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PC-SIG Diskette Library (Disk #3405)

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Welcome to Resume
Registration Fee: $29.95 + S & H (US Funds only)
    Send to: Attn: Resume Registration
             Softline, Inc
             15377 N.E. 90th
             Redmond, WA 98052
             (206) 861-5463
Resume includes InWin: an install program run from
                       within Windows.

NOTE: Most files in this program are compressed and MUST
      be installed in order to run the program.  Allow
      about 1 minute for the install.

Step #1: Make a copy of the Master diskette and place the
         master diskette in a safe place.
Step #2: Insert the copy in Drive A or B.
Step #3: In Windows Program Manager, select File-Run...
Step #4: Type:   A:INSTALL   or    B:INSTALL
         Follow the installation instructions as they appear
         on the screen.
Step #5: After the Install is complete, double click
         the left mouse button on the Resume icon to start
         the program.
Step #6: Select OK at the License reminder screen.
Step #7: For instructions (HELP) on creating your own
         talking Resume: press the <F1> key.
Step #8: Please send in your license fee.  Softline will 
         remove the pester screen, send a manual, and the
         most recent version of the software.  Thank you. 
	   Select Resume... under the File menu, within the
              program, for the registration/order form and
              information on other Softline products.

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #3405

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

README   TXT      1454   5-31-93   5:00p
VENDOR   DOC     11122   5-31-93   5:00p
INSTALL  EXE     16896   3-25-93   5:00p
INWIN    INF      1117   5-31-93   5:00p
INWIN    SQU     29682   3-31-93   5:00p
RESUMEE  EXE    173350   5-31-93   5:00p
GO       BAT        30   6-30-93   1:39p
SHOW     EXE      2040   9-12-88  10:48a
        8 file(s)     235691 bytes
                       82944 bytes free