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        BBBBBB    SSSSS   X   X
        B     B  S         X X
        BBBBBB    SSSS      X
        B     B       S    X X
        BBBBBB   SSSSS    X   X

        I n t e r n a t i o n a l


          AAA    M     M  FFFFFF L         AAA    M     M
         A   A   MM   MM  F      L        A   A   MM   MM
         AAAAA   M M M M  FFFF   L        AAAAA   M M M M
        A     A  M  M  M  F      L       A     A  M  M  M
        A     A  M     M  F      LLLLLL  A     A  M     M

        Version 1.1

        An Educational Shareware Solitaire Game of Amazing Proportions

                      The AMazing FLAg Machine!!!

1.0 - Welcome.

   Welcome to AMFLAM 1.1! Players of  BSX  solitare  card  games  will
realize that AMFLAM is a lot like DARNIT, but with a sick twist:  It's
also educational. You can't  help but learn  something about the flags
of many nations, and also a bit of geography to boot,  while you enjoy
hours of solitare fun.  It will  help make you more intelligent.  Yes,
even YOU, the  person who failed  the qualifying exam  to be  a floor-
sweeper at a Kentucky Fried Chicken.  Amazing, what?
   Since we've been out of college, and don't read  the newspapers, we
realized that  we don't  have to  learn  much anymore.  And  what with
steadily  decreasing  teacher's  salaries,  our  educational system is
going all to shreds. Presto! Such a deal!  We wrote a game that forces
you  to  learn  something  to  win!  So now if  your significant other
complains that  you spend  too  much  time with your computer, tell it
that you're actually EXPANDING  your  knowledge  of the way of things.
And if your  kid's  teacher makes a  paltry $60,000 a year for working
only  a  few  hours a day, (with  paid  holidays  and  a  long  summer
vacation) you can do something to help.
2.0 - Legal Stuff. PLEASE READ!!!

 AMFLAM 1.1 (C) 1992 BSX International

 AMFLAM 1.1 was developed using Borland's Turbo Pascal 5.5

   This software is provided "as is"  with  no guarantees of any kind.
   The  developers  assume  no  responsibilities   other   than  those
   indicated below.  You may use and  distribute  this  product as you
   wish, but  only under the following conditions:

   1) You  may   sell   this   program   without  permission  from BSX
   International   but   you   MUST  NOT  alter  the  program  or  its
   documentation.  You  MUST  NOT  charge any fees other than fees for
   copying  and MUST  clearly state that this  fee is NOT a substitute
   for registration with BSX.  Shareware  distributors  are EMCOURAGED
   to distribute this program.  You need not ask our permission.

   2) Do not distribute this product if it has  been  reduced  in  any
   way.  You may  add files,  but  you  may  not  remove  any  of  the

   3) Under no circumstances may  you  remove  the  copyright  notices
   from the code or documentation.

2.1 - Shareware.

   This product is SHAREWARE and is distributed in good faith for your
enjoyment. You may play it for a short  period to become familiar with
it.  If you decide you like it and want to keep playing it, you should
send a $10  registration  fee to BSX;, otherwise you should stop using
it.  If only all software folks  let  you use their product before you
paid for it the world  would  be  a  much better  place.  We've bought
so much BAD software that we don't use, and we're sure  you  have too,
that we feel GOOD  programs  should  be  rewarded.   If you don't like
AMFLAM, we're not hurt; if you do  like our stuff, thank us, and we'll
keep making it.
   This program is  not "protected" in  any  way and is not altered so
that non-registrants will suffer. The authors don't believe in denying
anyone a chance to  use  our stuff.  We are  programmers, dammit,  not
businessmen.  We  trust  that  anyone  who likes AMFLAM and wants more
of  it  will register.  We're not naive, just a little idealistic.
   If  you do not register  you  may   still   distribute  this   game
provided  you follow the rules above. Also,  even  if  you have paid a
distributor for  the  disk  this  game  was  on,   YOU  ARE  STILL NOT
REGISTERED.  We do not receive payments from distributors.   They just
help us advertise our stuff and get it out to You People.
2.2 - Registration.

    To register AMFLAM 1.1 with BSX send  a check/cash/MO for $10 (US)
or $12 (Canadian)  funds PAYABLE TO ROBERT ROBERDS to:

    Robert Roberds
    BSX International
    806 Park Ridge Road Apt. A8
    Durham, NC 27713        USA

    *** DOLLARS A YEAR.  THINK ON IT!                              ***

   For registering, not only will  you  encourage  us  to keep writing
shareware, you will also receive:

  1) Our Gratitude.

  2) 1/2 Priced discounts on upgrades to this product.

  3) A  CD  of   your   choice  from  your   local  department  store.
     Just walk in and  pick one.  If  anyone hassles you,  just shake,
     drool and make funny noises. They'll know what to do.

            Your support and comments are appreciated!

3.0 - Setup.

    A complete copy of AMFLAM 1.1 has the following files:

  1) AMFLAM.DOC   - Documentation file you are now reading.
  2) AMFLAM.EXE   - The actual compiled program.
  3) AMFLAM.DAT   - "Data" file needed for program execution.
  4) AMFLAM.ICO   - Icon file  for MS Windows 3.0+.  AMFLAM  is  NOT a
                    windows program,  but  this  .ICO  is provided for
                    users who wanna install AMFLAM under Windows.
  5) AMREF.DOC    - "Cheat sheet" guide to all countries!  Print it!
  6) BSXCAT.DOC   - BSX's latest catalog of stuff, and our newsletter.
  7) ORDER.DOC    - E Z 2 UZE BSX order and registration form.
   To run AMFLAM 1.1 from a hard drive, make a directory for the game.
(We don't care what you call it, but AMFLAM isn't a bad idea.)  Or you
can use an  existing directory.  No  skin  off  OUR  teeth.  Copy  the
AMFLAM.EXE  and  AMFLAM.DAT files  into  this  directory.  Change your
default directory to the one  you just created (with the "cd" command)
and type "AMFLAM". It's as simple as  that.   And  if the directory is
in your PATH, you may run AMFLAM from anywhere.
   To run AMFLAM 1.1 from a floppy, ensure that the  files  AMFLAM.EXE
and AMFLAM.DAT are on the floppy (use the "DIR" command).  Change your
default  drive  to  the  drive   the  floppy  is in (say "A:" or "B:",
whichever applies) and type "AMFLAM".
   Refer to your DOS manual for help.
   If you're still having trouble, make  sure  your machine  meets the
minimum requirements below:

  1) IBM PC,  XT,  AT, PS/2  or  compatible  (any 80x88/80x86 machine,
     from 8088/8086 clear on up through 80486 and beyond).
  2) 256K RAM minimum.
  3) EGA or VGA video adaptor with at least 256K of video RAM.
  4) DOS 2.1 or higher or the DOS Compatability Box of OS/2.
  5) Microsoft compatible mouse is reccommended, but not required.


   This game has been playtested on many, many systems.  We cannot say
it will work on every possible configuration, but it  does work on any
system we have used.
   We cannot guarantee that  this  program  will  run on any operating
system other than DOS or that it will work with  any  TSR's (Terminate
and Stay Resident  programs)  or  memory  management  devices.  IT  IS
HIGHLY  RECOMMENDED   that    you    put   files=20,  buffers=40,  and
device=ansi.sys  in your config.sys file. These shouldn't be necessary
for AMFLAM, but it's best not to take chances.  So  many problems  are
caused by the omission  of these lines that you'd be a fool not to put
them in.  IT IS  ALSO HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, if you do have problems with
AMFLAM,  that  you  unload and reload any TSRs  before  playing.  This
often helps clean up problems that other programs have left behind.
   Please try  to  recreate  any  problem on  another, similar config-
uration before assuming we have screwed up.  If  any of  the  above is
confusing to you, we strongly recommend finding something better to do
than using a  computer. Like drinking heavily. Seems to work for us.
   You can always contact BSX, unless we're out on dates or something.
(In other words, always.)  Before beefing, though, please  re-read our
docs to make sure you aren't missing something.
   You may  get in touch  with  BSX International  at  (919) 493-4875,
just about  any  time, or  you  can   send  a  message  on Prodigy  at
JBVC54A,  or on  GEnie at R.ROBERDS1,  or  on  VNet at 5 @9198,  or on
WWIVNet at 5 @9979.  Drop  us  a line!  If you call, you may  get  our
answering service.  Leave a message for Bob.  He can get lonely.
4.0 - Rules of the Game.

   Listen: The deal is basically like this: You have  a deck  of cards
with pictures of flags on them.  They  represent 78  countries  of the
world, but not all of them.  (Our choices were somewhat arbitrary, but
editorial decisions had to be made.  If your favorite  flag/country is
missing, we apologize, but please, get a life.  Or at least  rent  one
for  a  while.)   Anyway,  you  take  the  flags  from  the  deck  and
place  them  on  the  grid   until   all   spaces   are   taken.   You
HAVE to place  flags that represent  islands  on  the  outermost  grid
spaces. (Note that island county  flags cause the "ISL" light to light
up.)  Then,  discard  groups  of flags that represent nations that are
geographically adjacent, if you can.  Just  click on flags to light up
the "SEL" lights.  If you  make  a mistake, hit  the  RIGHT  or MIDDLE
mouse button (or ESCAPE or BACKSPACE if you don't have a mouse).  When
the flags you want to toss are lit up, hit DISCARD.  The  island flags
will never be removed as  they  are not considered adjacent to anyone.
They're ISLANDS, get it?  After you're done, start placing flags again
as space permits.  You will continue to  place  flags on the grid  and
remove them until you have gotten all 16 of the flags in the deck that
represent  islands onto the outside edges of the grid.  If you do, you
win.  If you get into a situation where you can't place an island flag
or if you can't  remove  a non-island flag from an island space on the
grid because all of its adjacent countries  have  been  discarded, you
   Since there are  so  many  flags, a limited number of spaces on the
grid and a comparatively small  number of island flags, you'll have to
do some planning and make some tough  choices.  As  for what countries
are islands and which are adjacent, we have  several  help features to
assist you.
   Don't  get  too in  a tizzy over the number  of flags.  It's not as
tuff as it might seem.  You can print out AMREF.DOC.  This is  a cheat
sheet that lists  all  the  countries, by continent, and the countries
they touch.
   Don't worry. AMFLAM is easy to play. Skim the next section and jump
right in. That's the best way to learn.
   Tips: What out for "only children  of  single parents".  These  are
flags that represent countries that only touch one other country.  For
instance, Denmark  ONLY  touches Germany.  If you get  rid  of Germany
without getting rid of  Denmark, then Denmark may well get you in HEAP
BIG trouble later on.  So watch  it.  Other "only  children  of single
parents" include  South Korea (only  touches  North Korea), and Canada
(only touches the United States).  Be vigilant!  And stuff.
   More tips: There's a "cheat mode".   If  you  hit  DISCARD  when no
flags  are  highlighted,  AMFLAM  will  highlight the  first  group of
matching flags it finds.  And  if  you  hit DISCARD with just ONE flag
highlighted, the game will  highlight all matching flags to that flag,
if there are any.   You may  discard  these flags  by  hitting DISCARD
again, or clear them by hitting the RIGHT or MIDDLE buttons (or ESC or
BACKSPACE if you don't have a mouse).

5.0 - Using AMFLAM

The Basics:
   Just type:
at the DOS prompt. You'll see the opening screen  and cruise on to  an
all-nighter of international mayhem.
   Notes: there are a couple of parameter switches, -n and -s.  The -s
switch makes sure that AMFLAM starts  without  sound.  The  -n  switch
lets  you  play  without  a  mouse,  even  though  you  have  a  mouse
installed.  Typing:
amflam -n
will cause the game to run without a mouse even with one installed.
amflam -s
will cause it to run without sound.  Also, if you turn sound off  from
the game, it will still be off next time you start AMFLAM.
   OK, so once you're playing the  game, you  probably wonder  how you
can  get  around.  Well, it's  easy.  If  you're  using  a mouse, just
select things with the LEFT button  and  undo things with the RIGHT or
MIDDLE buttons.  If you're using the  keyboard, move around  with  the
ARROW keys and with the HOME, END, PgUp, and PgDn keys.  Select things
with RETURN  or  SPACEBAR,  and  unto things with ESCAPE or BACKSPACE.
Also, the  first  letter  of a command, like "B" for BOSS, often works
   Look: you turn up flags on the  deck  (the  UN  flag  indicates the
deck)  by  clicking  on the deck.  You place  cards  in  the  grid  by
clicking in a grid square.  Do  NOT  try  to  "drag" the flags around.
It don't work that way.

5.1 - Options and Features.

   ID MODE: If you click on the ID MODE button  and  turn  ID MODE on,
then play of the game is suspended for  the  time being.  Instead, you
may click on flags to find out about them.  The ID window will display
the name of the country, plus the  names  of  all  the countries which
touch it.  Note that the touching countries are  written  in yellow if
they are still in the deck or in the grid, but are  grayed out if they
have already been discarded.
   To get out of ID MODE,  all you have to do is hit ID MODE again, or
hit the RIGHT or MIDDLE mouse button (or ESCAPE or BACKSPACE if you're
not using a mouse).

   EZ RULE: If EZ RULE is on, then the  name  of a country is overlaid
on its  flag.  Good for beginners.  Real hairy-chested he-men may want
to play with EZ RULE off.

   SOUND: Turns the sound on and  off.   Well DUH!   This  setting  is
"remembered" by AMFLAM after you quit.   Also,  to  be  SURE the  game
begins with sound off,  you  can  type "amflam -s"  to start it.  Good
for the first time you run AMFLAM at work!

   HELP: Lets you take a look-see at a multitudinous plethora  of help
and help-related topics, yea verily.   Fer  instance, you  can  lookit
Getting Around,  at  Rules of the Game,  or  at  Options and Features.
Also, there's a complete guide  to  ALL  the flags,  and   to  ALL the
countries adjacent.   Note  that  adjacent  countries are displayed in
yellow if they are still  in  the  deck, but  are  grayed out if their
flags have been discarded.

   PLAYERS: Here you can look at the permanent won/lost  records of up
to ten players.  Also, if  you wanna,  you  can erase a player's stats
and/or give a new name.
   BOSS: Puts up a fake DOS screen.  You may  type "exit"  or "amflam"
to return to your game, or "abort" to quit to  DOS  immediately.  Your
game will be lost, but your job may well  be  saved.  It  is  an  even
swap.  (Note the file names in the fake "dir" listing.  They'll remind
you of the commands.)

   MOUSE: Lets  mouse  users permanently  adjust  the  horizontal  and
vertical mouse sensitivities.
   Note: if  you  have  a  mouse  but  don't  want  to  use  it,  type
"amflam -n" to start the game.

   QUIT: Allows you to quit the current game, and/or quit to DOS.

6.0 - Technical and Version Notes.

   Version 1.1 of AMFLAM was  developed  and compiled  with  Borland's
Turbo Pascal 5.5 on a 16-MHz  386  system.  Further  testing  was done
on a 33-MHz 386.  Other testers used other computers.  It  was  great.
In  particular,  Bob  tested  stuff on a local  store's  floor-display
computers when they weren't looking.  HA ha!

6.1 - Version Summary.

   Version 1.0 released 20 Sept. 1992 - Initial release.
   Version 1.1 released 30 Oct. 1992 - Minor fixups.  Q-Y-Y bug fixed.

7.0 - About BSX International.

   We have a lot of fun here at BSX. We party a lot. A real lot. Then,
when we're sober, we write shareware computer games  like AMFLAM.  (It
shows, doesn't it?)  We believe in one thing: COMPUTERS ARE FOR GAMES.
And you should be allowed to  play  these  games  BEFORE you buy them.
(Well, that's two things actually. Let's just say we believe in a  lot
of things. Like beer. Anyway...)
   Let us know of any ideas YOU may have for a computer game.  If it's
not stupid, and we're the judge of that,  who  knows, we  may  use it.
Not that we'll pay you anything. How much do you think WE make anyway?

8.0 - Acknowledgements.

   The  Bobmeister would  like  to  thank  Dave for all the BSX stuff.
Megadittoes to all you registranti out there.  I  love  ye  babe,  yer
beautiful.  Don't ever change.  More thanks to LRG for  resisting  the
impulse to skewer me with a car antenna.  Not that I'd be too upset if
she DID skewer me with a car  antenna.  Wouldn't be  the  first  time.
Still more  kudos to the folks about  town  who've  acted  as de facto
(and unpaid) beta testers.

   Dave would  like to thank  Bob,  Debbie, John  and  Alexei for good
times and stuff.  The  older  I get,  the  less time  I  spend playing
games.  This is  really depressing.  Too  bad  we  live in  a  country
where  game  players  and  developers  are  not  worshipped  and  live
rent  and  tax  free.   Fortunately, I have some  good  friends.   And
beer.  And a 386/33.  By the way,  "S"  person,  I'm  REALLY  enjoying
my new 300ZX.
BSX International -

Bob "The Pootermeister" Roberds - Development & Design & Dox
David "There he goes, again" Kotomski - Playtesting, Design & Dox

               So round, so firm, so fully packed...
                         It must be from
                          __   ___
                         |  \ /   \ \  /
                         |__/ \___   \/
                         |  \     \  /\
                         |__/ \___/ /  \


                  "Where the Future is Tommorrow"
           Rootin Tootin Computin for the 90s and Beyond
             Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!
  We're fierce, we're BSX International,  and we're *IN YER FACE!*

   Serving your shareware needs for over a fiftieth of a century!

The reviews are in, on AMFLAM...

   "It's magically flaglicious."
       - You know who

   "Mmmmm...Computer Flag Thing!"
       - Homer Simpson

   "Duh. Huh? Unnhh."
       - Typical 17 year old

   "If only I'd had this game during high school."
       - 33 year old grocery clerk

   "Duh. Huh? Unnhh."
       - Bob and/or Dave at 8AM

House on fire!  House on fire!  Put it out!  Put it out!


     ===========================================================   1/3
     =    List of AMFLAM countries by continent, along with    =
     =   the AMFLAM countries with which  they share borders.  =
     =        (This info, along with the flags, can also       =
     =          be found in the HELP menu in the game).        =
     =                                                         =
     =      Be sure to read AMFLAM.DOC for a full guide to     =
     =      the ins and outs of playing this AWESOME game.     =

 Country           | Adjacent countries
 Canada            | USA
 United States     | CANADA    MEXICO
 Mexico            | USA       GUATE.
 Guatemala         | MEXICO    HOND.
 Honduras          | GUATE.    NICAR.
 Nicaragua         | HOND.     COS. R.
 Costa Rica        | NICAR.    PANAMA
 Panama            | COS. R.   COLOM.

 Country           | Adjacent countries
 Colombia          | PANAMA    BRAZIL    PERU
 Bolivia           | ARGEN.    CHILE     BRAZIL    PERU
 Peru              | BOLIVIA   CHILE     COLOM.    BRAZIL
 Brazil            | ARGEN.    BOLIVIA   COLOM.    PERU
 Chile             | ARGEN.    BOLIVIA   PERU
 Argentina         | BOLIVIA   CHILE     BRAZIL

 Country           | Adjacent countries
 United Kingdom    | IRELAND
 Ireland           | UK
 Belgium           | NETHER.   LUX.      FRANCE    GERMANY
 Netherlands       | BELG.     GERMANY
 Luxembourg        | BELG.     FRANCE    GERMANY
 France            | SPAIN     ITALY     SWITZ.    BELG.     GERMANY
                   | LUX
 Spain             | FRANCE    PORT.
 Portugal          | SPAIN
 Switzerland       | GERMANY   AUSTRIA   ITALY     FRANCE
 Italy             | SWITZ.    FRANCE    AUSTRIA
 Germany           | DEN.      NETHER.   BELG.     LUX.      FRANCE
                   | SWITZ.    POLAND    CZECH.    AUSTRIA
 Denmark           | GERMANY
 Austria           | GERMANY   CZECH.    HUNG.     SWITZ.    ITALY
 Poland            | GERMANY   RUS.      CZECH.    UKR.
 Czechoslovakia    | GERMANY   POLAND    HUNG.     AUSTRIA   UKR.
 Hungary           | CZECH.    AUSTRIA   ROM.      UKR.
 Romania           | HUNG.     BULG.     UKR.
 Bulgaria          | ROM.      GREECE    TUR.
EUROPE (CONT):                                                     2/3
 Country           | Adjacent countries
 Greece            | BULG.     TUR.
 Russia            | NOR.      FIN.      UKR.      POLAND    CHINA
                   | N. KOR.
 The Ukraine       | RUS.      POLAND    CZECH.    HUNG.     ROM.
 Turkey            | BULG.     GREECE    SYRIA     IRAQ
 Norway            | SWEDEN    FIN.      RUS.
 Sweden            | NOR.      FIN.
 Finland           | NOR.      SWEDEN    RUS.

 Country           | Adjacent countries
 Egypt             | ISRAEL    LIBYA
 Libya             | EGYPT     ALGERIA   NIGER
 Algeria           | LIBYA     NIGER
 Niger             | LIBYA     ALGERIA
 Botswana          | ZIM.      S. AFR.
 South Africa      | BOTSW.    ZIM.      MOZ.
 Zimbabwe          | BOTSW.    S. AFR.   MOZ.
 Mozambique        | ZIM.      S. AFR.

 Country           | Adjacent countries
 Israel            | EGYPT     LEB.      SYRIA     JORDAN
 Lebanon           | ISRAEL    SYRIA
 Syria             | ISRAEL    LEB.      TUR.      IRAQ      JORDAN
 Jordan            | ISRAEL    SYRIA     S. ARAB.  IRAQ
 Iraq              | SYRIA     JORDAN    TUR.      KUWAIT    S. ARAB.
 Kuwait            | S. ARAB.  IRAQ
 Saudi Arabia      | JORDAN    KUWAIT    IRAQ
 Turkey *          | BULG.     GREECE    SYRIA     IRAQ
 Russia *          | NOR.      FIN.      UKR.      POLAND    CHINA
                   | N. KOR.
 China             | RUS.      INDIA     N. KOR.   PAK.      NEPAL
                   | MYAN.
 North Korea       | S. KOR.   CHINA     RUS.
 South Korea       | N. KOR.
 India             | CHINA     NEPAL     PAK.      BANGLA.   MYAN.
 Pakistan          | CHINA     INDIA
 Nepal             | CHINA     INDIA
 Bangladesh        | INDIA     MYAN.
 Myanmar (Burma)   | CHINA     INDIA     BANGLA.
ISLAND COUNTRIES: **                                               3/3
 Country             | Where it is
 Australia           | Southern Pacific/Indian Oceans
 Bahamas             | East of southern Florida
 Bahrain             | Persian Gulf between Saudi Arabia and Qatar
 Cuba                | Caribbean Sea south of Florida
 Iceland             | North Atlantic Ocean
 Jamaica             | Caribbean Sea south of Cuba
 Japan               | Pacific Ocean east of Korean Peninsula (DUH!)
 Madagascar          | Indian Ocean east of southeastern Africa
 Malta               | Mediterranean Sea south of Sicily
 Mauritius           | Indian Ocean east of Madagascar
 New Zealand         | South Pacific southeast of Australia
 Philippines         | Western Pacific
 Solomon Islands     | South Pacific west of New Guinea
 Sao Tome & Principe | In Gulf of Guinea off equatorial west Africa
 Taiwan              | Pacific Ocean off eastern China
 Tonga               | South Pacific east of Fiji
                     | (not to be confused with "Krakatoa East
                     | of Java")

--  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --

*  Russia and Turkey lie in both Europe and Asia.
** Island country locations have no bearing on the game;  they're just
   included for your dancing and dining pleasure.

--  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --
Additional note:
  In these changing times, it's not always easy to keep up  with world
events AND write quality shareware.   So far as  we know,  these flags
were accurate in  October, 1992.  Yes, we  KNOW Czechoslovakia may  be
about to break up, etc.  But it hasn't happened yet.  Live with it.


         BBBBBB    SSSSS   X   X
         B     B  S         X X
         BBBBBB    SSSS      X
         B     B       S    X X
         BBBBBB   SSSSS    X   X

         I n t e r n a t i o n a l


         The Late Fall 1992

          CCCC     AAA   TTTTTTT    AAA    L        OO    GGGG
         C        A   A     T      A   A   L       O  O  G
         C       AAAAAAA    T     AAAAAAA  L      O    O G  GG
         C       A     A    T     A     A  L       O  O  G   G
          CCCC   A     A    T     A     A  LLLLLL   OO    GGG

                         BSX International
                         806 Park Ridge Rd. Apt A8
                         Durham, NC 27713  USA

                         (919) 493-4875 anytime
                         Prodigy: JBVC54A
                         GEnie: R.ROBERDS1
                         VNet: 5 @9198
                         WWIVNet: 5 @9979

     IMPORTANT: Make checks payable to ROBERT ROBERDS!

     Hello!  BSX International offers a  number of  products  for  yer
enjoyment.  They're  listed in this catalog below, each  program along
with a description, lists of features  and  requirements,  and pricing
     With regards to the prices, the Registration price refers to  the
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the sum  to  pay  if you wish to have a product sent to you on a disk.
The Upgrade amount is the price to pay if you've previously registered
or bought  an old version of this  program and want the latest version
sent to you on a disk.

  What to do:

     Register: Just send a check, cash, or money order for the  amount
     Purchase: Do likewise, only with the Purchase price.
     Upgrade:  Do the same, only with the Upgrade amount.

    If paying with US dollars, then do as United States customers do.
    If paying with Canadian dollars, then,
     Register: Send a check, cash  or  money  order  for the  Canadian
               Register amount.
     Purchase: Likewise, with the Canadian Purchase price.
     Upgrade:  The same, with the Canadian Upgrade amount.
    Canadian customers are recommended to send  Canadian  Postal Money
    Orders made out in US dollars.  It's easiest that way.

    Send check,  cash,  or  money  order  in  United  States  dollars,
    using the  US prices just as  American customers do.  But also add
    a total of $3.00  for overseas shipping and handling of  purchases
    or upgrades. If ordering more than one item, you still  need  only
    send $3.00, as we bundle orders into one package.
    Foreign customers are URGED to send  US cash or money orders in US
    dollars if AT ALL possible.  Money orders  in  US funds are easily
    obtainable at your local post office.

  IMPORTANT: If you are in the United States or Canada, then  you need
  NOT include the $3.00 S&H charge on purchases.  Otherwise, you do.
     See the included file ORDER.DOC.  Just print it out, fill it  in,
and  send it to us!  Thanks for yer support. And don't forget to  make
checks payable to ROBERT ROBERDS!  (Including the form is optional, of


     If you want to reach BSX International you  can use  the mail, or
call  us  at (919) 493-4875, or reach us on Prodigy at  JBVC54A, or on
GEnie at R.ROBERDS1, or on WWIVNet at 5 @9979, or on VNet at 5 @9198.

              BSX International's Late Fall 1992 line:
|                         AMFLAM Version 1.1                         |
          The Amazing Flag Machine!  The  first  BSX  game that can be
   considered (gasp!)  EDUCATIONAL!.  That's  right:  learn  the Flags
   of the World while at the SAME time having a ton o fun playing this
   tuff but intriguiging one-player game.
          If you've  seen  DARNIT,  well, imagine a  5x5-grid  type of
   DARNIT but played with flags instead of cards.  Sound nuts?  It is.

              *EZ or hard rule levels.
              *Boss "hide" option.
              *Sound control.
              *Scorekeeping for up to 10 players.
              *Mouse supported but NOT required.

              *MS-DOS 2.0 or greater.
              *EGA or VGA graphics with full memory.
              *Register - $10.00 each ($12.00 Canadian).
              *Purchase - $11.00 each ($13.50 Canadian).
              *Upgrade  - $6.00 each ($7.50 Canadian).

|                         AOTE Version 1.0                           |
          It's Aces of the Eno,  a  patience card game derived from an
   old solitaire variously known as Aces Up, Firing Squad, and  (ahem)
   Idiot's Delight.  Can  YOU  get  all  four aces  to the tops of the
   columns?  Well CAN you?  Didn't think so.  I  don't  think you have
   the onions for it.  PROVE ME WRONG.
          Not like any other computer solitaire  game WE'VE ever seen,
   and we've seen em ALL.  TRY it, you'll LIKE it!

              *Boss "hide" option.
              *Sound control.
              *Scorekeeping for up to 10 players.
              *Mouse supported but NOT required.

              *MS-DOS 2.0 or greater.
              *EGA or VGA graphics with full memory.
              *Register - $10.00 each ($12.00 Canadian).
              *Purchase - $11.00 each ($13.50 Canadian).
              *Upgrade  - $6.00 each ($7.50 Canadian).

|                         DARNIT Version 12.0                        |
          A different kind of solitaire game.  Nice graphics and mouse
   interface make this game  more  fun  than  a barrel of monkeys.  If
   you've ever  played  this "Kings Corner"  solitaire,  you know  how
   tough DARNIT can be! Non-mouse systems can use it too!

          Rave reviews:

          "Difficult, ingenious, and addictive."
                            - Public Brand Software

              *Different rule levels.
              *Boss "hide" option.
              *Sound control.
              *Scorekeeping for up to 10 players.
              *Mouse supported but NOT required.

              *MS-DOS 2.0 or greater.
              *EGA or VGA graphics with full memory.
              *Register - $10.00 each ($12.00 Canadian).
              *Purchase - $11.00 each ($13.50 Canadian).
              *Upgrade  - $6.00 each ($7.50 Canadian).

|                          FORZEE Version 4.0                        |
          Forzee is the result of an unholy union  betwixt Yahtzee and
   poker.  The outcome is a game of such toughness  that it  fully de-
   serves a place beside DARNIT in the annals of BSX card games.  This
   is a one-player game, so it isn't necessary for you geeks to go out
   and make friends or anything.

          Rave reviews:

          "I've tried a few shareware  YAHTZEE games before, but never
   anything like this one!  The graphics and overall play of Forzee is
   the best you'll find anywhere."
                            - Uncle Hank's Shareware Review Newsletter
              *Boss "hide" option.
              *Sound control.
              *Mouse supported but NOT required.
              *Permanent scorekeeping for up to 8 players.
              *More fun than a barrel of nitrous oxide.

              *MS-DOS 2.0 or greater.
              *EGA or VGA graphics with full memory.
              *Register - $10.00 each ($12.00 Canadian).
              *Purchase - $11.00 each ($13.50 Canadian).
              *Upgrade  - $6.00 each ($7.50 Canadian).

|                          GRIDLY Version 1.0                        |
          The Mother Of All Card Games!  Place the cards in the  grid,
   trying to get the best poker hands along  the  rows  and diagonals.
   But beware!  You can only place cards in certain spots.  Going  for
   that straight flush may well blow yer chance for that full house in
   the row above!  Holy Cow!  Talk about yer Maalox Moments!
          Another one-player card game.
          This is NOT yer standard 5x5 Poker Solitaire.  It's a  whole
   new game, invented here at BSX.
              *Boss "hide" option.
              *Sound control.
              *Mouse supported but NOT required.
              *10 best scores saved to let you show off to friends.
              *More fun than a barrel of Jack Daniel's.

              *MS-DOS 2.0 or greater.
              *EGA or VGA graphics with full memory.
              *Register - $5.00 each ($6.00 Canadian).
              *Purchase - $6.00 each ($7.50 Canadian).
              *Upgrade  - $3.50 each ($4.50 Canadian).

|                          GUZZLE Version 2.2                        |
          A PC drinking/trivia game.  Test your luck and trivial skill
   while drinking yourself into a coma.  Up to four players or teams.

              *500 trivia questions.
              *EGA graphics and mouse interface.

              *MS-DOS 2.0 or greater.
              *Microsoft Mouse or compatible.
              *EGA or VGA graphics with full memory.

              *Register - $5.00 each ($6.00 Canadian).
              *Purchase - $6.00 each ($7.50 Canadian).
              *Upgrade  - $3.50 each ($4.50 Canadian).

|                          KAOTIX Version 2.3                        |
          Chaotic fractal generator.  Plays the "chaos game", a  nifty
   "random" process that gives rise to decidedly UNrandom  and  lovely

              *Up to 15 vertices.
              *EGA 16 color beauty.

              *MS-DOS 2.0 or greater.
              *Microsoft Mouse or compatible.
              *EGA or VGA graphics with full memory.

              *Register - $5.00 each ($6.00 Canadian).
              *Purchase - $6.00 each ($7.50 Canadian).
              *Upgrade  - $3.50 each ($4.50 Canadian).

|                          LEONG Version 1.1                         |
          Board game of stragety and skill. Try to get yer pieces from
   the starting line to the goal, but WATCH OUT for  the hidden traps!
   Much harder than it sounds.  It could blow yer head CLEAN off!

              *Boss "hide" option.
              *Sound control.
              *EGA 16 color beauty.

              *MS-DOS 2.0 or greater.
              *Microsoft Mouse or compatible.
              *EGA or VGA graphics with full memory.

              *Register - $5.00 each ($6.00 Canadian).
              *Purchase - $6.00 each ($7.50 Canadian).
              *Upgrade  - $3.50 each ($4.50 Canadian).

|                          MCDOE Version 2.1                         |
          Madame Ching's Dungeon of Ecstacy.  An X-rated VGA adventure
   game for the stout of heart and pure of spirit.  Not for the GEEK!

              *Boss "hide" option.
              *MCGA/VGA 256 color beauty.
              *Sound control.

              *MS-DOS 2.0 or greater.
              *MCGA/VGA graphics with full memory.

              *Register - $5.00 each ($6.00 Canadian).
              *Purchase - $6.00 each ($7.50 Canadian).
              *Upgrade  - $3.50 each ($4.50 Canadian).

|                          MCPOP Version 4.3                         |
          Madame Ching's Palace of Pleasure.  An X-rated EGA adventure
   game for the stout of heart and pure of spirit.  Gopher it!

              *Boss "hide" option.
              *EGA 16 color beauty.
              *Sound control.

              *MS-DOS 2.0 or greater.
              *EGA or VGA graphics with full memory.

              *Register - $5.00 each ($6.00 Canadian).
              *Purchase - $6.00 each ($7.50 Canadian).
              *Upgrade  - $3.50 each ($4.50 Canadian).

|                           SLOTY Version 1.1                        |
          Sloty is a video-poker game simulator  [FOR AMUSEMENT ONLY!]
   that, wonder of wonders,  DOES NOT CHEAT!   What the hey,  it's not
   real money, so why should  it cheat?  This  little  diversion  will
   keep you busy for hours on end.
              *Boss "hide" option.
              *Sound control.
              *Mouse supported but NOT required.
              *More fun than a barrel of salted fish.

              *MS-DOS 2.0 or greater.
              *EGA or VGA graphics with full memory.
              *Register - $5.00 each ($6.00 Canadian).
              *Purchase - $6.00 each ($7.50 Canadian).
              *Upgrade  - $3.50 each ($4.50 Canadian).

|                           TEGAS Version 3.0                        |
          Useful utility for Turbo Pascal graphics programmers.   Lets
   you create and save EGA images for use with the PutImage procedure.
   3.0 is a brand-new, feature-packed version.

              *Lines, circles, rectangles and region fills.
              *Resize, zoom, overlay, flip, flop.
              *Compare many sprites onscreen at once!
              *Save as data files or as Pascal source.
              *Ability to edit images of up to 400x200 pixels.

              *MS-DOS 2.0 or greater.
              *Microsoft Mouse or compatible.
              *EGA or VGA graphics with full memory.

              *Register - $10.00 each ($12.00 Canadian).
              *Purchase - $11.00 each ($13.50 Canadian).
              *Upgrade  - $6.00 each ($7.50 Canadian).

|                              TRIV-PAK 2:                           |
          A package of more trivia questions to  go  with  the  GUZZLE
   game. Available to customers who've registered or purchased GUZZLE.
   You may want to order TRIV-PAK 2  when you  order GUZZLE, to ensure
   a big supply of questions on hand!

              *500 more tuff and fun questions.

              *Registration or purchase of GUZZLE.

              *Purchase - $1.00 each ($1.50 Canadian).

|                          TVGAS Version 2.1                         |
          Useful utility for Turbo Pascal graphics programmers.   Lets
   you create and save VGA images for use with the PutImage procedure.

              *Lines, circles, rectangles and region fills.
              *256 big, big colors.
              *Ability to edit images of up to 60x40 pixels.

              *MS-DOS 2.0 or greater.
              *Microsoft Mouse or compatible.
              *MCGA/VGA graphics with full memory.
              *256-color .BGI file  for  Turbo  Pascal (obtainable  on
              BBSs  and  from  Borland  International  as  VGA256.BGI.
              TVGAS does  not  need  this  to  run,  but your programs
              using VGA graphics will).

              *Register - $5.00 each ($6.00 Canadian).
              *Purchase - $6.00 each ($7.50 Canadian).
              *Upgrade  - $3.50 each ($4.50 Canadian).

|                           WOWZEE Version 1.0                       |
          Wowzee, a recent addition to the  BSX stable, combines  bits
   of Forzee and of all those Mah-Jongg tile games out there.  "What?"
   you ask.  "Sounds 100% certifiably insane."  No, no;  WOWZEE'S  not
   insane.  But YOU will be after playing this addictive game!
              *Boss "hide" option.
              *Sound control.
              *Mouse supported but NOT required.
              *Permanent scorekeeping for up to 8 players.
              *More fun than a barrel of toenail clippings.

              *MS-DOS 2.0 or greater.
              *EGA or VGA graphics with full memory.
              *Register - $10.00 each ($12.00 Canadian).
              *Purchase - $11.00 each ($13.50 Canadian).
              *Upgrade  - $6.00 each ($7.50 Canadian).



S/N 1092AMFL11        BSX International Order Form

I wish to register,  purchase or upgrade the following from BSX:

                                                Register,    Disk size
 *** Be sure to read BSXCAT.DOC for full ***    Purchase,    for Purs.
 ***        pricing information.         ***   or Upgrade?      or
                                               Circle one:   Upgrades:

__ copies of _________,  @ $_____ each: $_____  R / P / U   5.25 / 3.5

__ copies of _________,  @ $_____ each: $_____  R / P / U   5.25 / 3.5

__ copies of _________,  @ $_____ each: $_____  R / P / U   5.25 / 3.5

__ copies of _________,  @ $_____ each: $_____  R / P / U   5.25 / 3.5

__ copies of _________,  @ $_____ each: $_____  R / P / U   5.25 / 3.5

__ copies of _________,  @ $_____ each: $_____  R / P / U   5.25 / 3.5

Non-US, non-Can. SH charges ($3.00 US): $_____  (Pur. & Upgrades ONLY
                                                 and ONLY for Purs.
                                                 and Upgrades to sites
                                                 OUTSIDE the US and
                        For a total of: $_____

  I've enclosed a check or money order payable to ROBERT ROBERDS.

  Please ship purchased products to:          (PLEASE PRINT)


  Street Address:___________________________________________

  City, State/Province:_____________________________________

  Zip Code:_____________     Country:_______________________

  Phone (Optional):_________________________

  I understand that registered  products  are  not  to  be  delivered,
  while purchased and updated products are.
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
         Send this form along with cash, check or money order
                    PAYABLE TO ROBERT ROBERDS

                    BSX International
                    806 Park Ridge Rd. Apt. A8
                    Durham, NC 27713

     ***   DON'T  ***   EVEN   ***    THINK    ***   IT   ***
     Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery of purchases. Thanks!
This form is optional. If you just send money, that's cool. Real cool.

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AMFLAM   ICO       766   7-13-92   3:55p
AMREF    DOC      6579  10-23-92   9:14p
BSXCAT   DOC     20206  10-27-92   7:37p
ORDER    DOC      2527  10-23-92   9:11p
AMFLAM   STA       298   4-01-93   2:41p
SHOW     EXE      2040   9-12-88  10:48a
GO       BAT        18   4-02-93   3:47p
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