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     ███▄██████████▒░        ██████▒░     ███▒░     ███░    ███████████▒░
     ███▒░       ███▒░      ███▒░███▒░    ███▒░     ███░   ███▒░     ███▒░
     ███▒░       ███▒░      ██▒░  ██▒░     ███▒░   ███░    ███▒░     ███▒░
     ███▒░       ███▒░     ███▒░  ███▒░    ███▒░   ███░    ███▒░     ███▒░
     ███▒░       ███▒░     ███▒░  ███▒░     ███▒░ ███░     ███▒░     ███▒░
     ███▒░       ███▒░     ███▒░  ███▒░     ███▒░ ███░     ███▒░     ███▒░
     ███▒░       ███▒░     ███▒░  ███▒░      ███▒███░      ███▒░     ███▒░
     ███▒░       ███▒░    ████████████▒░      █████▒░      ███▒░     ███▒░
     ███▒░       ███▒░    ███▒░    ███▒░       ███▒░       ███▒░     ███▒░
     ███▒░       ███▒░    ███▒░    ███▒░       ███▒░       ███▒░     ███▒░
     ███▒░       ███▒░    ███▒░    ███▒░       ███▒░       ███▒░     ███▒░
     ███▀██████████▒░     ███▒░    ███▒░       ███▒░        ███████████▒░
          ░░░░░░░░░░░       ░░░      ░░░         ░░░          ░░░░░░░░░░░

            Copyright (c) 1989-1991  TJS LAB, Inc., Orlando Florida

                          DAYO BUSINESS APPLICATIONS
                                Versions 3.0+
                                14 July 1991

        ┌─────┴───┐     │              (tm)
      ──│         │o    │──────────────────
        │   ┌─────┴╨──┐ │  Association of
        │   │         │─┘  Shareware
        └───│    o    │    Professionals
      ──────│    ║    │────────────────────
            └────╨────┘    MEMBER

      This program is produced by a member of the Association of Shareware
  Professionals (ASP).  ASP wants to make sure that the shareware principle
  works for you. If you are unable to resolve a shareware-related problem
  with an ASP member by contacting the member directly, ASP may be able to
  help. The ASP Ombudsman can help you resolve a dispute or problem with an
  ASP member, but does not provide technical support for members' products.
  Please write to the ASP Ombudsman at 545 Grover Road, Muskegon, MI 49442 or
  send a CompuServe message via CompuServe Mail to ASP Ombudsman 70007,3536.


   1.  TJS LAB does not support users of unregistered DAYO products with the
       exception of installation questions.
   2.  Support (included with registration) remains in effect for 1 year after
       date of registration or upgrade.
   3.  Support is available through the following methods:
       - Phone/Voice Mail: (407) 291-3960/6987
       - U.S. Mail:  TJS LAB, PO Box 585366, Orlando, FL 32858-5366
       - Compuserve Easyplex:  76367,1401
   4.  Any errors ("bugs or features') in the program will be corrected and
       the 'fix' sent promptly (via modem if possible).
   DAYO BUSINESS APPLICATIONS                                       Page: 1

                          DAYO BUSINESS APPLICATIONS
                                 Version 3.0+
                                 13 July 1991

  DAYO, what is it?

     DAYO is a multiuser, personal computer based, business application
  consisting of many programs (called modules). The many facets of a
  business are broken down into these modules, ie: Inventory Control,
  Point of Sale (POS), Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General
  Ledger, Smart Reports, and many more. A company may elect to use all
  or just some of the DAYO modules. The most popular modules are Inventory,
  POS, Accounts Receivable and Smart Reports. DAYO was created to run
  on PC networks like Novell (tm) and LANtastic (tm), but are often
  used on 'standalone' personal computers.

  Is DAYO an integrated system?

     The entire DAYO application is totally integrated, which means there
  is NO additional effort applied to re-entering data once entered into
  any one module, ie: customer, vendor and item information.

  Who was it written for?

     DAYO was written with the user in mind. Compare it to others and you
  will see the difference in the screen design, and the greater available
  of data. Users include retailers, distributors, suppliers, manufacturers,
  consultants and attorneys. Any business or organization that sells
  a product or service can use DAYO.

  Is DAYO easy to use?

     Despite the many configuration options, the applications are easy
  to operate, and by default are ready to go at time of installation!
  But should you desire to change DAYO to operate differently, you can.
  There are hundreds of configurable settings easily modified from within
  the modules.

  Who wrote DAYO?

     DAYO was written by Thomas (Tom) Johnson, a graduate of the University
  of South Carolina at Aiken (B.S., 1985). Tom's experience includes
  programming for the college, the army (he is a former Army Officer),
  manufacturing companies, major computer sales and service companies,
  and years of special programming & consulting. Whenever necessary,
  outside consultants were used to help develop some of the modules,
  ie: General Ledger.
   DAYO BUSINESS APPLICATIONS                                       Page: 2

  What was DAYO written in?

     DAYO is entirely written in Clipper (tm), a fourth generation language.
  It consists of 27+ modules/programs, and over 250,000 lines of code.

  What about documentation?

     There is plenty of DAYO documentation (user manuals). Every DAYO module
  has its own document file and printed manual. There are over 3500
  pages of documentation; all found on disks accompanying the modules.
  The documentation is always accessible from within the modules by
  pressing the F1 key. The documentation is also pre-formatted and 'paginated';
  ready to be printed on your printer. Note, set your printer to print
  extended ASCII characters, to print at 6 lines per inch, and to print
  at 10 or 12 pitch. Printed manuals are supplied with registration.

  What are the names of the modules?

    Current Modules:

    Inventory         Back Orders             Smart Reports
    Point of Sale     Accounts Receivable     Materials Requirement Planning II
    Price Book        Accounts Payable        Menu
    Quotes            General Ledger          Clock
    Index             Look Up Databases       Payroll
    Passwords         End of Period/Purge     Bar Codes 3 of 9
    Time & Billing    Little POS              Update & Conversion
    Simple POS        Rental POS              Refunds & Returns POS
    Membership        Job Costing             Billing & Invoicing

    Soon to be Released:

    Report Writer     Graphic Reports         Contact Management
    Upgraded MRP      Personal Calendar

  So how does it work?

     DAYO is essentially divided into two key parts, Accounts Receivable
  (AR) and Accounts Payable (AP). Key DAYO AR modules include POS, Quotes
  and AR. Inventory and AP are the two major components of AP. AR is
  the process of creating invoices, billing, and the maintenance of
  the receivables (unpaid invoices). AP is your inventory, purchasing,
  and the maintenance of your payables (what you owe your vendors or

     Initially, you would enter/type in your inventory items, vendors,
  and customers. Note, you can do this 'on the fly' too...

     The inventory module is used to maintain your inventory and vendors.
  Use it also to create purchase orders and later to receive purchase
  orders into inventory. Your inventory can consist of products or services,
  or a mixture of both.
   DAYO BUSINESS APPLICATIONS                                       Page: 3

     With quantity in inventory, you can create invoices or work orders
  with the Point of Sale (POS) module. Note, you can set the POS configuration
  to ignore inventory quantities (allow you to invoice with no regard
  to what is onhand in inventory).

     Use Quotes to create a listing of inventory items/products at user
  determined prices for your customers. These quotes can later be transferred
  into POS without any re-entry of data.

     At a schedule determined by the user, invoices are posted into AR,
  and receipts of purchase orders are posted into AP. This posting is
  merely the pressing of a menu option and can be performed daily, weekly,
  monthly or whenever...

  How hard is it to get something changed?

     Once changes are agreed upon, they are usually done within 72 hours!
  If the user has a modem, the changes/modifications can be delivered
  almost immediately! TJS LAB charges a maximum of $35.00 per hour for changes,
  but 'price breaks' are given if the change is to be permanently incorporated
  into the system.

  What about support?

     It is the policy of TJS LAB to give DAYO users 1 year of limited
  telephone support (407) 291-3960 between the hours of 9:00am to 5:00pm
  Monday through Friday EST.  We will answer and provide solutions to
  all problems relating to DAYO. Check with your local distributor for
  additional support and/or services.

  Can I get a demonstration of this program?

    Check with a local Shareware Distributor, and ask for a Shareware,
  Demonstration or Show disk(s). DAYO can be found on most BBSs, Compuserve,
  and our own Board (407) 292-4921 (2400-8-N-1). The Shareware versions of
  DAYO can be found from SHAREWARE Disk Distributors like PC-SIG
  (800-245-6717 operator 2225) or PsL (800-242-4775).


    DAYO requires DOS 3.3+, 640K, a hard disk with plenty of disk space,
  and an IBM (tm) compatible PC.
   DAYO BUSINESS APPLICATIONS                                       Page: 4



    DAYO Inventory is a Multiuser Inventory Control, Purchasing, and Vendor
 Maintenance application. Use DAYO Inventory to create and maintain an
 inventory of any product. Create and print purchase orders on a standard
 printer or a Hewlett Packard LaserJet (tm). Receive purchase orders into
 inventory, with the option of printing receivers ('key recs'), and inventory
 tags/price labels. Maintain a Vendors database complete with the vendors
 purchasing history. With the exception of the initial and ongoing data entry
 of new product and vendors, DAYO Inventory is totally menu driven. Since DAYO
 Inventory is multiuser, it is capable of operating on most of the PC based
 networks, ie Novell (tm). Other features include Reports, Labels, Lists, and
 a Graph. A simple database management module is also included to provide you
 with additional means to modify, view, and report your data. The ability to
 upgrade your system is available with the addition of supporting DAYO
 products (ie: DAYO POS, DAYO EOP, DAYO AP, and more...).

  POS & Billing & Invoicing

      DAYO POS (Point of Sale) is a Billing and Invoicing application for any
  size business. It is the DAYO module that permits you to invoice out your
  products while keeping an accurate record of all your 'sales'.  Features
  include:  Multiuser (ie: Novell), Registers, Quote Interface (to DAYO
  Quotes), Templates, Back Orders, Data Entry Validation, Cash Drawers (Serial
  or Parallel), Databases are dBase (tm) compatible, HP Laser Special
  Invoices, Preprinted Invoices, Standard Invoices, Packing/Shipping Lists,
  Customer Ship To/Mailing Address Labels, Sales Graphs, Special Customer
  Pricing  ( Margin, Discount Off List, Fixed), Sales Tax Codes, Terms Codes,
  Invoice Type Codes, Shippers/Method of Shipment Codes, Credit Limits,
  Passwords (with DAYO Passwords), MRP interface, Multiple Prices, and many


      DAYO Price Book is a system of creating and maintaining specialized
  pricing for your customer/clients. Special printouts (Price Books/Catalogs)
  may be printed to a standard printer, or to a Hewlett Packard (tm) Laserjet
  or compatible. It requires the presence of DAYO Inventory and DAYO POS
  (Point of Sale) programs/databases.

      Customers are invoiced (with DAYO POS), using the price in the inventory
  database (INV.DBF), or with one of the special Price Book methods:

      Fixed          -  Fixed Price for a Unique Item + Customer (1st Priority)
      Margin         -  'Cost Plus'                              (2nd Priority)
      List Discount  -  Discount off the List/Retail Price       (3rd Priority)
   DAYO BUSINESS APPLICATIONS                                       Page: 5


      DAYO Quotes creates sales order quotes based on the DAYO Inventory,
  Customer, and other DAYO databases. Quotes can be printed on a standard
  printer or a Hewlett Packard (tm) Laserjet compatible printer. The quote can
  be printed on a pre-printed form, on the Laser printer in a special laser
  format, or as a standard/default form. DAYO Quotes closely models itself
  after the DAYO POS (Point of Sale) application and is totally integrated
  with that application. Templates (kits or bundles), are supported.


      DAYO INDEX is a program designed to manage the indexing of the DAYO
  databases. DAYO applications all have multiple indexes, and because it is
  recommended that they be reindexed at least once daily, DAYO Index was
  created to simplify this process.


      DAYO PASSWORDS provide DAYO Business Application users with a system of
  database security through the use of passwords. Its use is optional, but
  recommended in areas where more than one person has access to the data.


      DAYO BACK ORDERS is the maintenance module for the processing of all
  your customers/sales backorders. DAYO BO (working with DAYO POS) determines
  and manages the filling (allocation) of your customers backorders. It does
  this through an allocation process that determines what backordered items
  are 'fillable' because of receipts into the inventory. Creates the same type
  invoices as DAYO POS.


      DAYO AR is the 'final chapter' to the processing and maintenance of all
  your Receivables. DAYO AR includes routines to handle cash receipts,
  customers, invoice types, terms, taxcodes, sales persons, and more. Many
  reports are included (ie: Ageing, Customer, Sales...). There is a routine
  to print Statements (ie: SMART, 90, 60, 30 days), and another one to create
  and print 'non' standard invoices (not applicable to DAYO POS). HP Laser
  forms are provided as an option for Statements and Invoices.


      DAYO AP is the 'final chapter' to the processing and maintenance of all
  your Payables. DAYO AP's key mission is to process/post your purchase orders,
  however, many other routines have been provided, ie: Expense Maintenance,
  1099 MISC Forms, Purchase Clearing, Vendor Maintenance, Hand/Manual Checks,
  Batch Checks, Recurring Checks, Unlimited Bank Accounts, Unlimited Check
  Printing Formats and over 21 Reports.
   DAYO BUSINESS APPLICATIONS                                       Page: 6


      DAYO General Ledger provides a means to manage and report company
  finances. DAYO GL is totally integrated with the other DAYO packages.
  Features include computer generated posting, multiuser, double entry, export
  data, 30+ reports, budget management and unlimited accounts.


      DAYO Look Up is a routine for DAYO users to view data from any DAYO
  database or dBase (tm) compatible database (.DBF). No editing is allowed.
  This provides a 'safe' tool for users that do not have the need to make
  changes to the databases. Has multi-level passwords.


      DAYO EOP (End of Period Pack & Inventory) contains routines that are
  normally run at the end of a reporting period (ie: Month). DAYO EOP permits
  you to permanently remove deleted records from the Accounts Receivable (AR)
  and Accounts Payable (AP) databases, and to erase old report text files.
  There is also a routine for performing a Physical Inventory. Many reports
  are included (ie: AR Ageing, AP Summary, Inventory Movement).


      DAYO SMART REPORTS contain many reports/routines that will help you
  manage your purchasing, inventory, invoices, backorders, sales, and your
  databases. There are MANY Reports/Lists/Routines included in Smart Reports,
  ie: Single Warehouse, Valuation Expanded, ReOrder (2 weeks), ReOrder (4
  weeks), ReOrder (8 weeks), StockLevel Shortage, StockLevel Over, Inventory
  ASCII Text, Late PO, PO - Due In This Week, Inventory Zero Cost, Inventory
  Zero Price, Inventory Zero Retail, Negative Onhand, Margin (History), Margin
  (12 Weeks), Vendor List, Customer List, Inventory Item List, Checking
  Account List, Check Format List, Expenses List, Warehouse Adjustments, HP
  Laser Pull Sheet, Expanded Inventory, Available Inventory, Check for
  Duplicates, GL Posting Problems, Tax Summaries, Master Inventory,
  Non-Taxable Sales, Department Sales, Sales Profit, Big Address Labels,
  Customer Expanded, AP Adjustments, Batch Inventory Adjustments, AR
  Adjustments, Special Sales Report I, Special Sales Report II, Special Sales
  Report III, Customer List #2, Insert Decimals, Warehouse Reorder, View
  Reports On Screen, and a Printer Setup/Driver routine.


      DAYO MENU is a simple DOS level menu system for use with the DAYO line
  of Business Applications. Many features are available as menu options, ie:
  18 screen fonts, 25, 43, or 50 lines per page, system statistics, view user
  manuals, and more.


      DAYO CLOCK is a simple Clock display and optional alarm, that can act
  as a simple job scheduler.
   DAYO BUSINESS APPLICATIONS                                       Page: 7


      DAYO UPDATE is a program created to update and convert earlier versions
  of DAYO databases and memory files. * It is required when attempting to
  upgrade any DAYO module.


      DAYO MRP is a routine designed for manufacturers. DAYO MRP builds items
  (End Items) from item (Components) in the inventory database. End Items can
  later be placed into inventory for later sales. Supports multi-level Bill of
  Materials. Features include automatic inventory posting and creation of
  inventory adjustment records, databases are dBase (tm) compatible,
  multiuser, and many reports.


      DAYO Payroll provides a system for the computation of payroll for
  businesses of any size. DAYO Payroll contains many features and functions
  not normally found in any PC payroll application. Some of DAYO payroll's
  features include: Multiuser, unlimited employees, Weekly, BiWeekly, and/or
  Monthly payrolls, quarterly, year to date (YTD), and current summary
  databases, databases are dBase (tm) compatible, Automatic payroll posting &
  computation, vacation maintenance, sick pay/days maintenance, check printing,
  multiple states, standard or fixed state tax, standard or fixed federal tax,
  SDI tax, overtime & premium hourly wages, up to 8 deductions, exempt/non-
  exempt deductions, view reports on screen, printer setup & drivers, over
  25+ configurable options, and many reports.


      DAYO Time & Billing comprises a system of creating invoices for services
  and/or products. DAYO Time & Billing is contains many features and functions
  found in many of the other DAYO modules. It has support for an inventory,
  receivables, projects/jobs/cases, and customers/clients. Other features
  include: multiuser, unlimited customers/clients, unlimited
  projects/jobs/cases, project notes, customer notes, 30+ reports, on screen
  viewing of reports, databases are dBase (tm) compatible, laser formats
  for invoices and statements, 2 styles of statements/bills, printer setup &
  drivers, cash drawers, and over 46+ configurable options.
   DAYO BUSINESS APPLICATIONS                                       Page: 8


      DAYO Membership is an application designed to track membership for an
  association or organization. The ability to maintain records for donations,
  dues, payments and/or invoices has also been incorporated into the package.
  Use DAYO Membership to record member information and optionally, maintain a
  simple accounting system for dues and/or donations.
      Many reports and reporting routines are included in this package, ie:
  Members List #1, Members List #2, Members Expanded #1, Members Expanded #2,
  Members Expanded #3, Ageing, Notes (Member), Dump (Complete Data),
  Receipts Statements, Folder Labels, Labels (Standard), Big Labels,
  Payments, Form Letters, Browse Invoices, Invoices, Config Status, View
  Reports On Screen, and Printer Setup.
      Over 33 configuration options exist to further define how you wish to
  operate, ie: Association Name, Association Address, Association Phone, Last
  Member Number, Next Due Date, Default Type, Default Group, Default Class
  Code, Customer Location, Current Directory, Form Letter Location, Payment
  Port, Payment Copies, Auto Print Payments, Balance On Receipt, Default Pay
  Comment, Statement Port, Statement Copies, Default Statement Comment, Invoice
  Port, Invoice Copies, Auto Print Invoice, Default Invoice Comment, Labels
  Port, Auto Print Labels, Report Printer Type, Report Printer Port, Visual
  Indexing, Auto Daily Indexing, Payment Title, Invoice Title, Color Screens,
  and High Intensity Color.


      DAYO Orders creates sales orders based on the DAYO Inventory,
  Customer, and other DAYO databases. Orders can be printed on a standard
  printer or a Hewlett Packard (tm) Laserjet compatible printer. The order can
  be printed on a pre-printed form, on the Laser printer in a special laser
  format, or as a standard/default form. Like quotes, orders can later be
  'moved' into POS to be invoiced.


      DAYO Shipping Log records all invoices/goods shipped.

   DAYO BUSINESS APPLICATIONS                                       Page: 9


      DAYO RENTAL POS (Point of Sale) is a Billing and Invoicing application
  for any business that rents items, equipment, or services, ie: Videos,
  Tapes, Furniture, Tools, Appliances, etc. This program requires the regular
  DAYO POS module for its reports and configuration settings. It is by default
  a multiuser system, allowing almost unlimited numbers of users to have the
  ability to simultaneously invoice using this one program on a PC based
  LAN/Network. It can however, be run (like all DAYO products) as a
  'standalone' application.

  DAYO BAR CODE 3 of 9

      DAYO BAR CODE prints 3 of 9 bar codes onto an Epson (tm) or IBM (tm)
  compatible dot matrix printer. It is integrated with the DAYO Inventory and
  the DAYO Customer databases. It can be used as a standalone application if
  you just have a limited number of labels to print, or have no use for an
  inventory control or account receivable application. Labels are printed onto
  standard labels (3.5 by 15/16 inches at 6 lines per inch). The inventory bar
  code label consists of an item number, its bar code, with the option to also
  print the vendor item number, description, unit of issue, weight, and
  bin/location. The customer bar code label consists of a customer number, its
  bar code, with the option to also print the customer's name and telephone


      DAYO Little POS consists of only the invoicing routines found in the
  main DAYO POS application. It requires much less memory, increases
  security (keeps users out of Configuration), and is recommended for
  network users (where memory is always at a premium). Requires DAYO POS or
  DAYO Billing & Invoicing.


      DAYO Simple POS, like Little POS, consists of only the invoicing
  routines found in the main DAYO POS application. It was created for
  fast paced counter sales, where prices are fixed, and invoices can
  be quickly processed. Does not allow for selecting customers; all sales
  are credited to a CASH account. Requires DAYO POS or DAYO Billing &


      DAYO Returns & Refunds POS was created to make return and/or refund
  invoices easier. Under normal DAYO POS settings, the option to return
  something may not always be possible (ie: the inventory override option
  is turned on). Requires DAYO POS or DAYO Billing & Invoicing.
   DAYO BUSINESS APPLICATIONS                                       Page: 10


      This module was create to provide a means to keep track of inventory
  items returned to you from customers/clients, multiple warehouse transfers,
  and items sent back to vendors and/or manufacturers for repair or

 ■ 'Credits':

      DAYO was created by TJS LAB, a Software Publishing & Computer Consulting
  Company based in Orlando Florida. Support, Outsourcing, and customizing of
  DAYO is a major function of TJS LAB.

     Clipper, a trademark of Nantucket Corporation
     dBASE III/III+/IV, a trademark of Ashton-Tate, Inc.
     Hewlett Packard LaserJet, a trademark of Hewlett Packard Company
     IBM PC-DOS/PC/XT/AT/PS2, a trademark of International Business Machines
     Qbasic, a trademark of Microsoft Corporation
     Compuserve Inc.
     GEnie, a trademark of GE Information Services
     Novell, Novell Inc.
     FUNCKy, dLESKO Associates.


     For the cost of registering this Shareware Software you will receive the
  registered DAYO program with any/all upgrades and enhancements; without the
  logos (initial delay screens). Printed manuals are supplied with most
  modules. Limited phone support will be available to you, and you will be
  added to our 'mailing list' for all future upgrades, improvements, and
   DAYO BUSINESS APPLICATIONS                                       Page: 11


                      Prices Effective as of 13 July 1991

 DAYOIE       DAYO Inventory Registration & Program............   65.00  _____
 DAYOPE       DAYO POS Registration & Program..................   75.00  _____
 DAYOQE       DAYO Quotes Registration & Program...............   50.00  _____
 DAYOAE       DAYO Accounts Receivable Registration & Program..   65.00  _____
 DAYORE       DAYO Smart Reports Registration & Program........   50.00  _____
 DAYOME       DAYO Menu Registration & Program.................   25.00  _____
 STARTERPACK  Registration for Inventory, POS, AR, Quotes,
              Smart Reports and Menu (when bought together)      250.00  _____

 DAYOPS *     DAYO LITTLE POS Registration & Program...........   25.00  _____
 DAYOP1 *     DAYO SIMPLE POS Registration & Program...........   25.00  _____
 DAYOP2 *     DAYO Returns & Refunds POS Registration..........   25.00  _____
 DAYOBI       DAYO Billing & Invoicing Registration............   75.00  _____
 DAYOBE       DAYO PB Registration & Program..................    45.00  _____
 DAYOXE       DAYO Index Registration & Program................   25.00  _____
 DAYOIDE      DAYO Password Registration & Program.............   35.00  _____
 DAYOOE       DAYO Back Order Registration & Program...........   35.00  _____
 DAYOVE       DAYO Accounts Payable Registration & Program.....   75.00  _____
 DAYOLE       DAYO Look Up Registration & Program..............   35.00  _____
 DAYOEE       DAYO End of Period/Purge Registration & Program..   50.00  _____
 DAYOWE       DAYO Materials Requirement Planning (MRP)........   75.00  _____
              Program & Registration
 DAYOYE       DAYO Payroll Registration & Program..............   65.00  _____
 DAYOGE       DAYO General Ledger (GL) Program & Registration..   75.00  _____
 DAYO39       DAYO Bar Code Registration & Program.............   45.00  _____
 DAYOPR*      DAYO Rental POS Registration & Program...........   35.00  _____
 DAYOZE       DAYO Order Entry Registration & Program..........   45.00  _____
 DAYOSE       DAYO Shipping Log Registration & Program.........   25.00  _____
 DAYOFE       DAYO Return Management System Registration.......   45.00  _____
 DAYOJE       DAYO Job Costing.................................   75.00  _____
 DAYOTE       DAYO Time & Billing..............................   95.00  _____
 DAYODE       DAYO Membership..................................   95.00  _____
 DAYOCLOK     DAYO Clock Registration & Program................
 DAYOUPDT     Update & Conversion Program......................

       * Requires DAYO POS (DAYOPE or DAYOBI)                    Total:  _____

              Remember we make changes at a very reasonable rate!

   Terms:  Check, Money Order or C.O.D. only.
           Overseas, add $5.00 (U.S. currency).

    Name:  _______________________________       Mail To:
 Address:  _______________________________       TJS LAB, Inc.
           _______________________________       Attn: SALES
           _______________________________       P.O. Box 585366
                                                 Orlando, Florida 32858-5366
                                                 (407) 291-3960



Sales Management System

DAYO Sales Management System (SMS) was designed to aid the business or sales
person in the creation of Price Books and Quotes/Sales Orders, and in the
management of Contacts and Calendar events.  It is by default a multiuser
system, allowing almost unlimited numbers of users to have the ability to
simultaneously access the same data on a PC based LAN/Network.

Use DAYO SMS to view or edit customer information, edit customer pricing
profiles/defaults, view or edit the inventory, create price books, create sales
order quotes, maintain sales contacts, maintain a calendar, and run special
reports, labels and routines.

Special features include: Printer Setup, Customer List, Customer Expanded
Report, Customer Notes, Bill To Address Labels, Ship To Address Labels,
Customer Price Book Profile, Contact Phone List, Contact Abbreviated Report,
Contact Dump Report, Contact Address Labels, Inventory List, Inventory Expanded
Report, Inventory Available Report, New Items Report, Quote Header Report,
Quote Detail Report, Vendor Listing, Sales Person Listing, Category Listing,
Browse Related Item Numbers (BOM), Browse Expanded Item Number Information,
Browse Miscellaneous Databases, Clean-up Profile Indexes, View Reports On
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Version number: 3.90+
  Version date: 3-1-92
  Registration: $295.00
      Category: Quoting, Invoicing, Accounting & Inventory systems
      Platform: IBM PC, DOS 3.3 or better
      Requires: 530k Available Memory, Hard Disk
  User support: Multiuser, No record limits, Manual (printed and disk),
		Phone Support

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #3362

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

DAYOCD   EXE    163708   3-28-92  12:35p
VENDOR   DOC      2406   3-30-92  10:08p
README            4989   4-01-92   2:42p
DAYO     TXT     29745   7-14-91   7:32p
FILES    LST       449   4-28-92   2:43p
GO       BAT        28   2-24-93   9:16a
SHOW     EXE      2040   9-12-88  10:48a
        7 file(s)     203365 bytes
                      115712 bytes free