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║       <<<<  PC-SIG Disk #3451 SoftScene PCX Artwork Volume 3  >>>>      ║
║                                                                         ║
║   Files are in ZIPPED (archived) form.                                  ║
║                                                                         ║
║   To UNZIP files, type: PKUNZIP [file name].ZIP (Enter)                 ║
║                                                                         ║
║   After UNZIPPING, use your own .PCX program to view or print the       ║
║                                                                         ║
║   included on this disk.                                                ║
║                                                                         ║
║                                                                         ║
║ (C) Copyright 1993 PC-SIG Inc. 1030D East Duane Ave. Sunnyvale CA 94086 ║
║     For inquiries call: (408) 730-9291  For orders call: (800) 245-6717 ║


                     SOFTSCENE PCX ARTWORK VERSION 3.0

          NOTE: Due to light registration, this may be the last disk
          of graphic images I distribute as shareware. However, I want
          to sincerely thank all of you who did register their use of
          Your favorable comments were the bright spot of many of my
          days; and, again, my thanks.  Also, I want to thank in
          advance all those who will register this version (or volume)
          of PCX images.

          These hand-drawn 29 graphic pictures are provided in the PCX
          don't already have a program that accepts PCX format files,
          there are many programs available both as shareware and
          commercially which accept PCX format graphic images. Some
          programs that accept PCX format files are as follows:

                       DESK TOP PUBLISHING PROGRAMS

              1)  Ventura Publisher      5)  Publish It!
              2)  Aldus Pagemaker        6)  Many others
              3)  First Publisher versions 2 and 3
              4)  Key Publisher

                             WORD PROCESSORS

              1)  Wordstar version 5.0 or later
              2)  Word Perfect versions 5.0 or later
              3)  Microsoft Word versions 5.0 or later

                          DRAWING/PAINT PROGRAMS

              1)  PC Paintbrush (&Plus)  3)  Turbo Paint (Shareware)
              2)  Microsoft Paintbrush   4)  Windows 3.0 Paint
              3)  Desktop Paint (Shareware)


              1)  GrafCat           - graphic catalog printer
              2)  Graphics Workshop - views, converts, prints graphics
              3)  CompuShow         - views and prints graphics
              4)  IConvert          - views and converts graphics
              5)  VPic              - views with slide show option
              6)  Optiks            - view, edit, convert, print

          These are just some of the programs that accept PCX format
          files. If your program accepts other file formats, you may
          be able to convert these PCX files to the format you need
          using one of the utility programs listed above.

          The graphic pictures on this disk(s) are copyrighted and are
          to be distributed as shareware. You are encouraged to make
          copies for your friends (make sure this README.DOC and
          REGFORM.DOC files accompany any copies). You are strongly
          asked, begged, pleaded to register your use with SoftScene.
          Registration helps to support the shareware concept (and to
          pay for my groceries and new computer!)

          The graphic pictures on this disk(s) are most often used to
          enhance letters, newsletters, and other periodicals that are
          produced using desk top publishing (DTP) programs or a word
          processing (WP) programs that allow you to import PCX images
          (though technically called "word processors", some of the
          commercial WP programs have evolved into DTP programs).

                               THE ARTWORK

          All of the graphic images on this disk consist of black and
          white images that were hand drawn by Steve Hornback.  I have
          tried to produce high quality artwork.  If you obtained the
          first or second disks of graphics I produced, you should
          like these pictures even better. The aspect ratio (see
          below) can be preserved when resizing.  The pictures consist
          mainly of outdoor scenes.

                               ASPECT RATIO

          The ASPECT RATIO is the height of the picture compared to
          its width. These pictures were created using patterns (of
          dots) to give grays for shading effects. If you resize the
          picture by increasing the height without increasing the
          width proportionally by the same amount, the patterns may
          become distorted resulting in "tartan bands".  If you see
          this occur, most DTP programs have an option to preserve or
          ignore the original aspect ratio (in Ventura you pick
          "Aspect Distorted" to ignore the aspect ratio). If you
          preserve the aspect ratio, you can still resize the picture
          (make it bigger or smaller); but the height and width will
          remain correct proportionally - banding of patterns will be
          avoided. But you can often ignore the aspect ratio with
          satisfactory results, so experiment.  With all the pictures
          on this disk, you can preserve the aspect ratio (or not).

             HINT!!      **** IMPORTANT NOTE ****         HINT!!

          If you don't have Aspect Ratio control, or even if you do,
          I have found a formula for printing the pictures perfectly
          based on the resolution of your printer. First you must know
          the resolution of your printer in dots per inch (DPI). Your
          printer manual should tell you this. For laser printers this
          resolution is often 300 x 300 DPI. For my 24 pin dot matrix
          printer the resolution is 180 x 180 DPI. All but two of
          these pictures are 640 pixels (or dots) wide by 480 pixels
          high (one VGA screen full). So use the following formula to
          calculate the height and width you should make the picture:

              640 pixels (or dots)
          ------------------------------   =  PICTURE WIDTH IN INCHES

              480 pixels (or dots)
          ------------------------------   =  PICTURE HEIGHT IN INCHES

          If I use the 300 x 300 laser resolution as an example in the
          above equations, I come up with 2.133 inches wide and 1.60
          inches high.  If I then make my picture just this size, it
          will print perfectly. If your resolution has some strange
          numbers (such as 140 x 175) and you don't know which is the
          height and width, try it both ways (one will be the right

          After you calculate the height and width of the picture, you
          can then double, triple, etc. these heights and widths to
          make the picture larger. So we could double the picture size
          in the laser example above to 4.266 inches wide and 3.2
          inches high, and we'd get a larger picture that still prints

          I have been asked to provide an instruction manual on how to
          use these graphics with all or most DTP and word processing
          programs.  I'm sorry, but I'm not expert enough with enough
          programs to provide such comprehensive help. I can't even
          afford Ventura or Aldus, much less tell you how to use them.

                             MORE ON PRINTERS

          The resolution of your printer will significantly affect the
          printed output of these graphics.  As you make the image
          smaller with lower resolution printers, grays may appear as
          blacks  (this is a common occurrence with many dot matrix
          printers). What happens is that the individual printed dots
          run together making blacks. This can be solved by making the
          image larger before printing. Again, experiment.

          Higher resolution printers (such as laser printers) do not
          have a problem here unless the image is made exceedingly

          I do hope you like and use the PCX artwork on this disk. If
          you do like them, I'd love to hear from you (especially if a
          registration fee is included.  There is a registration form
          included on this disk with the file name: REGFORM.DOC.  The
          form can be printed simply by typing:

                        COPY REGFORM.DOC PRN <ENTER>

          Or just type in "REG" from the DOS prompt and press enter
          (make sure your printer is on).  The registration fee is
          $10.00 if you like and use these pictures.

               Your support is sincerely appreciated. Thanks!

                            Stephen A. Hornback
                            P.O. Box 390
                            Orrville, Ohio  44667
                    Phone: (216) 683-2436 (After 5 pm EST)

              Please Make checks payable to Stephen A. Hornback

                REGISTRATION IS $10.00 IN USA ( £7 IN UK )

            If this information scrolled off the screen before you
               could read it, you can print this file by typing:

                             COPY README.DOC PRN


          |                                                   |
          |                   SoftScene                       |

                        PCX ARTWORK  VERSION 3
                          REGISTRATION FORM

       *[To print this form enter  COPY REGFORM.DOC PRN  from DOS]*

       Supplying all of the information below is your choice, but will
         help me to send you information and updates in the future.

          NAME: __________________________________________________

          ADDRESS: _______________________________________________


          CITY: ____________________ STATE: __________ ZIP _______

          PHONE: _________________________________________________


          WHICH ONE? ____________________________ VERSION? _______

          HOW DID YOU ACQUIRE THIS DISK? _________________________


          COMMENTS, SUGGESTIONS __________________________________




                         Please mail $10.00 to:

                          Stephen A. Hornback
                             P.O. Box 390
                          Orrville, Ohio  44667

                        THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!


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