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        T h e  P C - S I G  L i b r a r y  o n  C D - R O M


This may well be the greatest collection of software ever compiled.

The PC-SIG Library on CD-ROM is our premier collection of the entire
PC-SIG library.  Every shareware program we have is on one disc; over
900 megabytes of software you can have immediate access to.

Easy to use, all you have to do is insert the disc and type 'INSTALL' at
the DOS prompt.  We've included all the tools you need for fast easy
access to the programs and their descriptions.

The WordCruncher text retrieval software allows you to quickly access
the description for any program you want.  All the programs are indexed
by title, filename, PC-SIG disk number, and every word within the
program description.  There couldn't be an easier way to find just the
right program.  All the programs are logically divided into thirteen
major categories with subcategories, making it easier to find just the
right software.

All of the programs have been scanned for viruses.  There are also three
online virus utilities that can be run from the CD-ROM which will scan,
screen and clean viruses.  Not only does this save hard disk space, but
also gives every user added security from viruses.

Whether you're interested in Accounting or Windows, there's a shareware
program for you on the PC-SIG Library on CD-ROM.

Winner of the Optical Publishing Assn's Best Consumer Product Award.

Shareware for every imaginable need: Accounting Chemistry Educational
Engineering Games Hypertext Networks Programming Spreadsheets Utilities
Word Processing

Additional BBS file descriptions are available from PC-SIG so that the
CD-ROM can be set up quickly on a bulletin board.

System Requirements:

IBM PC/XT/AT PS/2 or compatible with 530K memory DOS 3.1 or higher and
a graphics monitor (Hercules/EGA/VGA/SVGA).  A mouse is optional.

T h e E s s e n t i a l H o m e & B u s i n e s s C o l l e c t i o n

"Never before has such a valuable collection of popular shareware been
compiled on one CD-ROM that everyone can afford." Dr. File Finder a.k.a.
Michael Callahan

Finally, 368 of the most useful, popular, important shareware programs
have been put together on one CD. No matter what your need, it's on The
Essential Home & Business Collection.  Everything from Administration to
Windows software is here.

The Essential CD incorporates the WordCruncher text retrieval system.
Every program on the disc is indexed by title, filename, PC-SIG disk
number, and every word in the program description.  A new utility, Narc,
is implemented so you can look at the program files and the author's
on-line documentation without having to first copy the program to your
hard disk.  By using WordCruncher and Narc, you can quickly find the
program you want and review it to be sure, without ever having to run it
from your hard disk.

If you've got a CD-ROM player at home and want to get more use of it and
your computer, or if you're trying to avoid purchasing another Nintendo
cartridge, or if you just enjoy looking at new software, you need The
Essential Home & Business Collection.

System Requirements:

IBM PC/XT/AT PS/2 or compatible with 384K memory DOS 3.1 or higher and
Microsoft MS-DOS CD ROM extensions.

                      The PC-SIG Games CD-ROM

Now you can play a game a day fo over a year.  This CD-ROM is jammed
with over 380 shareware games of all types, designed to appeal to the
new generation of CD-ROM users out for fun.  The CD incorporates a
hypermedia interface and allows 250 of the games to be played directly
from the CD-ROM.

The hottest games in shareware are on this disk, including the
action/arcade games "Jill of the Jungle" and "Wolfenstein 3D," which
rival or surpass commercial PC and Nintendo for use of animation,
SoundBlaster audio, and VGA graphics.  There are also games designed to
teach children mathematics, spelling and even ecology.  All these games
for less than a dime each!

Over 250 of the games can be played directly from the CD without copying
them to a floppy or a hard drive.  Being able to run from the CD means
that users can explore games without using up valuable hard disk space
or spending time downloading and deleting files.  The hypermedia
interface makes it easy to browse the titles, read a one line
description or full review, and copy or start a game by clicking the
mouse or using the keyboard.

To Order in the U.S.A.: Call 800-245-6717 and ask for Customer Service.

Outside the U.S.A. call (408) 730-9291 for the name of the dealer in
your country.


	                   Fischer Grafix & Software

                                  Ver. 3.0

                    All rights reserved - Copyright 1990

                Member Association of Shareware Professionals

                       This is a Shareware Program
                       Program designed and written by
                          Fischer Grafix & Software
                                P.O. Box 606
                            Midway City, Ca 92655

                              TABLE of CONTENTS

     Section 1 ----------------------- Getting Started & Hardware

     Section 2 ----------------------- Melissa's Music Flashcards in Windows

     Section 3 ----------------------- General Description

     Section 4 ----------------------- Initialization Screen

     Section 5 ----------------------- Flashcard Screen

     Section 6 ----------------------- Select Note Range Screen

     Section 7 ----------------------- Screen Saver

     Section 8 ----------------------- Problems & Technical Support

     Section 9 ----------------------- Planned upgrades
     Section 10----------------------- Permission to Copy

     Section 11 ---------------------- About Shareware

     Section 12 ---------------------- Registration Information

     Section 13 ---------------------- ASP (Ombudsman)

     Section 14 ---------------------- Disclaimer / License Agreement

     Section 15 ---------------------- Registration Form    

                                  -Page 1-
                           Fischer Grafix & Software

Section 1:  Getting Started & Hardware Requirements

    You must have a minimum of EGA monitor & driver for display
    and a mouse to use this program.

    One Drive System:  
    Start your computer as you normally would (with the DOS diskette)
    then insert the Melissa's Music Flashcards Diskette into drive "A",
    at the DOS prompt type in "A:\FGSMMF". The program will run slowly
    from diskette but is acceptable.

    Hard Disk System:
    Start your computer as you normally would. Make a directory
    for FGSMMF (consult your DOS manual for instructions on how to
    make a directory and copy files). Copy all the files from your
    Melissa's Music Flashcards diskette into this directory. At the
    DOS prompt type in "FGSMMF" to run the program.

    To insure proper operation of the program it is best to place it
    in it's own directory. This is only a precaution, progams that
    are in their own directories do not bother or are not bothered by
    any other program. This is not a must, just a good practice.

SECTION 2:  Melissa's Music Flashcards in Windows

    To use Melissa's Music Flashcards in Windows 3.X and install the 
    Icon, use the normal procedure to start Windows. Select the window
    in which you want to install the program (refer to your windows
    manual for installation of DOS programs). Once you have installed
    the program in Windows, single click on the program just to
    highlight it. Pull down the "FILE" menu and select properties.
    Click on change icon. In the "File Name Box", type in the
    Drive:\path\icon.name, (ie: C:\MMF\FGSMMF.ICO). Click OK & OK.
    You should now have the FGSMMF icon on the screen above FGSMMF.
    If you have a problem with this procedure consult your windows


                                  -Page 2-
                            Fischer Grafix & Software

Section 3:  General Description of Melissa's Music Flashcards

     One of the most time-honored traditions in the teaching of music and
     specifically the piano is the music flashcard.  Teachers, parents and the
     students themselves remember the often tedious chore of guessing the
     names of the notes or key signatures shown on flashcards.  It was felt
     that the learning process could be made more enjoyable and even
     entertaining by combining the value of the flashcard as a teaching aide
     with the interactive environment that the computer provides.  Melissa's
     Music Flashcards was written with this symbiosis in mind.

     The experience base required for the use of this program is limited to
     the most basic of music theory (ie. what a note is, what sharps and flats
     do, the difference between clefs, etc.)  These are levels of
     understanding encountered early in the process of learning to play a
     musical instrument and therefore serve as no obstacle to use of this
     program.  There are a number of books on musical theory in public
     libraries which could be consulted by those who wish to further explore
     the theory of music notation.

     Fundamentally, Melissa's Music Flashcards allows one to setup a flashcard
     session for a student with a specific range of notes, keys and clefs to be
     practiced.  These notes, keys and clefs are then generated randomly within
     the setup constraints and displayed graphically for the student.  The
     student then guesses the note by selecting its name from a note table.
     Correct/incorrect guesses are rewarded by an animated happy/sad face.
     HINT features can be used to help the student.  A PLAY feature allows
     notes to be sounded through the PC speaker for exploration of the effects
     of key signatures on the sounds of the notes.  With adult guidance,
     Melissa's Music Flashcards can be more than a mere flashcard program.  

Section 4:  Initialization Screen

     The opening screen consists of a column of key boxes, a column
     of clef boxes and a row of option boxes at the bottom of the
     screen. The KEY and CLEF boxes may be scrolled through with the
     cursor keys or selected with the mouse (except the SELECT NOTE RANGE
     box which can be selected only by the mouse)

     The four KEY boxes are:
              KEY OF C - To practice notes in the Key of C
            SHARP KEYS - To practice notes in the sharp keys only
             FLAT KEYS - To practice notes in the flat keys only
     FLAT & SHARP KEYS - To practice all possible key signatures

     NOTE: Except in the case of the Key of C option, pressing a number 
     key between 0 & 7 will set the upper limit on the number of sharps
     and/or flats that will be displayed (the left & right cursor keys
     will also increase & decrease this value). This feature is handy
     when introducing the concept of keys to a student.

                                  -Page 3-
                            Fischer Grafix & Software

Section 4:  Initialization Screen (Continued)

     The Four CLEF boxes:

           TREBLE CLEF - To practice notes in the treble (or G) clef
             BASS CLEF - To practice notes in the bass (or F) clef
            BOTH CLEFS - To select both treble & bass clefs
     SELECT NOTE RANGE - To select a custom range of notes - see below

     The Bottom option boxes:

                 BEGIN - Starts flashcard generation
                  HELP - Displays a one page quick help
                  EXIT - Exit this program to DOS

Section 5:  Flashcard Screen

     The features of the Flashcard screen allow for supervised teaching of
     note name, key signature, clef and note time value.  Unsupervised
     practice for note name allows the student to work at his own pace. 

     The Flashcard Screen displays a musical staff with clef sign, a note,
     and a number of sharps or flats if selected in the initialization menu.
     There is also a row of boxes across the top of the screen showing note
     letters with sharp and flat symbols. Across the bottom of the screen are
     some option boxes. To be shown the name of the displayed note and key,
     simply press the enter key or the right mouse button with the cursor
     positioned to the right of the note. Pressing the enter key again or
     clicking the left mouse button will cause a new note to be displayed.
     To guess the name of the note, move the mouse cursor to the upper row of
     boxes and click the right mouse button when you are positioned over the
     note name. A correct answer will result in an animated happy face
     whereas an incorrect answer results in an animated sad face. If the note
     name is sharped or flatted due to the key signature, the sharp or flat
     symbol associated with the note name should be selected.  In the regis-
     tered version a happy face and sad face also appear at the bottom of the
     after each guess to show the number of correct or incorrect guesses made
     during the current flashcard session.  To reset these to zero, merely
     EXIT the flashcard screen and immediately select BEGIN from the opening

     EXIT option box: Selecting the EXIT box at the bottom of the screen or
     hitting the ESCape key returns you to the initialization screen where
     parameters may be changed or the program exited.

     HINT option box: A display of the note on the keyboard can be seen by
     clicking on the hint box at the bottom of the screen or by pressing the
     "H" key. To really cheat, clicking the left mouse button in the center
     of the note on the staff will highlight the correct note box at the top
     of the screen.

                                  -Page 4-
                            Fischer Grafix & Software

Section 5:  Flashcard Screen (Continued)

     PLAY option box: To hear a rather crude rendition of the notes of the
     staff played over the cheap little PC speaker in your computer, select
     the PLAY option box by clicking on it with the left mouse button. The
     cursor will become note-shaped and if you position it on the staff and
     click the left mouse button, that note will be sounded. This may be of
     use in helping a student associate sounds with notes.  It should be of
     much use in teaching major and relative minor scales of the displayed
     key signature.  Selecting the PLAY option box a second time toggles the
     cursor to the default arrow and deselects the play feature.

Section 6: Select Note Range Screen

     The range of notes which are randomly generated during the flashcard
     session can now be limited in this section of the program to a smaller
     range than provided by the check box settings in the initialization
     screen.  This allows Melissa's Music Flashcards to be set up for use by
     beginning students of music who need to be introduced to music notation
     a few notes at a time.

     The range change screen displays the current range of notes in two
     ways.  In the upper right of the screen is a double staff showing two
     notes which represent the highest and lowest notes which will be
     generated during the flashcard session.  A keyboard is also shown with
     a pair of bracketing arrow sets for the same range.

     To change the range of generated notes, just position the arrow cursor
     over one of the arrow sets on the keyboard and click the left mouse
     button.  The cursor becomes a specialized cursor which is trapped within
     the keyboard image. This cursor moves with mouse motion and the notes on
     the staff change position simultaneously.  Move the cursor until its
     vertical line is on the key representing the range extreme you desire
     and click the left mouse button again.  The cursor returns to its arrow
     shape allowing the above process to be repeated to define the other end
     of the range. If the range thus defined falls entirely within the Bass
     Clef bracket under the keyboard, all the notes generated in the flashcard
     session will be in the Bass Clef.  Likewise for the Treble Clef.  A
     range larger than these will require both clefs being used. A range
     strictly within the overlap region will be displayed in Treble Clef only.
     A flashcard session can be created for note meters alone by setting the
     range to zero length.

     Note: When you RETURN to the startup screen, selecting one of the top
     three boxes on the right side (TREBLE, BASS or BOTH) will reset the range
     you have just redifined to their original defaults.  You may, however,
     modify the left column of boxes without affecting the changes you have
     just made to note range.  When you select BEGIN from the startup screen,
     the flashcard session begins, and the notes displayed will be within the
     range you selected in the Note Range Selection screen.

                                  -Page 5-
                            Fischer Grafix & Software

Section 7:  Screen Saver

     You may have noticed if you have already played with MMF, that a 
     screen saver becomes active if the program is left unattended for more
     than approximately 30 seconds.  This will occur in any of the screens
     except the help screens.  The delay time before activation cannot be
     currently changed from within Melissa's Music Flashcards.  It can,
     however, be modified from the DOS command line when starting the
     program by appending "Tnnn" to FGSMMF at the DOS prompt.  The "nnn" value
     is the number of seconds of delay before the screensaver starts. A value
     of "T0" disables the screen saver.  Valid values for T are 0 < T < 32766.
     (Example:  FGSMMF T13 <ENTER> will start Melissa's Music Flashcards
     with the screensaver delay set at ~13 seconds.)  Return to the program
     by moving the mouse or hitting the ESCape key.  A rather crude timer
     can be synthesized by setting the T value to the amount of time you 
     want the student to make his guess within.  Some "tweaking" of the
     T value may be required depending on the particular speed and type of
     computer you are using.

 Section 8:  Problems & Technical Support

    If you encounter any problems with the program, write us stating the
    problem along with the version number of the program. You can also call
    at (714) 898-7262 between 5:00 - 7:00 PST for technical problems.
    We will be glad to do everything we can to get your problems solved
    quickly. Please limit calls to problems ONLY, send in your comments or
    suggestions. Note: We do NOT accept collect phone calls.
    You may also fax us at the above number at any time.

 Section 9:  Planned upgrades

    There are many good ideas which we are looking at from user suggestions. 
    Some of these will be included in future upgrades. 
    KEEP SENDING the ideas when you register.
    The above suggestions have been made by users. We would like to
    hear from you as to what you would like to see in future version of the
    program.  Note: Registered users will be the first to be notified of
    major upgrades as quickly as they happen. Most of the upgrades in this
    version were suggestions from program users. (Thanks)

 Section 10: Permission to Copy

    Clubs, Individuals and other Organizations are granted permission to
    freely distribute this program and its associated documents by
    Distribution Requirements;

    1. The registration fees for this program are to the author ONLY.
       No fees charged for the software and it's documentation above and
       beyond the fees for disk duplication and distribution,
       (normally under $6.00)
    2. No advertisement made as to the program being public domain or free.
       All advertisements must state this program is SHAREWARE.

    3. No modifications made to the program or its accompanying documentation.

    4. All persons whom this program is distributed to must be informed of
       and encouraged to support the shareware concept.

    5. Doc files with this program must remain together and be distributed
       on the same diskette Arc or Zip together. NO FILE MAY BE DELETED


                                -Page 5-

			   Fischer Grafix & Software

 Section 11:  About Shareware

    Shareware is a try-before-you-buy process in which you are allowed to use
    the program for a specific amount of time. This time will vary from
    software to software.  The grace period for this program is three weeks.
    If after that time you find this program useful you are expected to
    register with the author (see registration Information below). If however
    after the specified time you do not find the program useful you are
    required to remove it from use. Remember that the shareware system will
    only work if you support it by registering your program with the author.
    This also encourages the authors of shareware to continue to write quality
    programs, upgrade existing programs and supply support.

    If you choose not to register, we would still like to hear about any
    comments or suggestions you have about Melissa's Music Flashcards.
 Section 12:    Registration Information

    Registration entitles you to the latest version of the program as they
    become available. You can also call us with any problems (see Tech
    support). As a registered user you will be the first one to be informed
    of any major upgrades or modifications made to the program.
    Your comments / suggestions will have the highest consideration
    for incorporation into the program. Discount on other FG&S programs.
    Registration Benefits:
    The evaluation period for these programs is 30 days.  We hope that we have
    made it worth your while to obtain a license to continue using our products.
    The benefits of registration include:
        Honesty: It may seem old fashioned, but it is the right thing.
       Legality: Your license to use the software without registration expires
                 after 30 days.
     Timeliness: You will receive the most recent version.
        Support: Free support is included with your registration; please see
                 the support policy in detail.

 Section 13:	ASP (Ombudsman)

    This program is produced by Fischer Grafix & Software, a member of the
    Association of Shareware Professionals (ASP). ASP wants to make sure that
    the shareware principle works for you. If you are unable to resolve a
    shareware-related problem with an ASP member by contacting the member
    directly, ASP may be able to help. The ASP Ombudsman can help you resolve
    a dispute or problem with an ASP member, but does not provide technical
    support for members' products. Please write to the ASP Ombudsman at
    545 Grover Road, Muskegon, MI 49442 or send a CompuServe message via
    easyplex to ASP Ombudsman 70007,3536.

                                -Page 6-

			   Fischer Grafix & Software

 Section 14:   Disclaimer / License Agreement

    License Agreement:
    You are encouraged to use this program for 30 days prior to obtaining a
    permanent license. You may share this program with anyone you choose as
    long as you do not change or remove any files. You may not charge for
    sharing a copy unless you comply with the items described in section 10.
    Licenses are non-transferable and may not be modified.

    Fischer Grafix & Software disclaims all warranties relating to this
    software, whether express or implied, including but not limited to any
    implied warranties of usefulness and fitness for a particular purpose,
    and all such warranties are expressly and specifically disclaimed. Neither
    Fischer Grafix & Software nor anyone else involved in the creation, delivery
    or production of this software, shall be liable for any indirect, incidental
    or consequential damages arising out of the use or misuse-use of this software
    even if Fischer Grafix & Software have been advised of the possibility of
    such damages or claims. In no event shall Fischer Grafix & Software's
    liability for any damages ever exceed the price paid for the license to use
    the software, regardless of the form of the claim. The person using the
    software bears all risks as to the quality and performance of the software.
    So states do not allow the exclusion of the limit of liability for incidental
    or consequential damages, so the above limitation may not apply to you.

    This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of California and
    shall insure to the benefit of Fischer Grafix & Software and any successors,
    administrators, heirs and assigns. Any action or proceeding brought by
    either party against the other arising out of or related to this agreement
    shall be brought only in a STATE of FEDERAL COURT of competent jurisdiction
    located in Orange County, California. The parties hereby consent to in
    person jurisdiction of said court.

    It is your responsibility to determine if the program will work reliably on
    your equipment and for your particular business environment. This is the
    reason for the evaluation copy made available to you. If you feel the
    program or documentation can be improved, we always welcome your ideas.
    If you discover a problem with the program or documentation, please let
    us know and we will try to the best of our ability to correct it.

    If you do not agree with these conditions, delete the program and all of
    its accompanying files from your computer and do not register.   

    Also see ASP (Ombudsman) above.

				- page 7 -

			   Fischer Grafix & Software


	  Registration Fee  (Circle diskette size)
        5 1/4" diskette - Qty: ____  x  $18.50 = $_______
	3 1/2" diskette 
	                   Shipping & Handling = $_______	   
        S/H - US. & Canada $2.50 - Others $5.00
	Calif. Residence add approp. sales tax =($___.___)

				         Total = $_______		 
	Make Check/M.O./P.M.O. payable to Fischer Grafix & Software,
	fill in and return this form to (or see below):

			Fischer Grafix & Software
			P.O. Box 606
			Midway City, CA. 92655

	Name : __________________________________________________
     Address : __________________________________________________
       Extra : __________________________________________________
	City : __________________________________________________
       State : _________________________ Zip : __________________
     Country : _________________________
      Ver. # : _____ Melissa's Music Flashcards Code :72-1292-002

    Purh. from : ___________________________________ D# : _______
	Comments or Suggestions : _______________________________

	Use extra sheet if needed for comments.
	Thank You for your time in Registering this Program ..... 
	We will accept educational/business purchase orders, if
        supplied on official letterhead. P.O.'s will be verified.
	Call 1-714-898-7262 or 1-800-847-0309 to register using,
	VISA, Master Card or American Express
	For CompuServe type "GO SWREG" at any prompt.         
	Registration ID# 392	 

			- End Documentation -


	******* VENDOR INFORMATION *******

	the written consent of Fischer Grafix & Software.

 	Program Name : Melissa's Music Flashcards

 	Catagories : (in order of preference)

		1 : Music

		2 : Education

		3 : Children

 	Program Requirements : 
		VGA system
		MicroSoft or 100% compatible Mouse with latest driver
 	List of Features : 
		On screen help
		Acknowledge correct with happy face
		Acknowledge wrong with crying note
		Hint that shows note on piano keys
		Cheat which shows proper note on screen
		Modify to cycle through notes user selects
		normal, sharps & flats
		Easy to use for kid's
		Play notes through system speaker
 	Included Files : 
		Only two other files exist with this program,
		they are NOT to be separated. If you must
		ark the files, ark them together.
		They include,


 	Registration Information : 
		See above Registration form for pricing
		This varies by diskette size

 	Author Information : Vendors may contact us;

			Fischer Grafix & Software
			P.O. Box 606
			Midway City, CA. 92655
			(714) 898-7262
			CompuServe ID: 70233,1315

 	Program Description :
	This program teachs kid's of all ages about musical notes.
	You can set the type of note that appears on the screen from flats
	to sharps. The program will acknowledge if your right with a happy
	face note or the note will cry if your wrong. This is a very
	entertaining way to learn the musical notes. The program was
	written to add some fun to the drudgery of trying to learn Music.
	You can click on hint and the program will show you the proper note
	on the piano keys. Very simple to use, just point and click.
 	Help Us to Serve You Better:
 	If you are going to include Melissa's Music Flashcards in you library
 	/Catalog, please notify us so you can be placed on our update list.
 	We would also very much appreciate anything you write about, review
 	or enter in your catalog about Melissa's Music Flashcards. If we do
	not hear from you we will assume you are not going to place the program
	in your library/catalog and remove your name from our list.

 	We would like to thank you for your time and for your support in
 	the Shareware Concept.

 	Software Reviewers:
	Please contact us to be sure you have the latest version of the
	program. This is to insure your information on the program and
	it's registration is correct at the time of your review.
	Thank You in advance.

 	ASP Vendor:
 	We would recommend that you think about becoming an ASP approved
 	vendor if you are not one now. The ASP is working for all of us in
 	the Shareware Market Concept. The ASP has guidelines for programs to 
	meet thier standards, these help give customers confidence that they 
	are getting quality programs and a place to turn if no one else can
 	help. For more info about ASP contact them at:

		Association of Shareware Professionals
		Vendor Certification Committee
		545 Grover Road
		Muskegon, MI 49442


                            P C  -  S I G


Welcome to the world of Shareware, state of the art software you can
actually try before you buy.

Shareware, a term coined in the early eighties, refers to the method of
distribution chosen by the software authors.  With shareware, you can
receive a program and put it through its paces without having to pay for
it. If you find the program useful, and choose to keep the program, then
you pay a modest registration fee to the author.

For the last nine years, PC-SIG has been providing shareware and public
domain software to its customers and members.  Since 1982 PC-SIG has
developed an unprecedented library of shareware programs, constantly
updated, consistently strong in every category.  Our library of
shareware contains over 3500 titles divided into 120 logical categories.

Every program we add to the library is thoroughly reviewed and tested to
insure that each one meets the high standards of reliability and value we
insist upon and you expect.  As a result, our library doesn't contain
every shareware program available, just those that really work.

PC-SIG has grown into the premier distributor of shareware and and
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Our support staff is available by phone as well as on our BBS to help
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Through our network of international distributors, PC- SIG strives to
bring you the most current, exciting, technically advanced software
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If you can't find the software you need in PC-SIG's library, it may well
not exist.

To order the latest in Shareware, in the U.S.A: Call (800) 245-6717

Outside the U.S.A. call (408) 730-9291 for the name of the dealer in
your country.



              S H A R E W A R E  M A G A Z I N E

Shareware Magazine has distinguished itself as the only internationally
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Shareware Magazine provides detailed reviews of new products,
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everything from choosing the right operating system to alleviating the
intimidation of using on-line systems.

Educational sections focus on how low cost shareware can aid in
classroom learning, curriculum development, and as a forum for
discussing the impact of computers and technology in schools.

Graphics Gallery renders expert advice and suggestions on how to better
work with graphics, desktop publishing, CAD systems, and the Windows

Programmers benefit from others experience in developing new programs or
polishing existing ones as well as choosing the right programming

And columnists provide that subjective component, sometimes
controversial, that calls for a closer look at the way we compute and
how shareware effects what we do.

Published bimonthly, Shareware Magazine is available on a subscription
or at your local newsstand or computer bookstore.  In conjunction with
PC-SIG, there are special benefits for subscribers as well as
opportunities for discount purchases from PC-SIG.

To Order, in the U.S.A.: Call 800-245-6717 and ask Customer Service.

Outside the U.S.A. call (408) 730-9291 for the name of the dealer in
your country.



FROM:  ___________________________


[A]                                                                         [B]

                                  PC-SIG Inc.
[A]                                                                         [B]
                            1030-D East Duane Avenue

                               Sunnyvale  California


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PC-SIG Inc. 1030-D East Duane Avenue Sunnyvale CA 94086


     Do not mail cash.   Please allow four weeks for processing.


Check the items desired:

PC-SIG Disks - Member $2.49 for 5.25" or $2.99 for 3.5"
           Non-member $3.50 for 5.25" or $4.00 for 3.5"

_____  _____  _____  _____  _____  _____  _____  _____  _____

_____  _____  _____  _____  _____  _____  _____  _____  _____

_____  _____  _____  _____  _____  _____  _____  _____  total  ______

One year subscription to Shareware Magazine            $14.95  ______

Super Saver Membership                                 $34.95  ______
(includes a 1 year subscription to Shareware Magazine,
 the PC-SIG Encyclopedia on Disk with WordCruncher,
 and 5 free disks)

The PC-SIG Catalog on Disk                              $7.00  ______

The PC-SIG Encyclopedia on Disk with WordCruncher      $20.00  ______

GAMES CD Amazing Disk - Amazing Price!                 $25.00  ______

*** PC-SIG Library on CD-ROM 12th Edition  ***         $99.00  ______

Upgrade to the 12th Edition from ANY previous edition
of the PC-SIG Library on CD-ROM!                       $59.00  ______

Upgrade from ANY other shareware CD-ROM just           $59.00  ______

                                                    Subtotal   ______

Shipping and Handling                                          $4.00

                    California residents add 8.25% sales tax   ______

                                                       TOTAL   ______

      If you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know!

To order by phone with VISA or MASTERCARD call (800)245-6717
Ask for operator #2351


******** VENDOR INFORMATION ********

Fischer Grafix & Software
P.O. Box 606
Midway City, CA. 92655			
Phone/Fax (714) 898-7262			
CompuServe ID: 70233,1315

the written consent of Fischer Grafix & Software.

Vendor Information / Packing List

Program Name			Zip Name	Ver	Reason
EGA Mouse Paint			EGAMP45.ZIP	4.5	Update
Melissa's Music Flachcards	FGSMMF30.ZIP	3.0	Update
Personal Time Card		FGSPTC25.ZIP	2.5	Update
Household TRACKER		FGSHT15.ZIP	1.5	Update
FontMe!				Fontme10.ZIP	1.0	NEW
The Book Collector		FGSTBC10	1.0	NEW

This information is contained in the cover letter enclosed.

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #3469

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

VENDOR   TXT       745   1-01-93   9:59a
FGSMMF30 ZIP     81090   1-01-93   9:44a
GO-STRT  DAT       540   1-06-93   4:57p
SIGORDER TXT      3090   3-10-93   3:22p
GO-FORM  DAT      3090   3-10-93   3:22p
GO       EXE     26022   1-10-92  12:14p
PKUNZIP  EXE     23528   3-15-90   1:10a
PCSIG    TXT      2335   2-10-93   8:50a
SHAREMAG TXT      1837   1-21-92   6:11a
CDROM    TXT      4874   3-18-93   1:28p
       10 file(s)     147151 bytes
                       10240 bytes free