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 ------------------ README.TXT FOR THE LASER LETTERHEAD KIT -------------------

 Thank you for your trial use of The Laser Letterhead Kit. You will need an IBM
 286, 386, 486, or higher computer (no special extended or expanded memory 
 requirements), DOS 3.0 or higher, and a Hewlett-Packard LaserJet printer or a
 100% compatible. All LaserJet printers, except the original LaserJet, may be 
 used. The printer must use HP's Printer Command Language (PCL) version 4 or 
 higher. Dot Matrix and most ink jet printers do not use this command language.
 The Kit will install on a hard disk or floppy diskette, 720K or larger. A 360K
 diskette will not hold the files expanded during the INSTALL program.      

 There should be five files on this disk: 

 If any of these 5 files are missing, please contact your shareware distributor
 or CPI Sofware. It is necessary to use the INSTALL program to properly set up
 the files and enter your installation input into The Laser Letterhead Kit's
 setup program. Immediately after the installation you may print letterheads.

 All of the necessary PCL bit map soft fonts and PCX images are included in the
 above. You do not need an additional program to download soft fonts to your
 laser printer. Nothing more is needed. The Laser Letterhead Kit does it all.

 You may install The Kit by placing this disk into any floppy drive on your 
 computer, logging on to that drive, and typing:

                       INSTALL   (then strike the ENTER key)

 Follow the on screen instructions. After The Laser Letterhead Kit is installed,
 the README.DOC file will be available in the directory or on the diskette 
 where you placed the program files. The README.DOC file contains instructions
 for using and customizing The Kit.

 You may view the README.DOC file by logging on to the directory or diskette 
 where The Laser Letterhead Kit is located, and typing:

                        BROWSE README.DOC (then strike ENTER key)
 Since you will need to use the README.DOC file as INSTRUCTIONS when The Kit is
 up and running, you may want to print a copy on your laser printer by typing
 either of the two commands, while logged on to The Kit's directory or diskette:

    PRINT README.DOC   or,   TYPE README.DOC > PRN  (then stike ENTER key)  
 The README.DOC file is 5 pages long and will supply you will all necessary 
 information to operate and customize The Laser Letterhead Kit to your needs.

                            This is a product of:

                                 CPI Software
                            Post Office Box 47097
                               Saint Petersburg
                              Florida 33743-7097
                             Technical Assistance

                                 Member of the 
                           Association of Shareware
                           Authors and Distributors

  The Laser Letterhead Kit has been produced by a member of the Association of
  Shareware Authors and Distributors, and as such, has met their demands for
  professional programming. Any problems of a shareware nature that cannot
  be resolved by CPI Software, may be brought to the attention of the ASAD 
  Ombudsman for possible correction. Please send all information, including
  the name and address of the person or company you received The Laser
  Letterhead Kit from, to: ASAD, ATTN: Ombudsman, 2425 North Limestone Street,
  Springfield, Ohio 45503-1109.

                               REGISTRATION FORM
    Registration will entitle you to receive the Commercial Edition of Laser 
    Letterhead plus, a printed Handbook, and the Basic Customizing PCX Pak. The
    PCX Pak contains forms for obtaining one PCX text based logo, one PCX 
    letterhead image, and one PCX watermark image at NO COST TO YOU. You will
    also receive 7 typeface font families encompassing 68 PCL soft font files. 
    Do not include instructions for creating your free letterhead, logo, and
    watermark. This is done with the PCX Pak above after it is received.


    Business Name:____________________________________________________________
    Street Address:___________________________________________________________

    City, State, Zip:_________________________________________________________

    Disk Size: __1.2M HD 5.25" __1.4M HD 3.5" Laser Name:_________ RAM:_______
    Check if User is Vision Impaired & Requires Large Screen Font Driver:_____ 
    Registration Fee: Each Single User...............: ___@ $25.00....:_______
    Florida Residents Add 6% State Sales Tax (Pinellas County 7%).....:_______

    Shipping/Handling for US or Canada add $4.95 (Others add 8.95)....:_______

  Make Checks/Money Orders Payable to CPI Software and Send with this form to: 
    PO Box 47097, St. Petersburg, Florida 33743-7097 USA - FAX 813 544-0212
    All Currency in US dollars Drawn on a Bank or Branch Located in the USA
    - Allow up to 2 or 3 Weeks for Processing and Delivery - VER 35K10193 -

 ----------------------------  END OF README.TXT ------------------------------

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #3649

 Volume in drive A has no label
 Directory of A:\

LLHK     EXE    155209  12-31-92   5:21p
PCX      EXE     62311  12-30-92   9:35p
FONTS    EXE     84626  12-27-92   6:33p
INSTALL  EXE      8300   1-01-93  11:19a
README   TXT      5738  12-31-92   6:50p
GO       BAT        34   6-22-93   1:57p
SHOW     EXE      2040   9-12-88  10:48a
        7 file(s)     318258 bytes
                        1024 bytes free