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MVP Software                           ____|__     |               (R)
1035 Dallas SE                      --|       |    |-------------------
Grand Rapids, MI 49507-1407           |   ____|__  |  Association of
(616) 245-8376  (voice line)          |  |       |_|  Shareware
contact person: Dave Snyder           |__|   o   |    Professionals
CIS 70363,15                        -----|   |   |---------------------
                                         |___|___|    MEMBER

Sand Storm ver 2.0

categories: games, arcade games, graphics games, action games, VGA/SVGA games

one-line description: Sand Storm VGA arcade game. MVP Software (ASP).

short description: Sand Storm ver 2.0 by MVP Software (ASP).  
                   Fire up your mouse for non-stop action in this high-octane 
                   graphics arcade game.  Intercept Scud missles and jet 
                   attacks with your Patriots; then guide your Tomahawk 
                   missle through enemy AA fire on a search and destroy 
                   mission.  This is the shareware version of the popular 
                   retail game.  Includes 20 missions.  Req VGA/SVGA, mouse.
long description: If you like shoot-em-up, high-octane graphics arcade games,
                  then Sand Storm is for you!  Fire up your mouse for non-stop 
                  action as you try to intercept Scud and jet attacks with 
                  your Patriot missles, then guide your Tomahawk missle 
                  through enemy AA fire while on a search and destroy mission. 
                  Can you successfully take out enemy chemical weapons plants 
                  and mobile Scud launchers?  Includes 20 missions, digitized 
                  graphics, and a stunning Gulf War Map.  This is the 
                  fully-functional shareware version of the popular retail 
                  game.  Req VGA/SVGA, mouse.  By MVP Software (ASP).
Requirements: 384K free RAM, VGA/SVGA, Microsoft compatible mouse.  $15
              registration; $20 for Championship Version with 6 extra
              missions and the fabulous tank battle scenario.
Catalog vendors: Please include Sand Storm in your printed and disk shareware
                            RACKWARE VENDORS

MVP Software has a new policy on shareware rack vending.  Beginning immediately
no MVP Software shareware product may be sold on shareware racks in any retail
location without prior written approval from MVP Software.  This policy affects
Sand Storm, plus all other MVP products.  Many of our shareware products are
also sold in retail locations.  We do not want our shareware products to under-
mine these sales.  Thanks for your understanding.

All MVP shareware products may be sold via catalogs, mail order, telephone
orders, flea markets, computer clubs, and any other method that does not
involve sales in retail locations.

We will give permission to rack vendors to sell our products in retail
locations only if the following conditions are met: (1) The vendor must pay
MVP Software a royalty on all copies sold in retail locations.  This does not
include any other type of shareware sales.  Suggested royalty is 10 cents per
copy sold.  (2) The vendor must provide reports to MVP Software not less than
quarterly of all rack sales minus returns.  (3) The vendor must include a one-
page flyer provided by MVP Software in all packages of MVP products sold on
shareware racks.  The size of the flyer may be determined by the vendor so
that it fits properly in the package.

Rack vendors meeting the above three conditions must still receive written
authorization from MVP Software to distribute our products on shareware racks.
Permission may not be given in all cases; the decision will be on a case-by-
case basis, and we usually will want to inspect the packaging before granting
distribution permission.

I apologize to those rack vendors to whom these requirements seem onerous.
However, this is the only way we can control how our products get distributed
to make sure we have both a return on our investment and a reasonable chance
at getting a registration. 

We really appreciate the distribution that vendors give us.  And we will con-
tinue to work with vendors to make both of our businesses prosper.  Thanks for
your understanding of why this step is necessary.

And just to be clear: the above requirements do NOT apply to catalog sales.

Sysops: Become part of the MVP Distribution Network and receive first notice of
        new products and updates!  Software Creations is now the home BBS for
        all MVP Software games and game-creation software.  Check out the MVP
        file section for new releases and updates.  Leave a private message for
        David C. Snyder to find out how your BBS can benefit by becoming part
        of the MVPDN!  Call (508) 365-2359 2400 baud; (508) 368-4137  2400-
        16.8K USR; (508) 368-7036 2400-14.4K V.32.
        2400-16.8K USR; (508) 368-7036 2400-14.4K V.32.

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #3555

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

FILE_ID  DIZ       411  12-02-92   9:41p
VEND&SYS DOC      5235  10-01-92   1:41a
SANDARC  EXE    188632  12-02-92   1:49p
INSTALL  COM      4747   9-04-92  12:57a
GO       BAT        10   4-12-93   8:32a
        5 file(s)     199035 bytes
                      119808 bytes free