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   Shareware (also known as user supported software and other names) is a
   concept not understood by everyone.  The authors of Shareware retain all
   rights to the software under the copyright laws while still allowing
   free distribution.  This gives the user the chance to freely obtain and
   try out software to see if it fits his needs.  Shareware should not be
   confused with Public Domain software even though they are often obtained
   from the same sources.
   If you continue to use Shareware after trying it out, you are expected
   to register your use with the author and pay a registration fee.  What
   you get in return depends on the author, but may include a printed
   manual, free updates, telephone support, etc.  Only by paying for the
   Shareware you use do you enable the Shareware author to continue to
   support his software and create new programs.  Considering that the
   Shareware registration fees are almost always far less than the purchase
   price of comparable commercial software it's obvious that Shareware is a
   good deal for everyone.
   There are real advantages to you in the Shareware system.  You get to
   try out software to make sure it is compatible with your hardware and
   that it fits your needs before you "buy" it with your registration.
   The author saves the expense of advertising, packaging and distribution
   and passes the savings on to you.  Plus, most Shareware authors are
   much more accessible than commercial software sources so that your
   questions and suggestions are much more likely to be responded to.

                         Thank you for your support.


Program Title:  Sword Quest 2: Tale of the Talisman

Version Number:  1.0

Author:      Erik Badger
             NGS Software
             241 Avellana Rd.
             Sequim, WA  98382

Preferred BBS filename:  QUEST2.ZIP (or ARC ...)

System Requirements: IBM compatible, EGA or better graphics

Short Description: A fantasy role-playing game with 16 color
     EGA/VGA graphics and Adlib/Sound Blaster music support.

To Run:       Type "QUEST2" at the DOS prompt.
     A demonstration character has been created under the name of
     "DEMO" and can be loaded either from in the game or on the
     command line (Type "QUEST2 DEMO" at the DOS prompt).

Description:  Sword Quest 2 is a fantasy role-playing game.  In the
     game a player controls the actions of a character charged with
     ridding a world of a plague of evil monsters.  The character
     encounters many different monsters to fight, towns and caves
     to enter, people to talk to, and puzzles to solve.  As the game
     continues the character will get hints from people in the towns,
     learn magical spells, and find hidden items, all of which help in
     the quest.

Distribution:  The game is to be distributed under the "Shareware"

Registration fee: $ 12.00

Materials that come with Registration:
   -Personalized code to display world and cave maps during the game
   -A code to create a nearly immortal character
   -Hints on how to play the game successfully
   -Discount on registration of Sword Quest 1, also from NGS Software
   -Letter when NGS Software releases its next game

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #3568

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

Q2BUILD  BLD     25080   2-28-93  12:05p
QUEST2   DOC     25767   2-28-93  12:05p
SHAREWAR DOC      1715   2-28-93  12:05p
VENDOR   DOC      1648   2-28-93  12:05p
QUEST2   EXE     67448   2-28-93  12:05p
QUEST2   IMP     16252   2-28-93  12:05p
Q2CAVES  INT     26527   2-28-93  12:05p
Q2INTS   INT     69634   2-28-93  12:05p
Q2ARM    PUT     32110   2-28-93  12:05p
Q2ITEMS  PUT      4950   2-28-93  12:05p
Q2SCENE  PUT     51172   2-28-93  12:05p
Q2TILES  PUT     10692   2-28-93  12:05p
DEMO     Q2D        61   2-28-93  12:05p
Q2SONG   SNG      7593   2-28-93  12:05p
GO       BAT        74   4-15-93  12:00p
SHOW     EXE      2040   9-12-88  10:48a
       16 file(s)     342763 bytes
                       12288 bytes free