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║  To Install this program, insert disk 1 (#3397) and type: GO (Enter)    ║
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║                                        (c) Copyright 1993, PC-SIG Inc.  ║


International Dealer List:

  MANACCOM, Pty. Ltd., P.O. Box 1297, MILTON Qld. 4064
  Tel: (07) 368-2366,  Fax: (07) 369-7589

  MANACCOM, Adelaide Office, 20 Kensington Road, Rose Park, SA 5067,
  Tel: (08) 364-2753, Fax: (08) 364-1381.

  MANACCOM, Melbourne Office, Ste. 4, 6 Haughton Road, Oakleigh,
  Victoria 3166, Tel: (03) 569-6377, Fax: (08) 569-9641.

  Marketing Answers WA, 6 Dulwich Place, Kingsley, Western Australia, 
  Tel & Fax: (09) 409-6119

  HA-VE Distributie, NV, Postenlarenweg 2/2, 2400 MOL, Belgium
  Tel: (014) 31.69.34,  Fax: (014) 31.03.13

  SHAREWARE EXPRESS, 800 Steeles Ave. West, Ste. B-10106, Thornhill,
  Ontario L4J-7L2  Tel: (416) 512-7250,  Fax: (416) 512-7251

  PROF SHAREWARE, Benloese Skel 4G, DK4100 Ringsted, Denmark,
  Tel: (45), Fax: (45)

  DP Tools Club, B.P. 745, 59657 Villeneuve d'Ascq
  Tel: (33),  Fax: (33)

  CDV SOFTWARE, Ettlinger Strasse 5, 7500 Karlsruhe 1, Germany,
  Tel: (0721) 2.22.95, Fax: (0721) 2.13.14.
  PC-SIG (NZ), P.O. Box 90088, AUCKLAND
  Tel: (09) 3600-500,  Fax: (09) 3600-800

If a dealer near you is not listed or you live in the United States
contact OSCS at (503) 389-5489 for the name and number of a local dealer.

If you are a dealer that would like to carry OSCS products 
please let us know.


To order NeoPaint 1.0 by mail, please complete the following form 
and return it to:

     OSCS Software Development, Inc.
     354 NE Greenwood Avenue, Suite 108
     Bend, OR 97701-4631

To order by phone call: (503) 389-5489  (Hrs: 8:00-5:00 Pacific M-F)

or FAX us your order: (503) 388-8221


            YES! I would like to purchase a copy(s) of NeoPaint

      Name: ______________________________________________________

   Company: ______________________________________________________

   Address: ______________________________________________________


      City: _________________________ State: _____ Zip: __________
   Country: ______________________________________________________

 Telephone: ______________________________________________________

 I heard about NeoPaint from: ____________________________________

1. Indicate number of units below:

___  Copy(s) of NeoPaint.          X   $ 45.00         $__________
     + $7 shipping & handling (up to 5 units) 
      ($21 shipping & handling ouside U.S.)            $__________
     (Dealer inquiries welcome) 

                                             Total:    $ ________

2. Indicate payment method below:

___ I've enclosed a check or money order payable to OSCS

___ VISA     ___ MasterCard    Card #: ____________________________

Expiration Date: _____________ Signature: _________________________

              * Please make payment in U.S. Dollars *
    Checks from foreign countries must be drawn on a U.S. Bank.


               NeoPaint - Version 1.00
       (C)1992 OSCS Software Development, Inc.



* About NeoPaint
* System Requirements
* Supported Video Cards
* Starting NeoPaint
* Command Line Options
* NeoGrab Screen Capture Utility
* Optimizing NeoPaint
* Acquiring Additional Fonts
* Microsoft Windows Considerations
* Problem Images
* Customer Services & Technical Support
* Registering NeoPaint


NeoPaint is the ultimate image editing program for DOS!
Until now sophisticated image editing has required
spending hundreds of dollars on software and hardware. At
$45 (US), NeoPaint sets a new standard in
price/performance. NeoPaint is as simple to use as any
paint program, yet with many powerful features usually
found only in high-end picture publishing systems. Better
still, NeoPaint is NOT a Microsoft Windows program, so
it's easy to install, set up and use. NeoPaint's state of
the art GUI interface allows you to edit and view
multiple images at the same time in resolutions as high
as 1024x768.

When you compare NeoPaint with high end graphics packages
costing hundreds of dollars we think you'll discover that
NeoPaint gives you tremendous power at any price!


o  File Formats: PCX, GIF and TIFF

o  Video Modes: Hercules (720x348x2), EGA (640x350x16),
   VGA (640x480x2, 640x480x16), Super VGA (640x480x256,
   800x600x16, 800x600x256, 1024x768x256) *

o  Multiple Images: View and Edit multiple images in
   adjustable on-screen windows

o  Drawing Tools: Brush, Air Brush, Eraser, Color
   Eraser, Flood Fill, Tile Fill, Color Convert, Text,
   Line, Bezier Line, K-Line, Rectangle, Rounded
   Rectangle, Ellipse/Circle, Polygon, Freehand Polygon,
   Editable Polygon, Grid, 3D Cube, 3D Pyramid, Magic
   Marker, Stamp Pad, Solid and Transparent Patterns

o  Fonts: Multiple Styles and Sizes with Bold, Italic,
   Underline, Outline and Shadow effects; Additional
   fonts available from OSCS and third party vendors

o  Selection Tools: Rectangle, Polygon and Freehand
   Polygon (Lasso)

o  Effects: Invert, Flip, Rotate, Scale, Stretch,
   Smudge, Screen, Smear, Pixelize, Border, Lattice,
   Blur, Darken, Lighten, Fade, 

o  Zoom: Multilevel Zoom allows precise editing;
   Scrolling and most drawing tools also work in Zoom

o  Color Control: Works with 2, 16 and 256 Color Images;
   Color Balance, Brightness, Contrast and Color
   Reduction is supported

o  Output: Produce high quality halftones on HP DeskJet,
   HP LaserJet and Postscript or compatible printers;
   Scaling and Orientation controls; also supports
   Epson/IBM compatible Dot Matrix Printers

o  Memory Management: Supports Expanded (EMS), Extended
   (XMS) and Virtual Disk Memory for working with very
   large images


To use NeoPaint you will need the following:

o  IBM PC, XT, AT, PS/2 or 100% compatible computer. A
   286 or better CPU is highly recommended.

o  EGA, VGA, Super VGA, Hercules monochrome or
   compatible graphics card and monitor. See Supported
   Video Cards below for information on compatible Super
   VGA cards.

o  640K minimum RAM

o  A hard disk

o  MS-DOS, PC-DOS 3.1 (or higher) or DR-DOS

o  Microsoft, Logitech or compatible pointing device

o  Printer (optional) Epson/IBM dot matrix, HP DeskJet,
   HP LaserJet II/III, Postscript and 100% compatibles.


NeoPaint will run on any computer system equipped with a
100% compatible EGA, VGA, Super VGA or Hercules graphics
card. To operate NeoPaint in 256 color, 800x600 or
1024x768 modes you must have a super VGA video card
equipped with one of the following chipsets (or a close

Tseng ET3000
Tseng ET4000
Paradise/Western Digital
Video Seven

NOTE: Due to severe limitations inherent in their design,
CGA video cards are not supported. This includes many
Tandy 1000 systems which are essentially CGA.

* For instructions on using a VESA compatible chipset see
Command Line Options below.


For the steps below, we assume that you have installed
NeoPaint in the directory C:\NEOPAINT. If you installed
NeoPaint in a different DOS subdirectory, then substitute
that name for C:\NEOPAINT below.

o  Your mouse driver (usually MOUSE.COM) must be loaded
   before running NeoPaint. Please refer to your mouse's
   user manual for more information.

o  To change to the NeoPaint directory, at the DOS
   prompt (C:\), type CD\NEOPAINT and press Enter. This
   places you in the NeoPaint subdirectory.

o  Once you have switched to the proper directory,
   NeoPaint can be started from the DOS command line by
   typing NEOPAINT followed by the Enter key.


You can specify several command options when starting
NeoPaint. An option consists of a slash (/) followed by
an option letter and information about that option.


USAGE:    /E


PURPOSE:  NeoPaint's overlay file (NEOPAINT.OVR) can be
          loaded into expanded memory, thus speeding up
          execution of some NeoPaint functions. When
          exiting NeoPaint the overlay is removed from
          memory. This option requires approximately
          300K of expanded (EMS) memory.


USAGE:    /V


PURPOSE:  NeoPaint has the ability to use a VESA
          compatible video card. Without the /V option
          NeoPaint will attempt to autodetect the
          chipset employed by your video card.
          Generally, directly detecting the chipset is
          preferable to using VESA emulation. VESA tends
          to be extremely slow and compatibility between
          VESA cards can vary widely. This option is
          included for compatibility reasons, however,
          we do not recommend using VESA for the reasons
          stated above.


USAGE:    /S[file]

EXAMPLE:  NEOPAINT /Sf:\users\cindy.set

PURPOSE:  Normally NeoPaint stores its setup information
          in the NEOPAINT.SET file in the NeoPaint
          directory. This file contains information
          about the default settings such as video mode
          and memory usage options. In a multi-user
          environment with PCs of vastly different
          configurations it is necessary to specify
          setup files for different users and/or
          different machine types. The /S option allows
          users to load NeoPaint with their own
          personalized setup file.

          For example: if Cindy keeps her personal files
          in the PAINT directory on her C: drive then
          she might start NeoPaint by typing:

          NEOPAINT /Sc:\paint\cindy.set


You can also load images into Neopaint directly from the
DOS command line. Simply run NeoPaint with the names of
the files you wish to load as parameters. For example:


You may load as many files as will fit on the DOS command


Included as part of the NeoPaint Package is a simple
screen capture utility called NeoGrab. NeoGrab will
capture graphics displayed on your monitor and convert
them into PCX format files which may be used in NeoPaint.

To load NeoGrab, at the DOS prompt type:

NEOGRAB [Options]

To capture a graphics screen, press <Ctrl> <Print
Screen>. Two short beeps means the screen was captured
successfully. One long beep means an error occurred and
the screen could not be captured. An error will occur if
you are in text mode, an unsupported graphics mode, or if
your disk is full. NeoGrab supports all standard video
modes and most super VGA modes so you shouldn't have any
trouble using it with popular software. NeoGrab will not,
however, work with Microsoft Windows.

Screen captures are stored as PCX files and placed in the
directory where the NEOGRAB.EXE file is located. Files
are numbered sequentially starting with 00000001. For
example the first captured screen will be named
00000001.PCX the second 00000002.PCX and so on. NeoGrab
will not delete files to make room - it simply selects
the next available file name in the sequence. Deleting
files is up to you.


You can specify several options when starting NeoGrab. An
option consists of a forward slash (/) followed by an
option letter.


USAGE:    /K


PURPOSE:  Changes the hotkey from the default <Ctrl>
          <Print Screen> to <Alt> <Scroll Lock>. This is
          useful if another program is already using the
          default hotkey.


USAGE:    /P[path]


PURPOSE:  This option allows you to specify a drive and
          directory for captured PCX images. By default
          captured screens are stored in the directory
          that contains the NEOGRAB.EXE file.


USAGE:    /U


PURPOSE:  Use this option to unload NeoGrab from memory.
          This will only work if NeoGrab is the last TSR
          loaded in memory.


NeoPaint has been designed to run acceptably on a wide
range of DOS based systems and will automatically try and
take optimal advantage of all supported hardware
resources available to it. Some machines have processing
speed, disk space, and memory limitations which will
affect how NeoPaint can perform. Graphics programs by
their nature are demanding of system resources. Some
images, particularly 256 color pictures in larger sizes,
can easily use more than 1 megabyte of memory and storage

If you have a system with speed and memory limitations,
one or more of the following suggestions may offer

o  If you have a choice between configuring your
   system's memory as either EMS (expanded memory) and
   XMS (extended memory) on your system, use EMS for
   NeoPaint. Using EMS memory can dramatically speed up
   many NeoPaint functions including rotating, flipping
   and special effects.

o  Turn off the UNDO command under the SET PREFERENCES
   selection in the OPTIONS menu. UNDO keeps a record of
   the image prior to the last change you made. This
   takes up memory. If your system has limited RAM and
   disk memory available, you may want to disable this
   in any case. If your system is limited to 640K of
   RAM, then UNDO may use your hard disk to store
   changed items. Using hard disk storage is slower than
   using RAM, and turning off UNDO will increase
   NeoPaint's performance.

o  Do not run NeoPaint as a DOS application under
   Windows. Windows will slow NeoPaint's execution, as
   Windows will still be using up your system's
   resources while NeoPaint is running.

o  If disk storage space is a problem (and in many cases
   even if you have plenty of disk space) turn off the
   selection of the OPTIONS menu. Graphic files tend to
   take up a large amount of disk space, and creating a
   backup file (.BAK) each time you SAVE a picture can
   rapidly deplete the free space available on your
   drive. You might want to turn this feature back on,
   however, when working with particularly important

o  Try using the 640x480 VGA resolution in 16 colors as
   your default. Some video cards use a TSR program to
   display VESA compatible higher resolutions. Using a
   TSR program is a much slower method of interacting
   with your hardware.

o  When using the 3-D OBJECT icon, use the Wire Frame

o  Turn the PREVIEW option off for STAMP PAD images.

If none of the above seem to help, you may wish to
consider upgrading your system's hardware. Four hardware
options are listed below, in ascending order of cost:

o  Add 2 or more megabytes of (RAM) memory to your
   system. NeoPaint supports both the XMS and EMS

o  Use a graphics card containing a chipset supported by
   NeoPaint. Cards containing chipsets compatible with
   ATI, Trident, Hercules monochrome, Paradise/Western
   Digital, Tseng (ET3000 or ET4000), or Video Seven can
   be addressed directly by NeoPaint.

o  Add a larger, faster hard drive.

o  Upgrade your CPU.

NeoPaint comes with a variety of fonts. Additional fonts
are available on OSCS' electronic bulletin board. You may
download these via modem at no charge. The number for the
bulletin board is (503) 383-7195.

Third party software that can generate GEM screen fonts
(used by the DOS version of Ventura Publisher) may also
be used to create fonts for NeoPaint. Simply follow the
program's instructions for generating screen fonts. Copy
the fonts to your NeoPaint directory and rename them so
that they use the .GFT extension.


NeoPaint may be run as a DOS application under Windows
3.1, subject to certain limitations. We are not
recommending that you use NeoPaint under Windows, and
believe you will prefer using the program under the
quicker DOS environment. However, should you need to work
from within Windows:

o  NeoPaint does not support the Windows clipboard, OLE,
   etc. If you need to bring an image from NeoPaint into
   a Windows program, this will best be done by
   importing the saved NeoPaint image file directly.
   Most Windows programs which can display graphic
   images will support one or more of NeoPaint's image
   file formats (i.e., PCX, TIFF, or GIF).

o  The NeoGrab screen capture utility is not designed to
   capture Windows screens.

o  Occasionally, using some keyboard shortcuts will
   cause Windows to corrupt the NeoPaint screen. You
   will need to exit NeoPaint to be able to continue.

o  Windows limits the memory resources available to the
   DOS programs it runs. This may cause problems in such
   operations as converting an image to a higher
   resolution or working with very large images.

o  NeoPaint under Windows will tend to run noticeably
   slower than when run as a DOS application.


NeoPaint is designed to read and write the popular PCX,
GIF and TIFF file formats. We tested literally hundreds
of images during the design phase of NeoPaint. However,
even with the best testing, it's entirely possible that
there are some images that either don't follow the rules
or employ a compression algorithm that is not supported
by NeoPaint.

During our research we discovered, much to our surprise,
that there is no real consensus or standard among
programs that use 16 Color TIFF images. Images created by
one program frequently cannot be loaded by another
program. With NeoPaint we employed what we believed to be
the most popular format for 16 color TIFF images. If you
have problems using 16 color TIFF images with other
programs, try saving them as PCX or GIF files instead. 2
color and 256 color TIFF images are not effected by this

If you happen to run across an image file in either PCX,
GIF or TIFF format that you are unable to load with
NeoPaint upload the file to our BBS (503) 383-7195
(N/8/1/300-9600) or place the image on a diskette and
mail it to:

OSCS Software Development, Inc,
Customer Support
354 NE Greenwood Avenue, Suite 108
Bend, Oregon 97701-4631

Include a brief note describing the image, where it came
from and if possible what program was used to create it.


OSCS provides its registered software customers with free
technical support. We also provide limited technical
support to persons evaluating our products during the 30
day evaluation period.

We do, however, strongly encourage people to register.
Software development and support is very expensive and we
need your help if we are to continue to provided quality
programs at affordable prices. If you haven't already,
please take a few moments to register. This will assure
you of eligibility for technical support, product update
notification, special discounts, announcements, etc.

If you should encounter a technical problem or question
not covered in the manual, you may use one of the
following avenues to obtain technical assistance:


OSCS Software Development, Inc. 
Customer Support 
354 NE Greenwood Avenue, Suite 108 
Bend, OR 97701-4631 


Technical support and product update information are
available between the hours of 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM
(Pacific Standard Time), Monday through Friday.

Please have the following information available for the
support staff when you call:

o  Brand name and model of your computer system, mouse,
   video adapter and monitor.

o  Operating system (DOS) version number.

o  A listing of the contents of your AUTOEXEC.BAT and
   CONFIG.SYS files.

o  A description of the problem, how it occurred, and
   how to reproduce it.

Telephone support may be obtained by calling (503)
389-5489. You may also FAX your questions to (503)


Up to date product information, evaluation programs and
supplements may be obtained via modem from our BBS. The
telephone number is (503) 383-7195. The bulletin board
operates using N/8/1/300-9600 Baud.


If you purchased NeoPaint in a shrink wrapped box with an
OSCS logo on the back, a registration card was included
in the package. Please take a moment to fill out the
lower portion of the card and mail it to: 

OSCS Software Development, Inc.
Customer Registration
354 NE Greenwood Ave. Suite 108
Bend, Oregon 97701-4631.  

This will enter you as a registered user in our records
and insure that you receive technical support, upgrade
notices and information about future products.

If you received NeoPaint from a friend, BBS, catalog or
anywhere other than from OSCS or an authorized commercial
software dealer or distributor, you may try the program
for a trial period of up to 30 days before registering.
To obtain a complete commercial package including
registration number and typeset manual call OSCS at (503)
389-5489. We can process your order with VISA or
MasterCard over the phone. The purchase price of NeoPaint
is $45 + $7 ($21 outside United States) shipping and
handling. If you prefer, FAX your order to us at (503)
388-8221. If you would like to mail a check or money
order, make sure it's drawn against a U.S. bank in U.S.
funds. Our address is:

OSCS Software Development, Inc.
354 NE Greenwood Ave. Suite 108
Bend, Oregon 97701-4631.  

You may also purchase NeoPaint from any one of our many
dealers world wide. For a list of dealers see the
DEALER.DOC file accompanying this program.  

If you would like to give a copy of this program to a
friend or associate please do so, but you may NOT give
anyone your registration/serial number. We hope you enjoy
the program and share it with your friends.


Distribution requirments and allowances for NeoPaint:

1)    NeoPaint may NOT be sold by way of shareware rack vending.

2)    UNregistered versions of NeoPaint may be listed and sold by

3)    UNregistered versions of NeoPaint may be uploaded to BBS's.

4)    UNregistered versions of NeoPaint may be given to friends and

5)    NeoPaint may be sold through commercial channels so long as
      the full commercial package is purchased from OSCS by the
      dealer or distributor.

6)    NeoPaint may be bundled with hardware under contract with

Copyright (C)1992 OSCS Software Development, Inc.
All Rights Reserved

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