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                         * SOLEAU SOFTWARE PRESENTS *

                               THE ROBIX GAME

                         Programed by William Soleau
                            Version 1.0   (c) 1992

                      Requirements: EGA and Brain Power

                                Files Needed:
                          Robix.exe     Robix.ov1
                          Robix.ov2     Robix.ov3



        The objective of Robix is get your color blocks to the bottom
        of the game board by shifting entire rows either to the left or
        right.  You can play Robix against the computer or a friend.
        When playing the computer, you will be assigned the Red blocks
        and the computer will always play the Blue.

                         SELECTING AND PUSHING ROWS

        At the start of each game, the computer will randomly decide
        who will go first.  Each player then takes turns pushing a row
        of blocks left or right.  When a row is selected, it will be
        shifted one grid space.  The rows can only be pushed a total of
        two times in either direction.  If your color block is pushed
        against one side of the grid board, then it will re-appear on
        the other side after the row has shifted.  When it is your turn
        to play, you will see an arrow pointing to the top row on the
        left side of the screen.  Use the arrow keys to select the row
        and the direction to push in.  The computer will only let you
        position the pointer icon on valid rows.

        Once you have selected a row, push the <Spacebar> to activate
        the push.  If a block has the space to keep moving downwards,
        it will continue to fall until it either reaches the bottom or
        hits another block.

                         SHORT / MEDIUM / LONG GAMES

        Robix has three types of games you can play.  The Short game
        ends when the first player can get 10 of his color blocks to
        the bottom.  The Medium game ends after 25 blocks, and the Long
        game is 50 blocks.  In the Medium and Long games, once a block
        reaches the bottom, it will move back up to an empty space on
        the top row.

                              KEY DEFINITIONS

                         Arrow Keys:  Moves Pointer Icon
                         <SpaceBar>:  Pushes Selected Row

                  <S>ound Toggle   :   Turns Sound ON/OFF
                  s<P>eed Key      :   Controls Speed of Game
                  <D>irections     :   Robix Instructions
                  <M>indscape      :   Information about Soleau
                                       Software and Mindscape

                  <K>eys           :   Shows Key Definitions
                  <Q>uit           :   Exits Robix Game



              This Robix Game is distributed as Shareware. A
         registration fee of $12.00 is requested if you find this game
         is a worthy addition to your game collection. The registration
         will greatly speed up the loading and exiting of the game and
         you will instantly become a Soleau Software Member. All Members
         receive information and discounts on our other Shareware Games,
         plus Special Bonus Package Offers.

              Please take the time to read the ROBX_REG.DOC file which
         describes how you can get information on our many other games
         and how to become a Soleau Software Member.

              We at Soleau Software thank you for your support and hope
         you will continue to enjoy this as well as our other Shareware


                                William Soleau

                               Soleau Software
                               163 Amsterdam Ave
                               Suite 213
                               New York,  NY  10023


   FN:C2         ROBIX GAME   (1.0)    REGISTRATION FORM


               Please find enclosed the $12.00 registration fee for
          this Robix game. This registered version will greatly speed up
          the loading and exiting of the game, plus instantly make me 
          a Soleau Software Member.  As a Member, I want to receive 
          information on your other Shareware Games, discounts on other 
          Soleau Software and to be eligible for Special Bonus Packages.

                          *    *    *    *    *

                             GAME PACK OFFER
                        New Soleau Software Members

               As a New Soleau Software Member I have the option of
          enclosing an additional $6.00 for your Game Pack Offer of
          eight unregistered versions of your most popular Soleau
          Software Games on a 5 1/4" HD disk. I can receive this
          bonus offer by checking the appropriate line below.

                          *    *    *    *    *


            (Check One)

              ____   $12.00 for the Registered version of Robix.

              ____   $18.00 for the Registered version of Robix,
                     plus the Soleau Software Game Pack Offer.

            * Foreign Users:  Add $2.00 for postage and pay by
              Check drawn on a U.S./Canadian Bank or P.O. Money Order.

          MY NAME AND ADDRESS IS:  __________________________________



          I GOT THIS PROGRAM FROM: __________________________________

          MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO:          Soleau Software
                                           163 Amsterdam Ave
                                           Suite 213
                                           New York, NY.  10023


                    *  S O L E A U   S O F T W A R E  *

Vendor.doc & Sysop.doc

This disk contains the two newest releases from Soleau Software.
Full descriptions are below this list. Each game is in a separate
directory and with a File_id.diz included.

Game               Version          Type                   Requires

Blind Wars         v1.0   : Simulation War Game            EGA/VGA & MOUSE
Robix              v1.0   : Logic Puzzle Strategy Game     EGA/VGA

BLIND WARS   v1.0    Requires EGA/VGA & Mouse        ZipName: Blindwar.zip

Blind Wars is a strategy war game where the object
is to conquer all the cities on the game board. In
this sequel to Soleau Software's Isle Wars, the task
becomes quite challenging because you cannot see the
strength of the opposing armies. It plays like 'Risk'
yet adds elements such as production centers, volcanic
eruptions, floods, and much more! Options include, sound
toggle, save game, speed play and levels of difficulty.

ROBIX    v1.0   Requires EGA/VGA                     Zip Name: Robix.zip

Robix is another logic puzzle game from Soleau Software.
The objective of this pure strategy game is to get your
colored blocks to the bottom of the game board by pushing
entire rows either left or right. You can play Robix against
the computer or a friend. Written in beautiful EGA/VGA
graphics, it is both addictive and challenging for all ages!

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ROBIX    OV1     43643  10-19-92   7:50p
ROBIX    OV2      2154  11-19-92   5:57p
ROBIX    OV3       203  10-20-92   8:44p
ROBX_REG DOC      2147  11-19-92   5:57p
VENDORS  DOC      1519  11-19-92   5:52p
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