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Dragons Shard Role Playing Game. Version 2.0    August 1992
Programmed by Michael Ramsey.
Copyright 1992. All Rights Reserved.
Bit Brother Software.

Congratulations! You have just acquired your own personal
copy of the DRAGONS SHARD role playing game.  You are provided
with an intricately drawn game, with beautiful coloring
and smoothing.  Simply the best on the shareware scene!

In this epic RPG, you play the part of a lone character, sent
by his king to rid the kingdom of the evil monsters!  This
RPG features superb detail, gorgeous bit tiled graphics and an
absorbing story and plot to boost!

Explore huge dungeons, packed with treasure, npcs and all
sorts of hideous monsters.  Search ruins and obtain some of
the most powerful weapons on DRAGONS SHARD.

So grab your sword, grimoire and enter the magical realm of
DRAGONS SHARD, where the creatures are mean, where the magic is
ancient and powerful and where only the wise and thoughtful
survive!  Play it to the max!

If you any questions at all or comments on the software write to:

       Michael Ramsey
       # 2 Winged Foot Way
       Littleton CO 80123

      or call Mountain Standard Time after 5 PM (303)-973-5606. (voice!)

 Copies of the NEWEST shareware versions of all our software is online
 at the following BBS : 303-422-7122. 1200,2400,9600/v.32/v.42

Installation instruction and misc. notes about DRAGONS SHARD 2.0

If this is the first time your playing DRAGONS SHARD, then at
the main menu, click on the Begin Adventure option,
then finally click on the Save Game A option.  You will now
see an introduction to the story, this will be the only time
you will see the intro.  If you choose any of the other save
games, you will not be able to see this introductory story.

Other Notes...
To create your own personalized character run the, CREATE program.
You will be able to choose a class, race and other attributes
of your persona!



Quest notes.
There are a total of FIVE different quests you can complete for the
king in this version (2.0)  Though, there are many side quests
and little deeds to perform.  To give you a quick start the first
two quests are,  1.) Kill the monsters in the Haskan dungeon and
2.) Retrieve a knights piece of armor.
The king will assign you these quests in order of completion.


 Available WINTER of 1992 there will be a deluxe version of
STONE MIST 2 available!  It will feature the NEW game system
with more graphics, bigger worlds and other enhancements!  The deluxe
version will come in a binder with an enhanced printed manual with
pictures, maps and other notes.  Also a HUGE campaign (30+hours.)
Longer songs, better sound effects and alot more sounds!
Printed paragraph books, reference card and more. Plus the program
on 5.25 or 3.5 diskettes.(specify) All the above for $45!

                               Michael Ramsey



Shareware versions of our software are available upon request.
Send us $10.00 and the title you want. We'll mail you out the newest
version of that shareware product!

                        REGISTERING DRAGONS SHARD

  All money recieved goes to the continous support of similar
shareware products.  All people registering the DRAGONS SHARD RPG
will recieve upgrades as soon as they are finished.  Quality
and detail is of the greatest importance!

   Features of DRAGONS SHARD.

    a.) Complete and detailed FRP enviroment with a full world
        to explore and conquer!

    b.) Beautiful 640*200  VGA graphics!

        An enhanced SOUND BLASTER musical score!

    c.) Registering  DRAGONS SHARD, will give you
        access to a 50+ page book detailing the game.  Covering
        such essential material as, character generation, weapons,
        spells, castles and  dungeons.

        Your also given crucial character generation material!  Hone
        your fighter to the best of his ability with these notes
        and tips of character generation!

        The printed documentation provides you with material not
        included in the beginners version.  It  goes into detail
        about the land, where to go, where not to go, where to
        get that magical +5 sword, and lots of other comprehensive

        Also provided are detailed monster notes that you just
        can't get anywhere else.  All their stats and notes on
        how to beat them in combat.

        Also a seperate HINT BOOK is provided at no extra charge,
        just in case you need that special push!

        This book is a must have for the serious role player.

    d.) A special note, all adventures require more than just a hack
        and slash expedition.  The quests involve talking to the
        inhabitants of the world.  Of course monster hacking has
        been included for the violent passions in all of us!  So
        go out in DRAGONS SHARD, crusade and conquer of the Demons,
        Dragons, and other evils that plague your realm!

    e.) The ability to achieve higher level characters! Crusade
        to the highest of you abilities.

    g.) NEW graphic tiles are added to the ADVANCED VERSION of
        DRAGONS SHARD.  Prettier homes, monsters and much more!

    h.) COMPLETELY mouse driven! No typing.  Gameplay has never
        been this easy before.


         RPG.  A larger world with more dungeons and lands
         to explore!

         The user recieves an entire world to adventure on, new
         dungeons, towns and lots of extra features not seen in
         the shareware version.  You'll be able to  venture into
         some of the foulest, monster inhabitants on the planet!

         Lots of NEW quests to complete! A fully printed and illustrated
         players guide to the game.
         A reference card.  A total of 2 disks of zipped
         graphics, data and AWESOME SOUND BLASTER MUSIC!

         All this and FREE updates for only $ 25.00.

    2.) "The Adventurer" package.
           The user recieves the entire world to adventure in, as
         mentioned above.  A total of 2 disks worth of
         game playing material! No printed material except for
         the UPDATED reference card is include.  Cost: $ 20.00.

    3.) Bit Brothers Journal.

        A quarterly journal that provides you with insides of
        Bit Brother Software.  With any registration, you get
        information on the newest versions, upgrades, add-ons,
        new products and special discounts on new Bit Brother

        Inside will be comprehensive sections on the game
        worlds in which, our games are placed.  Detailing
        the complex lore and histories of the people.
        Well researched and documentated notes on how to
        design your own computer games. Plus more.






     ( ) BBS :
            NAME__________________ NUMBER___________________________

     ( ) FRIEND

     ( ) DISTRIBUTOR :
                    PHONE NUMBER_______________________________________


    PRODUCT AVAILABILITY (Third Quarter 1992) :

     CHECK WHICH ITEMS APPLY. ( All the below items are explained

                         ( ) The Advanced Version ............$25.00
                         ( ) The Adventurer Package ..........$20.00
                         ( ) Printed Documentation ONLY!......$10.00

                         ( ) BB Journal. Free with any registration
                             for 1 year (see above for description)

                         ( ) Stone Mist Volume 2..............$45.00
                             * This system is huge with tons of
                              extra features; skill system,
                              animated NPCS, digitized artwork
                              and much, much more!
                              Available Christmas 1992!

    Disk Size:  ( ) 5.25 360k
                ( ) 5.25 1.2m
                ( ) 3.5  1.44m
                ( ) 3.5  720k

    Computer Type:  Brand_____________________________


                    Display Adapter___________________

                    Hard Disk (yes or no)________Amt of mb__________

    Form of Payment:
      Make all checks payable to "Michael Ramsey"

                       ( ) Check
                       ( ) Money Order
                       ( ) Cash

   Are there any enclosures in the package you sent ie. disks, notes...

                      ( ) Yes
                      ( ) No

    Mail to:

            Michael Ramsey
            #2 Wingfoot Way
            Littleton CO 80123


Version 2.0

-  SOUND BLASTER support added. Has an intro theme and
   great sound throught the entire game!

-  Libraries added so you can do research on items or
   people or just about anything.  This is good because
   sometimes the citizens don't exactly give you real
   complete info.

-  All input is now done with the left mouse button.
   Helps alleviate some of the confusions.

-  No problems with the royal purchaser.

Version 1.8
-  Problems with reading in the proper icon caused
   players much grief in battling the evil end
   monsters!!  But I've wiped out any trace of that
   buggy little critter. (how embarassing!)

-  Problems when you fought monsters with your hands
   has been eradicated.

-  Boss creature databases where corrupt, fixed that.

-  Better looking graphical tiles.

-  Difficulty levels added (yay!)

Version 1.5
-  Totally reprogrammed user interface.  Everything
   is completely mouse-driven.  The only time you
   have to touch the keyboard is when you run
   the program.  Makes it much easier to play and
   get into, you DON'T have to worry about all
   the different keys!

-  Lots of more original monsters to deal with.

-  You can now bribe and talk to creatures not just
   attack them.

-  Levers allow you open and close doors further down
   in the dungeons.

-  More modular layout allows easier inclusion of
   player enhancements and monster additions.

-  Monsters are better balanced.

-  Eliminated problems with the weapons data base.

-  Easier quest layout for the player.

-  Character creation allows for multiple characters
   to be used, in different quests.

Version 1.0
-  Initial release.


║                <<<<  PC-SIG Disk #3508 DRAGON SHARD  >>>>               ║
║                         Disk 2 of 2 (also #3206)                        ║
║  To install the program to your hard disk, type:                        ║
║     [hard drive letter]:  (press Enter)                                 ║
║     CD\  (press Enter)                                                  ║
║     MD DRAGON  (press Enter)                                            ║
║     CD DRAGON  (press Enter)                                            ║
║                                                                         ║
║  Insert disk 2 (#3508) in drive A (or B) and type:                      ║
║     A:PKUNZIP A:DRAGON  (press Enter)  (use B: if using B drive)        ║
║                                                                         ║
║  To start the game, type:  RUNME  (press Enter)                         ║
║                                                                         ║
║                                                                         ║
║                                        (C) Copyright 1993, PC-SIG Inc.  ║

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #3508

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

DRAGON   ZIP     76243   3-22-93   2:04p
GO       TXT      1386   3-22-93   2:28p
GO       BAT        31   6-04-92   2:25a
PKUNZIP  EXE     29378   2-01-93   2:04a
        4 file(s)     107038 bytes
                       52224 bytes free