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PC-SIG Diskette Library (Disk #3567)

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Silver Lightning Software
P.O. Box 445 Willetteon WA 6155 AUSTRALIA
internet: sls@dialix.oz.au

			   license agreement
		       to all Shareware vendors

 1. STARFIRE should only be distributed under the  following license 
    agreements. If you as an end-user notice that one or more terms 
    are not being met, please inform us. This is the only way that
    shareware would work *for you* in the future.

 2. This license agreement is obligatory for anyone who is copying
    and/or distributing STARFIRE for any kind of fee. Other agreements
    must be verified with a written contract from SLS.

 3. All vendors or dealers are allowed to copy this program, if the 
    following terms are all met:

 4. You charge not more than  AUD$ 5.--, US$5, #5, or DM5.-- 
    It is regardless of whether you revalue the product in any other 
    way. The price for the end-user must not be more than these amounts

 5. You must tell the user that this payment is only for your copying costs, 
    and they must pay the registration fee if they continue to use 
    the program. The registration for this program is AUD$30, US$25, #23.50 or

 6. No files are allowed to be deleted, added or changed 

 7. If you receive a self-extracting archive, you are not
    allowed to change the intro screen in any way.

 8. STARFIRE must be the only program on the media. Bundling in any form 
    is forbidden, especially CDs or HD bundlings, or any other medium 
    where it's possible to keep more than one file. If you're interested 
    in such bundling, please conctact SLS, or one of our publishers, and 
    we will try to help you.

 9. BBS installers are allowed to distribute STARFIRE, and are
    allowed to charge fees for their BBS, as long as no special fee is
    charged for STARFIRE.

10. This license agreement  must be part of any version of this program,
    regardless of whether it is the German or English version.

11. SLS is allowed to revoke the license agreement at any time.

For futher informations please contact :

English version :

Silver Lightning Software   or   Computer Softshop  or   Testware (UK)
P.O. Box 445                     P.O. Box 3701           46 The Avenue
Willetton WA 6155                Omaha, NE.  68103       Harrogate, N Yorks.
AUSTRALIA                        USA                     HG1 4QD                       

German version :

Jurgen Egeling Computer          
Werderstr. 41                    
7500 Karlsruhe              
76137 ( ab. 1.7.93 )
FAX 0721-373842                   

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #3567

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

INSTALL  BAT       374   1-25-93  11:54a
FILE_ID  DIZ       485   5-12-93  12:43p
!STARFR1 EXE    183173   5-12-93   1:03p
LICENCE  TXT      2655   5-12-93  12:58p
        4 file(s)     186687 bytes
                      134144 bytes free