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                              FILE DESCRIPTION

Welcome to WOPR, the Word for Windows (TM) Office POWER Pack (TM).

In order to use WOPR, you MUST have Word for Windows.  (No, sorry, WOPR 
doesn't work with Ami Pro or WurdPerfect.  No way, Jose.)  This is the 
only ASCII text file you'll see; you need WinWord to get into anything 

Unfolding WOPR is easy.  You should have two files, WOPRA.EXE and 
WOPRB.EXE -- if you don't have both, you don't have the whole WOPR.

First, check and make sure you have an extra 1.5 MB on your hard disk.
(Yeah, it's big.  That's why we call it "WOPR"!)  Create a new subdirectory.
Many people put WOPR under WinWord, e.g., in C:\WINWORD\WOPR.  Copy both
WOPRA.EXE and WOPRB.EXE to the new subdirectory.  Then run each file -- just
as you would run any program.  WOPR will automagically unfold before your
very eyes.  You can use the Windows File Manager to create the new sub- 
directory, copy the files, and run the decompression programs, if you like.
Or you can do it all under DOS.  Whatever you prefer.

The best way to explore WOPR is to poke around with File Open and look 
for .DOC files.  They're just plain old everyday WinWord documents.  Take 
your time and enjoy what you see!

This is an unregistered, evaluation copy of WOPR.  Please feel free to 
pass around WOPRA and WOPRB; show 'em off to friends and co-workers.  
The more the merrier!  But if you distribute the files, distribute BOTH 

Please encourage your friends and associates to register WOPR if they use 
it.  (Your company, too, for that mattter!)  Registrations are very 
important: that's how we make a living, feed the kids, put gas in the car.  
Registration forms are embedded in all the WOPR documents.  

Thanks for trying out WOPR.  We'd appreciate your comments.....

                              !README!.DOC ends here.





The files WOPRA.EXE and WOPRB.EXE are self-expanding LHA files which expand 
to Word for Windows (TM) documents.

They cannot be read by normal ASCII editors.  You must use Word for Windows
to access, review, install, and use WOPR.



Association of Shareware Professionals approved vendors may distribute 
WOPR with but one restriction -- please drop a line to:

                Woody Leonhard
                Pinecliffe International (V13)
                Post Office Drawer 7337
                Coal Creek Canyon
                Golden, Colorado 80403-0100

and advise us that we are being included in your catalog.  Equivalently, 
you could just add us to your mailing list.  This will simplify our 
attempts to keep you updated with "the latest" -- and some really GREAT 
WinWord macros are just around the corner!

For-profit distributors who have NOT been approved by the ASP must write 
to the above address and request permission to distribute WOPR.

Non-profit organizations may copy and distribute WOPR at will.  Yep, that
includes user groups.

BBSs, both domestic and abroad, are encouraged to post WOPR, providing 
the correct file names and descriptions (given below) are used.


Program: WOPR - The WinWord Office POWER Pack (TM)
Version: 1.0 (7/91)
Reason for version: New.  Includes Enveloper 3.2 and Dinger 2.0.
Registration fee: $49 (individual); $45/user (group); Site License available.
BBS Filename: WOPRA.EXE and WOPRB.EXE -- 2 self-extracting LHA files
User Support: Unlimited 90-day support via CompuServe (74730,1734) or mail;
   registration assures discounts on new WinWord macros, and updates.
Vendor upgrade policy: shipping new disks to all vendors.
Disks needed: 2
Short Description:
   WOPR 1.0 -- Word for Windows Office POWER Pack (two self-extracting files)
Long Description:
   WOPR is the largest, most-powerful collection of Word for Windows macros
   ever assembled.  Includes: Enveloper (print envelopes on LJs, DJs, and
   compatibles); PostScript Enveloper; 2 X 4 (prints any document in duplex 
   or 4-up); a new File New; Treasure; WOPRClock; Labelit; Viewer; Fancy 
   Keys; Killer (File Delete); Word Counter; and many others. Shareware ($49) 
   from Pinecliffe International [member, ASP] and several collaborators.

                             VENDOR.DOC ends here....

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #3491

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

WOPRA    EXE    172983   7-07-91   4:09p
VENDOR!  DOC      2954   7-12-91   6:27a
!README! DOC      2220   7-12-91   6:48a
GO       BAT        40   4-12-93   2:28p
SHOW     EXE      2040   9-12-88  10:48a
        5 file(s)     180237 bytes
                      140288 bytes free