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                        MAROONED AGAIN ver A.1
                  Copyright 1985,1990 Dennis Drew. 

Marooned Again is a "user-supported" program.  Please feel free to copy it 
and give copies to your friends.  We feel this is one of the finest 
adventure games ever written.  If you like it, we ask that you send us 
a $10 donation. You will then be a REGISTERED user, and we will send 
you a catalog of our other programs.  As a registered user, you may 
also call in for help if you get stuck.  You will also help us to have 
shoes for this winter... it's supposed to be really cold.  

If you do not wish to make a donation, please pass this program on to a 
friend.  We don't want you to even think about the shadowy form around here 
that seems to have taken a liking to us, or the terrible things it does to 
people who continue to use this program without making a donation; they 
don't even print that kind of thing in the newspaper.  Our company is 
supported entirely by your generosity.  Your donations help us to produce 
additional software.  Please send your donation to: Dennis Drew PO Box 101, 
Joplin, MO 64802. (417)781-4248 

                                  THE PLOT

You have crashed your ship on a hostile alien planet.  All is not lost, 
however. Your scanners have located a deserted alien ship!  Scanners show 
no life aboard. You figure the crew must have been killed by hostile native 
life forms.  But the ship is in perfect condition.  

You are acquainted with this particular type of vessel and know you must 
find several components to get it to blast off.  Because of your injuries 
you also know you would never survive the takeoff.  Fortunately, your ship 
has an extensive cloning section, and you are able to make several clones 
of yourself to search through the alien ship.  The clones, of course, have 
no thoughts of their own and must be controlled through telepathic link.  

Unfortunately, the telepatic link section was also damaged in the crash.  
The clones are all functioning, but your link with them is shaky at best.  
Upon testing them you discover a few commands in one or two words such as 
LOOK, GET CHAIR, GO DOOR, N,S,E,W,U,D (directions of travel) and you figure 
you'll discover the rest by trial and error.  

The clones must go aboard the alien vessel and find the components needed 
to lift off and go for help.  If they fail, you will die a slow and 
agonizing death aboard your own ship.  With hope in your heart, you send 
the first one out.  

                       HOW TO PLAY AN ADVENTURE GAME

This game is actually an intricate puzzle.  Get a piece of paper and a 
pencil.  It is ESSENTIAL you map your travels. This is an alien ship; 
corridors may twist and turn and you may find areas that teleport you to 
differnt locations without even telling you they have done so.  Remember: 
alien architects do not think like we do.  

The word INVENTORY (or I) will show you the components and items you have 
collected thus far.  There are many other commands available.  The object 
is to find out exactly what the others are!  

This game is not easy to solve.  In fact, you can expect to lose a number 
of clones while traveling through the ship.  It should take you between 10 
to 30 hours to complete the game.  When you do so, do not tell anyone how 
to do it. Any such clues spoil the game for the next one playing.  Don't 
let anyone give you clues either; once the game is completed, it's 
finished. The fun after that comes from watching your friends go nuts 
playing it.  

The main thing to remember is this: nearly everything you see has a 
purpose.  Subtle clues are placed all over. Even so, it will take you days 
to complete it.  The first person who tried it took two weeks.  When he was 
finished, he emerged from his room with a grin on his face and said, "Gaaa 
urk bleh...." 
He's still recuperating.

Despite any possible bias on my part, I feel that Marooned Again is the 
finest adventure game I have seen.  Many adventure games have you perform 
completely illogical or silly actions in order to complete the game, 
forcing you to become illogical and silly to win.  

Marooned Again is completely logical.  Everything you do and everything you 
see has a logical and understandable purpose behind it.  Of course, there 
are a couple of things thrown in to confuse you... but at least it's 
LOGICAL confusion.  
Enjoy, and remember: be PATIENT.  If you cannot solve it today, you may 
wake up with the answer tomorrow.  

TO RUN THE PROGRAM: Enter DOS in your usual manner.  Insert the program in 
the active disk drive.  Enter: MAROONED 


Yes!  I am sending you a really large and generous donation ($10 
anyway) for your program MAROONED AGAIN A.1.  Please file me as a 
registered user and send me a catalog (I'm enclosing a Self-Addressed, 
Stamped Envelope). 

    On a scale of 1-10, I'd rate MAROONED a:  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

NAME: _______________________________________________________________


CITY, ST ZIP:________________________________________________________

PHONE: (_______)________-_________________________

A TERRIFIC PLACE FOR PIZZA: _________________________________________
    (ya never know when ya need such information...)

I acquired this program from: _______________________________________

                          end of instructions

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