wordstalk Version 1.0

Requirements:  Windows 3.x
               EGA or better display

Installation:  To install Wordstalk, copy WORDSTOK.EXE and WORDSTOK.HLP to
               the desired directory.  Wordstalk creates WORDSTOK.INI in the
               Windows directory when executed.  Run WORDSTOK.EXE from the
               Program or File Manager.

How to Play:   The instructions for play and rules of the game are in the
               on-line help within Wordstalk.

Registration:  Wordstalk is shareware.  You may download, upload, and
               copy this shareware version AS IS (with files WORDSTOK.EXE,
               WORDSTOK.HLP, and README.TXT) for evaluation.  It may
               not be sold.

               If you enjoy Wordstalk, please register.  Registered users
               will receive the latest registered version of Wordstalk, which
               includes added features (3x3 & 5x5 grid sizes, variable timing
               and scoring).
               CompuServe subscribers may register Wordstalk using the
               Shareware Registration Database.  Type GO SWREG, and search
               for Wordstalk by its registration ID (#185).  You can then
               register online, and will be mailed your update via US Mail.

               To register by US Mail, send $15.00 US check or currency, your
               name, address, and the desired disk size to
                       Frank Bielsik
                       7818 Margaret Court
                       Anaheim, CA 92808

Comments:      Send comments or questions on Wordstalk to
                       73577,27 (CIS)
                       fjb@dhw68k.cts.com (INTERNET)
                       ILink network (Windows or Shareware conferences)
                       RIME network (Windows or Shareware conferences)

(c) 1991-1992 Mallard Software.

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #3346

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

WORDSTOK EXE     93696   8-10-92   1:00p
WORDSTOK HLP     12197   8-10-92   1:00p
README   TXT      1931   8-10-92   1:00p
GO       BAT        32   1-28-93   6:43a
SHOW     EXE      2040   9-12-88  10:48a
        5 file(s)     109896 bytes
                       49664 bytes free