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║  <<<<  PC-SIG Disk #3571 KUNG FU LOUIE vs. THE MARTIAL ARTS POSSE  >>>> ║
║  To Install this game on your hard disk, type:                          ║
║     [hard drive letter]:  (press Enter)                                 ║
║     CD\  (press Enter)                                                  ║
║     MD KUNGFU  (press Enter)                                            ║
║     CD KUNGFU  (press Enter)                                            ║
║                                                                         ║
║  To Extract the files from drive A, type in the following:              ║
║                                                                         ║
║     A:PKUNZIP -D A:KUNGFU  (press Enter)                                ║
║                                                                         ║
║     (replace A: with B: if installing the game from drive B)            ║
║                                                                         ║
║ (C) Copyright 1993 PC-SIG Inc. 1030D East Duane Ave. Sunnyvale CA 94086 ║
║     For inquiries call: (408) 730-9291  For orders call: (800) 245-6717 ║


                Minimum System Requirements
   IBM PC-AT, PS/2 (Model 50 or higher), or 286/386 clone
                     512kb User Memory
Enhanced Graphics Adapter (EGA) with at least a 256kb buffer
  Two floppy drives OR one hard disk and one floppy drive
            IBM PC/MS-DOS version 3.00 or later
 AdLib Personal Computer Music Synthesizer Card (optional)
                8 MHz or faster recommended
                   MCMLXXXIX  R. Salgado


KUNG FU LOUIE                                1989 R. Salgado
     Documentation by Raphael Salgado.
     Software  Program  by Raphael Salgado, Anthony Salgado,
          Renoir Salgado, Roz Lilia Salgado, Frank Irizarry,
          William  Krinsky,  Sean  Stockmeyer, Fred Feldman,
          Christopher Palestro, Roger Marquez, Louis Presta,
          and Navpreet Sandhu.

     In the  history of  the New York City brawls, groups of
vigilantes, gangbangers,  and renegades,  otherwise known as
ruthless streetfighters, stormed the neighborhoods.  Through
constant battles  and rumbles, the leaders arose, bringing a
new breed of mayhem to the streets.
     Karate, kung  fu, tae  kwon do, shinobi-jutsu/ninjutsu,
and all  other martial  arts quickly  became influenced with
the "art"  of streetfighting.   Soon,  corrupted masters and
students began to take control of the streets.
     Arthur, a  villainous karateka,  was  the  most  feared
leader of all New York City.  Rumors tell us that he was the
only survivor  of the "Get You Suckas" Brawl that took place
about three  years ago.   As  that survivor  of  an  almost-
defeated streetgang,  he  was  jumped  by  approximately  30
mostly-armed members  of the opposing gangs.  He took on and
defeated all  30 opponents... with only his "panther-strike"
hands and lightning-quick feet.  Soon after, many members of
all other  groups deserted  their gangs  and friends to join
Arthur, aka "Martial Art."  Thus, this new band of renegades
and vigilantes becomes "The Martial Art Posse."

     June, 1979.   Miyakonojo,  on the  southern  island  of
Kyushu, Japan.   The  day was hot and humid, with a tinge of
rain near the tip of the legendary mountain, Sobo Zan.
     Louis kneeled  in meditation.   Tiny  droplets of sweat
and blood dripped from his face and neck.  This was the test
of the  Fourth Level,  the last test before becoming Master.

He has  already fought  and defeated 19 black-belt karatekas
continuously, and it is time for his last full-contact, one-
on-one battle.
     Kneeling in  attention near  the back  of the  dojo was
Arthur.   He has  also completed  his fight  with the black-
belts.  However, during his last confrontation, his opponent
was knocked down and out from one of Arthur's illegal attack
     "Arthur-san!" ordered  the Master.   "Prepare  to fight
last battle.   Between  you two,  we shall  decide who  will
reach Fourth  Level.  Set... Kiai!"  A flurry of punches and
kicks were exchanged between Louis and Arthur.  This was the
longest match displayed, with neither opponent backing down.
However, it  seemed that  Louis was winning the match.  With
one good  opening, Louis  executed a beautiful spinning hook
kick to  Arthur's head,  sending Arthur  down to  his knees,
dazed and defeated on the canvas.
     The match  was over.   Louis  had won  and achieved the
Fourth Level.   Arthur,  in disgrace,  thought  to  himself,
"This is  not the  end, Louie.   I'm going to be the master.
I'm gonna  reach the  Fourth and  Final Level  my  own  way.
     Ten years  later, the Master, now old and weak, decides
to resign  from his  title.   Louie, living  in  the  United
States as a third-degree black belt, learns of this news and
rushes over  to Japan  to meet him.  "I shall bring you back
to the  States and  take care  of you  there, Master,"  says
     Arthur, a Karate Master of his own style, dominates the
neighborhoods of  New York  City.  He, too, discovers of his
Master's weakening.  `Martial Art' exclaims to his students,
"Bring the  old man  to me.   I  shall soon be the Master of
Japan as well!"
     Leaving the Master unguarded for a few moments, Martial
Art's students  seize him  from Louie's domain and bring him
to an unnamed, condemned hotel building.  "Come and get him,
Kung Fu Louie!  We'll see who's the real master now!"
     The story  continues as  you (Kung Fu Louie) enters the
park.   From here,  you will  be faced  with many  different
opponents  of  the  Martial  Art  Posse  in  many  different
environments.   Fight   them hard  and crazy with your hands
and feet  to outdo  each opponent and advanced from level to
level,  until  you  come  face-to-face  with  your  ultimate
challenger, Martial Art.

     If you are running off the original disks, boot up your
computer with  DOS in drive A or have it booted up from your
hard drive.  Insert the INTRO DISK into the drive (use B: if
on a  two-drive system, or A: if you have a hard drive).  If
you are  playing from a hard disk-installed copy, change the

current directory  to wherever  the game  is located.  Note:
DOS must be accessible at all times throughout the program.
     At the  DOS prompt,  type KUNGFU.  If you have an AdLib
Personal Computer Music Synthesizer Card, type KUNGFU /A.
     KUNG FU  LOUIE is  obviously not copy-protected. If you
wish to duplicate the original disks, you can use the normal
DOS DISKCOPY  command.   If you  wish to  install it on your
hard drive, use the HINSTALL program included on-disk.

     There are  four levels  you must  overcome  before  you
actually fight  the Martial  Art.   Kung Fu  Louie is on the
left side  of the  screen, as  each opponent enters from the
right.  The energy bars on the corresponding sides will show
how much  damage each  person  can  muster.    If  your  bar
disappears, you are defeated, and the Martial Art Posse will
triumph.  The number of opponents to encounter (shown on the
upper-right corner of the screen) vary from level to level.

     Kung Fu Louie has three (3) foot techniques and one (1)
hand technique.  Try to build a strategy or pattern to fight
each  style  of  each  opponent  with  ease.    Some  attack
techniques are  slower, but take a great deal of energy away
from the opponent, and vice versa.  Use the "<" and ">" keys
to move Kung Fu Louie backward and forward, respectively.

   KEY     Action                       Damage     Speed
    A      Front punch to head          7 pts.     1 motion
    S      Front snapkick to body       10 pts.    3 motions
    D      Roundhouse kick to head      15 pts.    3 motions
    F      Spinning hook kick to head   30 pts.    5 motions

     To quit  from the game and exit to DOS, press "CONTROL"
and "Q"  simultaneously.   To pause  the   game, press  "P."
Press any key when ready to continue and resume play.

     You may  notice that  several combinations of movements
can render  an opponent  to their  untimely demise.    Also,
little hints and tips can make your challenge strong to meet
up with  Martial Art  himself on the last level of the game.
Follow these strategies...

     1. Fight  when you have to.  Don't waste your energy or
restoration time by throwing unnecessary techniques.  Energy
is restored  after the  defeat of  an opponent  and when the
player is not attacking.  Each opponent knows NOT to come in
for an  attack, so  kicking continuously  will not only keep
your energy  low or  the same,  but raise your opponent's in
the meantime.


     2. Time  your technique  combinations.   As soon as you
see the enemy coming in or see an attack, counterattack with
a technique  that will  be too quick for him to avoid.  This
way, you  can stun  him and give yourself a chance to finish
him off.   For  instance, if  he is  about to  attack with a
slow, but painful spinning hook kick, move in and/or throw a
lightning-quick front  punch to  stop his  sequence and daze
him.  Then...POW!

     3. Keep an eye on the energy bar.  People tend to fight
wildly and  not notice  that they are on the virge of dying!
Watch his  bar as  well, and  notice how  much is subtracted
when a kick makes contact.

                 Good luck, Kung Fu Louie!

     Where did you get the name `Kung Fu Louie' and `Martial
Art?'   "R.J. (Raphael  Salgado) frantically began searching
for a  title for  our game.   Discussing with his partner in
Chemistry class,  Louis Presta,  he used  Louis' name.   `It
rhymed and had a nice ring to it.  Kung Fu Louie.'  The name
`Martial Art'  was a  great suggestion  picked up  one  late
night by  his cousin, Anthony Salgado.  `Art - y'know, as in
Arthur?   Maybe we  should try  Ninjut Sue or Shao Lynn next
     Who made  the awesome  tunes, dude?   "We  bought a few
AdLib Personal  Computer  Music  Synthesizer  Cards  in  the
beginning of  1989, and  started to  create lots  of  little
beats and  rhythms.  We thought everybody else with an AdLib
card could enjoy it as well...dude!"
     Are there  secret or hidden features?  "If we told you,
then it wouldn't be a secret!  Hey, don't /Curse at me!"
     Why send  KFL it  into public  domain?  Your software's
good enough  to make a movie from it!  "Yeah, I know [laugh]
[wheeze] [guffaw], but I figured that since my public was so
good to  us with  the In the Aquarium program, I could trust
them with  Kung Fu  Louie.   Besides, if the programmers are
stupid enough to put it out for public domain instead of the
big market, why can't others do the same?  It was an idea to
go into  marketing, but I am for `lower pricing' on marketed
software like others in the shareware/freeware world.  Well,
until Kung Fu Louie II comes out..."
     Who did the artwork?  I'd like to pay him a few million
bucks.  "Gee, thanks!  R.J. did most of the title screen and
backgrounds for  each level.  Ren and Anthony (with the help
of Chris  and Roger)  drew in the characters.  We had to ask
R.J.'s  sister Roz (a black belt) to pose for every movement
they drew.  Holding limbs out for 10 minutes usually strains
a person, y'know?"
     Can I ask you a question?  "You just did.  Peace!"     


     Who is  Raphael Salgado?  "Who?"  "Oh, him?!?"  Raphael
Salgado, born  May 14,  1973, began his career as a computer
programmer back  in 1982  with the  Tandy/Radio Shack TRS-80
Model I/III.  In search for a more advanced computer system,
he upgraded to the IBM PC machines with one of the first PC-
AT systems  in 1985.   He  continued to create software, and
soon  contributed   to  the   public  domain  and  shareware
interests with  great program  hits, such  as The Zero Hour,
Metal Mania,  Instant Paradise,  Prisoner of War, and world-
famous In  the Aquarium.   His interest and influence in the
martial arts  began in  March 1987  when he  applied to  the
Tiger Schulmann's Karate and Fitness Center, where he is now
a first-degree  black belt.   "I've  always wanted to make a
karate-style game  for my  computer.   Seeing that there are
only a  few major  martial art/karate  arcade games  for  my
system, I  wanted to  add one  more to  `the library' that I
could have  myself and others enjoy, plus say that I created
it."   He will  continue to  create software  for the public
domain (since  it's no  good, right?),  but his  great dream
lies in  seeing his  programs on  display in  stores (a.k.a.
`big-time marketing').   This  graduate of Nyack Senior High
School in  1990 enjoys  karate, basketball,  swimming,  art,
bicycling, weightlifting, flying my kite, girls, rap & house
music (as well as rock, wave, classical, and pop), unnatural
phenomenon (UFOs,  Ouija boards,  etc.), gory/horror movies,
and programming.

Watch out  for the next release of the KUNG FU LOUIE series,
with a  new story,  game style  and features,  plus a  full-
length, computerized movie sequence!  Soon!

If you  find this  program enjoyable (can it be?), remember:
your  contribution   of  $30   or  more   will  be   greatly
appreciated.     Please  make  all  checks  payable  to  `R.
Salgado.'   Wanna see  others?   Ask for a catalog, too. For
more information,  please read  the details  on the  opening
screen of the program.  Thanks again!

 R. Salgado, 26 Connecticut Court, Valley Cottage, NY 10989

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #3571

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 Directory of A:\

KUNGFU   ZIP    325406   4-19-93  11:32a
PKUNZIP  EXE     29378   2-01-93   2:04a
GO       BAT        31   6-04-92   2:25a
GO       TXT      1386   4-21-93  12:50p
        4 file(s)     356201 bytes
                        4096 bytes free